Wednesday, February 24, 2016

T-shirt Re-Designed

Yesterday the sun shone and the temperature got up to 6.8C or 44F. It was cool out there if you weren't in the sun. Today the temperature is hovering at 0C and it is suppose to be as warm as yesterday. The sun is suppose to shine.


I did laundry, a quick grocery shop, sewed, and knit. It was a slower paced day for me. I did enjoy it though I have been feeling slightly off.
This morning I got up and my back is sore. It actually really hurt and has been coming on since Monday. I ignored the signs and it has really come on strong. It will take some time to heal.


I worked on my t-shirt that I got from work. Holes formed in the stomach area from the cutting tables. It happens at home also. I really lean into the counter tops at home.
I had bought it some time ago and it matches the t-shirt perfectly colour wise. I also bought some lace to jazz it up a bit.
The t-shirt is a tube, the fabric is flat. I spent a lot of time thinking this one through and came up with this design.

It wasn't too hard to do. I put interfacing on the hem and turn back piece to give it more body for when I put on the cotton lace. What lace was left over was put on the sleeves. I put about 3" in the garbage can.


I knit a toddler's sized toque over the past two days. A very easy knit with enough yarn left over to knit a second one without the dog's head.


I work a full day at the store. Not much will be done at home unless I set up the second toque.
Until tomorrow................................

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