Friday, May 29, 2015

Offically Purchased

Today was another beautiful day in our neck of the woods. We are experiencing warmer weather than normal at the moment. The thunderstorms are not normal as we have had 6 days in a row of them. We usually get one with a rain and all is clear for weeks on end.

Last night we had another repeat of thunder and rain. Less rain but rain none the less. And we are to have a repeat again tonight.


Yesterday was spent washing floors, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. It was a lot of work as there was a covering of dirt from dirty dog feet and the wind blowing in the dust.  There should be less dust from the wind after all the rain but more dirt from the wet ground. You never win it seems.

We took a walk around our yard after lunch to see how the fruit trees are progressing. All I can say is Wow!! Everything is two weeks earlier than last year. Prior to leaving at the end of June, we should be able to can rhubarb, raspberries, and, maybe, cherries.

Late in the afternoon, we headed out to finish up the paper work at the bank so we can remove the last subject this morning. It will be a done deal as soon as we sign the paper work, scan it and send it via email. We now need to start packing in earnest. Time will fly by quickly.


I was thinking about how little sewing I have done to date this year. The little bit I did was for Daughter and some of it was teaching her to do zippers. The last item I did was a godet in a rodeo queen dress.

Not sewing doesn't mean I have stopped reading about sewing techniques. It is a part of my life and I will continue to read even when I start sewing again. Yesterday I read a post on Tips for Sewing Better Linings

I do like the idea of turning the lining dart into a pleat. I always did the darts in the skirt of the lining when sewing rodeo queen dresses. The pleat will be a good alternative when I sew for myself. The zipper instructions were a bit confusing to me though. I didn't quite get it so will have to do a practice run. I found that if I prick stitched the lining to the zipper close to the teeth, I had no issues with the lining getting caught. But, I will try this technique when I do a practice zipper. 

Today we have some work to do in the morning and packing in the afternoon. I am hoping that I can get a lot of the items in the sewing room packed up and bring in the next batch to sort and pack.

Until tomorrow………………………..


Thursday, May 28, 2015


Yesterday was a warm day with the temperature reaching 30C or 86F. There seemed to be storms brewing in the afternoons and everyone hoped they would go away. Interestingly enough, while talking to our son and grandson on Skype at 5:30 p.m., they had a huge clap of thunder and a bit of rain and then we had several good rumblings of thunder and a sharp rainfall. We hexed the nice weather in two locations by talking about it.


Thank you to everyone who helped me get Word Press visible. I am not sure if I will go that route or stay with Blogger and not use Live Writer. I do love Live Writer as it allows me to do many things easily that I have to think about here.

I will survive until I sort out what I want to do.

What was annoying was the hours spent trying to figure out what was wrong and even the top people who gave wonderful directions failed some of us. And the email message this morning is -- it won't work. So I say good-bye to a program that I loved. 

Today is to be spent doing housework and some time on the survey. I have Daughter's dogs and will have to be here to monitor them. I am hoping it will be a easy quiet day at our house. But I won't hold my breath as it turn out to be the opposite.

Until tomorrow............................

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Please Try Again

As I have changed the privacy settings.

Some Help Please

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Thank you in advance.


There will be no post today and Blogger, Live Writer and I are duking it out. Live Writer won't post, Blogger won't upload pictures, and I am frustrated.

Stay tuned for tomorrow..............................

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Purging

Yesterday was an average day weather and temperature. Though we were under another severe thunder watch warning, we didn’t hear one rumble. There were a couple of tiny showers that didn’t stop anyone working outside. Over the next few days we will start getting hot weather again.


I pushed myself yesterday. In the morning, I started to unload the stuff in the family room and got frazzled with it. I did wash the floor, move furniture in the room that we will donate to those who lost their homes. We can store it for 3-4 weeks then it has to go. I posted three lots on a local swap and sold them all.

Once that was done, I headed back into the sewing room, felt frustrated and set about cleaning out the exercise room. What was loose in that room has been put into the sewing room and the packed boxes are in the exercise room.


That corner has three rows deep by 4 rows high except the last row. The other side of the room got the rest of the boxes and the furniture that is to go. Most of it goes into my new smaller sewing room. YIKES!!


As we pack the basement, the boxes and what we want to keep will be stored in that room. Purging to downsize has become a bit of a stress. I had done the Big Purge and was proud of what we let go of. But it wasn’t enough to move into our new house and have the minimalist look and feel we have become to love. We have lots to let go of still.

My thyroid is also dragging me down. I have slept every day after lunch on the days we have been home. I hate doing it but I need to so I can keep going. There are days I wish I had more medication and other days I wish my thyroid would produce that bit of extra hormone so I don’t have to have the extra medication. I will continue to struggle until we know or I feel better.

Today we are at the bank to do our new mortgage and then into the city to remove the subjects off the sale of the house. Not sure if we will do any shopping butt I would like to get 10 more packing boxes to keep me busy. I won’t be back into the city for another week. We both need to be home rather than running back and forth to the city three to four days a week.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sewing Room Progress

Yesterday’s temperatures were closer to normal but we spent the morning listening to thunder rumbling around us. Everyone was on edge as there was a thunderstorm watch in effect. Very little rain fell and the storms moved away from the area. This morning is cooler but they are still calling for more thunderstorms this afternoon.


The morning was spent packing up the sewing room and huge progress was made. I am down to packing my sewing machine, choose furniture to donate to flood victims, and putting what goes in the car into a separate pile.


