Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gifted Patterns

Friday was hot and there were thunderstorms brewing in the evening. Yesterday was cooler with thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening. It is suppose to be cooler today with more thunderstorms. The rain we had yesterday did cool the air off which was lovely.


It was Day 3 of work yesterday and another busy day. Not only did we have a lot of customers in the store, tables were moved and set up and discounting was done. We are getting ready for fall.


I did buy some items at the store. I have been eyeing this paisley cotton in denim and the price was correct to buy it. This is for a shirt for me (navy column)

 Next was these fabrics. Another purse in black with a black and white print. The print and white are to replace some fabric that was slightly over dyed with green.
I was also given some doll patterns and I do love them all. The McCalls might become a store project.


I am off to work in a couple of minutes and am looking forward to setting up some displays.
Until the next time......................

Friday, July 29, 2016

More Wardrobe Thoughts

Yesterday was quite warm with a high of 36C or 98.6F. You really didn't want to be outside for very long though some person just did that.


The Spousal Unit mowed the lawns and told me how hot it was out there. I had a few choice words to say. Today he waters the lawns which will be cooler.
Heather, the kids did a huge internet search and bought this one privately from a fellow in Calgary. They said there were two others for sale through Kijiji in Canada.

Wardrobe Planning

As I loose weight, I am looking at my wardrobe and The Vivienne Files. She did two wardrobes (July 28 and 29, 2016) that look interesting.
The first outfit was done in black, blue, and white and, though a bit bland, it talked to me. The second one changed the blue to red and it was yelling at me. What did I like?
  • It was casual; jeans and one pair of pants.
  • A plaid shirt was in the mix and I love plaids.
  • The remaining tops were solid colours which I like (prints can be added later).
  • Though I sweat looking at it, it had a winter coat, mitts, and neck warmer (all in black).
  • It had a hoodie and a sweatshirt.
  • It can be expanded to spring and summer.

What didn't I like?
  • It had a blazer which I don't think I would wear at this time. But, I would wear a casual vest of which I have two in the wardrobe already.
  • Button up sweater. Not sure about that one. I do like pullover sweaters though and could replace a button up sweater with that.
  • All the tops were woven button up tops and I would add knit tops to the mix.
I will be keeping these ideas in my head while I sort through my fabric prior to the room getting its renovations and while choosing projects to hang in the store.
Until the next time......................

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wet With A Lot of Fun

We have had some summer weather with storms going around us. It has been hot with some humidity that is slowly disappearing, thank goodness. Today is suppose to be our warmest day so far this summer -- 36C or 98.6F. Then we are suppose to cool off again. That has been our normal this summer.


We had a great day yesterday. I didn't work but we were tied to an appointment. The Spousal Unit got his fourth immune booster so spent the morning at the hospital. While he was there I got the shopping done and an appointment for myself with the respiratory therapist.
A surprise package arrived and the Spousal Unit got his birthday present from Son, Daughter-in-Law and Grandson. He wanted this item for months and when he asked for it, he said afterwards he shouldn't have as they are expensive. Those guys found one on Kijiji and bought it for a good deal.
He now has a John Deere tractor which waters our lawns.
The thing moves along the hose and stops on a ramp. While we figured out how to operate it, we got wet as in really wet. It was a lot of fun.


I got the Pow Wow dress done and the doll is at the store. This weekend is Kamloops Indian Band Pow Wow weekend.
I do love the outfit even though the moccasins are too big. I just tied them at the ankle.
Also I started to clean up the sewing room and have the doll's fabric in a tub and the notions in a small tub. Now I can start a couple of other projects that I need to make.


It is day one of five days working. I won't be blogging during that time as I will be tired. A good tiredness though.
Until the next time........................

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dress Done

Yesterday was a warm one with a high of 33.8C or 93F. It was actually hot out there so we hung out inside so we wouldn't be sick. This morning is cloudy and warm which means it could be a hot humid day or a wet one.


