Thursday, March 31, 2016


We made it home!!

  • We said our good byes to family which is always sad.
  • We had coffee and sandwiches in the Maple Leaf Lounge before getting on the plane. 
  • The Spousal Unit's legs were tired from the long walk in from the Parkade.
  • Our trip from Edmonton to Vancouver was perfect. 
  • We got a golf cart ride from the terminal gate to the Maple Leaf Lounge in Vancouver. 
  • Had a nice snack and a rest.
  • Slowly walked to the terminal gate and pre boarded as the Spousal Unit was getting tired. 
  • The flight to Kamloops was great. There was a wheel chair for the Spousal Unit at the plane but he walked into the terminal.
  • The temperature in Kamloops at 6 p.m. was 22C or 71F.
  • The grass is green and people were out mowing.
  • The fruit trees are in bloom.
Now we are back to life at home. There is things to be done and I hope the Spousal Unit doesn't over do it. I work for the next 4 days. 
As a bonus, I lost 3 pounds while we were in Edmonton. Though I didn't meet my goal of finding new numbers, I almost got there. 
Until tomorrow.........................

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Slow Restful Day

Yesterday was another lovely day in Sherwood Park. We sat outside soaking up the sunshine. Grandson spent quite a bit of time outside playing. It was another glorious day. 


Yesterday was a quieter day. I packed as we leave today for home. We had a good trip here. The Spousal Unit is feeling stronger and I am rested up. We did need a change of pace in our lives and this fit the bill. 


I watched the bra making class that I purchased from Craftsy. It has me wanting to make a couple of bras. I have put it on my list of items to make. I will buy my supplies from Bra-makers Supply


I knit on the socks yesterday and I ran out of yarn for one sock. The other sock may have enough yarn to finish it. In the end I ordered another skein plus another skein of the denim yarn. I will knit mittens for myself out of these yarns.


We fly home, get a few groceries and head to the library. I won't be blogging tomorrow morning as I head out to work early in the morning. 
Until the next time....................

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Knitting In the Sunshine

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day with a high of 13C or 55F. Warm enough to sit outside and soak up the rays. Of which we did; all of us. Late in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and you could see rain falling from them to the south of us. 


In the morning, we scooted out to do a bit of shopping for diabetic supplies. His supplies are quite different for the pump than for injections. Some get ordered online, others at the drug store. Both were done yesterday. 
At noon, we went out for lunch at this amazing taco restaurant. 
The food was delicious. After that we went to two hardware stores and looked around at a variety of things. I hung out mainly in the paint section of one store. The other we looked around at everything. 
Once home, we pulled out the chairs to soak up the sunshine. It was so nice to sit outside and soak up the rays until almost 4 p.m. That was when the clouds arrived. 


I happened across this pattern while looking for a top to sew for my next project. I have the idea of using one of the new denim fabrics (lightweight for a top) that arrived a couple of weeks ago. 
McCalls 7360
My plan is to add buttons to the front of this top. I may also use the short sleeves and lengthen them as shown in this view.
I plan on getting the fabric, pattern, thread, etc. this week.  It may take me a month to sew but I will enjoy the process rather than rush to make it. 


I did do a bunch of knitting yesterday. I am trying to work during the day on the socks as the stitches are hard to see at night, even with good lighting. 
The first sock has the gusset done and I even had to unknit several rows. I had forgot to decrease on one side and the numbers were skewed. 
The second sock has been started and the goal is to finish the gusset today. If I get any rows knit on the foot it will be a bonus. 
When I knit socks, I keep a book and pen beside me to track what I do. It gets messy but it is sure helpful when making the heel flap and doing the gusset. I will probably add the toe decreasing to the bottom of the page as another reference point. And I add notes after the fact ~ number of stitches picked up down the heel flap is one I added after I took the picture. 
I always go back to the previous socks I made before I set up the new socks. It really helps me. I also keep my iPad beside me to watch Lucy Neatby's class "First Socks". 


This is our last day at our Son's place and I need to do a load of laundry, pack our stuff, and go for a walk with Grandson. I do need to knit the gusset on the second sock as well. 
Until tomorrow.................

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Walk and Geocaching

Yesterday was lovely and sunny in Edmonton. It was perfect Easter Sunday weather. Today is cloudy and there is a chance of rain in the forecast. 


Grandson had an Easter candy hunt in the house and was still looking for hidden candy mid afternoon. I think there is still one or two small boxes of candy hidden upstairs. He got an Easter basket from us of which he is enjoying putting together the Lego. 
In the afternoon, we headed out for a walk to find two geocaches. We actually found three. I got to find a fourth they had already found. We ended up walking 3.5 km and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 
We found one geocache that looked like a "bottle cap" according to Grandson. 
While we were out, the Spousal Unit slept. He is still needing more sleep than he normally did. I am sure it will get less as time goes on. 
Our son made hamburgers for dinner last night and they were the best we have ever had. We learned the process and will be making them at home. 


