Thursday, December 28, 2017

One Wicked Cold

It is cold here today. It is -16C with a wind chill of -21C. The wind has backed off and it isn't snowing. It seems as if it will warm up slowly over the next week. 


The Spousal Unit has pneumonia, bronchitis, and an eye infection. He was at the hospital for 5 hours and when he got home, he was a mess. He was agitated after Daughter-in-law left, argumentative, and wandered around the house doing what he did 18 months ago when he had his first bout of pneumonia. 
Sleep was horrid for the first part of the night. His coughing and chocking kept me awake until he got rid of the phlegm and mucous at midnight. It was a mess that had to be cleaned up. But his coughing has been less and he slept well after that. He is still asleep and needs to be awakened at 8 for his medications. 
I am sleep deprived and bone tired. I have a dry cough and it is annoying me. It will be back to bed for me in the guest room after the Spousal Unit gets his medications. 
We will survive this and be well for the new year. It has hit a lot of people across Canada so we don't feel it is isolated here in our area. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nasty Cold

The weather is cold, the wind is blowing. 
I have the nasty cold and am coughing like crazy. I go between hot and cold. 
I cough and it is good. 
I am trying to drink to stay hydrated.
Daughter-in-law took the Spousal Unit to emergency as he was feeling horrid. We thought pneumonia and I am still waiting to hear. I stayed home as I was too sick to drive. 
I have done only what I could muster up the strength to do and then I rest. 
We will see what tomorrow brings.

Storage Units

The weather is turning to cold and we will have wind giving us wind chill factors to -30C. I have to get some safety salt as part of our driveway is covered in ice. With no stores open yesterday, I have to get a bag today. 


Living in a new house poses some problems. New houses are well built with no drafts. Though we have an air exchange system, it seems as if the air in this house was stale and lacking in oxygen. I turned the system on to run continuously and we seem more alert and less tired. 
With the cold weather being here until some time next week, we will be running the heat pump and the electric baseboard heaters to keep the house warm. Keeping the curtains closed also helps keep the house warmer. I'm understanding this is not typical weather here in Nova Scotia. 
With yesterday having warmer temperatures (-2C), we built one of the Spousal Units shelving units in the garage. The instructions were horrid and after about an hour, we got it done. That meant taking it apart several times to get the right pieces in the right places. We also put together the shelving unit for the sewing room. Much easier to do and had it done in less than 20 minutes. 
I have actually started to put fabric on the shelves. Two tubs are 3/4 empty. I know that I will be moving fabric around so it is pretty much categorized. 


With my sewing goal to sew as much of the stash as possible, I have joined two on-line groups. One is about fabric fasting which means buying as little fabric as possible. This allows me to get what I need to finish projects. I do know I will need some fabric to do complete a project or two. The other is called "The 50 Yard Dash" which means we are to try and sew 50 yards of fabric in 2018. 
The one thing I refuse to do is inventory the fabric stash. What I plan on doing in Explore 2018 is keep track of how many meters I sew. It will be a combination of all the fabric in the stash. I will keep track of what I buy to finish projects and will go on the incoming side of the pages. Joining these groups will help me not purchase fabric due to boredom and stress. 


For Christmas I got 4 skeins of yarn. 
 The top two yarns are going to marinate as I look for patterns to inspire me. 
The red and black yarns were from this mood board idea. 
 Ideas are mulling around in my head for the dolls. I may have to add a light grey or white to the mix. I can see a red sweater and black pants in these colors. For dolls and myself. 
The cape I am knitting has two of the three pattern repeats done and is looking good. I have joins in the yarn as I frogged it from another pattern. The pattern and yarn did not mix - yarn to heavy for the pattern. 


I need to go and get the safety salt. My main goal is to unpack the stash onto the shelves. Grandson plays soccer tonight but I'm not sure we are going. It means two cars, supper out, and we are not up to that. 
Until the next time........................

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Moving Forward to 2018

After snow, freezing rain, rain, and wind on Christmas day, we were more fortunate than many people in the province. We had power where many didn't. Today it is cooler and snowing. 