The Spousal Unit had a great birthday. Daughter and Son-in-Law took us for lunch and he really enjoyed that. Then he had steak, onions, baked potato, and beets for dinner with the vegetables coming from the garden. The potatoes were the first digging and they were huge, as was the sweet onion.
He loves having fresh potatoes from the garden on his birthday.
I have lost a total of 12.3 pounds and am very happy about that. The hard work of counting points and weighing food is paying off.
We are eating well and very healthy which is great. The only thing I didn't do this week was meet my steps goal. Hopefully this week I will.


I spent a lot of time sewing on the Pow Wow dress. It was time consuming and left me with a sore back. But, the end result is stunning.
I also started the moccasins but stopped as I ran out of time and energy. 
 This one is ready to have the Velcro put on and then the sole can be attached.
Anna, I bought the trim at the fabric store I work in. It is a sari trim and looks like this off the spool.
Using tiny bent blade scissors, I cut the silver backing off around the top of the trim to make it easier to curve into place. I have done this type of cutting many times when I made rodeo queen dresses. I used 3600 glue to attach it to the fabric; a first for me. It worked like a charm. The crystals are ones I have left over from the last rodeo queen dresses I made. I put them into position, laid a towel over them, and laid the iron on to melt the glue to hold them in place.
Back on topic -- we have a lot of trim in the store which is nice. It ranges from bridal to sari to regular type. I look after the notions so am always snooping to see what we have and will be seeing what we can order.


I work an 8 hour shift so will probably come home tired and sore. Not only do we have to do discounting, I am sure that there will be ordering arriving into receiving.
Until the next time.........................

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Many Thoughts Again

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 28.7C or 84F. The morning was super cloudy but it cleared off and was lovely in the afternoon. Today looks like it will be sunny all day -- the sky is blue and the sun is shining.


Yesterday I finished up the ordering for this round and started on the many pages of price changes. We took out four large boxes of mesh ribbon from receiving, discounted them and put them into three bins. There are more boxes to discount but at a later date. My question -- why so many boxes of this ribbon?
A shipment of lovely plaids (called Lumberjack plaids) arrived and are waiting to be displayed. The colours are gorgeous and I may choose a piece as a project. But which plaid remains to be seen.
The Spousal Unit picked more cucumbers and gave them to our tenant. He has spotted a lot of grape tomatoes starting to ripen and is carefully watching a watermelon grow.


I did not sew yesterday after work. But I am thinking about a lot of things in the sewing room.
  • It has to be cleaned up so that begins today.
  • I should sew for myself and that means figuring out my size and which fabric I should cut into first. And which pattern.
  • I should tweak my wardrobe plan again. Or maybe I should sew up my muslin fabric and wear it until I have lost more weight. Choices, choices, choices.
The new fabric is starting to arrive and I would love to do a project once a month. Once every other month is probably more doable for me. Time is an issue at the moment.


I haven't knit for quite a while and need to finish the afghan. It makes me sweat thinking about it but with the a/c running I should pick it up and work on it every night for half an hour.


We have to get some groceries and then we will be home for the rest of the day. The Spousal Unit will be digging potatoes and beets to go with steak for his birthday dinner. He turns 71 today and this is the meal he has chosen.
Until the next time...........................

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Doll Fancy Pow Wow Dress

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 30C or 86F. It clouded up last night and the wind blew but we didn't get rain. Just dust from the road construction blowing thickly down the road. Today is suppose to be sunny/cloudy and the temperature about the same.


We had a great day spent mostly at home. Between jobs, we watched the crew rip up the road and work in deep trenches and then put it all back together again. People can use the road at night but not during the day.
The Spousal Unit had is his wood delivered yesterday. Twice in fact as he needed more of a different size. Now he can work on the ceilings of the house.
He is happy and can putter away for a couple of weeks before we have to get more supplies.
I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom before we headed out to get the extra wood he needed. We also did another trip to the post office and called it done.
The enchiladas were great. We both enjoyed them very much. It took me about an hour to make them and 20 -25 minutes to cook them.


