Thursday, December 31, 2015

Explore 2016

Where less will be more.


Last year I decided to continue with the theme of Explore. We finished renovating the house in Ashcroft, purged a lot of our belongings, sold the house without listing it, and moved to Kamloops on July 1. The Spousal Unit had to start chemotherapy for his cancer in the fall. Explore 2015 went out the window quite quickly due to all of this. It was quite the year and one we hope not to repeat for a few years.


I will continue to explore again this year with the theme of less is more. Though we purged, we still have too much in certain areas of the house. It needs to be dealt with as we redo each room in the house. Plans will be made and they can be broken or unplanned if necessary.


Lifestyle will be the forefront once again. As we age, we need to take care of ourselves.
  • Exercise - I walk a good distance most days at work and lift bolts of fabric on a daily basis. I want to get out and walk the River Trail three times a week and then begin my running program again.
  • Eating healthy with a once a week treat. Loose weight. I need to keep the stress levels down.
  • Support the Spousal Unit who continues undergoing chemo treatment. He should be done in February and will need time to regain his strength.
  • Update the upstairs of the house one room at a time. Take my time and not set a deadline.


It was a dry year for sewing in 2015. I was fine with that until late October. The closer I got to upgrading the sewing room, the more I wanted to sew. I allowed myself to sew some Christmas gifts to fill the void. Now, I want to:
  • Watch Craftsy classes and start building slopers for myself. I see this as the best way to get good fitting patterns.  
  • Sew the stash up either for myself or give away some of the fabric I don't want. I have a lot of fabric I love, some I don't and a few pieces that are iffy. I do know some of the fabric will be used when I make slopers and will more than likely be trashed.
  • Build a wardrobe of simple clothing items. This is beginning to look interesting. Working in a fabric store allows me to sew clothing to display and promote fabrics in the store once a month. As I look at what I want to make, I see a style emerging thanks to a few blogs I read and what other employees wear in the store. I see leggings/slim pants in Ponte and other stretch fabric so I can bend and move easier. I also am seeing longer tops in knits and crepes and maybe items in fleece, boiled wool and a lovely faux suede. Maybe I will get a 6 PAC made.
  • Make the Spousal Unit shirts. I have a lot of fabric on hand for him and he needs a lot more shirts in the closet.


  • Start a new course to stretch my knitting. Basics, Basics, Basics or Taming Your Tension from The Knitting Guild Association.
  • Finish knitting the yarn for charity.
  • Start knitting for myself - socks, hats, scarves, mittens and a sweater
  • Knit for Grandson, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law


  • Work on photo albums.
  • Use up the craft/quilting cotton. Begin Christmas Once A Month and make several of the same items out of cottons until that stash is used up. Sell those items at a craft bazaar.
This year I plan on continuing the purging to have the More Is Less theme in our house. It seems to get easier with time. What is left requires me to be more creative in my thought process but ideas do come to me on what to do.

Welcome 2016

Bring on What You Have In Store For Me

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Great Experiences

The weather has been cool but not cold. We are experiencing warmer than normal minimum temperatures and normal maximum temperatures. We are enjoying that a lot. It did snow up in the mountains but nothing down at our level.


I worked 7.5 hours on Dec. 28. I was asked to stay to close so I could help set up tables. We moved full tables and refilled other tables with bolts of fabric. It was tiring but fun.
While I was at work and the Spousal Unit was sleeping, family was skiing at Sun Peaks. They did enjoy their day up there.
The videos showed that Grandson did well on skis.
We headed out to Sun Peaks again yesterday for dog sledding. After getting the ticket to go and having lunch, we headed up to the parking area to wait. Grandson played in the 12 foot high snow banks from plowing the parking lot.
Then a lady came into the parking lot to pick up the six riders. She brought a sled puppy named King to socialize with people.

 We walked down to where the dogs are kept and got to meet the musher for the sled Grandson and Daughter-in-Law were riding in.

Chris, the musher was fabulous and took us to meet the dogs.
When the sleds were prepared for people to get in, the dogs started to bark and howl. They were ready to be hooked up and run. Usually they put 8 dogs on a sled but this sled got 10 dogs for this run. A very special treat.

And they were off.............
Grandson got to be a mini musher and had a ball according to him and mom.
He helped Chris mush most of the trail. What an experience to have.
At the end of the run, this dog said it all.
The dogs were fed chunks of fat and a thick chicken soup for a job well done. The comment made was by Grandson that when they come back someone wants to ski and dog sled again.