With colds and flu going around, we had a quiet Christmas. We enjoyed all our gifts, had naps, played a new game called Catan and had a wonderful turkey dinner. We came home early so everyone could retire early and get better. For us it is the nagging cough. For others it is the chest or head that is stuffed up and running a low grade fever. 


I will photograph Daughter-in-laws fabric for her knitting bag. She is so in love with the fabric that it is cute watching her handle it. It will be a delight to make her the bag and maybe a small bag for her knitting notions. 
I am hoping to sew up some Christmas fabric during 2018. It is part of my goals for Explore 2018. I have decided that I want to use up the larger scraps and will be making Santa Ornament - log cabin block. Here is a great picture of several on wine bottles. 
I hope to make quite a few of these as they could be great craft bazaar items. Join me during the year as I do a tutorial on my take of them. I only need a fat quarter of skin colored cotton and I am set to make these. Who knows, maybe I will do Christmas Sewing for the next 10 months. 


I finished Anna's cape and it is slightly too small for her. 
The hood is too small and with her pony tail still in she looks like she has a hunched back. 
I finished a gauge swatch using 4.5 mm needles and it is still too small. I will try 5.0 mm needles and if not correct, I may give all the yarn to the thrift shop. If by some chance I get the gauge correct and so another long cape or two, I want to make creamy white dresses for Anna and Kate. They will be their next year's Christmas outfits. 
I did a quick swatch using 4.5 mm needles and Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK. It is as close to perfect as I can get for the gauge. I started another cape and am doing the short version for Anna. The lucky girl gets expensive yarn for her short cape. I'll have to look in the fabric tubs for an outfit to go with it. 


I have to put together the storage unit for the fabrics and start putting them on the shelves. It is time to move forward and get the sewing room ready to work in. 
Until the next time..................

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our friends a very Merry Christmas. 
May your day be filled with happiness. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Knitting Frustrations

One quick post before I head out to shop. 
Frustration set in last night after I finished up the cape for Anna. It fits but is a bit snug. I haven't done the ribbon for the neckline yet. 
I then set up my needles for 4.5 mm and knit a swatch. It looks great. No issues on the back side with gutters. Stitches look fairly even on the right side. Happy? Yes until I did the measuring. 24 stitches to 4 inches rather than 22 stitches to 4 inches. 
So, do I knit another swatch using 5 mm needles? Do I blame me or the yarn? The answer is ----
I will knit another swatch as I have 3 more balls of this yarn to use up and need to have swatches for knitting other items. 
What have I learned? To do swatches to get the gauge correct. 
Shopping yesterday was interesting. Not a lot of crowds as I would have seen in Kamloops. We looked at some clothes and I truly love this knit top. 
The cuffs were a faux leather with a stretch piece of fabric on the back half. The neck was bound with a piece of black fabric (not faux leather). It gave this top a classy look. Ideas are floating through my head. 
Until the next time...................

Friday, December 22, 2017

Getting Ready for Christmas

We are in the midst of another cold snap. We went from snow to rain to ice and now cold. The forecast (which is quite accurate) states we will have 7" of snow on Christmas day. We should have a white Christmas. 


We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. The shopping is done except for food and I can do that tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning. 
Son took us to the city on Monday so the Spousal Unit could see where we do most of our shopping in the bigger stores. We also took the old road home. You go through all the small town/hamlets between Dartmouth and Windsor. The most interesting thing we saw was a thatched fence. 
Daughter-in-law took us to the library. It is in the older part of town and we gazed at the old homes as we came into and left the library. We did enjoy the library and have to go back today for a book the Spousal Unit ordered. 

Mood Boards

I found another pictures that fits with some yarn I bought.
The yarn I chose is Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Multi in Lily. It is a cotton/acrylic blend that I plan on making sweaters for the dolls. 
I am thinking short sleeved summer sweaters. Dresses can be in the blue or pink for a great summer look. 

