Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was quite warm and the high got to 9.4C or 49F. It must have happened around 4 p.m. It is nice to have the warmth but we do need sunshine. Lots of it every day. The forecast says cloudy which means dismal.


I worked 6 hours yesterday and worked at one of the cutting tables with a co-worker who is also a retired teacher. We set a crazy goal and strived to meet it. At the end of the day, we had met it. All the fabric was put away, shelves wiped down with Windex, and we cut a lot of fabric.
I had two great moments yesterday. One was waiting on two ladies; one was making the plaid meets lace scarf and the other was making a hat. I had a great time helping with the hat. The second was talking to the lady who introduced me to the plaid meets lace scarf. We had a great chat. It is these moments at work that I love.
My biggest scare was finding out at the end of the day that I had both cell phones in my purse and the Spousal Unit had none. He also panicked as he was shaky and exhausted and had to go out. Or he thought he had to go out. He drove himself to the library to get the app for the books he downloads from the library fixed. He was tired, upset having no phone, and plain over did it. To top it off, the people across the street had to call the ambulance (fire truck arrived also) as the lady had to go to the hospital. I had to deal with it all when I got home. As he shovelled it out to me, I shovelled a lot back on to him. It was a scare and he thinks he is regressing. Actually he isn't, he is over doing it and not napping enough. He wants to be well right now and it isn't going to happen.


I dug out the second box of fabric marked jackets. I took out the fabric and put three pieces back into the box and two into the give away pile. One of the young ladies at work is taking all the garment fabric I am purging this round. She goes to college and can use free fabric.
I have been looking at pillow covers to make pillows for our couch. I saw one I liked -- red hearts on a white background for a 20 inch form. It is pieced and quilted. I figured out the yardage and thought of making two. At work I laid the garnet red with the white for the pillows and put it away. I am not sure if it is the too much contrast between red and white, the hearts, or if I need to reel in my list of items to sew and sew what I have on hand. Probably the last one. So the project is off the list for now.


I head in early to clean the bathrooms and staff room, and sweep floors. I think I am on cash as I am cashing out tonight. Prior to going to work I may sort out some of the Christmas fabric that I don't like or want and put it in a box for the thrift shop or in an tub for lining grocery bags with.
Until tomorrow.......................

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