I got some sewing done yesterday and then again this morning. The pattern was cut out for the pow wow dress and then I had to cut the edging off the fancy trim.
After some deliberation and heavy duty thinking, I glued the trim down. I will add clear crystals to finish the bottom edge of the trim. I also got the back done.
I am debating whether to add the drop piece to the front. What do you think?
At the bottom of the dress, I added more trim. The white ribbon with the circles is a pain to sew on and then I added the dark sequin trim on top of the white ribbon.
That is several hours of sewing and the ribbon trim is not on the back pieces yet. Once that is done, I can start sewing and cutting the fringe. A lot of work.
I am leaning towards adding the drop piece.
There are also moccasins for this outfit also.


I work an 8 hour shift and will probably be tired. I do hope to finish up the ordering so we can fax them out on Monday.
Until the next time.....................

Friday, July 22, 2016

Shop Until You Drop

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 30.3C or 86.5F. We really enjoyed the sunshine as did many others. We are suppose to have warm weather all this week which will be nice.


We had a busy day yesterday and wasn't home very much. It was the Spousal Units day out and about. He was one happy camper when we got home at 7:00 p.m. from our last shopping trip.
In the period of time we were home, I put chicken breasts into the slow cooker so we can have Skinny Taste Chicken Enchiladas (I can have two for dinner). The chicken had to cook for 5 to 6 hours in the slower cooker as it was frozen. The last job of the evening was to shred it and put it in the fridge.
My weight loss journey has been going well. As of today I have lost 10.8 pounds. I do weigh most of my food and we are eating very healthy. The cherry on this: we are enjoying this lifestyle.


I did a bit of sewing in before lunch and finished up the soccer outfit.
I have also started the Native American dress - the layout has begun. I have thought through how I will add the embellishments.
I did buy Grandson another piece of Minion fabric for his games room.
I am thinking 18" square cushions for his games room. They are easy to make.
I also got two of the three patterns that will be discontinued.
I now have enough patterns to last me until spring. Dressing these dolls is fun. So much so, I forget to sew for myself.


I am home and will be cooking, cleaning, and sewing. It is my day to get things done.
Until the next time.........................

Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Fabric!!

The weather has been in the mid to high 20C or high 70's to low 80'sF. Though normal for this time of the year, the rainfall isn't. We have had a lot of rain fall this summer and are ready for the hot sunny days for the next week.


We finally got the store set up again after renovations. It was finished by 3:30 p.m. yesterday. It is now ready for stock to arrive so we can fill up the empty holes. We are also busy ordering.
The Spousal Unit has been puttering in the garden and found 3 more ripe grape tomatoes. There are also a lot of cucumbers to be picked. One batch of onions are almost ready to pull. The garden is doing great.
The renovations are coming along slowly. The walls have been measured for plastic, crown molding and baseboard. That will be ordered today for delivery.


 The goal is to finish up the second soccer outfit today so I can begin the next project. Next weekend is the annual Pow Wow in our community and the dolls need ribbon dresses to wear.
I have bought some fabric also. For myself and for the dolls. Also bought some more doll clothes patterns as they are on sale.
This jumped into the pile. Pillows for our grandson to put in his games room. I will add another piece so he can have another item also.
This is silk and cotton and very expensive. I will make myself a top out of it. The plain is for part of the top as it takes a lot of fabric to make.
Left to right -- expensive faux suede for a vest for me. On sale for 70% off which makes it a great deal. The middle one is for house coats for the dolls and the plaid is for pyjamas for them.
The patterns are the fun purchase. I have been buying them a few at a time.
I will be making the Native American dress minus the hat out of the blue suede. The others will be kept for later projects.
Not on sale but I got it for the house coat but most of the other pieces will be made.
For all the outfits starting with the bathing suit, hat and bag.
I noticed that there is going to be a discard of McCalls patterns so I will get three more doll patterns I want which will be discarded.


I am off work and it is run around day. We have to shop around town today. I call this the Spousal Unit's day out as he can't drive at the moment.
Until tomorrow......................

Monday, July 18, 2016

Soccer T-Shirt Started

We had another normal day for weather in our neck of the woods. It got to 30C or 86F. A couple more days of rain/thunderstorms and we are moving into hot sunny days.


