Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rain, Rain

Friday’s weather was something to behold. Until mid morning, it was a partly cloudy day. Then there was a light shower. On my way home from the city, it started to rain and by the time I got home, it was pouring. Our community had nearly an inch and the city had a bit more. Where we had no flooding, the city did due to the storm coming in fast and furious.

The water was running down our street quite well though.


As I arrived home to the heaviest rain falling, I had to park the Explorer in the carport for the first time. A tight fit but the only way we could unload the groceries. After we unloaded we stood outside for a half an hour watching the rain and the thunderstorm.


On Tuesday I got the storage room completely cleaned shortly after lunch. The walls and floor are clean and I am happy. I did open a box of fabric and look through it. A few pieces came out but a bunch more went into it. It went to one of the thrift shops in the city yesterday.

On Tuesday afternoon, I drew and cut out the little girl’s dress. The bodice has the darts sewn in both the garment and lining fabrics and the seams were serged.


I was able to start on the skirt. I drew it on the front section and then prepped the back pieces and pinned them to the front piece. I will do the same with the lining pieces and cut them all out together.


Once the skirt pieces are cut out, they will be serged and the dress can be assembled. I am looking forward to see this dress done and seeing it on the little girl.

My spare time yesterday was spent doing federal paperwork for a society. I am down to getting two birth dates and mailing it out. Maybe today, if not tomorrow. It was a lot of work doing the paperwork but I got it done.

Today I plan on working on the dress and washing more walls. I hope to finish the front entrance way. There isn’t much left to do and finishing it up will have just over half of the upstairs scrubbed. If all goes well, I hope to get the skirt pieces on to the bodice and the ties cut out and sewn. Maybe the zipper will get sewn in.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Child’s Dress is Done

Yesterday turned out warmer than expected. There were clouds but no rain as forecasted. The temperatures have dropped by 11C which is nice. It will get hot again so people are enjoying this break.

Yesterday started with the Spousal Unit finishing up weeding the large flower bed and me canning applesauce.


While the apples cooked down and while they canned, I started cleaning the storage room. It was easy to run back and forth between the two rooms in the basement. I did get the easiest half of the room scrubbed down.

By the way, Elliott stayed out of our hair most of the time.


He summoned enough energy to sit on the storage room window ledge and bat at the cloth while I washed the outside of the window.

After lunch, I sewed the rest of the rick rack onto the dress. I am sure one little girl will be happy to get it when I have the next dress cut out and partly sewn.


I did walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and watched Downton Abbey while I was doing that. My knee didn’t hurt until I was done. It was a tired soreness which is fine. And then I took a break and sat outside for a bit.

In the evening while wandering the yard with a friend, I discovered a hornet’s nest above the door we use to go outside. The Spousal Unit found another one and he had a great time getting rid of them. There are so many wasps around this year that a few MIA won’t be a problem.

In response to your comments, I love being busy and if I am not busy, I will spend all day sewing. That is not healthy for my body. Some days I feel like a butterfly as I flit from one thing to the next. But I am moving around and feeling good both physically and mentally. In the evenings, I do very little in the summer and will knit or crochet in the winter.

Today I want to do more cleaning but have to be ready for tutoring at 11 a.m. I do want to start the next little girl’s dress and will start to design a top for someone. I have to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes also.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rick Rack

Yesterday was one of our coolest days in a while. We got to 26.8C or 80F. It even rained which was a bonus. Big fat drops that could have turned to hail but didn’t. Sitting outdoors was enjoyable.

The front entrance closets got cleaned. I purged, rearranged, and scrubbed. There is a bag for the thrift shop and a bag went out to the garbage. We have three feather quilts and 2 feather pillows that remained. All are in zippered bags so well contained. We don’t use them as they are too hot for our climate but all were gifts to us when we lived in the north. We used them up there.

I worked on the little lilac dress for over an  hour and got the first row of rick rack on the skirt and a row around the waist.


I have started to pin the second row on 2” from the bottom edge.


The Spousal Unit started weeding our large flower bed and I did the smaller flower bed at the greenhouse. We are getting there with our weeding.

Today my plan is to make applesauce, work on the lilac dress, and run on the treadmill. I am not attempting to run outside as I hurt my knee and want to run on a softer more even surface. What cleaning I can do will get done even if I work in the storage room while the applesauce is cooking away.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Busy Day

I didn’t post yesterday as I had to rush to get out the door to do Kitchen Science Experiments at the park. There was a festival going on. It was cooler than it had been. Lots of children came around and in 6 hours I was done and heading home.

Lava lamp using water, oil, and salt.

lava lamps

We finally got some rain last night and this morning. Not enough to put out the fires but it has cooled the air and made us happy. A couple of days of this and we can handle the heat again.

I woke up Saturday morning at 2:15 a.m. to no power and the cause of it was fire. In the morning, we found out it was close – 10 km from the village. Several empty house built in the 1940’s plus a 3 or 4 bay garage burnt to the ground. The fire went behind a restaurant and down the creek by Indian band houses. It also went across a major highway and up the road.

manor fire

The above picture is one that is on Facebook



The fire went right up to the fence beside the restaurant.


Across the highway.


And on Band land.


I got the second pillow case sewn on Friday afternoon. This was a fun project to do.


I have lots of the print fabric and some of the blue piping fabric left. I want to get more of the blue and some of the green so I can make a dresser runner and a duvet for our bedroom. I have some ideas floating in my head for these.

