Monday, February 08, 2016

Working An Early Shift

Yesterday was mostly cloudy with a high temperature of 3.4C or 38F. It didn't snow as forecasted which was a bonus. Today the clouds are to disappear and the sun is suppose to shine. We are moving towards seeing double digit temperatures in Celsius this week.


I was up and at it early yesterday morning and to work just before 8 a.m. We got ourselves organized and went to work prior to the store opening. Discontinued draperies were pulled and discontinued prices put on them. The remaining draperies were moved down and the lost ones found and put in the right places. We ended up with two empty bunks for the discontinued drapes. One bunk is 3/4 filled and labelled. The other one is ready to be filled. We then did a bunch of clean up. We got more done than we had expected. We celebrated by going out for lunch.
After lunch, I headed out to get prescriptions filled and filters for the fridge picked up. Were we get our prescriptions filled was super busy when I went in. When I left, it was quiet so I picked up something for dinner and paid for it in less than 5 minutes.
At home, I rested as the Spousal Unit was not feeling the best and I wondered if I had to take him to ER. His temperature was up and his joints were sore so he went to bed for a nap. He felt somewhat better when he got up for dinner. He is feeling much better this morning but I think we are both fighting the cold that is going around.
We talked to our grandson last night. He is getting his insulin pump and they are at the clinic 3 half days this week. They are working their way through a huge workbook at the moment. We will be calling them Wednesday night to see how it went.


I am home and want to do some housework and sewing. I want to work on the navy top for the store.
Until tomorrow..........................

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