Sunday, November 02, 2014

Halloween on Nov. 1?

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and we sat outside in the sunshine for a while. When the sun disappeared, it cooled off quickly. This morning, our temperature is near freezing and we can see frost in areas.

Yesterday morning was full of paper work. It seemed to flow all over the table and onto the chairs. In the end, 50% was turfed into the garbage can, 40% was filed neatly, and 10% still needs to be dealt with over the next 3 weeks. It felt good to have that job done by lunch.

After lunch, I went down to see our local quilt shop for the first time. Though not huge, the owner has a nice selection of fabrics. I wanted to get some Halloween fabric to make our grandson a lap quilt and a small table topper. I didn’t know if I would find any but I snatched up the last two fat quarter bundles and a few other fat quarters that went well with them.


This group of 12 fabrics will be used to make a Turning 20 quilt. I found the instructions for a smaller sized block at Have You Met Us. I plan on making it a lap quilt size.


This is the fat quarter bundle and I will be making Candy Corn Table Topper. I still have one more quilt to make out of Halloween fabric and will do so a bit later on. It is going to be another fun quilt but larger than a lap quilt.

The shop also carries knitting yarn and all are 100% wool and there is a beautiful selection of colours. It is motivating me to use up all of my yarn so I can try out some of this yarn.

After that refreshing break, I dry and wet mopped the dining room floor, started supper, and the Spousal Unit and I went for a short drive. After supper, I knit 3 rows as Elliott decided to sit on me and cuddle. I would say I have almost half of the second ball knit. A couple of more weeks of knitting and I will be able to start the third ball. It will be nice to start the last of the baby yarn projects before the end of the year.

Today, I have to clean up the living room and do a bit of outside work. If there is time, I want to start cutting out the Turning Twenty quilt. It is not suppose to take too long; three pieces from each fat quarter. For the table topper, I need to cut two 2.5” strips of each fabric. That shouldn’t take long to do.

Until tomorrow…………………………….