Monday, April 30, 2012


The embroidery on the red bag was free from some unknown source. I have had it for many years. If you go to Sky Drive you will find it there.

I have done a bit of endless embroidery but not a lot. I want to try more of it as I do have several designs; one being morning glories. I did it on a tea cosy the first year I did Embroidery Club. I thought a bit on what to do endless embroidery on and it hit me. Pillow cases!! I am going to learn how to do them using this tutorial.

I won’t be embroidering on the first two pillowcases as I am using up fabric I bought last year for the guest room. The stripe is the main fabric and I can choose out of these two colour ways to match the quilt in the room.


Making a pair of pillow cases will allow me to figure out the embroidery placement.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fancy Yokes Tutorial

Fancy yokes are not hard to do if you follow the following steps that I adapted from a Ron Collin's class. Use fine net to sew to the curved edges to finish them prior to sewing the yokes on the shirt. The net isn’t bulky which is perfect.
First step is lay the net onto the yoke piece. I make sure that it is even with the front edge and it goes up high enough to be in the armhole. On this this shirt, I stiched 3/8” from the edge and clipped the curves. Trim to 1/4".


Next turn the netting to the wrong side of the fabric and work it to the back at the sewn edges. Watch to make sure all corners are sharp. For these shirts I am adding black piping. I have pinned it on to the sewn edge of the yoke.


The wrong side of the yoke.


And then I baste the piping in place so it won’t slip when I sew the yoke on to the shirt.


I sewed the yokes together at the shoulder seam and, after pressing, I pinned them in place on the shirt body. I stitch down the neckline and fronts 3/8” so they won’t slip. I then pin the yokes down and stitch them in place.


Until tomorrow...................................

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1600 Inch Quilt

I was sent information on the Jelly Roll Quilt Race.  I plan on doing it after I finish all my rodeo sewing. It should be fun and I will take my time and enjoy the process.

I have all these bali pops which would make 5 quilts but I wouldn’t do that.


Until tomorrow....................