Sewing Room

I got the shelving unit for the stash. It is still in the box waiting for me to put together. I need no tools so should be able to put do the assembly easily. 
Still needed for the sewing room:

  • Chair on wheels. Know where to buy it, just need to do it. 
  • Cutting table from Amazon. I will order it after Christmas. Didn't need it prior to Christmas. 
  • Book cases from Ikea. These could get purchased on Saturday but probably in January. 
When these items arrive and everything is set up, I will take pictures of the sewing room. And I can start to sew. Looking forward to that. Especially when I was told to sew reusable grocery bags for sale. The east coast is working on not having plastic bags in their stores. You provide all your own reusable bags. 


I am still knitting the Kitty Cat 3 cape. My tension is off and I am having to knit more rows. It fits Anna well (and Kate too). 
After I knit this, I plan on doing a swatch to get the right gauge (I thought I had the right gauge but I don't). I seem to be knitting tighter than I use to as I have worked on getting my stitches even with no issues. I have a book to put my swatches into with all the information I need to knit these patterns. I also put the information up on my Raverly page. 
I will knit this cape again using the same yarn. I have 3 more balls of it. 


I have to clean the house and go to the library. It is going to be a slower day but that is okay. I may even get started at putting the shelving unit together. 
Until the next time............................

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Color Combinations

I have been having some fun with color on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up yellow green and dusty rose yarn. I then panicked and thought I had done wrong but here is my mood picture that tells me I am doing well. 
I then happened upon two other mood boards and will have to do a combination of those two colors. 
I can actually see this being a grey coat with orange stitching and an orange hat and mitts to go with it for the dolls. The dolls can wear grey UGG boots. For me, I could wear the grey with orange stitching but could not pull off the orange near my face. 
The last one is out of my comfort zone.
I would start off using grey with chartreuse trim. If I am brave enough, I will reverse the colors. Not sure what this will be but it could be a knit coat and dress for the dolls.  
Anna had a fabulous time yesterday morning. She got to look at the beads for a necklace to wear with her new sweater. I took out the beads she can use and she made her decision after some thinking. 
She thinks the mixed ones are too pale and will get lost when she wears them with this sweater. The yellow is okay but she loved the blue. That is why the blue beads are in the middle. 
I was putting away a few of Kate's clothes and Anna squealed with delight when she saw the crocheted top I had made to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. She says she must have one to go with the jeans and t-shirt she wants for spring. Oh and cowboy boots also.
She is fitting right into this house as she and Kate have very similar tastes. And I love to make what they love. 
Another day with more ideas. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Turtleneck Sweater Knit

It is cool out there this morning. We awoke to -14C or 7F. The coldest we have experienced in Nova Scotia. There is snow on the ground but it should be gone as there is warm temperatures and rain in the forecast. 


We have been busy most days trying to get items purchased. We have also been to Grandson's Christmas concert and his programing class's show. There are at least 4 more outings before the end of the year as the other Grandparents are coming for Christmas. One is Surf and Turf on Dec. 23 and another Grandson's soccer game on Dec. 27. Add Christmas eve and day and we will be wanting to catch our breath come January. 


I knit Anna, my new doll, a sweater and it fits her perfectly. I need to crochet a loop for the turtleneck part and then block it. 
She loves the casual vibe of the stripes but has asked for the body to be knit longer on the next one. Yes, there is a next one in black. 
This sweater will have grey leggings to go with it and a necklace. Anna has to choose the color she wants. 
I have cast on the stitches to make Anna a cape. The yarn is Downton Abbey Lady Mary in Crimson Night. It has a silver fleck in the almost garnet colored yarn. 


We are heading into the city to do a bit of shopping and for the Spousal Unit to see the large shopping area. We will get the unit for my fabric and then look around at men things and be home for a late lunch. 
Until the next time. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Year of 7 Sewing Projects

2017 was a slow year for sewing. Working 40 hours a week, cleaning house and shopping took up a lot of my time. It left a small amount of time to do small things. In the end, I made 7 items. One per month that I was able to sew in. 

