Saturday, February 06, 2016

A Day to Sew!

Yesterday saw sunshine and clouds. The temperature got to a high of 7.8C or 46F. This morning it is sunny and 4C or 39F at 7 a.m. and it dropped to 1.4C or 34.5F at 8 a.m. We are suppose to see lots of sunshine with a high close to yesterday's high.


I worked another 8 hour afternoon/evening shift. I found that I was really tired by the end of the shift and that cashing out was hard. The other lady cashing out has a terrible cold and couldn't think either. We got it done in the end.
The store was very quiet from 6 p.m. on so we focussed on filling up displays. When that was done, two co-workers set up fabric tables and I started to sweep the floors. The area around the till was super clean when we left and two tables were done. We were happy with our progress.  
I checked the schedule and I don't have the late shift again this month. Yes!!!


I quickly sewed up the two side pieces for the second Susie pouch. Once I had done the first one, the second one was easy to make. What I don't like about the fabric ~ the light colour has a rubberized coating on it to make it a shiny silvery colour. When I went through 2 layers of it, my machine stalls. I have to wait until it allows me to sew again.
Other than shorten the second zipper, the two pouches are ready to be completed.

I am still thinking about our bedroom and how I want it to look. When I was cleaning up, I found a pair of grey/soft white plaid drapes that had been returned. I spent a lot of time drooling over them thinking how I can fit them into the room. Will the teal stripe fabric go by the wayside and I use plain teal and some lovely plaid cotton in our room? I am really thinking on this and will put a hold on the drapes. We are putting up room darkening blinds and I think the drapes will be a great addition to keeping our room cool in our hot summers.


I finished steaming the scarf and it is now ready to be sewn together.
I love how the pattern laid nicely and the ends were shaped to match. I have to say the yarn was a gorgeous wool to work with. This scarf is really long and will be worn doubled.
Once done, I will finish up the afghan I was working on. I need to get it done so I can work on something new.


I am moving slow as I don't have to work. I hope to work on the Susie pouches, have a nap and maybe do some housework. I am not pushing myself today as I am tired.
Until tomorrow......................

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