I worked like crazy on the socks to get the stitches picked up for the gussets prior to it getting dark. It is hard to see those stitches when you use dark wool.
I am hoping I have enough yarn to finish these socks. If not, I will have to figure it out. I don't want to buy another skein of this yarn at this time. 


We are going to do a bit of shopping and then have a quiet day together as of this moment. That can change as the day progresses. 
Until tomorrow.......................

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Yesterday started out cool but the sun shone and it was a lovely day. Today the sun is shining and, though cool this morning, it should be a beautiful day. 


Yesterday morning, we headed out to the park. It was the fourth annual Easter egg hunt put on by a family on the street where the family lives. 
Grandson cannot have the candy in the plastic eggs so he was excited to hide them again as more families arrived. 
In the evening, we went for dinner to celebrate my 65th birthday. The restaurant is in downtown Edmonton and food was excellent. We went to find a geocache after dinner but there were too many people around so we left and got a tour of the downtown area. A great evening!!


In the afternoon we headed out to River City Knitting. I had a great time looking at all the yarn. First scoop was the denim yarn (Forever in Blue Jeans). 
I plan on making Jeweled Cowl out of this yarn. I have some black beads and need to get more so I can finish this project. Or I may get clear or ??? beads for it. I am looking forward to starting this project. 
Next Grandson scooped the Edmonton Oilers colored yarn for more socks. He told the ladies in the store I made the best socks for him to wear. What a compliment to receive. 
I bought yarn to make another long lacy scarf. Mine is in grey to go with my black column. 
Daughter-in-law bought the Edmonton Eskimo colors and I will knit socks for Grandson. 
And lastly, a pair of knitting needles so I can have the denim scarf on its own set of needles. 
I looked at linen yarn and almost bought some. I have to say there are a lot of luscious yarns in that store. I did refrain from purchasing a lot more than I did. 


We are doing the stay at home thing though some of us are going for a good walk to burn calories and look for 2 geocaches. 
Until tomorrow....................

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Yesterday started out cool and damp and then it cleared off and got to 8C or 46F. Great enough to be outside in the afternoon. 


We did grocery shopping in the morning and in the afternoon Grandson and I went Geocaching. We walked 2.2 miles and found 6 caches. It was great fun for us as these were new caches in the park a couple blocks from the house. The sizes of the containers were small. 
The hardest one to find was very well hidden and we only found it by luck. I happened to kick it and it moved enough to show the top of the stump was a lid. 
We came home happy and full of fresh air. 


The leg of the first sock is done and the second sock has about an inch knit on it. I will continue to knit on them during the day and evening as I have time. 


We are heading out to an Easter egg hunt and then on to the yarn store. We are also going out to celebrate my birthday tonight. 
Until tomorrow.....................

Friday, March 25, 2016

Day One - Holiday

It is cool here today. We saw some snow fall earlier in the morning. The dampness is leaving us feeling cold. Sleeping like Elliott seemed like a really good idea. 


We had a fairly quiet day yesterday. We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves in the morning. In the afternoon, Daughter-in-Law and I went looking for some clothes for me. None to be found at Old Navy. Found pants at Walmart and got one pair. Seems I will be sewing with earnest now.
I did find out that another person was hired for the assistant manager's job at Fabricland. I am totally fine with that. Maybe being a keyholder is all I am suppose to be at this time. 
The Spousal Unit went out to a couple of hardware stores yesterday and walked in them. He was tired when he got home but felt much better for the activity. It will help him build more muscle and stamina. 
Last evening, Grandson and I made pickles. It was a lot of fun. They can't be eaten until tomorrow. 

He is cutting the ends of the mini cucumbers so we can slice them lengthwise on the mandolin. 


I have decided that I am going to have to sew pants when I get home. That means fitting and figuring out the size I need. I do have some fabric to use as a muslin so the journey begins. At least I have top patterns to sew up and will do them also. 


I set up a pair of socks for Grandson and have 30 rows knit. They are a simple knit and I may get the heel turned on both of them prior to leaving for home. Once that is done, I can finish them at home and mail them to him. 


We did some shopping and it will be quiet for the rest of the day unless we clean up Grandson's room. I look forward to reading and knitting this afternoon.
Until tomorrow.............................

Thursday, March 24, 2016

We Arrived

We are in Edmonton where it is 0C or 32F and a mist hanging around. It is suppose to snow today for our first day here.


