Monday, December 11, 2017

Sewing Room Storage Decision

It looks as if the sun will shine for a bit before a heavy rainstorm comes in from the west. Yesterday was grey with 1/2" of rain. You did things outside when it wasn't raining. 


Daughter-in-law showed up yesterday morning and we rushed outside and put up the Christmas tree lights. She was gone by noon to shop and bake. She also invited us out for a lovely dinner last night. 
The Spousal Unit worked in the garage and the shed yesterday. He is trying to get his storage sorted out, put together, and his stuff put away. He can only work for short periods of time as his hands get cold from working in the dampness. 


As I unloaded fabric into tubs, I knew I needed to do something besides store fabric in tubs. I took a break due to frustration and found exactly what I wanted. Well, it was brewing after I read Carolyn's blog post. It had nothing to do with what she wrote but with the first picture she posted. She has all her fabric on shelving units. I looked to find them and can buy them at Home Depot when they get their next shipment in. I did a happy dance and happily put items away in the sewing room. 
As I was putting fabric into tubs, I came across fabric I want to sew up into zippered bags and doll clothes. Then I found the clear vinyl to make Portable Closets for doll clothes. I really want to sew so..........
I cleaned up the sewing machine cabinet and set up the serger and sewing machine. I am on the right track. I was pumped to get the room cleaned up so I forged ahead and have a couple of hours left and it will be done to the best of my abilities. 
While cleaning up, I decided I need to buy 2 units for book shelves and for the TV to sit on, a cutting table, a chair, and the shelving unit. 
Anna is waiting patiently for me to get the sewing room finished so I can sew for her. I have a few patterns that are specifically for her. 
I am hoping to make her and Kate (my first doll) matching outfits plus one to sell. 

On the Needles

I worked quite diligently on the hat yesterday and got about 2" done. I love the pattern and will have to use it in a hat for the dolls. 
I have to knit for a couple of hours on it today as I need to finish it up tomorrow and ship Daughter's Christmas parcel on Wednesday. 


I have to work more in the sewing room, knit, and run over to Son's house and get the cleaning supplies we left there. We go to Grandson's soccer game tonight. Another busy day. 
Until the next time.......................

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life In Nova Scotia

We have had our fair share of wet weather the past while. It is winter and it rains in Nova Scotia during the winter. We have seen a bit of snow but it is usually gone by noon. Several of the storms have come in from the south bringing warm weather (13C). It is not unusual to have a half inch of rain fall; sometimes more. 


I have spent a lot of time unpacking and had to stop, clean upstairs, and decorate for Christmas. Every year for the past three years, Lego's Christmas Village comes out. This year Grandson put it together for me and it went on the shelf of the table the tree is on. 
The tree was decorated (earliest since the children were little). It is the smallest tree we have had since the children were toddlers. 
Winnie the Pooh and Eyore continue to be on or under the tree since the children were in primary grades. I made them over 30 years ago. 
The nativity scene has been around since I was a child and it gets a place of honor in our house at Christmas time. 
The mantle decorations are on the treadle sewing machine cabinet. 
Both the sewing machine and clock were my grandmother's. 
We are happy with the decorations this year and, hopefully we will get outside done in the next week. The wreath is on the door but we need to get our lights hung. We are slow as most people have their decorating done my December 1. 


I am still struggling with unpacking the sewing room. I work until I get frustrated and then leave. Some days I get a lot done, others very little. The yarn is unpacked and sorted into fabric boxes in a cube. It is working well and I do like it. I want a book shelf to put all my knitting and sewing books onto. If all goes well and I can get a deep one I like, the little TV will go on top of it. 
Fabric storage is a bone of contention for me. I am unpacking it into tubs and am flip flopping between buying and not buying a storage/pantry unit to put most of it into. The alternative is to keep it stored in tubs in a corner and dig through the tubs as I do projects. I really want to downsize the stash and I keep asking myself "Will I need the storage unit?" I keep answering with "Maybe, maybe not". I have thought about put an organizer in the closet but is that worthwhile? Maybe, maybe not. For the time being it is tubs. 
I need to buy a cutting table and a chair on wheels. I know the room is going to look empty when it is fully set up but that is what happens when you get a large space. The biggest I have ever had. 

