Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Busy Day

Today was warm, muggy, and storms were all around us. But it didn’t stop us from doing things.

Last night we went driving to look at houses and we saw some beauties. This was our favourite house in the two hours we did the look and see.




I haven’t run since the first morning but I have sure walked a lot. Today we went to the Farmer’s Market in city center.


We did a lot of walking through the market looking at everything.


While walking we saw two old building that we are familiar with.

Great Western Saddlery Company


Kelly Douglas


We had lunch at the Burg and the interior was interesting.



The food was fabulous. Deep fried dill pickles, Macaroni and cheese squares, burgers, fries. I couldn’t finish my meal.

This afternoon was fencing as the materials were delivered.


More tomorrow………………………….

Friday, June 27, 2014

At The Park

Yesterday was a great day; warm, sunny, and with a breeze to keep us cool when outside.

Our grandson and I went to the park for 90 minutes. He had a blast playing on the equipment.


He met another boy his age and they had races on the slide.


And climbing on things.


We went shopping and the poor little guy was tired. When we got home, he was having a major blood sugar low. We fixed him up and had lunch out at our favourite soup and sandwich shop. He was fine.

Today post holes have to be dug deeper, a bit of shopping done, and, if time, I would love to get to the fabric store. Everything is suppose to be on sale this weekend.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wardrobe Thoughts

We had a fairly quiet day yesterday. We did venture out to find our way to where our son had to drop off his rental car. Though I did turn left one set of lights too soon, the GPS got me to the right location. The second time there to pick him up went well. In the afternoon, we got our grandson from school and in the evening went to his soccer game.


I am really enjoying The Vivienne Files “Starting From Scratch Wardrobe”. It is a more casual looking wardrobe which fits my life style. To date she has done seven steps and I need to get caught up.

Her first step is to choose a colour scheme with neutrals and accent colours. She keeps it simple and the one I like is this one (black, grey, white, red, blue). I can change the accent colours if I wish to.

wardrobe color scheme with black and grey neutrals and red and French blue accents

Step 1:

  • Black slacks or pants that fit perfectly. I had two patterns chosen and may use the couture sewing techniques from one for the other pattern. I forecast muslins in the future.

Step 2:

  • Shoes to match your slacks or pants. I found them and need to get them. Black loafers.

Step 3:

  • Black cotton knit t-shirt with short sleeves (I am thinking of 3/4 length sleeves)
  • Black sweater (I need to try out the Bond knitting machine)

Step 4:

  • Black jeans
  • White shirt

Step 5:

  • Watch (Garmin for running in all black)
  • Bracelets (silver and black)
  • Purse (black)
  • Earrings (silver hoops)
  • Scarf (if I go this route, black, red, white)

Step 6:

  • Red top (knit t-shirt? or a woven top)
  • Royal Blue shirt
  • Scarf with accent colours in it (not sure of this yet)

Step 7:

  • Grey pants (can be dressier but with no pleats in the front)
  • Grey sweater or short jacket or ?? (May need to knit one on the Bond)
  • Grey shoes (will be on the hunt for those)

I am looking at 3 pacs for sewing and can do:




Black pants Black jeans Grey pants
Black t-shirt Red top grey sweater
Black sweater White shirt Blue shirt

Today our grandson and I are going to the park so he can play, then we are doing a bit of shopping, lunch out, and some shopping for fencing. Another relaxed day.

Until tomorrow……………….

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Running Trails

We had a great trip yesterday. It was raining when we left home but the weather improved to quite warm and humid. When we stopped for lunch in Jasper National Park it was getting unbearable.

We saw some wildlife; bear, elk, and sheep. People were driving crazy when they saw them. No pictures as I was driving.

We got in during rush hour traffic. The construction was worse than the traffic. We took the wrong ramp off and had to go north a couple of miles before we hit a service road so we could go south. All went well after that. We had a great evening.

This morning I went for a 3.63k run. I started at the house and headed to the park. From there I chose trails I wanted to run on. I wasn’t fast as I enjoyed the scenery.