Elliott met his sitter yesterday morning. He ran away when he first saw her but within 10 minutes he had made friends with her. By the time she left, he was rubbing her legs. All will be well with him.
Our trip over the Rocks was great. In the grand scheme of things, I ordered a cart in Vancouver to pick us up and take us to the terminal to Edmonton. Prior to boarding, the Spousal Unit was called to see if he needed the cart to take him down the ramp to the plane. After a good laugh, he walked down. The walk up the ramp to the airport was a lot longer and the Spousal Unit did walk a lot slower. He was tired when we got into the car to come to the house. He is feeling much better this morning. 


I am still following The Vivienne Files and her take on the denim, stone, pink, and soft blue wardrobe. Today she is talking about accessories. 

  • I would replace the bone boots with a sheen with navy boots. Same with the purse. 
  • I love her scarves in blue and will be knitting a variegated denim scarf if I can get the yarn. 
  • I need to look at ballet flats and see if they will okay for work. If not I need to look at high end shoes in navy. Wearing runners every day is great for my feet but I need a change of footwear. 
  • My watch is a garmin in black and blue. I wear it to track how far I walk each day at work. 
  • I love the blue bracelet but am not sure if I would wear one. It is on the wait and see list. 
  • No to sandals. Not allowed to wear them. No support. 
  • I have aquamarine earrings that I need to find and wear. 
  • Canvas running shoes, in my mind, have no support. But the price of the Tommy Bahama, you should feel like you are walking on air. 
  • The fabric purses are so nice and I can do a take on them. 
  • The necklaces are nice but I only wear a fine gold chain. 
  • A navy or denim scarf is perfect and I need to look at the fabric to see if I can make one. 
  • Sunglasses will be my regular glasses with transition lens. No other way around that one. 


I continue to read the book Canada Knits and am thoroughly enjoying it. 
I hope to start socks for Grandson today. He continues to wear the ones I have knit for him. 


Grandson and I are suppose to make pickles. That is all that is on the agenda. 
Until tomorrow...........................

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Is Here

Yesterday was a day of sunshine, showers, and warmth. It got to 15C or 59F.


On my way to work yesterday, I had to get Elliott some dry cat food at the vets. I saw forsythia and daffodils in bloom. Spring is here when you see the forsythia in bloom. 


I am thinking about my next store project. It has to be in spring/summer colours. Maybe something in pink to go with my navy column that seems to be on hold. Or denim that is new in the store. I do love the post from the Vivienne Files today. Very inspirational.


I packed some left over wool to knit Grandson another pair of socks. If I have to buy more wool while there, I will as we will be going to my favourite yarn shop.
I am hoping to start more swatches in May. I have to focus on the afghan for a co-worker and get it done. Then I can work on improving my tension.


We have a few things left to do before we leave. It means I have to get busy and start now. I will post when while we are on our trip. I am sure I will have things to show you.
Until then.........................

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Preparing For Our Trip

We have had some lovely warmer weather with yesterday's high getting to 17C or 63F. Spring is certainly in the air.


Work has been busy with a steep learning curve, a busy sale, and putting away stock.
At home, we are trying to get ready for a visit at our son's. Elliott has someone coming in to see him while we are gone.
The Spousal Unit is eating well and has gained some of his weight back. I didn't meet my goal even though I lost about half of what I had hoped to.


It will be a busy one with work, getting cat food, packing, and being ready to go tomorrow. I will post again when we are at our destination.
Until later..........................

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Fun(ny) Project Is Started

This morning it is warm ~ 7C or 44F. Yesterday was sunny with a high of 15C or 59F. Today is to be similar with the possibility of a shower.


I am working like crazy prior to our trip to Edmonton on Wednesday. I have been on the run since Friday afternoon doing a lot of different things and will continue to do so until Tuesday evening.
The Spousal Unit continues to do a few things most days. He over did it on Friday afternoon and the muscles in his upper torso hurt. He didn't feel as tired as other days. He didn't do much yesterday which is fine. All part of getting better.


My next fun(ny) project is on the table and one end of the fabric cut straight. The other end needs straightening. I may or may not get the pieces cut prior to leaving. It is an easy project that needs 2 pieces of straight fabric and some elastic.


I am going in early to make notes on what I have learned and then am on the floor for the afternoon. I have to start packing tonight and make a couple of phone calls.
Until tomorrow....................

