Saturday, April 22, 2017

Doll Shoes

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. The sun shone and the high got to 18C or 64F. The fruit trees are starting to bloom and the trees are showing green. This morning, it is cloudy once again with chances of showers.


I had yesterday off and it was needed. I had spent three days pulling, pushing, and rolling about 1000 rolls of drapery fabric as I did price change. I stood to do the first three rows in each bunk and then had to sit on the cement floor for the bottom two rows. I was beyond sore and stiff when I finished each day. But the job is done and I can do other things like ordering.
My day off was busy. We shopped, did laundry, and hauled all the pop cans to the return depot. We had lunch out which was fun.
With the sun and warmth, we wandered in our yard pulling dead leaves and stalks from the lilies, looking for new growth on other plants, and talking about the jobs we need to do this year. It was a glorious hour outside and it certainly perked us up.


I spent an hour in the basement cleaning up some more sewing stuff. I sorted through the quilt batting throwing out the small pieces I won't use. I have enough batting to finish up some projects and then I will buy it as I need it.
I opened up some more boxes and about 50% of the fabric went to the give away pile. The other pieces I will use.
  • Yellow cotton eyelet for doll's outfits. I am thinking dresses with a few tops to go with coloured jeans or capris. I am thinking part of a wardrobe to go to a music festival weekend.
  • Cream shantung satin for party dresses and Edwardian outfits. For the party dresses, I can add bright coloured ribbons and lace.
  • Rust, cream, brown, and black cotton that has a southwestern look to it for a skirt. I see a rust or cream coloured t-shirt with it.
I have one box of knit fabrics to find and then it will be sorting out and putting away all the loose items. If I keep on it on my days off, I hope to be done soon.
The mail person arrived with a package for me. It was the doll shoes I had ordered. The two pairs of boots tickled me to death.
These boots are really cute. I had to figure out what I wanted to sew to go with them.
I am going purple. Purple jacket and pants with darker green mitts. The top will be lilac. The Spousal Unit said he would make a doll sled. It will be "Sledding At Sun Peaks".
These boots are way too much fun also. I am thinking an after ski outfit of a short skirt, jacket and cute top. I'd love to trim it up with some white fur on the jacket. I could also make a dress and coat for uptown wear. I could add an infinity scarf and mitts.
The remaining were white shoes and one pair of 1800's brown boots for an outfit I want to make.


I am at work and hope to get the books and some ordering done.
Until the next time...........................

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Last Shopping Spree

It is sunny and clear this morning with a 6 a.m. temperature of 6C or 43F. Our day time temperatures are not that warm yet with temperatures ranging between 12C or 55F and 16C or 61F. We should be warmer than that according to statistics.


I worked yesterday and we were run off our feet. People were coming in to buy for new projects as they seem to have finished old ones over the Easter weekend.
At home the Spousal Unit is talking about mulch, mowing lawns, and other outdoor projects/jobs he wants to do. He did prune the rose bushes over the weekend as the timing was right. He does them when the forsythia bushes come into bloom.


I finished up my buying spree for the dolls. I will fast for a while as I need to finish cleaning up the basement and then launder some fabric and sew.
I bought these as they have been talking to me since last week. The solid colours are denim that were greatly reduced. Jeans and jackets will be made out of them.
This cute print is for a top, skirt and capris. It will go perfectly with the white denim I bought or it can go with some other white fabric to make a small wardrobe.
This piece of fabric will be used with both the denims under it. I have lots of it so I can make several items out of it.
This was the hardest of all to match but I loved it for a top and skirt. I will have to find a solid colour to go with it for jacket and pants. But, the purchasing of fabric won't happen until next month at the earliest.
My goal is to continue cleaning the basement and reloading the sewing room. I would love to just shovel it all into garbage bags and get rid of it but there is good stuff I need. I just need to get at it and get it done.


I work and need to start ordering so they all go out at the end of the month.
Until the next time......................

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 

I am at home today enjoying the sunshine. It will be a busy day for us as I have housework to do.
Daughter gave me a bag of beads yesterday and here is what I kept for the dolls.
The rest will go to friends who also make jewellery.
I found more fabric for the dolls to make southwestern clothes. Most ideas are what we normally wear so they are easy to make.

I am ready to begin in the near future to get these ideas done.
Until the next time................................

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Shopping Spree or Two

Spring is slowly arriving. The forsythia has begun to bloom which means the rose bushes can be pruned. There are green leaves unfurling on the trees also but it is slow when you get frost some nights.


I hit the exhaustion tree yesterday. I worked until 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday nights and slept poorly. I was a zombie by noon yesterday and by 3 p.m. I was asleep in my chair. In other words very little got done except for some shopping.


I haven't sewn but I have shopped. Wednesday night was staff appreciation and I got some items I wanted at that night's discount. Mostly for the dolls. Saturday had a special on quilting cottons and I got some for the dolls and linings for reusable grocery bags.


I got this cotton that looks like corduroy but isn't.
I also bought the rust coloured knit to make tops to go with the southwestern print.
The blue, brown, and rust are linings for bags and white is a denim for the dolls.
I have been looking at this print for three weeks now and finally got it for the dolls. Dress, top, and maybe a pair of shorts. 
I spotted this a week ago and see some summer items out of it. 