I had Saturday off and did a lot of housework and laundry. A tiny bit of sewing was thrown in for good measure.
Yesterday I worked. I do the books on Sunday and get all the paper work ready to go to Toronto on Monday mornings. I love the quiet of the store while doing the books and then the buzz when the store opens. We had a busy day yesterday and I came home sore and tired.
The Spousal Unit had a friend in so they can plan the renovations and painting. They looked at the bathroom and the kitchen and ideas are flowing. But first, the valances have to be removed from four windows and that is going to be messy. Once again we hit renovation mode.
Elliott's thoughts on renovations.


I did get a bit of time during the day to cut out and start sewing the second soccer outfit.
I spent a few minutes after dinner on Saturday and set in one sleeve. I'm happy with the progress.
After this outfit is done, I will have to quickly cut out a couple more outfits and then clean up the room. The Spousal Unit will want to take the window valance off in a couple of weeks.
While cleaning up the room, I plan on sorting through my fabric and putting together a column to sew and wear for work. I'm looking at it not being perfect but wearable.
I have pink ponti to make 2 pairs of pants. I can add a couple of pink t-shirts and a couple of tops in turquoise and white. All the tops can be made from the same pattern so I can then sew them up quickly. I'd need to buy the t-shirt fabric which is on sale except for the white. I have a lot of it in the stash.


I work a full shift today so won't do a lot tonight. If it is anything, it will be to sew the sleeves into the soccer t-shirt.
Until the next time.........................

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Doll Dress Is Done

Yesterday was cool with a high of 20.7C or 69F. I wore a coat. It did rain though most fell during the night. The weather is suppose to clear off and become warm again.


I had yesterday off work though I did add up the numbers of the notions I had to inventory and took them into the store. It was a run around day of shopping, banking, gassing up the vehicle, and having a good nap.
The Spousal Unit and I are doing Weight Watchers on-line. It allows us to have a healthy lifestyle which is what we are aiming for. Yes, I have goals for myself. I need them but there is no date attached to those goals. For me that is a failure feature.
The large piece of equipment was next door to us scraping off the lawns back to the property line. The guy operating it is good!! We did watch them do our neighbours.
 The road is going to be wider than it is now and our front yard will be smaller which is fine with us.


I did sew a bit yesterday and finished up the strapless dress. It was a fun item to make. As the dolls are at the store, I only have a picture of it flat.
I did go shopping for fabric yesterday. I bought flannelette and fleece to make pyjamas and house coats for the dolls. I also got ribbons and trim to make two pow-wow dresses; one will be a ribbon dress, the other will be a suede dress in dusty blue.
Minion fabric jumped into the mix to make Grandson something ~ a bag for his diabetic supplies.
I bought myself 2 meters of high end faux suede for a vest or a jacket. It will work in my wardrobe plan.
Next, I want to buy a silk/cotton blend to make a flowing top. It is a big flower print in turquoise blue with black.
Now I need the time to sew. That will come.


I am off work and am doing house work, laundry and ironing. There is a lot of fabric that has been laundered and need ironed, folded and put away.
Until the next time..............................

Friday, July 15, 2016

Inventory Is Done

  • I am not missing in action (MIA).
  • I have just survived my first inventory at a large fabric store.
  • I spent more hours working than sleeping.
  • What I was told to do and what I was suppose to do were two different things.
  • I learned a lot and will be able to do it much better next year.
  • Even with some mistakes, we finished up in great time.
  • We can now get some sleep and become normal human beings again.
  • As we inventoried the store, the city started to demo the street our house is on.
  • They are widening it, repaving it, adding a sidewalk, and fixing sewer and water lines.
  • We live with this until fall.
  • Fall comes in October in our neck of the woods
Until the next time..........................

Monday, July 11, 2016

Fun and Games

Our weather has been bordering on normal with temperatures in the mid to high 20C or 80-85F. We have had sunshine, clouds, and rain.