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Making A Reusable Shopping Bag

The tutorial for the shopping bag can be found here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Changes made:
  • The fabric and lining are cut 20 to 21" by the width of the fabric.
  • The handles remain 4" by the width of the fabric.
  • The bags are now interfaced with a heavier craft interfacing. The last one, I used fusible fleece.
  • When I box the bottom of the bag (called gusset) I cut the triangles off but I did leave them in and folded to the bottom for a long time. The choice is yours.
Have fun making these bags. Once you get the hang of it, they are quick to make.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Two Projects Completed

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day. Not really warm at 10.8C or 51F but we took it. This morning it is a chilly -4C or 25F. The sky is clear and it looks like another sunny day.


As I had the day off from work, we decided to get a lot of things done. We headed out to buy some clothes yesterday morning. The Spousal Unit got 2 shirts and a pair of jeans and I got a pair of jeans. I am hoping to shop in Edmonton next weekend.
After the laundry dried, we headed out again, dropped off our library books, the Spousal Unit got a hair cut, I mailed some letters, and we did some shopping at M & M meats.
The Spousal Unit was tired when we got home so he slept for an hour. It was good for him to get out and do some things he needed to do. It also made me realize how weak he is but his strength is coming back slowly.


I did get some time in the sewing room during the time we were home. The first job was to put the snaps on the Spousal Unit's shirt.
Though they look almost white, the snaps are blue. I spent a fair amount of time making sure the stripes and plaids matched horizontally.
Mid afternoon, I made Daughter-in-Law another shopping bag. Instead of using interfacing, I put iron on fleece on the outside fabric and nothing on the lining. I like the results but doubt if I'll do more that way. It is expensive.
The pattern is upside down but I decided on this way so it wouldn't look like peacock feathers. I like the results. There is enough fabric left to make a small bag. I have several small bags to make right now from left over fabric.


I got the last strip of the afghan pinned on and it is ready to crochet together. That will be done one night this week.
I am reading an out of production book (found it free) called Canada Knits. It is an interesting read about the history of knitting in Canada and the story of different knitted garments.
Today I work from 1 to 9 p.m. I have to get my blood work done, buy a few groceries and then head out to work. It is another busy day but not nearly as relaxing as yesterday was.
Until tomorrow....................................

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Everything Bag

Yesterday morning, I watched the snow fall on the hills as I drank my coffee. By the time I ate breakfast, you could see the occasional flake falling down lower. When I left for work, it was snowing good and some of it was on the road. But, it quit and we had a lovely day with sunshine. Only the wind was cool. This morning is cool and sunny.


Yesterday morning, I headed out to work early to miss the rush hour traffic. Not!! Some areas have heavy traffic, others is light. I got the paper work done and started putting away stock. There was a lot of lace but it got done. As it was slow, I went home at 1:30 p.m.
A friend visited the Spousal Unit for a couple of hours yesterday. He really enjoyed the visit and was tired when it was over. He also did some outside work. His strength is coming back slowly but his appetite is back to 100%.


As I was home for part of the afternoon, I decided to make Grandson his diabetic supplies bag. I used the Everything Bag tutorial of which I bought the pattern for the remaining sizes.
It was an easy sew after I cut out all the pieces and interfaced them. Even the gussets went together easily this time.

The cording will be cut once we fill the bag and shut it. One little boy is happy to have this bag done.
While looking at how Jeni Baker does the gussets, I saw another drawstring bag. I'm keep this one in my radar for a future idea.


I am off work and have quite a bit to do. Snaps on the Spousal Unit's shirt, shopping for some clothes, and more house work. It will be a busy day but I am fine with that.
Until tomorrow......................

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Elliott At His Best

Elliott at his best!
He did that himself. We found him like that after I finished cleaning the house.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Day Off

Yesterday was another lovely spring day. The high got to 12C or 54F. This morning the temperature is below freezing, which does happen to us in the spring. It seems as if we will be having cool mornings and warm afternoons.


I worked the early shift yesterday. I am still learning the paper work routine. I try so hard that I make mistakes. I also did some receiving of an order by counting boxes of thread when not at cash.
On my way home last night, I slowed down to see what was in a neighbour's yard. There were crocuses in bloom in their front flower bed.
The Spousal Unit is doing well. He is tearing down a wood shed in the back yard. His strength is coming back slowly. His appetite is coming back rapidly. He is eating a lot more at each meal and the weight he lost is coming back on.
The time change caught up with me last night. I fell asleep on the couch. I staggered to bed and slept well. I know this will happen again as my body has always been slow to adapt to it.


I am off work and need to grocery shop, do laundry and housework, and get the snaps on the Spousal Units shirt. If there is any time, I need to start on Grandson's bag for his diabetic supplies. Will it all happen? Nope!!
Until tomorrow.....................