BeckyMc, the best sarees or overlay fabric are those put onto a net back ground. I like to have them cut larger than what I want to keep them stable, hand stitch them down with a prick stitch and then cut back what I don’t want. If the fabric is a chiffon, we use something called Fray Check/block that comes in a bottle that is about 6 ounces in size. We put it into a glass cake pan and put the cut up pieces in to get wet. Then they are hung to dry, pressed, and cut out to hand sew on. This process keeps the chiffon from fraying.


The dress looked like this. Every last piece was hand sewn on. Daughter put on thousands of crystals also.

Nicole fashion 5

One without the over skirt and the belt I hand sewed bling onto.

raspberry dress1

Today I am going to see what happens as I am not sure what I will get done. I need to tackle three closets in the front entrance way before I scrub any more walls. If I sew, I will be sewing the rick rack onto the little lilac coloured dress.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sewing Projects

Yesterday’s temperature got to a balmy 95F. The smoke disappeared and people headed outside. We even sat in our carport enjoying the fresh air. The picture is looking to the north and was taken at nearly 9 p.m.


When we looked south, all we could see was smoke. There is an out of control fire about an hour’s drive south of us. We are safe but there is an evacuation notice for people in the area.



This blanket of smoke came in fast and it smelled like you were sitting around a camp fire. This morning, there is a bit of wind and we have a thickening blanket of smoke over us and the smell. No working outside today.

Yesterday morning, I weeded a flower bed taking out both weeds and petunias that were from last year’s fallen seeds. I then moved over to the large flower bed and got about 1/3 of it weeded.

Inside the house, I tackled the desk area in the hall. The top of the desk was piled high with junk that I had put there cleaning up the bedrooms and bathrooms. All of it has been dealt with. The drawers were cleaned and organized. Stuff has been moved, thrown out or put into the thrift store pile. The shelves were scrubbed as were all the pictures, etc. There was a good layer of dust on them.


The saree on the second sleeve is totally sewn down. The dress is ready to go to Daughter to be blinged up.


For sewing, I completed one pillow case for our bedroom. The second one needs an hour to be finished.



The colours are more true in this picture.


I have lots of the print and hope to get more of the blue strip for a comforter cover. I will piece it like a quilt as I have a pattern in mind.

Today I am going to wash more walls in the hallway and sew the other pillow case. The little girl tried on her dress and it fits to perfection so I can start sewing on the rick rack. She is so excited to be getting a play dress.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quilt Blocks Are Done

Yesterday was cooler (38C or 100F) but it was so super smoky that you couldn’t see the hills around us. Looking over at the next street one could see the smoke in the air. You could smell the smoke and it made my eyes water a lot.


The wind came up last night and cleared out enough smoke we can now see the hills. You felt trapped in the smoke. We are not the only community smoked in, there are many places like this due to the many, many fires in the province.

I stared out the day weeding the rose bed. I was sweating when I got done as it was a warm morning. That job is done. Next on the to do list was finishing up the ensuite. It got done and is shining.

I finished up the quilt blocks and the rebel redneck had to be taken apart twice before it was done correctly. There are nine blocks ready to be mailed out.




The second sleeve is almost done. One leaf and some shiny things need to be sewn down and I can say done. Next is the grey dress; front, back, sleeves and 3 godets. I await its arrival.

In May I stressed out when it came time to purge the craft/quilting fabric closet. I just couldn’t do it and I have done a lot of self-talk on it since then to no avail. When it came time to make the quilt blocks, I grabbed a tub and made the blocks out of the fabric in that tub. The quilt blocks used up 2.5 meters of fabric. There is a bit of fabric left in that tub which is okay. I can deal with it now. The other day, I grabbed a second tub out of the closet and it has the fabric to make 2 pairs of pillow cases in it. This is my next sewing project. A bit of a different way of dealing with the craft/quilting fabric. Less stressful and I am allowing myself to sew it. Part of my goal to explore. What I don’t want to sew or know I won’t sew up, I will be able to release it from the stash.


Today, I want to weed another flower bed, and clean up the desk in the hall. I am ready to start scrubbing that area. Once it is done, I will wash the walls in the hall and then start on the cupboards in the front entry. I think it will take me 4 days to complete this job. I have to also write up the science experiments the kids will be doing on Saturday and pack the supplies ready to go. I have today and tomorrow to do that.

Until tomorrow………………………………………. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A No Sew, Hot, Smoky Day

We could be having our last day of hot weather today. Yesterday out did itself and got to 41.7C or 107.1F. It was fairly calm and the smoke from nearby fires is drifting in. With all the smoke in the air, the sun is coming up as a hot pink ball. No picture as it shows up yellow. At 5 a.m. it was 23C, our warmest morning so far.

I limited the number of stops I had to make when shopping yesterday due to the heat. I kept moving but at a slower pace so I wouldn’t over heat. The stores felt warm and stale, very common when doors are opening and closing all the time.

I did go to the fabric store and got some elastic and lining. I got groceries, and kid’s corner supplies, and a gift for the girl who looked after our place when we were on holidays. I headed home after that. It was hot and I had had enough.

I did the clean up I needed to do and made supper. I did my tutoring and we visited with our neighbour for a bit. By then it was time to cool off before bed. No sewing was done by this lady.

Today I have to sew on the sleeves, fix the quilt block, start the last one, and scrub down the ensuite. In between all that, I have some laundry to do.

Until tomorrow……………………………….