Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feeling Off

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Though foggy when I went to work, it burnt off during the morning to give us sunshine and blue skies. I was so happy to see the sunshine while at work. The high got to 8.1C or 46.5F. Today, it is suppose to be cloudy and wet.


I headed out to work with a very sore tummy. I thought it was nerves so swept the floor to relax. It didn't work. I started to sweat and thought I was going to be really sick. I cleaned up drapes, shower curtains, pillow covers, and some bedding. It kind of passed and I waited on customers feeling somewhat better. It did pass near my lunch time. The afternoon was better though I did not have the energy I normally have. I was tired from dealing with what-ever-it-was-I-had.
I had three people I knew arrive in the store. I had short visits with all of them. It was great to see them. One lives in Kamloops and two are wanting to move into the city for the same reasons we did.
The Spousal Unit is feeling better and eating more. He is bored and with that comes him being cranky and short tempered. Hopefully he can do something soon. I do think he had a side effect from the chemo but I am thinking he had the flu also. The combination of both made it worse for him.


We have a lot of wonderful fabrics arriving in the store. Out of all of it, there is only one piece I really love and will buy to line a purse with. Most of the garment fabrics coming in are not in my colours. They are lovely fabrics though.
The Vivienne Files had a beautiful picture of a red cardinal on her post today. She built a very nice miniature wardrobe around it. I loved it and it is almost what I was working on for my second column. Black, white, and red. I am holding back on it so I can finish up the navy column. Trying to figure out how to make it work in the summer. I look at the fabrics and a plan is working out.


As I was exhausted when I got home last night, I didn't even look at the afghan. I wrapped up in my blanket and watched TV. I will try to work on it again on my day off.


I work a 4 hour afternoon shift. YES!! I want to do some housework this morning and then head out to work. I don't cash out tonight so I expect I will be at a cutting table.
Until tomorrow......................

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