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Learning Curve

The weather continues to be warm with temperatures nearing or into the double digits on the Celsius thermometer. Most mornings have been warm though the wind is cool. We are enjoying this weather.


I am busy at work learning new things. It is interesting and somewhat overwhelming at times as I am learning on the run. I will survive this. The time change, I am not too certain about. It gets me every time we change our clocks.
The Spousal Unit continues to improve. He is eating better and is doing more. He does get tired quickly which is to be expected.
Son, Daughter-in-Law, and Grandson were at the World Rugby games this weekend. It seems as if they are all enjoying themselves.


I am working early so I can do the books and get the staff ready for their shift. I also need to finish inventorying and ordering ribbon hanks.
Until tomorrow...........................

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Statements

It has been a whirlwind at our house. Even the cat hair is landing on the counters.

I have been working crazy shifts and learning lots.

Who would think someone almost 65 would work 40 hours a week.

I do love my job and the staff. Hence why I work 40 hours a week.

Looked at the bias tapes on Friday night and got an order put in. A small order as we have a big over stock.

Started on ribbon hanks and there are so many sizes and colours. Inventory being done as we have a big over stock.

Still love cutting fabric for customers. Love to see what they are buying and what they are sewing.

Our two boys came to visit yesterday. They are certainly active. We forgot how active they are.

Exhausted the Spousal Unit so much he slept all evening.

Back to work today so I had best get ready.

Until tomorrow........................

Friday, March 11, 2016

Done To The Snaps

We are getting spring here in our neck of the woods. Yesterday's high was 15C or 59F. We experienced high winds and some people were without power. What we had was nothing compared to the coast though. They had some extreme winds. Our mornings range from freezing to warm. Is March being both a lamb and lion all at once?


Yesterday I did laundry and some housework. I also made a pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner for three nights. It was nice to be able to make that for dinner again after February's eat bland food month.
The Spousal Unit was outside doing a bit of yard work yesterday. He found out the muscles in his legs are weak and had to sit down and rest after 20 minutes. He did it twice and is happy to be out in the yard again.
I worked 4 hours last night and we started moving winter fabric to the back of the store. I had to clean up the discounted fabrics, put the camouflage fabric in that area, and then set up two tables. It was fun even if we did work hard. I did cash out last night and all went well in that department.


I worked on the Spousal Unit's shirt yesterday. The second sleeve was inserted and when I sewed up the side seam, the plaid was out by 1/4".
I thought I had smoothed the fabric and straightened out the plaid but I guess I didn't. I did the cuffs and was happy with them.
And then I hemmed the shirt.
I did buy blue snaps for this shirt. The white was to stark and you only saw them.
I bought the print piece of fabric a week ago and the turquoise the other day.
The print is for a top and one part of an infinity scarf. The turquoise is for the other part of the infinity scarf.
As I was cleaning up the discounted fabrics, I found fuchsia ponti and a pink/black/white polyester print. I will probably make pants and top out of them. A muslin that I may or may not be able to wear. That way, I can use the more expensive fabric when I have the pattern fitted.


I work from 1 to 9 p.m. and have some house work to do. If there is enough time, I will start cutting out the bag for our Grandson's diabetic supplies. I need to sew it up and take it with us.
Until tomorrow....................

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Sleeve Is Done

The sky is a lovely pale blue and the sun is shining on the hills. It was like this yesterday morning and then it clouded up in the afternoon to a very grey and dismal day. The high temperature got to 11.3C or 52F. This morning, it was 6C or 43F at 6 a.m., very warm for this time of the year.


It was my day off so I did the grocery shopping. Mother Hubbard's cupboard was getting bare. I got it done and then headed out to the fabric store.
At the fabric store, I had to help out for a bit as they were short staffed, couldn't find the sale's papers and the trainee needed a bit of help with a customer. I even did cash. I did get my purchases and came home.
The Spousal Unit got the wheels replaced on 4 carts and then he napped. He napped off and on all day, partly as he is still weak from chemo and partly because of the grey day. He is doing a bit more each day which is good.


I got what I needed at the store yesterday. I have wanted to shop for a few days but it hasn't happened. The big purchase was cotton to make Grandson a bag for his diabetic supplies. He loves green and I found this sports fabric for him.
What is left over will become something else for him later on.
I got more fabric and will report on it later. There is a story for one piece of that fabric. So, stay tuned.
I also worked on the Spousal Unit's shirt. Dark fabric in a poorly lit room on a grey day is a pain but I slugged through. The placket got done, which was the hardest part to see. Also it tried to grow tall and skinny and had to be handled gently.
Once that was done, I set in the sleeve, finished the seams, and sewed up the side seam. Ever tried to serge the side seams of a sleeve that you have pinned into a shirt and are too lazy to unpin it. Adds interest to your day.
The side seams were sewn up and all matched perfectly. What a great way to end the day.

