Monday, February 01, 2016

Balancing Craft and Garment Sewing

Yesterday the weather was something else. It snowed and it rained due to a moist system coming in from the ocean. It certainly wasn't warm at 2.7C or 37F. This morning there is more snow on the ground, it is snowing lightly, and the temperature is at the freezing mark.


First thing in the morning we headed out to the hospital for the Spousal Unit's blood work. After we got home, I did a few things before going to work.
At work, it was busy. There were 104% more sales compared to a year ago. I did cash until the cutters needed their break, cut fabric, and took my break last. Then back to cash. I was nervous as it was my second time doing cash and I wasn't supervised. I did okay with a lot of apologizing for being slow.
The young couple have moved in and we can barely hear them. Once in a while we hear the little one but otherwise it is quiet.



I have the advent calendar backing taped to the cutting table, the batting and topping placed on top of it. It is half pinned together. Once done, I will remove it from the table and quilt it as I have time. I need to start my next project for the store.


I am ready to start my next project and am ready to get going on it. I really needed the break after the red top as I pressure myself to be perfect.

Wardrobe Planning

I keep fine tuning my wardrobe to fit my life style. The Vivienne Files help keep me focused. This year she is going to put together a collection each month based around 6 scarves. That means 6 different coloured outfits to look at monthly and two of those outfits fit my colour scheme perfectly ~ navy blue and black.
For the navy blue column, she has used light blue and turquoise as accents colours. I do like both of those. For the black column, she has used red as the accent colour. I do like red. This has my mind dancing. I don't need to tweak my plan a lot. I just need to get busy and sew it up.


We have to see the doctor this morning and then I work from 1:45 to 5:45 p.m. I will be learning how to use the new cash registers. I am hoping that I will get a balance between cash and cutting as I do like to interact with the customers at the cutting table. Cash is like a rest for my body. I am hoping that I can finish pinning the advent calendar together.
Until tomorrow..................

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