Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Knitted Scarf Done!!

Yesterday was a grey dismal day. The fog or mist hung around all day. For a short period of time, like 30 minutes, you could see the sunshine trying to come through the fog and then it lost the war. The high was approximately the same as Sunday. Today we are to see more sunshine and warmer temperatures.


I hustled around in the morning to do laundry and some housework. I have to say having things in their proper place helps when cleaning up. It is mostly wipe counters, clean bathroom and mop floors. I still want to do a bit more purging and will probably do it when each room is painted. I have little energy right now. Part of that is from the grey weather we are having. It is sapping the energy right out of me. The other part is worrying about the Spousal Unit.
The Spousal Unit is starting to feel a bit better though his stomach does bother him. He isn't eating a lot of food at the moment and I have to push him to get calories in via ginger ale. It seems as if evenings are his worst time.
We talked to our grandson last night. He is doing quite well on his insulin pump. His numbers are a bit high at night and they are trying to figure that out. Otherwise his daytime numbers are great.


I got the first sleeve into the navy t-shirt. That meant I had to serge the side seams and the hem of the sleeves and the hem of the body. The sleeve went in really nicely and I serged the armhole seams. At that point, I decided to stop and finish it up on Thursday. One thing I do not like about this top is the lace. It looks nice but is horrid to sew. Next time, if there is one, I will use the body fabric or a crepe for the godets. I do plan on sewing the other view in an expensive knit fabric.
I also cut out the wine bottle bag and have the outer parts interfaced. There is enough of the gold topper fabric to line the bag with. That means the few small left over pieces will be trashed. I only have to buy a piece of ribbon for this project. Not too bad.


I decided to finish the scarf. It has set long enough pinned to the ironing board. I used stitch markers to pin the ends together, started sewing the one end at the ironing board and then moved to the living room to finish it up. It took about 30 minutes to sew together as I wanted to do a good job.
This scarf is very long so it will be worn in three loops.
I do love the pattern and the lace.
The colour is certainly faded in this picture. Would I make it again? Maybe but I know it will be a project I would work on over 6 months. It is a very time consuming.
I also dug out the afghan I am doing for a co-worker. I got another strip joined on. One more to go and then I can start on the borders. I will not be doing this kind of work for anyone else. This was special. In the future, I want to work on what I want to knit.


I work an 8 hour shift. Most of it will be at cash as I cash out tonight. Nothing will be done at home unless I pin the last strip onto the afghan. That might happen while I watch one of the shows I record on Tuesday.
Until tomorrow..........................

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  1. The scarf is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. I actually went to school in Pouce Coupe when I was six years old!