My theory goes: If you can't see the side seam in the picture, then the plaids match perfectly.


Heather, I joined The Knitting Guild Association. I also belong to the same group on Ravelry. I need to block my beginning knitting swatches and then I plan on taking Taming Your Tension. I want to see what I am doing wrong with my knitting. You can start where ever you wish in their correspondence courses. For me, it was the beginning.


I have to do some house work, laundry and set in the second sleeve. I work four hours - 5:15-9:15 p.m. I am learning new things in that four hours.
Until tomorrow......................

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Collar Happy

Yesterday morning it was foggy and, as I left for work, it was starting to burn off. The rest of the day was sunny and the high got to 11.4C or 52.F. This morning it is clear and the temperature is at the freezing mark (like yesterday morning). Another sunny day for us.


I left for work just before 8 a.m. yesterday morning. I am learning how to do the morning paperwork. I am on two steep learning curves ~ paperwork and receiving. The old brain is certainly getting a work out.
After the paperwork was done, I helped the assistant manager get several things done in the store. We are cleaning up and re-arranging. Got one job done by 12:30 p.m. It was slow so I went home. I won't have that opportunity soon so took advantage of it.
Last evening, the Spousal Unit and I watched Finding Your Roots and talked about how good that episode was. As he hadn't napped all day, the Spousal Unit then had a nap. I was fighting a sore throat so we both went to bed early. A wise move on our part.


After eating lunch, I decided to put the collar on the shirt. I pressed the interfacing onto all the pieces and set about sewing. Slowly but surely, I got the collar on and love how it turned out. I remembered to get the points on the bias; a trick Ron Collins showed us years ago.
I called it a day as this is where I usually stop when sewing a shirt.


I am not working but have to head to the store to buy some fabric and return 4 carts. The Spousal Unit is changing the wheels on them. I need to grocery shop also. The goal is to work on the sleeves for the shirt and, if lucky, they will get put in.
Until tomorrow..........................

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A Day and A Half

I am sitting here looking out the window at the fog while I have a quiet cup of coffee.

Yesterday was a day and a half. 

It caught me by surprise who is leaving the store.

I am now a key holder and am being recommended to be an assistant manager at work.

The Spousal Unit had a great check up with the oncologist. He goes back for blood work and another check up in 3 months.

Relieved that all is well, the man got his appetite back and ate a good dinner last night.

That relieved me.

A young family we have grown close to sold their house in Ashcroft and bought a house in our city yesterday.

We are excited to have them close to us again.

I need to eat, make lunch, and get to work. I am being trained to do paper work.

Until tomorrow...............................

Monday, March 07, 2016

Forever In Blue Jeans

Though it rained yesterday, we had another lovely warm day. The high got to 14.5C or 58F. The sun did shine and the wind did blow. The wind was cool though. This morning it is cooler outside ~ 2C or 35.6F. The furnace ran for the first time in several days.


Yesterday morning we headed out to the hospital so the Spousal Unit could get his blood work done. Today he sees the oncologist for a check up. We have our fingers crossed he doesn't return for 3 months.
Since our talk about eating, the Spousal Unit has been eating better and more. He hasn't lost any more weight and hasn't gained any. He has days with some energy and days were he just rests/naps. I do think he is on the road to recovery though.
I am hoping to start cleaning up the guest room so it can be painted first. I hauled the tubs out from under the bed and found items that belong in the sewing room. Knick knacks to be exact. I will store them until the room is done and then see if I want to put them out. I did the one tub of electronics and kept it all. I need to put the several tubs of electronics into one tub. Next is the closet.
Last night I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey. It was extremely well done and packed with action. I will certainly miss this show as I have enjoyed it immensely.


I did do some sewing yesterday between the cleaning and laundry. I cut out the rest of the pattern pieces, got the second pocket put on, and some interfacing cut and the rest of the pieces are ready to cut out.

The big job of the day was to put on the pocket flaps. I cut out two on the bias and then two on the straight of the grain (used up the extra pockets for that). The bias pieces got interfaced. I got them put on and one has a hole in it for a pen.
I am happy with the results. Next is the collar and stand. Once that is done, the rest of the shirt is fairly easy to sew.
Next on the sewing list is a bag like this one for our grandson. It is to hold his diabetic supplies when traveling.
 It needs to be in boy fabric and I have some ideas going through my head.


