Monday, February 22, 2016

A Found Treasure

Yesterday was another warm day for us. It got to 8C or 47F. What I did notice yesterday was how long our days are getting. I drove home in daylight at 5:15 p.m. We are getting 10.5 hours of daylight now. Yes!!!!


As I didn't have to work until noon, I puttered around the house in the morning. We even went out to see if we could see our friend running but were too late.
At work, we were short a person and it was busy. We didn't stop until 3:30 for our breaks. Then it slowed down enough to get a lot of the fabric put away. It ended up being an enjoyable day.
I have been watching what I have been eating, feeling less stressed, and enjoying myself. With the Spousal Unit feeling better, I have been looking after myself more. As a result, I have lost 5 pounds in the past week. It is rolling off me which tells me I am doing well with portion control and attitude.


My puttering included hauling the Christmas cottons to the spare bed and sorting them. I have about 50% of it in the "to go" pile. As I was sorting, out came a pattern for a topper that I love.

I then found the fabric and out of it fell my first embroidery experience. I will be making two toppers from the fabric.
I did the embroidery 10 to 12 years ago when I got my first embroidery machine. I just need to find time to make it.
I got the wine bottle bag done to top stitching the top, stitching the casing, and sewing the pull through seam closed. I was thrilled with the progress.
I have been playing with the square knitting needles and a scarf pattern. I do love the needles but hate the scarf pattern.
It may look nicer in a variegated yarn. So, I am ripping it out and using the yarn for something else.
I am home until 1:30 p.m. and work until 5:45 p.m. I will see what I get done this morning; maybe finish the wine bottle bag.
Until tomorrow................................

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  1. Haven't been reading for awhile so I had to read back to find out about the square needles. You like them so much i'll give them a try. Glad the Spring weather is peeking out at you. Take care and congratulations on finding your treasure.