I am thinking of donating the book shelf and dresser to people who lost their homes in the flood.


I think one more box or three small tubs will finish up what I am taking from that room, which is a lot.

We went out and loaded the red book shelf with the last of the books we had in the basement. We also headed out to look at the flash flood devastation. It looks horrid and they have been cleaning up for hours. Though the flood rocked through the whole community it seems as if two areas got hit the hardest. One area is on the west side of town where mud and debris came down off the hills. People are not allowed back home until the area is deemed stable. That could be many months if not a year.

The other area was on the east side of the town. It hit a larger area with many basements flooded. The worst seemed to be along the Cache Creek and the devastation from that creek spilling over its banks was beyond belief.


This was the debris that came down the creek and when it hit the culvert at the road it caused the extensive flooding of the fire hall, and the center of the town of which all highways meet.


The fire station was filled with mud and the fire fighters couldn’t function for a while as they had to clean up to get the trucks out. A friend got a great picture of how hard it rained.

wendy coomber rain

Houses in that part of town had basement damage and several were condemned. A person who has sold his house and renovated a small house may be wondering where he will live until he can either fix his house or find another one. The community is now in a state of local emergency.

Last night I rested while the Spousal Unit was out helping Daughter with their underground sprinkler system. It was what I needed to do and I was happy I did it.

Today will be another day finishing up the sewing room, working on the survey, doing some housework. I want to store the sewing room boxes in the family room so I can use the sewing room for packing up other parts of the house. My cutting table is great for that job.

Until tomorrow………………………………….

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beyond Belief

We had another hot day yesterday ~ 31.8C or 89F. That high temperature hit around 4 p.m. What followed after that was quite a storm. We listened to thunder part of the afternoon and into the evening. During that time, the sky grew darker and the temperature dropped dramatically – 6C in one hour. We ended up having a good rain storm in the evening. Some of our friends weren’t so lucky.


We headed to the city late yesterday morning. The route we take was closed due to a fatal one vehicle accident and the long way around was alternating one lane traffic due to another vehicle accident. We did the grocery shopping, bought appliances, had lunch and headed home. Thank goodness.

We sat around after we got home and didn’t do much. We were waiting for a storm to come in. There was lots of thunder and black clouds to the north and south of us. When that happens, one knows they could meet in the middle over us. It didn’t happen but the north storm hit 10 km or 6 miles north of us.

That storm hit the next community. They started off with hail and ended up with torrential rains and a flash flood.


With so much rain in a short time (30 minutes is what was reported), the water moved tons of dirt, trees,  and other debris towards the river. Two mobile homes and a few vehicles were reportedly swept into the river.


Debris like this was seen all over the village. The next picture is the debris and water coming down one of the steep streets in the community.


A friend showed pictures of 5 feet of extra dirt in her backyard around her pool. She, like others, has to rebuild her back yard.

Anie's backyard

There was quite a bit of damage done to houses. Heard everything from destroyed to basements filled with water. Around 30 people were not able to stay in their homes last night. Roads were closed and people who had been to the city or to work east of the community could not get home for a couple of hours.

This storm came from the north and had a lot of fun on is way. Just north of this community, Indian band land was affected and a friend had water around her modular home.


A couple hours drive north of that, the hail looked like a snow storm had hit. Christmas in May a friend reported.


North of that, there was nothing. South east, another storm hit another community but it wasn’t like this.

We sat tight at home reading reports of the storm on Facebook. Deployment of RCMP, firefighters, search and rescue, and big equipment was a priority. They didn’t need a lot of looky loos getting in the way.

Today, we will take a look at the destruction, do some packing, and laundry. I am sure it will be a boring day in comparison to yesterday.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Saturday, May 23, 2015

More Packing, More Heat

Yesterday was another hot day. The high got to 32C or 90F, our hottest yet. We heard thunder during the afternoon and the wind came up cooling us down some in the evening. Today is suppose to be another hot one but I am not going to predict anything.

We were surprised that the east coast was predicted to have cool temperatures with frost and freezing warnings going out. It was hard to fathom as we sat with our A/C on.


Yesterday I spent the day packing up the sewing room. It was only two boxes full.


I packed like items into small tubs which meant looking around the room for all of them. In the large box, the embroidery thread filled up 1/3 of the box. I kept on moving throughout the room getting those items I needed for those boxes.


I even cleaned out the sewing machine cabinet. And what was on the top is basically gone but the lamp and a small timer/clock. I can pack both machines any time now.


I am hoping to get this room packed soon as I need to start packing in other areas of the house. Actually when the room is done, I will have packed two rooms at the same time.

The Spousal Unit finished painting the hand rails and will get them put up soon. He did a bit more maintenance work and has started to look at how he will pack up his shop. He has a lot of sorting to do also. Six years of renovations left him little time to sort through his boxes and containers.

We both see a couple of trips to the dump in the near future.

We are both feeling a bit of panic as we have only 5 weeks until we move. The movers are booked but we are working towards purging more as we will live on one floor of the new house. Decisions, decisions, decisions. It will all come together in the end.

Today we head back to the city to get groceries and purchase the new appliances for the house. What I love is being able to give a delivery date so they will be delivered after we get into our new place. I am not sure if I will get any snoop shopping done but I can do that on my next trip.

Until tomorrow…………………..