There is lots to do around to prepare for a family to head home the next morning. We are certainly going to miss them. We will be out for a hair cut, ship parcels, and get a few things. The afternoon is to start a memory book of this Christmas.

Until the next time.........................

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Snow Day

Yesterday the weather was crazy. It had snowed all night and there was lots to shovel. The temperature was mild with a high of -1.3 or 29F.


The morning started out with shovelling snow. The Spousal Unit and our grandson started out with a broom and a shovel.
Soon everyone was out shovelling the snow out of the driveway.

It took the best part of the morning to clean the driveway.
After lunch, I headed out to measure the snow on the patio table. At that point, it had snowed 7".
By dinner time, it had snowed between 8 and 9" and it seems to have snowed lightly overnight.
One young man seemed to enjoy the snow when he wasn't working.
And we threw shovel filled with snow at him.
As it was pizza and movie night, we took down the Christmas tree and have all the decorations put away. We watched Minions and had several good laughs over the show.
In all, it was a great snow day in our neck of the woods.


Son, Daughter-in-Law, and grandson are going skiing. I work a 4 hour shift, and the Spousal Unit is suppose to rest and sleep.
Until the next time......................

Sunday, December 27, 2015

It Snowed and Then it Snowed Some More

It snowed, and then it snowed some more. We had between 4" and 6" of snow fall yesterday. With the wind blowing, visibility was terrible. The coldest temperature in the morning was -15C or 5F and the highest was -4.4C or 24F. There is a light snow falling this morning. It is suppose to stop some time today.


I worked a 7 hour shift yesterday. Normally Boxing Day is slow but it was steady most of the day. The store was left clean at the end of the day and we kept busy.
At home, the house was tidied up, wooden boxes built, and two people took a walk. It was lovely coming home to hot leftovers and smiling faces.
The drive home wasn't pretty. I had taken the truck to work and it was a bit nerve wracking to drive a standard truck in the snow. The visibility was horrible when vehicles when zipping ahead of you or the wind was blowing snow across the road. There was only one vehicle in the ditch. The reports say 4 lane roads are down to 2 and 2 lane roads are down to 1. The crews will be busy clearing roads today.


I went in hoping to buy more of the purple knit fabric. I didn't see it and it was thought that we, the staff, bought it all. As I was putting away fabric, I found it and bought the last of it. I will be making Daughter-in-Law a top also.
I did refrain from buying Christmas quilting cotton (65% off) though I cleaned up the displays constantly all day. It was tempting but I succeeded. Why and how? A lady from the Yukon showed up and bought lots of it. She needed help picking out some of the fabrics and we admired each combination with her. She is set up for the next year. And we had our fix.


I got some knitting done last night. I spent as much time unknitting as I did knitting. The yarn overs were my undoing.


I am off work and will be out for a bit. It is a non planned day ending with pizza and a movie.
Until the next time..................

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Wonderful Christmas Day

Happy Boxing Day and we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
The weather has been a bit cooler than normal. Yesterday it was -14.5C or 6F. The sun shone all day and the warm got to -3.3C or 26F. This morning, it is -13C or 9F. It will get cooler as the sun rises. The weather forecast is for snow flurries.


We had a fabulous Christmas Day. Our grandson started the morning out finishing up Santa's Workshop.

 Stockings were enjoyed by all. Elliott and Jill got theirs also.

 After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, gifts were open. The gift from Santa was first.

 He got an electronics gift so he can make things just like his dad does.
Naps were the order of the afternoon and I got dinner ready while everyone had down time. We had a wonderful dinner and Daughter joined us. We laughed while we ate our meal. After dinner, grandson and Elliott had a bit of time together.


Though I didn't sew yesterday, I am sharing what I got in my stocking.
Thanks to Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic for making this top. I would never have thought about sewing it. The fabric I chose is a nice knit that has lots of drape. I will be making the red version without the pockets and cowl collar. Instead, I will make it separate cowl and wear it when I need to. I plan on wearing the top with jeans and slim fitting pants. If I like it, I see it being made in a sweater knit.


I got 12 rows knit on the scarf. There is a lot of yarn left to knit so know this will be my January project.


I work for 7 hours and hope that it is somewhat busy in the store. I also hope that I can work on elastics today when there is time. Daughter and Son-in-Law may be back today for another visit.
Until tomorrow........................