Number 1

My biggest item made was a couture wedding dress for my doll Kate. It took me a lot of hours to put that dress together but it was worth it in the end. 
The little girls who came into the store were excited over the dress and there were a few cheaper knock offs made. One lady wanted to do it exactly and when we figured out the cost, she said she would wait for the good sales before making it. I really don't blame her. 

Number 2

I made a coat using drapery fabric, some faux suede from the drapery department and some lace trim. I did couture sewing making sure all the plaids matched. There was a lot of anal sewing on this coat as the pattern was an easy one and left raw edges showing. 

This coat was displayed at the store as a part of the drapery fabric challenge. 
I did buy extra fabric to make a bag to go with this coat and will make it in 2018 when I go on a bag making spree. 

Number 3

I made a dress for the dolls to wear over Easter. Several patterns were sold and a couple of little girl dresses were also made. 
With this outfit, I made matching panties from ready to wear underwear. I did add a white ribbon to the waist of this dress when I took it to the store. 

Number 4 and 5

With Canada celebrating 150 years, we did a wonderful display in the store. I made two items for the display. 
The first was a doll's dress in a red stripe fabric with a maple leaf nordic trim. A red ribbon was added when the doll went to the store. 
The second item was a purse and there was an abundance of patterns given away along with a lot of fabric. 
It was a fun project to sew and very popular. 

Number 6

The last project of the year was the hardest project for me to make. I seem to make mistake after mistake. The instructions were horrid and I would not recommend the pattern to anyone. But I do like the end results along with the fabric. 
The only thing it lacks is two pockets on the inside. I loose my keys in this purse on a regular basis. On a note, this was the only fabric I purchased and did not get displayed at the store. 
One more project was made but I did not like it at all. It was a St. Patrick's Day dress for the doll. Too plain for my liking. I did like the fabric but not the pattern that was chosen for me to make. The pattern needed to be sewn with more glamorous fabric, not a quilting cotton. 

Number 7

I made the dolls a Valentine's dress in a red cotton sateen with a sparkly overlay. There are no pictures of it on my phone or computer. I found it on the blog. 
It was a slow year of sewing but not a dry year. I am hoping to be more productive next year. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Explore 2018

Only 16 days until the end of the year. We certainly have had a busy 2017. From completing a renovation to moving across Canada, we certainly out did ourselves. 
I did not do Explore 2017. I think part of it was the renovation we did and part of it was working 40 hours a week and trying to keep up the house, etc. My life was very hectic. 
Will I explore in 2018 or will I set some very specific goals or do a blend of both? I love the idea of exploring and letting myself become involved in a project but I also like goals are they are very specific. Maybe a combination will allow me the best of two worlds. I am willing to give it a try.

Explore 2018


  • Loose weight
    • How? Join Weight Watchers and track what I eat and how much I move. 
    • When? Jan. 3, 2018
    • With? Daughter in Law
This is a goal that needs to be specific. I need to loose 100 pounds but that is not a realistic goal for 1 year. Why? Because it means I would have to loose 1/4 pound every day during that year. That probably won't happen even if I was good every day. Secondly, I have a thyroid that attacks my body and needs to monitor it on a regular basis. There will be ups and downs. Last, my blood pressure is up and I want it to be back to normal. So my goal for 2018 is to loose 40 to 50 pounds and get off blood pressure medication, which I know I can do. 

  • Using an online program, do a budget to track our spending and review it twice a month. 
Though we do not over spend, I would like to track our money to see where we do spend it and how can we tweak our spending.

  • Walk 3 times a week. Try for the morning and increase my time from a walk down the street to 30 minutes. This is for my health as it will improve my blood pressure also. 


