Sunday, February 28, 2016

Explore 2016 Review

Yesterday was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine and a high of 14.2C or 57.5F. We both enjoyed the sunshine all day long and the Spousal Unit went out and stood in it.


It is hard to believe that it is the end of February. Life has been super busy for the past two months and I decided to review Explore 2016.
  • I haven't got out to walk the trail yet but I have done a lot of walking at work. Up to 5 miles or more on some days. I have also done a lot of lifting and stretching and it does feel good to do that.
  • The Spousal Unit had a great January and he ended up puttering in the front entry closet. He was looking great. After his last treatment in February, things took a dive. He had a new side effect from the chemo and then got an infection. He looks much better after taking 5 antibiotic pills so we hope he is on the mend.
  • I didn't loose much weight, if any, in January. The old thyroid did its thing and slowed down for part of December and all of January. I was tired and cranky from that. I started to feel better at the beginning of February and decided to monitor what went in my mouth. I have lost 10 pounds. No treats, one snack on work days, and I am feeling much better.
  • I worked a lot of hours in January and February. The hours seem to be reduced for the time being but may go back up as we are now short two employees.
  • We have made a decision to have a friend (professional painter) to paint the upstairs of our house when he has time. As he paints the rooms, we will do the trim, doors, and update the closets. We will hire someone to put in the new front and back doors this spring or fall.
 I am very thankful that we have a fairly well organized house. I am still trying to get more items purged and will continue to do so as time goes on. Having our house like this or better allows both of us to focus on ourselves and other things we want to do.



I have sewn some this year and it has thrilled me.
  • I got two knit tops done for myself and they are in the store. I will probably wear both of them as they are a start to my wardrobe.  
  • I did a spring version of the Plaid Meets Lace scarf in crepe for a co-worker and will do one for myself.
  • I remodelled my work t-shirt. I usually don't like doing this type of work but I did enjoy the process once I got started.
  • I am working at purging my fabric and took a bunch to a co-worker.
  • I started making the Spousal Unit a shirt. Here is the proof.

It takes a long time to lay out a pattern that has yokes, pockets, cuffs and plackets on the bias. And it takes extra fabric to do it.


  • January and February craft items got made and posted. I enjoyed making both projects. March's project is cut out and ready to make.
  • One advent calendar is made and the second one needs a couple of afternoons to finish up. Two wine bottle bags and one gift bag were done after I posted the January ones.
  • I have been purging the Christmas/winter cottons. It is amazing how much I have on hand.
  • I have decided to make some 18" doll clothes. I am starting with this pattern
  • I am working on a photo album for Grandson and I want it done in March so I can take it over to him.
It has been great to review what I have accomplished to date. I have realized that I have been buying less fabric and trying to sew it up in a timely fashion. I do have some Christmas fabric to sew up for next year which I can live with. I have fabric for 2 pairs of leggings and a scarf for myself and two remnants of fleece for vests for our grandson.


I am working for 5 hours though I am going in early to help a co-worker clean up. She helped me out last fall so I need to pay it back. Tonight is Downton Abbey and possibly talking to our family in Edmonton.
Until tomorrow.......................

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