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve

Yesterday it snowed and it is giving us a white Christmas. We had almost an inch of snow. It is going to turn cooler so the snow is probably done for now.


I worked a full shift yesterday and cleaned up the quilting cottons. There are two new collections in. One is a paisley and the denim coloured one looks beautiful. I just may ..........
The Christmas presents are wrapped and a few are around the tree. Both Elliott and Jill have been snooping around for their gifts.


The Spousal Unit told me to get my stocking stuffer at the store yesterday. My eyes rolled as I have so many notions. I was confused about what to get. One of the girls showed us a beautiful dark purple knit from the bargain center. On sale to everyone for $2.50/meter. I got 3 meters and a pattern. Decision made and I am happy. I can't reveal it until after Christmas.


No knitting done last night. Wrapping Christmas presents took most of the evening. I will knit tonight.


We have some housework to do and then meet the plane at 12:58. After that we will get groceries and get ready for Christmas Eve. Let the fun begin.

I am not sure if I will get a lot blogged over the next week though I will have a couple that will be set to show up during the week.
Until the next time.............................

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Are We Ready For Christmas? Almost!

This morning the temperature is warmer than it was last night. At 6 p.m., we had the coldest temperature of the day, -6.9C or 19.5F. It is -3C or 26F this morning. A bit of snow fell last night also. It could snow a bit again today and tomorrow so we may get a white Christmas after all.


I headed out to do the last of the shopping yesterday morning. Not Christmas shopping but a few things we needed. I was home by 9:30. The kitchen was cleaned as was the dining area. Will mop floors tomorrow to make sure all is clean and tidy.
I wrapped almost all the presents. I have to say it was fun but also very time consuming. They will be finished tonight. Then we can bring on Christmas.


I spent just over an hour in the sewing room making two pillows. They were fun to make and turned out really nice.
After they were done, I cleaned up the room and got it ready for Grandson. It is quite easy to move the furniture around to get plenty of space for the air bed.
There are plenty of blankets on the bed to keep him warm. If not, I will put a feather quilt over him.

Where it is all put. Doesn't look too bad.
I won't be sewing until Jan. 3, 2016. That is my first day off after family leaves. In the meantime, I have one project I would like to make as a store project. I need to research it out for cost.


I got the mandatory 12 rows knit last night. It was a bit of a slow start when I realized I had pulled out the life line and had to put it back in again on the next row. I have become dependent on the life line and don't worry about loosing a stitch and then having to start that scarf all over again.


I work an 8 hour shift and will be wrapping Christmas presents after dinner. I may or may not knit tonight.
Until tomorrow......................

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More But Simpler Sewing

Yesterday it was cool and cloudy. The high got to freezing ~ 0C or 32F. We have had cooler mornings at -4C to -5C or 25 to 22F. There is also a skiff of snow on the ground this morning.


It was a busy day yesterday. The day started off with cleaning rooms and mopping the floors. Laundry was done, dried but not folded due to being overly busy.
In mid afternoon, we tackled the Christmas tree. The Spousal Unit put it up, put on the lights, tinsel, and garland. I did the ornaments and other decorations. It takes us several hours to complete the job.
Though we have a lot of western ornaments, the tree also has a lot of red cardinal ornaments in it. For many years (35?) we have had these two characters in our tree.
Our tree wouldn't be complete without them and this year the Spousal Unit put them into their place of honour.
We also put up the nativity scene. The pieces are not expensive as some but I remember them as a small child. I think they are almost 60 years old. I love them as they help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.
My mother hand embroidered the place mat these sit on making it more special.


I had a good time sewing today. It wasn't hard sewing but easy except for cutting it out. I had bought 4 meters of the chenille zig zag fabric for $2.50/ meter. I got a pillow case and double sided blanket out of it. I also bought a piece white waffle chenille for 6.00. For $16.00, I have blankets for our grandson's air bed. I will add a quilt and a piece of fleece to it so he will be really warm.
The lump in the bed is Elliott. He was having his daytime sleep under our blanket. We call him the Lump when he does that.
After supper, I cut out the fronts for three pillows and finished one. They will all have zippers in the back.
The fabric is an expensive chenille of which I found a remnant under a cutting table. The fabric feels soft and luxurious.


I knit 12 rows on the scarf and promptly fell asleep on the couch. I somehow ran out of steam and couldn't keep my eyes open for a minute longer.


I have some shopping to do, the kitchen and dining room to clean, and laundry to fold. I also need to wrap more Christmas presents. It is going to be another busy day.
Until tomorrow.........................

