Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thought Paths

It was a cool damp day and everyone seemed to stay in and keep warm. I was out and about and had to wear a light jacket to keep warm and dry.

As it was a busy day doing other things, I only got to pet the dress I am finishing up. Actually, I have it prepped to take in the second side. It is ready to finish up later today.

As it was a day where I was outside the house, I had several opportunities to think and think I did. What I want to do, how I can do it with little stress, and how I can keep to my plan of purchasing only what I need to finish up a project. That keeps my mind active and leads me down some interesting thought paths. I do enjoy it doing this.

As a result of this thinking, I headed down the knitting thought path. At the moment I am knitting a baby shawl and still have 150 grams of yarn to knit on this project. And next project to finish up the baby yarn (60 grams) will be another Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman to fit a newborn baby. That will empty a tub of yarn that consisted of cotton and baby weight acrylic yarn.

After these projects are completed, I want to knit a scarf in a knitting worsted weight yarn. Yes, bigger yarn and bigger needles. I saw this pattern yesterday and love it.

directional colours scarf

The pattern is free at Lion Brand Yarns. Great instructions for another version can be found at Yarn Monkey Chronicles. My thoughts are to knit it in a tweed yarn that is in the next tub to knit. But, I might even buy a ball of yarn so I have three balls in a teal and purple variegated yarn for this pattern. Decisions that need to be made.

Late afternoon, I got an empty tub and put it into the storage room. I started to take out the rodeo queen fabrics from the storage room closet. I sorted them into piles of like fabrics and have the tub almost full. I still have another tub to sort through and pack. The tub of patterns are out and I have a few patterns to put in to it and a couple to take out of it. Then it will be ready to go.

At knitting last night, I had the honour of ripping out the top part of the slipper I am crocheting and start it over again. I had a mistake that couldn’t be ignored. It is now ready to start the first row of crocodile stitch. A couple of weeks and it will be finished.

Today, I have to head into the city for a short trip. Once home, I want to finish up as much as possible of the dress. Goal is to have it done on Friday.

Until tomorrow……………………….