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A Review of 2013’s Sewing Part 1

2013 was a busy year and one I do not wish to repeat again in some ways. In other ways, it was great as I got to try out new ideas.

I sewed until I was sick of sewing and then I sewed some more. I could not afford to loose my mojo. It was a case of keep on going.

I made two items for Miss Rodeo Canada 2013. They were gifts to her as she was amazing at what she did for MRC.

Gillian 2013

I also sewed for another person and it was a massive amount of work. Only one of the shirts shown remained with me. There are several others that were not finished due to time constraints and other issues.

Emma 1

And more. The vest didn’t get sent either. It also had a plain pink shirt made to go with it.

Emma 2

And this shirt that somehow eluded me but took lots of hours to hand sew the appliques on to.


And then I did a redo on a pink dress and sponsorships. There were two other banners with white stitching on them. No picture to be found. The lilac vest was done for a young lady who was finishing up her reign. The teal shirt is one of three I made for another queen contest. The green dress was for another queen. I only did the sewing on it but the skirt was a new design. And the bag for a boy who started reading with me on a weekly basis.


I also did this embroidery on a pair of jeans for Miss Rodeo Canada. Cute but labour intensive.


That was from January to mid June. I was exhausted and ready for a rest. But that didn’t happen; no rest for this lady.