Monday, December 21, 2015

Vest Is Done

Yesterday we had sunshine and warm weather. The high got to 5C or 41F. The snow is melting quickly so we may not have a white Christmas. The snow flurries forecasted need to be more than a dusting as we got warmer temperatures than forecasted.


The Spousal Unit decided that we were eating out for breakfast. When we got to the store, he said we would shop first, then eat. I was getting low on glucose when we finally got to eat. We did go and get a few other things from another store and headed home. We were home at 10:30 a.m. Yes!! No fighting crowds.
We got the Christmas tree in the house after lunch. It had to warm up before we can erect it today.


I got to spend 4 hours in the sewing room The first part wasn't happy though. When I turned on my machine, the touch screen was black. I could straight sew at 2.5 stitches. Something is wrong so I put it away and hauled out the Diamond. It sewed up a storm for me today.
I worked on the vest (McCalls 7254) and had fun making it. After stabilizing the shoulder seams with stay tape, I sewed the shoulders together. I didn't serge them as I, some how thought they would be covered up. Not so. I serged the side seams and sewed them together.
Though they were to be done last, I hemmed the arm holes. I turned them under twice for a nice clean edge.
Once that was done, I interfaced the front shawl pieces of the vest. I then sewed them together at the center back and at the side seams to the back part of the vest. That was one huge circle. I repeated that again without putting interfacing. Those huge circles were sewn together at the outside edge and the seam allowances were trimmed. Once turned right side out, the edges were pressed to create a nicely curved edge. The inside of the circle was then pinned to the vest. I used lots of pins to get it on nicely and sewed around it. I serged the edges for a nice finish.
Once done, I headed out to get the toggle closure for the front. I had to sew it on twice as the first time it was crooked.
This pattern is a winner and I am thinking of making it in sweater fleece if there is a colour I like. At this time, I am thankful I have another Christmas present completed.


I got 24 rows done on the scarf and it measures 61". Only 21" left to knit. That is 17 patterns left to knit. I may get it done in early January.


I have some housework to do, the tree to help put up and decorate and some sewing to be done. Easy sewing with a huge piece of fabric.
Until tomorrow................................

Sunday, December 20, 2015

First Thoughts on Fleece

Our weather has warmed up slightly. The temperature has remained constant at 1C or 34F since 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon. It has been mostly cloudy so we could expect some flurries.


I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday. I didn't cut a lot of fabric but did count and pack a lot of bias tape. People were buying it while I was working on the display and getting overstock put away. Though I have sore muscles from all the bending, it felt good to get that job done.
The Spousal Unit brought in all the Christmas decorations. He couldn't get the tree down so we will do that today. It will be fun to put up the tree once again and decorate it and the house.


Though I didn't sew yesterday I did think about the fleece in the store. I did a bit of research on my own and found out this:
Fleece comes in a variety of weights but is classified in only three types according to how much a yard weighs in grams or ounces. All About Fleece
Though I thought the fleece I tidied up was heavy weight, I am not certain now. I will have to look and see who the manufacturer is and then do more research on it. Arctic, Mountain, and Flower Power fleece may be the selling name of fleece.
But, when you look at fleece images you can go on a journey of your own. I got caught up in Pinterest and found this delightful page of fleece projects.
Ideas are rolling in my head and I can't wait to do the following project I found here.

I can see this being a fall project when we get new stock in the store.


I sat and knit 24 rows on the scarf last night. I am caught up once again. No issues except that I have a lot of yarn left to knit. It is going to be a nice infinity scarf when done.


I am not working today and have to go get groceries and then sew after the Christmas tree is brought in. I may spend an hour decorating the tree this afternoon. I also have to knit on the scarf and may get another 24 rows done this evening.
Until tomorrow..............................

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Vest Is Cut Out.

Our day of snow was wonderful. By late afternoon, most of the roads were in decent condition. In the morning, they were icy due to the wind blowing in from the east. Our high got to 3C or 37F. We had between 3 and 4" of snow on the ground and more is forecasted. It just might be a white Christmas.