It has been busy in the store with customers buying due to the weather (can't be outside in the yard or camping so they come shopping.) Staff has been super busy waiting on customers and preparing the store for fabric inventory on Wednesday.
I spent half of my Saturday off preparing two areas for inventory. Not only do you have to count the fabric, you have to sort it into family groupings and hang up the pink slips. A lot of work especially in the area I did. It was a mess.
Yesterday, the girls rocked it and we have the store basically ready. Two small areas need to be pink slipped and we are done. That will be done today and a table put away. I think an hour and a half worth of work. Then it will be keeping stacks of fabric tidy for weighing. Yes!! Life will return to normal after Wednesday. Or we hope it will.
The Spousal Unit has started to prepare for renovating the guest room. He swept up the tiny pottery pieces of a broken item. Elliott hid from a service man and tipped a tub onto the floor hence breaking a piece of pottery. The Spousal Unit has some baseboard removed and we need to move the bed so he can finish up.
Elliott went to the vet to be weighed after a month of dieting. He has lost 1.3 pounds which is absolutely amazing. He still has more to loose and will be on his new feeding regime until the weight is lost.


I got the doll clothes fabric folded and sort of put away. I need tubs which I will have to go looking for. Once that was done, I cut out and started to sew a dress for the doll.
It is a strapless dress with princess seaming in both the front and the back. I decided to use a printed chambray cotton. (I have the darker version for a top so the scraps will be used to make doll clothes.)
Here the front is done and I laid on some silver hotfix studs. I have since sewn the back pieces and sewn them onto the front. Next is the lining. On the lining I am adding a bit of elastic to the top of the dress to help keep it up. I will add a white sleeveless t-shirt and sandals to make the outfit.
My plan is to make the western outfit next. The fabric has been washed and dried.
As I have lost 5.3 lbs., I get to make my new purse/bag.

I am looking forward to making this once the fabric is washed and dried.


I work a full shift and will be busy at the store doing the last of the readiness for fabric inventory and then will grab a person to help me inventory the last of the ribbon and all the trims.
It is also the start of a 4 month rip and fix of our street. I will have to figure out how to get out when I work the afternoon/evening shift. Fun and games.
Until the next time.......................

Friday, July 08, 2016

A Busy But Fun Day

Yesterday was warm at 28C or 84F but not as hot as this time last year. When I checked the temperatures for last year, almost half the month was in the mid to high 20C and the remaining was in the mid to high 30C. We get it into our minds that July is constantly hot when it isn't.


Yesterday was busy as it was cleaning and run around day. The bathroom was scrubbed and the laundry was done. We got the grocery shopping done for a couple of days.
We did head out to the hardware store to look for a few things to buy on Saturday. First was covering for the hardwood floors while we renovate. We found it and will put plastic over top. Then we looked at crown moulding and got a 5 foot piece.
I had the Spousal Unit hold it up so I could see how it looked. Perfect.
We also looked at a new sink and tap for the kitchen.
Dark grey sink and a chef's tap. That meant looking at new counters and I found three I liked.
The middle one is our first choice. Bet it is the most expensive one also.
We then went to the gardening center and I am going back tomorrow to buy this gem.
The neatest wind chime I have ever seen. I'll put it up in our front porch.


Though I didn't sew, I did print off the patterns to make jean with chaps and a shirt for the dolls. The fabric is ready to launder this morning.
I am hoping to fold all the doll fabric this morning and get it back into order. I have lots of pieces to sew up and will enjoy working on them.
I want to make two bags; one for myself and one for Daughter. Mine is navy blue with a hint of print showing on the front. Daughter's will be in denim with a print pocket on the front. They are next on the list. Mine will be for when I loose 5 pounds. Almost there this morning.


I work from 12 to 8 p.m. This morning is more clean up of the sewing room. I hope to fold the doll's fabric ready to put into a box for easy access rather than piled high on the cutting table.
Until tomorrow.....................

Thursday, July 07, 2016

And It Rained

The weather took a turn and it rained hard for a couple of days. There were times when it became a down pour and you would be soaked in a couple of minutes.
Yesterday was back to normal with a high of 27C or 81F. Today looks like it will be the same.