I cannot say how much stash I will be sewing up in a year. I have never inventoried my stash. What I plan on doing is measuring each piece I sew and keeping track of it in a book so I can see how much I sew. Purchases that are necessary will be recorded also. 
  • Sew up the stash. Pretty vague as I have craft, doll, and garment fabrics. I have allowed myself to buy what I need to finish projects - 505 basting spray, spray starch, sizing, thread, etc. It could include batting, fabric and interfacing but only to finish up a project. I have gift certificates to cover these purchases. 
    • Garment fabric - To sew myself some t-shirts to wear while I loose weight. As spring approaches, to sew up some woven fabrics into tops. Pants and jackets will be sewn when I need them. 
    • Doll Clothes - To sew up the doll's stash for the two dolls I have. If possible, to sew some extra doll clothes for sale. If not, I'm okay with that. 
    • Craft Fabric - To sew up fabric to make zippered bags from a Craftsy course. These will be gifts, donations, or for sale. To sew up the Christmas fabric for our house. It was all bought with projects in mind -- tree skirt, table cloth, napkins, runners, etc. 
Not all the fabric will be or can be sewn in one year. I would like to think I can sew up 50% of the stash in one year though as I plan on sewing for a few hours each day. 
  • View and do slopers that I purchased on Craftsy. Take the time to fit patterns using the slopers to make myself clothing. Use the Sure Fit Design packages I bought also. 
  • Design and sew some clothing for Daughter-in-law and to sew some sleepwear for Grandson. 
This entails that I get my patterns organized and that I view the Craftsy videos so I can proceed with this later in the year. 
  • To take and implement the Pixie Faire courses on design and pattern making so I can design patterns for the dolls and maybe sell those patterns. I may focus on My Life as a.....dolls. 
Each course takes a month to do so I will be spending time at the computer watching and doing the homework.


I don't have as much yarn as I do fabric. It is organized by weight and some of it was bought just because and others were from last year's Christmas gift from family. It is all inventoried on Ravelry. I can buy some yarn as long it I know what I am going to do with it and use it up quickly. As with fabric, I will keep track of how many grams of yarn I knit.

  • Knit up the stash. Another vague goal. Ideas are rolling in my head for how to use up the yarn. 
    • Light weight yarn - socks for Grandson and sweaters for the dolls. I will be buying one skein of yarn to make Grandson a pair of socks. The left over yarn will be used for the dolls. 
    • DK light - I got a bit piggy and bought quite a few skeins of Downton Abbey yarn in a variety of colors. I will be making the dolls some capes with hoods in a short and long version out of this yarn. 
    • Knitting worsted - This is for mitts, hats, and other easy knitting ideas. There is a bit of this designated for the dolls. 
    • Christmas gift yarn - I love all 6 months of yarn I got but do not like some of the patterns. I need to figure out what to use some of this yarn for. My biggest challenge and I should knit some of it this year. 
Most of the purchases in this department will be knitting needles. I need to flesh out my smaller needles as I knit for the dolls. 

Big Goals

I have two big goals for this year. 
  1. To sew down the stash (sewing and knitting) to a comfortable amount. I do get anxious when I see the size of my stash. I think it has made my blood pressure go up a bit. I realize now that I shopped due to stress and not being able to sew for much of 2017. I know it happens to others also so I need to sew/knit rather than purchase. 
  2. To sell items at craft bazaars. I am still interested in this but am not sure if it will happen. It depends on how much extra I sew and knit. Family/dolls first, craft items second. I do have until September to see if I will have enough inventory. 
How are your plans for 2018 developing? 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Warm Wet Weather

We had snow on Monday night!! It really only put a light covering on the lawn and didn't stick anywhere else. Where Grandson plays soccer in Kentville, they had a good inch and it was snowing hard. The roads were bear as they coat the roads with salt not once but several times prior to the snow coming. Last night it rained hard and the wind blew from the south and the temperature this morning was 10C or 51F. A warm day before it cools off for the weekend. 


Elliott had a friend come over the other day and they visited through the back door. 
The outside kitty really wanted in but I am not too sure about Elliott as his tail was switching. They did have a good visit through the glass. No growling or hissing was exchanged. 
Yesterday we purchased furniture for the upstairs. It will be covered with aluminum foil to keep Elliott from scratching it. 
We also bought a chair and footstool in a lighter shade of grey. All the furniture will arrive between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15. 
We had our initial visit with our new doctor and my blood pressure is up (with medication) so I return in 3 weeks for another check up. He will have our files by then. 