I headed downstairs and finished cleaning the suite. It took about an hour to empty it out and do the floors. At noon, the lady came to look at it and they will let us know by Monday if they will take it. They have one more suite to look at in the downtown area. Since then, we have had 3 more people inquire about the suite.
After cleaning the suite, I headed out to shop. I made my list, organized my route and got it all done and home by noon. I am pretty impressed with myself.
The afternoon was messed up. We are having issues with our income tax ~ the refund hasn't arrived as the accountants didn't file it on time and then put on the wrong address. Yesterday, it seemed as if their mistake is our fault and we have to straighten it out. The company will get one more year and then we will see if we will remain with them. The fellow who collects our information is awesome. We do like him a lot. It's the BC head office that is the problem and we spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them about our issue.


I have been in a bit of a panic about the dongle for my embroidery program. It allows you to access the program and it contains information to make it run. I know I had put it away carefully when we moved. I know I handled it after we moved into the house. But for the love of Elliott, I couldn't remember where it was. As I picked up the last tub in the suite, I knew it was in there. I am pretty excited to have it back in my hands. It will be put away carefully into the thread drawer of the sewing cabinet.
I had enough time to cut out all the pieces for the vest. There is some fabric left to make doll clothes. Probably jackets of some sort or maybe a vest. I have to cut out light weight interfacing next and I will be ready to sew the vest together. I am thinking one afternoon may have it done unless I decide to do a lot of hand sewing.

This is the pattern I am making.


Yesterday the Spousal Unit saw a lady wearing a scarf that looked similar to the one I am knitting. Similar means colour and length. He made a couple of nice comments on the scarf.
I didn't knit last night as I had to wrap Christmas presents. They will be picked up today.


I work a full 8 hour shift. Tonight I must knit on the scarf and do 24 rows.

Until tomorrow.....................

Friday, December 18, 2015

Snow, Fleece, and Chenille - A Winter Combination

We are in a winter wonderland this morning. There is about 2" of snow on the ground. The snow started about 5:30 p.m. and continued all night. It may stay for Christmas if the weather forecast is right. The temperature is hovering around freezing at the moment.


Yesterday I worked and was assigned to the fleece/chenille bunks. I had to put some new stock on the shelves and clean up the messy areas. It was interesting as I learned a lot.
The store carries a wide variety of fleece. Some are heavy, others are light. Cutting fleece allows you to see what the customers like. Cleaning up allows you to see what there is.
Though the heavier fleece usually sells quickly, I loved some of the other fleece I handled. There is three different types of Malden fleece and I am going to take a good look at one of them. Outback fleece is light and would make great scarves. There is jogging and sweater fleeces that look interesting.
In those bunks, the chenille is also kept. It is very lofty and the fluff that comes off them when cutting is unreal. It is also selling quickly as people are making no sew blankets out of it.
When I finished the fleece/chenille bunks I cleaned up the sport and play fabric section. It is a combination of t-shirt fabric, power fabric for capris, mesh for t-shirts and pockets and a variety of quilted fabrics and terry. It was fun to work in that area as I love that fabric. I would love to do an outfit out of it to display some of that fabric.


I did the 12 rows last night but it was quite a job. One of my hands had cramps as did my legs. Trying to knit and stretch out those cramps is quite a job. But it is done and I am happy.


I have to go shopping, wrap some presents, show the suite, and try to sew. It is going to be one busy day in our household.

Until tomorrow..........................

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sewing Room Unpacked

Yesterday was sunny and cool. The high got to 1.7C or 35F. Cool is okay when the sun is shining. Today it is suppose to snow for most of the day.


Yesterday there was a lot of chatter on social media about an earthquake in our area. The magnitude was 3.6 and it occurred at 1:48 a.m. of which we slept through. Some people were awaken to the noise and shaking. Ashcroft folk really heard it at it was about 12 miles from the village.
As I was off work yesterday, we decided to unpack like crazy people. The bedroom which had all my sewing stuff in it is now empty and clean. The living room is almost empty. We hung some pictures, sorted out some items, and have three containers ready for the shed. We were tired mid afternoon and it showed. We shut it down for the day.
During the midst of cleaning, we lost Elliott. We called him and no response. We knew he was in the house but didn't know his location. An hour later we found him snuggled in the quilt stored in the linen closet.
He spent most of the day in there sleeping.