This one is for a bag plus the dolls. Think maxi skirt.


I went on a bit of a spree for jewellery.
A lot of crystals made it home with me as the price was even better than the red sticker price. I also got crimping pliers which I thought I had bought but didn't.
Then I hit the craft store and did more damage there.

I am going to be looking at making southwestern clothes and jewellery for the next while. Necklaces, belts, and clothing. I am looking forward to it.


I am working a split shift. I have to do the weekly books and take a couple of hours off and return to finish them. The store is closed tomorrow and they must be done for pick up early Monday morning.
Until the next time..........................

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Southwestern Ideas for the Dolls

We are still waiting for spring to arrive and it may be coming this weekend. The trees are slowly starting to unfurl their leaves and the grass is green. We haven't had frost for a few mornings now and the day temperatures are getting to the mid 50F.


We have been busy but not overly busy the past couple of days. I set up the living room after the old furniture was removed. It looks much better.
When these chairs arrived, one was found with the leg missing. We did set it up but are awaiting for a new chair to arrive. The other chairs had one back not put into a bracket and a fellow had to come and fix that.
On my two days off, I did get the living room, dining area, and kitchen cleaned up.
I did not get anything done with our stuff in the basement. I was tired and couldn't handle it. So, it will be looked at on Friday.


Sewing was documented in the previous post.
My last fun item of the day was to make a doll's necklace using the beads I bought on Saturday. I had a lot of fun working on it and coming up with ideas.
The necklace colours go well with this fabric so an idea started tickling in my head. I got out the beads and made a second necklace.
After that, I took my ideas further. An outfit for the dolls using the fabric and the bigger necklace. Pintrest gave me this.
And the pattern from Pixie Faire gave me this skirt idea.
I can lengthen the skirt and add fringe if I want to. The top can be done using two patterns I have. The belt can be done using flat stones, eye pins, and a clasp. Ideas are rolling in my head.


I am at work today, tomorrow, and Saturday. I get Friday and Sunday off. I am looking forward to both work and days off this week.
Until the next time..............................

The Unmentionables

I had a bit of fun making a pair of doll panties yesterday.

  • I bought a package of RTW panties in a girl's size 7. There were 7 pairs of panties for $7.00.
  • I used these instructions of which you can download the pattern.
  • The panties turned out cute and I am happy with the results of my first pair.
A few things I would do differently next time:
  • Read the whole set of instructions carefully. They are long and the good information got lost in the talk.
  • Make sure I remove the elastic at the top and lay the pattern onto the fabric. When cut out, replace the elastic at the top of the back and front prior to sewing them together. On my pair, I tried to stretch the panties to fit the pattern and the back is a bit short in the crotch.
  • Be good and sure the right sides are together before sewing the crotch. You guessed right at my mistake.
  • Make sure the seams are lying flat when sewing. I was so excited to be making these that I forgot to check.
With the pattern on tracing paper, I am ready to make more pairs of these when I need them.
Until the next time..........................

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Butterick 6265 - Doll's Easter Dress

Easter is coming this weekend and the dolls needed an Easter dress.
The dress of choice was View C (the blue one) without the trim on the skirt. I chose to add the gathered ruffle on the sleeves.
The fabric is a lovely cotton of which sold quickly. There were several colours and patterns of which the lilac flowers sold out.
I spent extra time serging the seams so they wouldn't fray. The dress was easy to make and it fits this doll well. There were no tricks to it. Next time, I am hoping to sew the side seams as the instructions show so the seams are hidden as in a true lined bodice.
The matching necklace was an easy make using white pearls and lilac beads.
Next on the list is to make the dolls underwear. I have done my research and will try to make a pair on Thursday before work.
Until the next time...........................

Friday, April 07, 2017

Mixed Up The Dates

Yesterday was wet and cool. It was actually a miserable day making people think spring will never arrive. Today is just as bad with it raining at 6:30 a.m.


I took the Spousal Unit up to the hospital to have his IV immune therapy and he was "rejected" as he is suppose to go today. I had to stop shopping, get him and continue on. We got home in decent time, got the groceries put away and waited for the new furniture to arrive. During that time, a friend stopped in unexpectedly.
The furniture arrived and it is spaced about in the living room waiting for us to get the old furniture gone. We thought the new items were to arrive next Thursday. We certainly have been out on our dates.
Planogram - it is a plan on how to set up a display in the store. It shows the order of how items go which is usually numerical. In some cases it is alphabetical.


I worked on the vintage apron for an adult yesterday. Instead of adding a fabric ruffle, I put on a lace ruffle. It is turning out great. I took my time to do a neat job and it is ready to have the ties and waistband done. I would love it done before I start work at 1 p.m.
I keep thinking about making doll clothes and what I need to do. I got Sewing with Cinnamon and Friends and am thinking of joining in. I will have the time to do it once I get the doll's dress done on Monday. I am taking time off from doing projects for a while and doing other things I had planned. I may do one project later on and then start again in the fall. It is time to work on doll clothes sewing and design.


I work the late shift and hope to bring in the doll and adult aprons. I work three days this time. I will be tired at the end of them.
Until the next time.................