Saturday, February 13, 2016

Focusing On The Now

Yesterday was cloudy and windy. Somewhere around noon, the temperature got to a high of 7.9C or 46F. Mid afternoon, it rained hard (3.5mm or .1") for a short period of time. The sun came out and it was welcomed in our house. This morning, the temperature is hovering around the freezing mark. And there is fog.
The snow we got in December/January is almost gone.
From this
To This


Yesterday, I got up in good time and cleaned the fridge while the coffee was dripping. After breakfast we headed out to grocery shop and to get the Spousal Unit a new iPad. His old one is so old the apps are too powerful for it to work properly. After we got home, the Spousal Unit slept for an hour. He was exhausted from being out for 2 hours. 
The laundry got done, folded and all is well in that department. Some floors got swept and I called it a day. I needed some me time on my day off.
I spent some time throughout the day thinking about my lifestyle. I need to focus on balancing all parts of my life. I have chosen how I am acting in the workplace. Now I need to choose how I am acting at home. I am working on purging again and improving my eating habits. With the Spousal Unit feeling better each day, I can focus on myself again.


It was hard sewing yesterday due to the cloudy weather and horrid lighting in the sewing room. I haven't asked for a new ceiling light but will be.
I did work on the navy top. The godets are sewn on to the front and back sections.
The next step is to serge the side seams of the body and sleeves prior to sewing in the sleeves. My goal is to finish it this coming week. I want to work on a shirt for the Spousal Unit.

Wardrobe Planning

I need to work on my guilty feelings (part of the balancing act) and let go of the garment fabric I have in the closet. Every time I look at the boxes it is in, I have this sinking feeling in my stomach. I know I bought most of it when I was working and a lot of it isn't what I would wear now. So, I have decided to purge once again.
I won't say I bought the fabric out of hating my job as I loved teaching. I bought it hoping I could sew myself some clothes. I did not have the time to sew the last 5 years of teaching and then went from teaching to rodeo wear sewing when I retired. My wardrobe became quite casual. Over time, I did purge the garment fabric but not enough.
So, first thing this morning I got the box of bottom weight fabric out and the pieces in it on the guest bed.
  • First out the box came black denim. I have decided I am not making jeans, I am buying them 2 pairs at a time. One in black, one in washed navy.
  • Out came 8 more pieces of black fabric in a variety of fibres. I kept one piece that is a light weight wool and another piece that is ??.
The rest, including the black denim will got to the thrift shop. The light weight wool will be used as a top and the other piece for a pair of pants.
I have a piece of black Ponte and a piece of navy knit for a total of three pairs of pants. The goal is to have 2 pair of black pants and 2 pairs of navy along with the jeans. More than likely they will be leggings or slim pants to wear to work. 
Doing that one box made me feel so much better mentally. If I won't sew it for today's lifestyle, why keep it was preying on me. What is left is giving me joy.


I work from 11:30 to 5:30. I will have logged in 39 hours this week which is way to many hours for me. Hopefully next week will be back to normal ~ about 22 hours. I hope to do the purge of the jacket fabric prior to heading out to work.
Until tomorrow.................


  1. I am doing some purging also. A few years ago I had bought yards of this really heavy while fluffy fabric fabric to make housecoat so. Well no one wants house coats so it was just taking up a whole shelf. On Tuesday we took it (along with numerous patterns that I will never use) to VV. a relief to have it gone. I know ther will be more. Right now I am sewing two polar fleece jackets for myself. It is nearing the time to retire winter coats. Hope you soon have more time for yourself.

  2. Purging is the best feeling ever, and I am so happy to hear the Spousal Unit is slowly getting stronger.