Friday, February 19, 2016

A Working Day Off

Yesterday was another warm February day with a temperature of almost 6C or 42.5F. We had a trace of rain and then it cleared off and was a nicer day.


I headed into the store to return the Broom Hilda name tag and pick up a couple of pieces of fabric. I got to work for 4 hours and was off at 1:30 p.m. and back at 5 to 9 p.m. (One staff member was at the hospital with her mom all day.)
In the morning I worked at one cutting table putting away fabrics, sorting through notions, and prepping new fabric to go on the floor. One co-worker had a dizzy spell from her vertigo and had to be sent home. I am glad I was there and let her have the easy jobs while I did the hard work.
In the evening the manager and I had a work-a-thon. We moved fabric, did tables, and cleaned up the discounted and bargain fabrics. At 8:45, we were exhausted and sweaty. I actually lost 1.5 pounds doing that job and I drank 3 bottles of water in 4 hours. I have to say we were proud of ourselves getting so much done.
While I was off, I took the Spousal Unit to the library. He isn't driving as he gets tired easily and worries that he won't be quick enough making decisions. He happily got a bunch of books and came home tired. He sat on the love seat and read. His stomach wasn't the best so he ate very little yesterday.


I went in to get fabric to fix my store t-shirt. That is twice I have done that and came out with nothing. That tells me that this t-shirt is going to be basic with the bottom replaced with a knit fabric I bought and some lace added to it. It seems to be the end of the story.


I am off work until 5 p.m. I need to do laundry and buy a few groceries. If I am lucky, I may sit down at the sewing machine. Or I may have a nap so I am ready to work hard.
Until tomorrow.....................

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