Sunday, July 28, 2013

Knit Fit

Gwen wrote:
All that frogging! Do you know if knitted socks should be the size of your foot/ankle/calf, or should they be smaller than that measurement? Every time I've made socks, they stretch as I wear them, so I started making them snug.
Here is what Barb Brown said (and I have also read in other books):
  • Measure ball of foot and allow 1/2” or 10% negative ease. Heavier wool will need less ease. That means with 60 stitches, remove 6 stitches and knit on 54 stitches, though if you want to do K2 P2 ribbing you will have to knit on 56 stitches (or 52).
  • With sock weight wool, 8 to 9 stitches per inch.
  • The heel flap should be done in K1 Slip 1 with wrong side purled back. The heel flap should be 2.5” long. If too short, socks fall off your feet. Barb’s rule of thumb is: if the heel flap has 32 stitches on it, knit 32 rows. Technically, the heel flap should end up at the top of your heel where there is a slight curve in.
  • Use K2 P2 ribbing as it has the most stretch. Go down one size in your needle also for ribbing at the top.
  • Donna Druchunas writes to use stretchy ribbing above the heel for the leg or to decrease stitches in the leg to keep them up.
The socks I am making for Jacob (who is 6 years old and a diabetic) is done in plain knitting. These are a trial and error pair. I am using 3 mm/ 2.5 US needles. I started from the toe and put on 24 stitches and increased to 48 stitches. I will go down one size (2.75 mm/ 2 US). For the next pair of socks, I am hoping to do the shaft of the leg and the top of the foot in a ribbing that consists of K1, P1 with the front done in K1, P1, K2, P2, K1, P2, K2, P1. This should allow for the sock to fit snugger but have plenty of give.
At this point, I feel like a rank beginner knitting socks. My head feels messed with and I am thinking through each step carefully. For now, I will be using what Barb said to knit socks for children. My next pair of adult socks will be like that also. Then I will move forward trying patterns and see how that goes.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Day Two and Three

We have had a couple of very busy days at our son’s. To the point of being very tired.

On Saturday we headed north of Edmonton to the farmer’s market. The farmer’s markets we have seen are small compared to this one.


We walked for almost 2 hours looking at everything there is to be seen. The picture above is only a tiny portion of the stalls here.

We saw a lot of Ukrainian food, fresh produce, and crafts. Edmonton is in the province of Alberta. We live in British Columbia (BC) and had a good chuckle to see the fruit sold in the market comes from our province.


We have to pace ourselves as the little guy is a diabetic and meals have to be on time.

On Sunday we headed out east of Edmonton to the Ukrainian Village. After a lunch of perogies and sausage, we walked for almost 3 hours looking at everything. There was and still is a large Ukrainian population in the area.

After visiting the railway station and the hotel, the guy got to stand by the old Ford car.


Along the way we visited a beautiful Ukrainian Church that still has some services, weddings, baptisms, and funerals held in it.



The light in both of the pictures is carved out of wood and is a spectacular piece.


We went into the store to see what was for sale.


The cans of tomatoes were from BC and, at one time, from the cannery in our community.


We wandered to see the pigs and sheep which we fed grass to.



We also went to the sod house.


The stone apparatus allowed the lady of the house to grind wheat seeds to make flour. You turned the stone using the wooden handle.


We headed off to the police station.


And the police put our son in jail for stealing the little guy’s horse. That was a hoot.


Our final stop of the day was at the grain elevator. It is a fully working elevator. Set of scales in the corner.


The little tin cups carries the wheat up to the top of the grain elevator. This elevator is set up to be run by one person.


We were coming back out of the village to see the last three houses and it started to rain and hail. We jumped back into the dry spot and waited it out. We left happy and tired.

Today we hope will be somewhat quieter. We will see what this afternoon brings but we do know this morning there is work to be done.

Until the next time………………….

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Day One

Day One of our holiday was great. Though we were travel weary, we charged up with coffee and set out to do some things with our fabulous guides.

After getting some groceries we headed out to one of the malls. We had lunch and then  we did some roaming and I bought a new Mac Air.


Then we headed down the mall to Lego Land. That store has had some heavy shopping done in it as there were empty shelves. But we did buy something.


Next we hit a hobby store and that is where we saw everything you would want. We got a bit more Lego there.

And, the little guy stood by the scooter we admired.


After that we came back to the house and rested. I headed out to Fabricland and I will show pictures of the purchases later on. But I did buy this piece of burnt out satin for Daughter.


In all we had a wonderful day and were in bed early. We couldn’t keep our eyes open.

Today we are going to a farmer’s market north of Edmonton. Looking forward to that.

Until the next time…………….

Friday, July 05, 2013

Off to Alberta

No post yesterday!! We were in transit to Edmonton Alberta. To visit our son and his family.

Our trip was wonderful. The temperature was perfect for traveling and we did stop along the way. It took us a total of 12 hours.

The mountains are spectacular as you go through the pass.


The pass is not steep but a wonderful easy drive. The mountains are beautiful.


We went through parks.


Watched the rivers that are full of glacier water.


And had a picnic lunch.


The rest of the trip was through swamp land and not at all interesting. We talked and laughed through that. We arrived tired but happy.

The next few days will be busy sight seeing, taking the little one around to some places, and relaxing. So I may or may not blog.

Until the next time………………….