Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fabric From The Stash For the Susie Pouch

Yesterday was cool with quite a bit of sunshine. The low temperature got to -6.6C or 20F. The high got to 1.5C or 35F. Around 3 p.m. it started to snow lightly and by the time I headed home, the world was white. Everyone was driving slowly as one didn't know if the roads were wet or icy.


I worked an 8 hour day. I went in a bit early and swept the floors. We are getting a lot of sand tracked in and I find it a way of mentally preparing for the day. I cut fabric for 3.5 hours and then did cash until closing. I had to stay and cash out. I enjoy this combination as I can help customers on the floor and then work notions when cash is slow. I got a lot of bias and hemming tape and piping put out.
We got to use the new cash registers yesterday and they are so much easier to use. No validating, no punching in numbers for cards. No pulling your hair out to do a void. I do like these tills.
The Spousal Unit has had a pain in the right side of his torso after this last batch of chemo. He wonders if it is from the medication or from sitting on our couch. He slept on our bed yesterday morning and when he woke up, Elliott was head butting him off the bed. He did have a second bout of pain and slept the afternoon away on the couch. He now waits to see if his joints will start to ache. The upside ~ no more side effects for quite a while.



Though I didn't do any sewing, I did think about the Susie pouch. I have looked at fabric at the store and finally remembered I had some left over from making Daughter-in-law's knitting bags. I think there is enough to make a couple of bags.
Outer bag fabric
I have enough fabric to make the lining so all is well. I just need to buy lace and zipper for a second one and all that fabric will be used up.


I found the plaid I like for the camp shirt for my navy column. It is pale blue with a navy stripe in it. And it is cotton. The first plaid I found had a lot of wool in it which would be itchy against my skin. I will buy it today if it isn't busy.


I am home until noon and work from 1 to 9:15 p.m. I am hoping it is half time cutting fabric and half time doing cash. It is the last day of this sale so it will either be crazy busy or dead quiet. I am thinking of working on the Susie Pouch this morning. It keeps talking to me loudly after I pulled out the fabric.  
Until tomorrow............................

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