Sewing Room

I did not look into the sewing room yesterday. I will be back in there tomorrow afternoon. I need to pick up the stuff on the floor, take out some garbage, and sweep/mop the floor. 

On the Needles

I finished Daughter's messy bun hat. It is a lovely/easy pattern to knit and I will make her another one in January. 
I started a turtle neck sweater for the dolls but I think I have the wrong size needles for the ribbing. I tried a small needle I had and it seemed to be wrong. I ripped it out and put it on larger needles. I will be looking for the right needles today. 


We have to go and finish our Christmas shopping. I also need to pack Daughter's gift to mail so it arrives on time. 
Until the next time....................

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sewing Room Storage Decision

It looks as if the sun will shine for a bit before a heavy rainstorm comes in from the west. Yesterday was grey with 1/2" of rain. You did things outside when it wasn't raining. 


Daughter-in-law showed up yesterday morning and we rushed outside and put up the Christmas tree lights. She was gone by noon to shop and bake. She also invited us out for a lovely dinner last night. 
The Spousal Unit worked in the garage and the shed yesterday. He is trying to get his storage sorted out, put together, and his stuff put away. He can only work for short periods of time as his hands get cold from working in the dampness. 


As I unloaded fabric into tubs, I knew I needed to do something besides store fabric in tubs. I took a break due to frustration and found exactly what I wanted. Well, it was brewing after I read Carolyn's blog post. It had nothing to do with what she wrote but with the first picture she posted. She has all her fabric on shelving units. I looked to find them and can buy them at Home Depot when they get their next shipment in. I did a happy dance and happily put items away in the sewing room. 
As I was putting fabric into tubs, I came across fabric I want to sew up into zippered bags and doll clothes. Then I found the clear vinyl to make Portable Closets for doll clothes. I really want to sew so..........
I cleaned up the sewing machine cabinet and set up the serger and sewing machine. I am on the right track. I was pumped to get the room cleaned up so I forged ahead and have a couple of hours left and it will be done to the best of my abilities. 
While cleaning up, I decided I need to buy 2 units for book shelves and for the TV to sit on, a cutting table, a chair, and the shelving unit. 
Anna is waiting patiently for me to get the sewing room finished so I can sew for her. I have a few patterns that are specifically for her. 
I am hoping to make her and Kate (my first doll) matching outfits plus one to sell. 

On the Needles

I worked quite diligently on the hat yesterday and got about 2" done. I love the pattern and will have to use it in a hat for the dolls. 
I have to knit for a couple of hours on it today as I need to finish it up tomorrow and ship Daughter's Christmas parcel on Wednesday. 


I have to work more in the sewing room, knit, and run over to Son's house and get the cleaning supplies we left there. We go to Grandson's soccer game tonight. Another busy day. 
Until the next time.......................

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life In Nova Scotia

We have had our fair share of wet weather the past while. It is winter and it rains in Nova Scotia during the winter. We have seen a bit of snow but it is usually gone by noon. Several of the storms have come in from the south bringing warm weather (13C). It is not unusual to have a half inch of rain fall; sometimes more. 


I have spent a lot of time unpacking and had to stop, clean upstairs, and decorate for Christmas. Every year for the past three years, Lego's Christmas Village comes out. This year Grandson put it together for me and it went on the shelf of the table the tree is on. 
The tree was decorated (earliest since the children were little). It is the smallest tree we have had since the children were toddlers. 
Winnie the Pooh and Eyore continue to be on or under the tree since the children were in primary grades. I made them over 30 years ago. 
The nativity scene has been around since I was a child and it gets a place of honor in our house at Christmas time. 
The mantle decorations are on the treadle sewing machine cabinet. 
Both the sewing machine and clock were my grandmother's. 
We are happy with the decorations this year and, hopefully we will get outside done in the next week. The wreath is on the door but we need to get our lights hung. We are slow as most people have their decorating done my December 1. 