I decided to renew my subscription to the Knitting Association and by the time it said there was an error and I redid it, I had paid twice. An email has been sent to renew for two years. I will be downloading the magazine to look at the projects and I want to begin a new course. It is time to work on improving my tension.
As we are going to Edmonton for my birthday, I want to go to the neat yarn store. I took a look at the new yarn I saw mentioned on the knitting site and OH MY!!! I found some I really want.
It is Ancient Arts (from Alberta, Canada) and the colour is Forever In Blue Jeans. I need a couple of skeins of this yarn. It is calling scarf for me. It will fit in with my navy column.
I did knit on the toddler's hat last night and have to figure out how I am going to finish the crown. I am almost out of yarn and I don't have white yarn in my stash. Actually, the yarn I knit for charity is almost gone. Do I want to buy a skein of white yarn???? I may have to tomorrow so I can finish the project.


I am work all day. If I have the energy, I will pin the lace panel of the afghan onto the main part. I really need to finish it up though I am clueless as how to do the border. That will be a huge experimentation.
Until tomorrow...................

Sunday, March 06, 2016

A Much Needed Nap

Yesterday was an incredible day weather wise. The temperature was warm in the morning and the high got to 16.8C or 62F. The sun shone until the sun went down and then we saw clouds. Today, it is warm but rainy.


I had a short day at work. It wasn't busy enough so three of us left between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. I was at 1:30 as I was on cash. I replaced notions when I had a chance to and got quite a bit done. Another girl did buttons and started on zippers.
At home, I came in, opened windows, talked to the Spousal Unit and fell asleep on the couch with Elliott cuddling me. I woke up in time to make dinner. I am still catching up on lost sleep.
The Spousal Unit worked outside for a while yesterday. He has started to clean up the back yard. He ate a good breakfast and dinner. Lunch was light. We even went out and got him Dilly Bars, his favourite treat.
He felt much better being more active and out in the sunshine.


I did a couple of rows on the toddler's toque last night. I chose to read and watch TV instead. Also Elliott is all over me cuddling. It must be my turn as he has cuddled the Spousal Unit for months ignoring me unless he needed food.


I am off work and have to take the Spousal Unit to the hospital to have his blood work done. There is laundry to do and I hope to sew some. I would love to finish the pockets on the shirt.
Until tomorrow....................

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Matching Plaids

Yesterday, the weather was warm. The high got to 15.7C or 60F. Though we are having clouds and wind, the weather the past two days has been beautiful.  


On Thursday, I did the interfacings at work. A huge order came in which meant taking the display apart and redoing it. By 9:00 p.m. it was done and labelled. I certainly got to see how many different types and weights of interfacing there is. Woven, non-woven, knit, fusible and sew-in. Then there is a wide variety of weights; very lightweight to craft and then on to fusible fleece. Mind boggling for a newbie, I would think.
I didn't work yesterday and was happy to be at home. I was exhausted from a bad night's sleep. The Spousal Unit was having sore joints again. He slept on and off during the day but I made him eat better than he has been. We had a talk about his health. And, if he doesn't improve, we will have another talk.
I spent some time trying to do the pockets on the Spousal Unit's shirt. The first pocket was off by a mile. I worked on the next pocket and was off by 5/8". The third pocket was perfect.
I have never been so long at matching plaids as I was yesterday. Tiredness does it to you. I did sew the pocket on just before dinner.
I will use the old pockets for the underside of the pocket flaps. The front side will be on the bias.


I work an 8 hour shift so I will not be doing anything when at home.
Until tomorrow.....................

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Good Blood Sugar Readings

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun shone for part of the day and it got to 10.4C or 50.4F. This morning is very warm so some sort of warm front has arrived.


Yesterday I worked 8 hours; 3 hours at cash and the rest of the day on the floor. I cut, put away fabric and notions, and started sorting out the interfacings. There was a big order to put away and I started out sorting what was on the shelves. I hope I can get it done today before I do cash.
I monitored my blood sugar at work yesterday. It was in the low 5's for snack and dinner. That means I did work out well. My morning numbers are mid to high 5's. As long as the readings sit in the 5's I will be happy.


I have been thinking seriously about pants/leggings the past few days. I haven't had a chance to look at fabric in the store but, I have decided to buy the pamphlet on leggings from Sure Fit Designs. I have also decided to make them a bit looser also.


I work from 1:15 to 9:15 p.m. This morning I have to get some groceries so I don't think I will be sewing at all.
Until tomorrow......................

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The World's Ugliest Infinity Scarf

Yesterday morning it rained and snowed at our level. March certainly came in like a lion. It was so dismal that, after looking at traffic out the window, Elliott slept in the linen closet so he couldn't see how ugly it was outside. Our high was 5.5C or 42F. Rather chilly and damp.


