Thursday, February 11, 2016

Not All Notions Are Used For Sewing

Yesterday was another warm day with the high getting to 5.8C or 42.5F. This morning we have mist (or is it fog?) with a temperature close to the freezing point.


I worked an 8 hour shift and cashed out. It was a great day at work with everyone enjoying a quieter day. I put out some new buttons which was neat. That meant I learned about planograms and I got to set up this one. I also did some cleaning up and did cash.
The highlights of the day were great ones. A young man came in looking for a certain fabric and a co-worker showed him the sewing machine needles he needed for a project. I gave him a lesson on sewing machine needles and some information on where to get sewing lessons. He was ecstatic about that.
The second highlight was unusual. A guy came in looking for thick needles. Another co-worker helped him and when he arrived at cash he had a package of hand sewing needles and some long tacks. It was hard to think of what he was doing and his comment gave me a good laugh. This wasn't a sewing project, they were items to attach to a piece of steel. Not all sewing items are used for sewing I found out.
Our grandson has his insulin pump attached and is loving not having needles. Son and Daughter-in-law are learning a bunch of new things. They are taking turns checking his glucose levels during the night to get a baseline. They are so conscientious about things that our grandson will continue to thrive.  
The Spousal Unit is going to survive. He talked to the nurse at the cancer unit and what he is going through is a side effect from the treatment. I will be cleaning out the fridge, scrubbing it, and filling it with fresh items in hopes of it helping him out. In the mean time, he eats cheese, crackers and ginger ale. He has medication to take and sleeps a lot. We both slept well last night which is a good sign.


I work 8 hours and am not sure what my job will be. I have a feeling it may be cash but I will happily cut fabric. Either way, I will be cleaning shelves between customers. I am in my Zen place already.
Until tomorrow....................

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  1. Good news for Dave is good news for you too. I find that people who complain a lot can really bring you down. I call it negative energy and I try to avoid it whenever possible. So much good in life. I'm sure Geandson is happy with no more needles. Snow here today, more than what they forecasted,