The sewing room has all of its stuff in it. Let me say it is full and I will not be adding to it in the near future unless it is a project for the store. Let's start with the closet.
It is full to say the least. My goal is to empty out a lot of the boxes and then buy only what I want to sew. I need to see empty space in that closet.
The sewing cabinet has to house the sewing machine and serger. Not ideal but it works.
Looking in the door you can see how cramped it is to my other sewing room. But it is working out. I can walk around easily in the room. The sewing machine suitcase is to go and the pile of fabric by the window is Christmas sewing.
I did finish tracing the vest pattern and have started to pin it onto the fabric. The front piece will be moved, the remaining pieces cut out and then two of the pieces pinned back on along with the front piece. The curved piece and the bottom piece pinned on the fold are cut out twice as are a part of the shawl.
Ruthie, I have the New Look pattern you use for t-shirts and plan on using it as I like the neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. I have a Jalie pattern for t-shirts also.
Lynda, I am going to order the Pamela t-shirt and the DVD and use them also. I think I am going to get a TNT using the above patterns. I may buy a Craftsy course Patternmaking for Knits and call it my Christmas present.


I did knit the 12 rows with one issue at the beginning. I was done in good time. The scarf is growing quite quickly but isn't long enough yet. I have to keep working on it every day including during the holidays.


I am working a full shift today. I am hoping the Spousal Unit will bring up all the pictures from the basement. That will leave about 15 minutes worth of work and then the rest of the suite can be cleaned.

Until tomorrow.................................

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sewing Ideas

Yesterday, I looked out the window of the store and it was snowing. Big fluffy flakes of snow. The roads were wet on the way home but the snow remains on the lawns. The high yesterday got to 0C or 32F. It is the same temperature this morning.


Yesterday was work and I got to restock bias binding. There were 2 large boxes of it. Both boxes have been gone through and overstock is being dealt with. I will probably return to the job tomorrow. It was interesting to do.
The Spousal Unit slept a lot yesterday. He is fighting a cold and his body demands he sleep. Some of it is boredom as he can't do a lot. He does think of things to do but most needs me to help him or him help me. We both know one thing ~ we have to get the basement cleaned up and two boxes of stuff taken to the thrift shop.


I took a look in the sewing room and realize that I almost done setting up the room. It is fuller than expected so some serious sewing is going to have to happen. As boxes empty, I will take them out of the room and break them down. I know I can't have that much fabric in the stash. It is driving me nuts.
In January, I am going to focus on t-shirts. I need to get a TNT pattern that:
  1. Fits me well
  2. Has 2 or 3 neck styles
  3. Has short and three quarter length sleeves.
I have lots of t-shirt fabric to use up so I think this is a good place to start. I will be using a combination of patterns plus a t-shirt I have on hand that fits me well.


After taking out two rows from the night before knitting due to missing a yarn over, I got the 12 row pattern knit before bed time. I am still ahead by 2 patterns which is great. I still have 9 days to knit so I will be fairly close to being done by Christmas Eve.

Today, I am off work so the goal is to finish cleaning up the suite and start cleaning upstairs so we can bring in the Christmas decorations and tree.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Sewing Afternoon

We are going to have some cooler weather. The high yesterday got to 5C or 41F. Yesterday's morning temperature was the same as this morning; -3C or 27F. It seems as if we will be getting winter temperatures for the next week.


Yesterday morning I brought up items from the basement and unpacked them into the sewing room closet. That closet is stuffed full. There isn't a lot left to be dealt with that needs to go into the sewing room. I will be cleaning out under the stairs and putting a few containers under there.

There is a part day of bringing up items from the living room and I can clean the unit once again. We have a couple of boxes upstairs to deal with and we will be unpacked.

I have two boxes almost full to go to the thrift shop. It is nice to release those items from our house. I am sure that more will be released as we paint the rooms over the next year. If we don't use it, it will have to go.


The sewing room is full and I am determined that I have to sew up all the fabric that is in the closet. I realize that I don't need a stash of fabric working in a fabric store. Less will be nice in that room.

After unloading and setting up the serger and finding the manual, I decided to do the rolled hem on the scarf. The serger screen tells you more than the manual does. I set it up, did a test run, and finished the scarf in no time flat.

I fray checked the corners and cut off the hanging strings since taking the picture. It is ready to be wrapped.
When that job was done, I took the tracing pellon square and started to trace out the vest pattern. I have two pattern pieces left to trace and then I can start working on the vest. The serger thread is out for the serger, the sewing thread is out for the machine. We are ready.

After knitting five rows, I had a problem with the scarf. My stitch count was out according to me. Was it really? I don't know as when I unknit three rows, all was well. I got the 12 rows done, put down the scarf and promptly fell asleep sitting in the couch.

Today, I work a full day and the plan is to knit in the evening.
Until tomorrow.....................

