Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another Day At Work

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 5.7C or 42F. There was sunshine to make it a lovely day for people to be outside.


I got the call yesterday morning pleading with me to go in to work. I hustled around and went in as did another co-worker. I asked to do cash so I could finish up the notions. It got done.
I did stay in my Zen zone yesterday for most of the day. One lady decided to spend time at the till with me and she did nothing but complain. I did answer her once and went again to my zone. I almost went to the cutting table but she was leaving for the day. I am learning and left my shift feeling much better. On the upside, an elderly couple came in to the store. The lady wanted bias tape to fix some rugs. She told me it had been ordered and I was lost as the bias tape she wanted only comes in one width. Then she showed me what it was and bingo it was twill tape. I found it for her in both of the colours she wanted. She was so happy when she left the store.  
We had a staff meeting last night. I got staff of the month which shocked me. When the meeting was over, we were put into teams and zones to clean up. I got to discount fabrics and put them over for people to put away. I also did garbage and helped discount more drapes. I worked with a co-worker who is a great team player. I have a lot of respect for her.
The Spousal Unit had another tough day. He had a huge sweating spell last night and then shivered. I want him to go to the hospital and he doesn't want to go. The compromise is for him to call the Cancer clinic today and go if they say so. That is helping me feel less stressed.


I work another 8 hour shift today. The hours are adding up to being too many and I need some time off to recuperate. I hate to think what the next month looks like as we are down 2 staff at this time.
Until tomorrow.............................


  1. Sure hope things get better for the Spousal Unit soon. Congrats for being Employee of the month! When you work so much it is hard to get things done at home, eh?

  2. It's some times hard to get the balance. Wishing all the best to you and hubbie.