Yesterday at work, the 17 year old and I rocked it getting fashion fabrics ready for inventory. We got the slips up on 25 tables and then laid the fabrics down on 11 tables. Two other girls laid down more tables so we are looking good now. Once I finish up the front of the store, I have to do a small area in the back. I have to say I will be happy when inventory is done. There is still a lot of counting of notions to do yet but I have people on it and we found the missing papers. Yes! Yes!
The Spousal Unit was busy in the back yard yesterday. He mowed the lawn and puttered with the vegetables. He has an amazing garden this year.
The watermelon plants are huge and blooms are setting.
The grape tomato plant is loaded. All the tomato plants are 4 feet high or higher.


I finished the soccer outfit and put it on the new doll I bought. It fits perfectly including the socks. The soccer shoes haven't arrived but this doll has her own runners, thank goodness.
She is also at the store and everyone is loving the dolls in their outfits. Next is a western outfit. The patterns and fabric are bought for it.


I am off work and am doing house work, laundry, and shopping. No sewing is in the books at this time.
Until the next time......................

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Crazy Weather

We had another lovely sunny day for the Canada weekend. It got to a high of 31C or 88F. We are now going to have a cooling trend with some rain.
Our friends in northern BC got this lovely weather report yesterday:
A rain warning for the Peace Region from Environment Canada:
"Bands of rain, possibly punctuated by heavy downpours from thunderstorms, will affect the above regions beginning tonight and until Tuesday."
"Affected communities could receive between 25 and 75 mm of total rainfall by Tuesday." That is between an inch and 3 inches of rain.
As someone said.... "Oh my, we certainly don't need this" as they have had fire and flood already this spring.


The Spousal Unit had a quiet day. He cooked the first beets from our garden and they were tasty.
We were busy at the store and had a great day. The vast majority of the coding is done and I may have fashions ready on time. If not others will have to help me out. I am finding all kinds of mistakes done by others.


I am at the store from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. inventorying notions. I had best post this and get ready to go.
Until the next time.............

Saturday, July 02, 2016

July 1

  • The weather was in the normal range yesterday at 27C or 81F. There were some showers also making for a humid day.
  • We went to Ashcroft yesterday to see Daughter and to prune her tomato trees.
  • She was worried she wouldn't get many tomatoes.
  • After pruning we guestimate there will be close to 200 pounds on those plants.
  • Saw several perfect tomatoes on a vine. Those ones you buy on the vine in the grocery store. She has them on her plants.
  • Drove by our old place and it looks fabulous in the front.
  • The hosta plants are huge, the hanging baskets full, the hydrangea blooms large, grass lush green and the weigla tree over grown.
  • On the other hand, the pool park grass was brown and dried out. Seems as if the specialist doesn't know what he is doing. That upset the Spousal Unit. He loves a green lawn.
  • Daughter gave me fabric to make her a lunch bag. Really cute fabric for a bag and maybe an accessory.
  • Had chicken wings, potato salad and ice cream for dinner.
  • The count down to joining Weight Watchers has begun.
  • Three days to be exact.
  • Got to get ready for work. I work the next 5 days.
Until the next time.............................

Friday, July 01, 2016

Soccer Outfit Done

Yesterday was cooler than the day before but still quite warm or is hot a good word to use. The high got to 33C or 91.5F. There was a wind which helped keep it cooler. We start to cool off again for a week.


Yesterday was a day off and I did some cleaning. I mopped a layer of dust off the dining/living room floors. That means I swept up a huge amount of cat hair from darling Elliott. It is a vicious cycle in our house.
The Spousal Unit puttered yesterday. He got the front porch furniture cleaned but can't do the porch as we have to ask the tenants to move stuff to the center of their spot under the porch prior to hosing it down. He puttered in the garden. He finds the heat gets to him more this year than it ever has.
I got my hair cut last evening and it certainly was past due. It did give my stylist something to work with as we are letting the sides grow out some.


The first soccer outfit is completed to the Velcro ( I had to buy some) and am waiting for the soccer shoes to arrive. It was fun to make.
I did buy some more fabric yesterday for the dolls. As the big Canada Day sale starts today, staff can only purchase the day before and the day after these big sale days. I am getting ready to make a western outfit of which I bought the patterns. Be prepared for something fun. I will need to buy cowboy boots for it.


We are heading out to see our daughter and then some shopping. A busy day before I work 5 days in a row.
Until the next time........................