Monday, December 14, 2015

Stuffed To The Gills

Yesterday was another cool day though the temperature did get to 6.5C or 43F. We also had rain and the hills had snow. That means the ski hill is getting fresh snow almost daily.


Yesterday morning, I unpacked the 4 tubs/boxes the Spousal Unit brought up and put in the sewing room. I am trying to organize the items as I go. Most of it I need and will use up before deciding if I will replace it or not.

While at work, the Spousal Unit brought up more items for the sewing room, had his lunch and then slept for several hours. He did wake up in time to make dinner. I think he is fighting a cold.


Everything for the vest is upstairs to start so I hope to start it this afternoon. I am looking forward to tracing the pattern and cutting into the fabric. That will happen after I bring up more boxes from the basement and unpack them.

As I look at all the "stuff" I have to put in that small room, I realize that I can't buy a lot more fabric or notions or whatever. I need to take stock of what I want to do and focus on it rather than having a room stuffed to the gills and not enjoying it. I'm on diet mode once again in the sewing room.


I got one more pattern set knit on the scarf. I had to unknit rows as I had the wrong number of stitches at one point. But, it got corrected and the job was done.

Today, I am off work and I have to bring up items from the basement and unpack them. We will see how much I get done as I would love to get a lot more done than I think I am going to be able to do. In other words, I have set too lofty a goal.

Until tomorrow.......................

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sewing Ideas Are Floating In My Head

Yesterday was a frosty and cool. The fog was gone early but the rain arrived and it was raining hard when I came home from work. The high was 3C or 37F. We had .2” of rain which isn’t a lot considering how hard it rained. The hills around us look like they got fresh snow on them.


Yesterday was a work day for me. The Spousal Unit was dealing with aches and pains in his ankles and he slept during the day to see if they would disappear. We think it is from the chemo treatment as he is feeling pain free this morning. We hope this is it for this month.


I have been taking part in Christmas Hunt 2015 (machine embroidery) since it started. I have found them all to date though one was really hard to find. I have also downloaded the free snowflakes at Embroidery Library. I am thinking of doing some embroidery on the Christmas crafts next year to use up the boat load of embroidery thread I have in my stash. I will make each of the crafts without the embroidery so you can see how they look using a print vs plain fabric.

I did ask Daughter-in-Law to bring Grandson's apron over so I can make a pattern out of it for a project. It is a simple apron which is unique in its design. Ideas are floating in my head about the fabric that can be used for this project.


I continue to knit nightly on the scarf. The pattern last night started off not working out correctly as I was short a stitch. Forgot a yarn over so had to unknit two rows to fix it. But the 12 rows are done.

I have about 25" left to go so will be knitting one pattern a night most nights and on days off, I will have to do 2 patterns.

Today, I work. Before work, I want to tidy up the sewing room in preparation for the next haul upstairs. I need to get the suite cleaned out of all our belongings on days off.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sewing and Knitting Progress

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day though cool. It got to 4.2C or 45F. It was damp outside and at 4 p.m., the fog started to roll in from the river. We are having fog this morning and hopefully it will burn off during the day. It is lighter than last night.


We headed out to do shopping in the morning and got back just before noon. I will be heading out earlier to finish up our Christmas shopping to beat the crowds. I still have a few presents/gift cards to pick up. 

I tried to update the PC computer to Windows 10. It failed twice as it says I have an Windows 7 update that failed. Now to figure out how to fix that. I can't use Live Writer until that is done and I don't really like using blogger's post.

I was really tired at about 2 p.m. from lack of sleep and soreness so I sat down, turned on the TV and fell asleep. I slept for about 90 minutes and felt much better when I woke up. The Spousal Unit slept also but he slept sounder than I did and when he woke up he spent the rest of the day and evening feeling groggy. 


I made a pattern for the scarf, laid it out on the fabric and cut it out. It is a bit smaller than anticipated but it will work.

 It has actually turned out well and is ready to have the rolled hem serged onto it. 


I did 2 sets of the edging pattern last night. I am getting ahead of the game. Now that I have the rhythm of the pattern, I seem to be doing the 24 rows in just over the time it took me to do 12 rows. I doubt if it will be done by Christmas day but it might get done before the person leaves for home. 

Today, I work a regular 8 hour shift. I have told myself I will not push myself to the limit like I did Thursday night. I want to knit on the scarf again tonight. I am motivated as I feel like I am making progress. 

Until tomorrow.........................