Saturday, February 20, 2016

Square Knitting Needles

Yesterday's weather was cloudy and then sunny. The high got to 8.3C or 47F. We have been either at or above our average high for this time of the year. Our low temperatures are still hovering at or just above/below freezing which is slightly warmer than the average. This morning, the sky is clear and the sun is just coming up.


I didn't have to work until 5 p.m. I headed out to do some grocery shopping and decided to visit with a friend at her work place. She has been wanting to show me all the new things that have come in. I did buy some sewing trinkets and will be making a small pin brooch to wear to work.
In the afternoon, I had a short rest and Daughter and Son-in-law showed up for a visit. They left shortly before I had to leave for work.
The Spousal Unit enjoyed his visit with the family and was quite busy talking. After he ate dinner, he napped most of the evening away. He was tired but very happy to have been mentally stimulated.
I put away zippers last night. I got 2 bags done. At the end of the night, I hand grabbed all the fallen zippers from rack and put them away. There are two bags of zippers left to put away. I am certainly learning notions working at cash.


I didn't sew a stitch yesterday. I did try to make the little pin but I need small needle nose pliers. I will take it out on the floor and do it in a quiet moment.


While visiting my friend, I picked up a ball of wool yarn and a pair of square knitting needles. I have started to knit a scarf to see if I like the knitting needles and how they affect my tension. I love the square needles so will be buying more of them. Not sure of my tension but I have a feeling I need to knit on half size smaller (metric) needles than the pattern calls for. I will put the scarf onto other needles and do a swatch this coming week.


I work a full 8 hour shift. As I am tired I know that I will be coming home, eating, and going to bed early. I need to make sure I don't get over tired. I also plan on working at a slower speed today. I can't afford to be sick.
Until tomorrow...................................

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