Sunday, February 07, 2016

Two Susie Pouches Completed

Yesterday was a lovely warm day. I shut off the furnace, opened the windows and aired out the house. With a high of 9C or 48F, I just could not resist doing that. I love the smell of the fresh air at this time of year.


I was so tired when I got up yesterday morning that I could not function. I had breakfast, went back to bed and slept until 11:00 a.m. I felt so much better when I rolled out of bed the second time. I was exhausted from working three 8 hour + shifts in a row. Though cash is easy and I enjoyed cleaning, getting home at nearly 10 p.m. the last two nights was difficult. I've been worrying about the Spousal Unit as he is having his usual side effects from chemo (sore joints), he also has been running a bit of a fever. Up to almost 38C (near we are going to the hospital temperature) and dropping back to near normal (37C) an hour later. The combination made toast out of me.


I worked on the Susie pouch after I got up. The zipper got put in before lunch. I have done this method before where you do the lining at the same time.  
Once the zipper was completed, I really had to follow the video carefully. After a couple of fumbles I got the side seams done for both the outer and lining fabrics. The video shows machine sewing the lining open shut. I hand sewed mine.
I filled it with items I can use at work. I just need a nail file and clippers.
I do like this little bag but I don't like the fabric I chose for the pleats and the top for the zipper. It is very stiff and had a coating on it. I would use the craft weight pellon the next time as it certainly adds body to pouch. I am going to try using some batting to see how it works. 
I finished up the second pouch in about an hour. I love doing two items as it seals the process in my head.
Three fat quarters, some craft weight pellon, 2 zippers and 1 meter of lace makes two pouches.


I am working from 8 a.m. to noon. Then I am heading up to get prescriptions filled and home to do a few things. I do have to change the thread in my serger so I can start store project #2.
Until tomorrow....................

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