Monday, April 22, 2013

A Bag Idea

When Miss Rodeo Canada was visiting us, I fell in love with her bag. She carries it around when she makes appearances as she puts her autograph materials, extra make up, etc. into it. I hear they are popular right now.
I plan to make in this bag. I know exactly where to get the bag material and the rope. I just need to figure the fabric for the cross and then buy the Conchos. The large crystals are in my stash. It won’t take long as I have made bags similar to this – my fabric grocery bags.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Miss Rodeo Canada Arrives

It was a busy day all around yesterday. We started off our day with a visit from Miss Rodeo Canada, Gillian Shields.
Gillian and her host found the vest in the closet while going through the items I had made.
It fit Gillian perfectly so I gave it to her. BTW, the crystals at the neckline were finished when I hung it in the closet.
After talking for a bit, we headed out to visit one of the elementary schools. The Ashcroft Rodeo princess goes to that school and she was Gillian’s hostess for an hour.
We all visited the classes and had a great time. We even visited the ladies who quilt Thursday mornings at the school.
Gillian and her host left for Williams Lake as there is a rodeo there this weekend. It was a fabulous visit.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fraser Canyon

When we travel to the coast, we have to travel through a mountain pass which is called the Fraser Canyon. You see sheer rock they had to blast through to build this road. In the end, they put in 7 tunnels between 1957-1964. This tunnel is ventilated as it is nearly half a mile long.
And a picture back in the 1950s of what the road looked like. Single lane traffic, narrow roads. I remember traveling this road when it looked like this. It was scary.
Today, most people use another pass that is in another mountain range. Traffic is lighter in the Fraser Canyon but when the other route is closed, you don't want to be travelling this route.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013