Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Last Chemo Day

Yesterday started out snowy, then it rained, and, by last night it was relatively nice. This morning it is cool at -4C or 25F. The sun is suppose to shine today.


We had to head out to see the Oncologist yesterday morning. Parking is such a pain at the hospital that I thought I would miss the appointment. But I got lucky and after three trips through the parkade, I got a parking spot.
The Oncologist came into the room grinning from ear to ear. The Spousal Units lymph count is down to 0.1 with normal being 3. He has chemo today and then it is back to blood work and doctor visits as before. We left the hospital grinning from ear to ear. The Spousal Unit will feel tired for 6 months but he can look forward to planning what he wants to do outside. YES!!!!
I worked a 4 hour shift and did cash. I am being left more on my own though there is always help nearby. I also got trained on the new cash registers and they are fabulous. I got to try lots of ideas from two of the other employees. I helped cash out last night which is the least favourite part of doing cash. I do miss working with the other ladies so I am hoping I will be able to work both areas each shift.
Last evening, I realized how much stress I have been under and was extremely tired. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up stiff and sore. I am hoping that life will be more relaxed.



I have the Advent calendar pinned and ready to quilt. I also cut the binding strips, sewed them together, and pressed them. This project is almost ready to complete. I have to make a pocket for the back and do the little pieces to put on the tree. I expect it will take me most of the month to finish.

Wardrobe Planning

I didn't have any time to trace the next top but I did get the fabrics for it and a shirt for the Spousal Unit laundered. I had no time to look for fabric for a camp shirt for me. Maybe later this week I can look.
I am really firming up the navy core four. It has changed a bit from what I had thought.
  • Navy leggings in a denim knit
  • Navy leggings will become jeans I have on hand
  • Navy knit top with lace godets
  • Navy knit top with short sleeves
I haven't found a fabric I want to use for the second pair of leggings. To the above I will add
  • white knit top with short sleeves or a blue crepe top
  • blue plaid camp shirt
That will give me a good start to a wardrobe. I will have to add some accessories such as a scarf and purse.


The Spousal Unit is getting his last dose of chemo and while he is getting that, I will go grocery shopping. While waiting to pick him up, I will trace the pattern out and maybe even get it laid out on the fabric. It is my day to move slow.
Until tomorrow...........................


  1. So happy to hear the Spousal Unit is doing so well!! I am looking forward to seeing your finished advent calendar. Have a new grandbaby and think it would be a good project to give her family for this coming Christmas season.

  2. Great news about hubby! I have to say I love your 6PAC plans. I use Navy as my basic also, and love it as so many colors look wonderful with it!