Monday, February 29, 2016

More Purging to Happen

Happy Leap Year Day

It is a beautiful clear morning for February 29 and it is suppose to be that way today. Yesterday was cloudy but the temperature got up to 11.5C or 53F.


First thing in the morning, I cleaned up the kitchen and swept the living room floor. With that under control, I got ready for work and headed out to be at the store at 11 a.m.
I had told a co-worker I would help her do clean up. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a lot of fabric or sweep the store's floors. I had a few bolts to put away and then I swept the floor. It was dust bunny heaven in there. But, with almost an hour to sweep, I was able to sweep under displays and around tables. My last job was to empty garbage.
The store was busy but not super busy for an Ultimate (50% off everything) Sale. We were able to put away all the fabric we cut by the end of the day. I always feel good when we leave the store clean.
I think the Spousal Unit is showing good signs of improvement. His colouring has improved and he ate a bit more yesterday. He is concerned as he has lost a lot of muscle mass but that will come back over time.


I had thought more about the fabric in my stash and have to get back to purging more of it. That happened while I was cutting fabric for a person and looking at the crepe a lady was purchasing for scarves. I will buy a piece of crepe for a summer top and then look again when the fabric is purged and I have sewn up a bunch of it.


I am home on another day off. I have to do more housework, take the Spousal Unit to the library, and sew. It will be nice to have another day off so soon.
Until tomorrow........................

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