I am still struggling with unpacking the sewing room. I work until I get frustrated and then leave. Some days I get a lot done, others very little. The yarn is unpacked and sorted into fabric boxes in a cube. It is working well and I do like it. I want a book shelf to put all my knitting and sewing books onto. If all goes well and I can get a deep one I like, the little TV will go on top of it. 
Fabric storage is a bone of contention for me. I am unpacking it into tubs and am flip flopping between buying and not buying a storage/pantry unit to put most of it into. The alternative is to keep it stored in tubs in a corner and dig through the tubs as I do projects. I really want to downsize the stash and I keep asking myself "Will I need the storage unit?" I keep answering with "Maybe, maybe not". I have thought about put an organizer in the closet but is that worthwhile? Maybe, maybe not. For the time being it is tubs. 
I need to buy a cutting table and a chair on wheels. I know the room is going to look empty when it is fully set up but that is what happens when you get a large space. The biggest I have ever had. 

Anna From Paris

Anna arrived on November 30 (her birthday) and she is a beautiful doll. She has a dog Grandson named Poppy. 
They are outside enjoying the lovely sunshine shortly after she arrived. She then came in and told us about her trip. She spent several nights in lovely little places. She was excited to hear that she would land in Halifax which is an short trip to our house. 
After all the talking and the long trip, she settled down for a nap in the family room. 
When she woke up, she noticed that I wear glasses all the time and wanted to know if I had a pair for her. She said these will be perfect for when she is reading. 
When I showed her the sunglasses she squealed with delight as they match her shoes. 

Anna would not take them off for the rest of the day. 

On the Needles

I purchased this Messy Bun hat for Daughter. It is part of her Christmas gift. You can type in the name of the hat and Annies to purchase it.
I bought the yarn called for; Red Heart Unforgettable. You can buy it at Michaels, Fabricland, Fabricville, and online. I set it up but could not remember how to do the magic loop. We got internet on Friday and I looked it up, got started and knit all evening. It is an easy knit that looks good. 
I need one more night of knitting and I will be ready to decrease. I want their box in the mail on Tuesday. 


I want to work some more in the sewing room. I need to move stuff around and stack the tubs in a corner as I unpack the boxes. I plan on knitting on the hat during the day and for a couple of hours tonight. 
Until the next time.......................

Monday, November 27, 2017

Elliott is a Model

We have had some lovely weather in Windsor. Warm and sunny. We have had some rain also. It is a mild fall I am told by the locals. 


I had the flu as did Son. It was 48 hours in length and I felt horrid. Grandson has a lovely cold which has left him feeling tired. The Spousal Unit looked after us while Daughter-in-Law was at meeting for a day and a half. He did really well. 
We pick up our vehicle today and are looking forward to getting it. It is a Kia Niro (hybrid). It gives us the ability to move to our house and be independent. 
With the flu, I had to stop unpacking for a day. I did some on the second day as we had to be at the house to receive our bed. Yesterday was shopping and today is laundry and get the vehicle. I do hope to unpack more tomorrow and start moving our stuff from one place to another. I need to clean up the unit as Daughter-in Law's parents are coming for Christmas. 
We had a bit of fun with Elliot last night. I thought he would bite, scratch, and yell at me but he was meek and mild. 
I didn't dare put the beard up on his face. He took off with it on and laid on the top stairs going to the basement. I took it off him and he sauntered back into the living room and had a nap. Modeling is so exhausting. 


I haven't looked in the sewing room but will be moving a small box of sewing books down there as soon as we go back to the house. I found it in the kitchen. 
I keep telling myself that I need to sew down the stash and I am getting excited to set up my sewing space and start the journey. I have  a knitting bag to sew for Daughter-in-Law, the Halloween Boo mobile and the black satin doll's dress to finish. A good start to get back to sewing. 


I need to get ready to go out, do laundry and go for the vehicle. It is snowing out so it may be an interesting day. We are going out to watch Grandson play soccer tonight. We really enjoy watching him improve his skills. 
Until the next time.