The playground for the children. Jake loves to go there to play.


Then there was a pond that is part of the ecosystem. This area is built on a swamp and they left a piece of it intact. For those house backing up onto it, they certainly had a lovely view.


As you run, you have to cross roads. Love the signage.


There were yield and direction signs also. In the park, there were benches for those who wished to sit and rest.

The trails look flat but they are long elevated slopes. There are some hills that are good for the leg muscles. This piece of the trail was uphill.


It has been wet and cool since we got up (yes I ran in the misty rain) and we did hang inside. We did a dry run to a location where we will meet Son and after that we will be home for a bit and then off to pick up our grandson. Not sure what we will be doing for the remainder of the day.

Until the next time………………………….

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Race Is Run

Yesterday we left home at 5:30 a.m. for the race and I ate breakfast on the way. A good breakfast with carbs and protein. We arrived just after 7 a.m. and I got my race package which included the race map.


As more people arrived the excitement started to be felt. The 21K runners left at 8 a.m. with lots of cheering from the crowd. Their route is marked in green and it was a bit of a gruelling run with some steep hills.

Next we watched the kids run twice around the track in the park. The two leaders got their pace and held it and were amazing. Next we did some warm ups and the Get Happy Team stayed together and stopped when it came time to stretch. A big no no for us.

The 5 and 10k people went at 9 a.m. I hung out at the back of the pack as your have a time start and stop chip on your bib. My goal was to walk 3 minutes and run 4:30 min until I was finished. The 5k ran the red and 10k the blue routes on the map. We ran on the flat and the 10k had some hills.

I didn’t break my pace at all. My km splits were pretty good until we got to 4k.


When I started 5k, I was doing great. By the time I was two-thirds of the way through I started to slow down. I realized I was having a sugar glucose low. I yelled at the Spousal Unit to bring the PowerAde to the finish line as I ran by our car. I was shaking as I went down the final stretch but I kept running. I said I was having a sugar low and a volunteer took me for oranges and PowerAde. Within 15 minutes I was back to normal.

I got a shirt as part of my registration package and everyone who completes the race gets a medal.


A close up of the medal.


This was enough as my goal was to finish. My time was about 49:55 which I am happy with. Warm, muggy summer weather slows me down and this was under what I had anticipated. No more races until October. I will continue to walk/run and I want to start some core exercises.

Pearl, thank you for your comment on the race. I carried that in my heart when I ran.

On a sewing note, the long zipper foot is for the Husqvarna sewing machine. I love it and use it for a lot of technical sewing. Sewing the seam below an invisible zipper allows me to get in close in tight spots as I move the needle. Top stitching close to an edge is another way I use it. I try to use my sewing machine feet to help me all the time.

Today I have to get a few things done and then attack the green shirt. I want to get it done and out of here.

Until tomorrow…………………………………..

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Only A Zipper

It was warm yesterday with fairly clear skies. It got up to 80F and today may be warm as it is already 57F at 6 a.m.

Run Club was beautiful running along the lakes. We saw this family of geese swimming in the lake. There seems to be about a dozen babies.

canada geese

We did a total of 6k and it was warm. We were dehydrating so were told to start packing water to drink while we run.

At home, the Spousal Unit and I worked outside. We are doing the edging on the upper driveway.


There were rotten timbers to remove, weeds to pull in readiness for the blocks.


There was a rock at the end of the timbers which we think is the property line marker. We moved it to the flower bed on the other side of the lawn.


The first block was put in and there is more work to be done.


The far side of the driveway was cleaned up and all the debris was loaded into the truck and taken to the dump. It was a big load.




I did sew a zipper into a top late in the afternoon. I was too busy helping outside to do much more.

Today I have a zipper to put into a dress and then I will do the embroidery on the green shirt while laundry is being done. I do have to help load the truck for another load to the dump and do some housework. At least I will be able to sew some today.

Until tomorrow……………………………