Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A Shirt Is Started

This morning it is snowing in them there hills. Yes, March arrived with snow and we will see both snow and rain during the day. The high temperature yesterday was 12.4C or 54F. A lot of sunshine also.


I looked at February and, other than the lovely weather we had, it was a month to forget. The Spousal Unit is finally feeling better each day which is good. He had me stressed out most of the month with the side effect of the chemo and the infection in his neck. I, in turn, didn't sleep well, worried about him, and worked my butt off trying to get through each day smiling and being kind.
My weight is still falling off at a good pace. I am feeling much better and try to give myself a good workout at work each shift. I am watching what I am putting into my body and will start monitoring my blood glucose today.


I got on with the shirt I am making for the Spousal Unit. It wasn't until I was well into cutting out the shirt that I realized the plaid wasn't balanced as closely as I thought.
I realized that after I cut out the yokes. It isn't as noticeable as it could be but it does annoy me. I see the plaids are not going the in the same direction but it isn't noticeable when on the shirt. I usually monitor that very carefully and something went amiss.

I was very happy that the fronts match prior to the button band going on.

 The shoulder seams are sewn wrong sides together as the yoke covers them up. I continued to sew on the shirt until I had the button bands on. It became too late to sew any more on the shirt.
A close up of the yoke and button band.
Next is the pockets. This is where I have to watch matching the plaids. The pocket flaps are on the bias so I need to watch that the plaid goes in the same direction as the yokes.

Spring 6 PAC

I have been looking at what I am sewing and how many days I have to sew once the shirt is done. I have the fabric for
  • leggings -- jeans looking knit
  • camp shirt -- light blue plaid
I need to look for fabric for
  • leggings -- navy blue (may be the jean looking knit again)
  • t-shirt -- navy blue knit
  • top -- turquoise crepe (print I think)
I have two pairs of jeans in the closet that I can wear for another 15 pounds of weight loss. The navy column is taking shape nicely.


I go to work at 5:30 for a 2 hour staff meeting/cleaning session. I hope it is bright enough to sew on the shirt so I can do the pockets and collar. If not, I will spend some time purging fabric while I do some more housework. I seem to be catching up on my sleep so am feeling much better.
Until tomorrow...............................

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