I did some housework ~ laundry and the bathroom. It was such a dreary day that I decided I could do that much in the housework department.
I worked from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. After our staff meeting, I tidied up the notions and restocked scissors and ribbon. One overstock cupboard is almost empty and the other one has two boxes half emptied. Not bad for an evening.
The joke of the evening was a presentation to me. A friend got a meter of fabric that I absolutely hate and made me a super long infinity scarf. I modelled it last night and will wear it at the store next Christmas. What you see is half the length; I can wrap it around my neck 4 times.

We all had a great laugh over the story behind this scarf. Thank you my friend for giving us a great laugh.
The Spousal Unit had a good day yesterday. He didn't sleep at all during the day, ate fairly well, and was talkative. I hope he is well on the road to recovery.


The sewing room was too dark and I couldn't see the plaid very well. So, in the morning, I sorted two more boxes of fabric.


The first box consisted mainly of cottons for the Spousal Unit's shirts. I took out my few pieces and kept all of his. ENOUGH FOR 11 SHIRTS. That tells you how much sewing I have to do for him. I discarded mine except for a piece of gingham that I will use to fit a shirt for me down the road.
The second box was the extra box of knits. I sorted and resorted through them. I kept all of my running fabric. My goal is to run again and I will need clothes for that.
There is enough for 2 pairs of capris and two tops. If I need to, I can buy more when it comes on sale. I then sorted the remaining knits twice. I kept these fabrics.
The top row of black and fuchsia is for a top for Christmas for me. The body will be the print and lined in black. The sleeves and neckline will be in black.  
The white fabric will make a t-shirt. It is a fairly good quality knit. The two prints are to be tops also. The blue one is my favourite. The other one I will dress up with a black knit cowl to take the beige away from my face if I don't purge it when I open the box to sew. It still may go due to the beige in it.
This is the give away pile.
The top 6 pieces are knits ranging from okay to good. The bottom two pieces are cotton/polyester for shirts. I am happy to part with them to the university student. I have about 40% of the fabric I started with when we moved here. That I am feeling joyful about. It is getting into a range that is going to be manageable to sew.  


I did get March's Christmas item made. It is okay and I may have to do another item for the month in Christmas fabric. This item is done in a stripe. More on it later.


I work an 8 hour day. I am not sure what I will be doing today but, if possible, I would like to work in notions. I would love to look behind more doors and get more stock out on the floor.
Until tomorrow............................

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A Shirt Is Started

This morning it is snowing in them there hills. Yes, March arrived with snow and we will see both snow and rain during the day. The high temperature yesterday was 12.4C or 54F. A lot of sunshine also.


I looked at February and, other than the lovely weather we had, it was a month to forget. The Spousal Unit is finally feeling better each day which is good. He had me stressed out most of the month with the side effect of the chemo and the infection in his neck. I, in turn, didn't sleep well, worried about him, and worked my butt off trying to get through each day smiling and being kind.
My weight is still falling off at a good pace. I am feeling much better and try to give myself a good workout at work each shift. I am watching what I am putting into my body and will start monitoring my blood glucose today.


I got on with the shirt I am making for the Spousal Unit. It wasn't until I was well into cutting out the shirt that I realized the plaid wasn't balanced as closely as I thought.
I realized that after I cut out the yokes. It isn't as noticeable as it could be but it does annoy me. I see the plaids are not going the in the same direction but it isn't noticeable when on the shirt. I usually monitor that very carefully and something went amiss.

I was very happy that the fronts match prior to the button band going on.

 The shoulder seams are sewn wrong sides together as the yoke covers them up. I continued to sew on the shirt until I had the button bands on. It became too late to sew any more on the shirt.
A close up of the yoke and button band.
Next is the pockets. This is where I have to watch matching the plaids. The pocket flaps are on the bias so I need to watch that the plaid goes in the same direction as the yokes.

Spring 6 PAC

I have been looking at what I am sewing and how many days I have to sew once the shirt is done. I have the fabric for
  • leggings -- jeans looking knit
  • camp shirt -- light blue plaid
I need to look for fabric for
  • leggings -- navy blue (may be the jean looking knit again)
  • t-shirt -- navy blue knit
  • top -- turquoise crepe (print I think)
I have two pairs of jeans in the closet that I can wear for another 15 pounds of weight loss. The navy column is taking shape nicely.


I go to work at 5:30 for a 2 hour staff meeting/cleaning session. I hope it is bright enough to sew on the shirt so I can do the pockets and collar. If not, I will spend some time purging fabric while I do some more housework. I seem to be catching up on my sleep so am feeling much better.
Until tomorrow...............................