Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meshworks For Fabrics and Other Thoughts

Lynn.pickles asked where I got my meshworks books from. I have been very fortunate to have found mine on Ebay - brand new books. I got them from a lady named Esra Coskun. Her email address is If you email her about getting the books for you, please mention my name. I have bought 2 of each of those books; one set for myself and one set for a friend.

This summer has been very busy with me moving home July 6 in preparation of retiring. We were home 10 days and we headed out to a wedding. This was the first wedding we have been to in our culture in the past 12 years. We have attended a lot of Hutterite weddings in the past 5 years and their weddings are so different to ours. I have done a lot of canning this summer and have put up over 100 jars of fruit, veggies, and jam to date. I have that much left to do before Thanksgiving. We are so happy to have fruit trees and a garden as we had nothing when living in northern BC. We gorged on tomatoes and cucumbers for 3 weeks after I came home.

I keep thinking about what I want to do for the next several months as I need to set new goals. I just finished my summer goals:

  • Loose weight -- well I lost 4 lbs over the summer but I haven't lost all the stress weight -- another story.
  • Sew 12 western shirts for sale. - I did 13 and sold 7 of them. I also fixed a couple of ladies' shirts that have been hanging around in the Scared Closet. A Lot of Sewing
  • Sew a top for myself - well I did but my heavy upper arms don't fit into this top. It hangs in the closet until I slim up those arms.
  • Clean up the sewing room - Got that done tonight. I still have 2 Rubbermaid tubs in the room but they will be out of there soon.

My new goals are developing and here they are to date (they begin on Sept. 1):

  • make 2 dress for Miss Williams Lake Stampede to wear to Miss Rodeo Canada. You will see more.
  • start knitting in the evenings - a scarf to begin with and then socks.
  • do meshworks with fabrics - finish a bag (black and raspberry) and start a new one.
  • work on my embroidery class (SOS) through Husqvarna.
  • make 5 western shirts for ladies and 2 or 3 for children. Do at least one of each in the "new" vintage look.
  • and loose weight and clean up the exercise room.

Hopefully that will keep me busy until Christmas. I should sneak in a shirt for the Spousal Unit for his Christmas present. He would be delighted. He helps me so much that I should give him a nice shirt to wear where the sleeves are long enough to come to his wrists and the cuffs can be snapped shut.