Anna From Paris

Anna arrived on November 30 (her birthday) and she is a beautiful doll. She has a dog Grandson named Poppy. 
They are outside enjoying the lovely sunshine shortly after she arrived. She then came in and told us about her trip. She spent several nights in lovely little places. She was excited to hear that she would land in Halifax which is an short trip to our house. 
After all the talking and the long trip, she settled down for a nap in the family room. 
When she woke up, she noticed that I wear glasses all the time and wanted to know if I had a pair for her. She said these will be perfect for when she is reading. 
When I showed her the sunglasses she squealed with delight as they match her shoes. 

Anna would not take them off for the rest of the day. 

On the Needles

I purchased this Messy Bun hat for Daughter. It is part of her Christmas gift. You can type in the name of the hat and Annies to purchase it.
I bought the yarn called for; Red Heart Unforgettable. You can buy it at Michaels, Fabricland, Fabricville, and online. I set it up but could not remember how to do the magic loop. We got internet on Friday and I looked it up, got started and knit all evening. It is an easy knit that looks good. 
I need one more night of knitting and I will be ready to decrease. I want their box in the mail on Tuesday. 


I want to work some more in the sewing room. I need to move stuff around and stack the tubs in a corner as I unpack the boxes. I plan on knitting on the hat during the day and for a couple of hours tonight. 
Until the next time.......................

Monday, November 27, 2017

Elliott is a Model

We have had some lovely weather in Windsor. Warm and sunny. We have had some rain also. It is a mild fall I am told by the locals. 


I had the flu as did Son. It was 48 hours in length and I felt horrid. Grandson has a lovely cold which has left him feeling tired. The Spousal Unit looked after us while Daughter-in-Law was at meeting for a day and a half. He did really well. 
We pick up our vehicle today and are looking forward to getting it. It is a Kia Niro (hybrid). It gives us the ability to move to our house and be independent. 
With the flu, I had to stop unpacking for a day. I did some on the second day as we had to be at the house to receive our bed. Yesterday was shopping and today is laundry and get the vehicle. I do hope to unpack more tomorrow and start moving our stuff from one place to another. I need to clean up the unit as Daughter-in Law's parents are coming for Christmas. 
We had a bit of fun with Elliot last night. I thought he would bite, scratch, and yell at me but he was meek and mild. 
I didn't dare put the beard up on his face. He took off with it on and laid on the top stairs going to the basement. I took it off him and he sauntered back into the living room and had a nap. Modeling is so exhausting. 


I haven't looked in the sewing room but will be moving a small box of sewing books down there as soon as we go back to the house. I found it in the kitchen. 
I keep telling myself that I need to sew down the stash and I am getting excited to set up my sewing space and start the journey. I have  a knitting bag to sew for Daughter-in-Law, the Halloween Boo mobile and the black satin doll's dress to finish. A good start to get back to sewing. 


I need to get ready to go out, do laundry and go for the vehicle. It is snowing out so it may be an interesting day. We are going out to watch Grandson play soccer tonight. We really enjoy watching him improve his skills. 
Until the next time.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Our First Two Weeks

It is time to start blogging again. We have been in Nova Scotia for almost 2 weeks and finally got our possessions yesterday. It was nice to seem them being unloaded off the truck. 
We had a lovely day for unloading with temperatures up to 15C or 59F. Last night, it cooled off and rained buckets - 1.4" before midnight. It has rained more since then and it is wet and cool this morning. 
When we first arrived here, we went for a drive to Avondale and saw a winery that is in an old church. The church was loaded onto a truck, barged up the Minas basin, unloaded onto a dock, and trucked to its new location. 

Once again, we saw low tide and how red the soil is in Nova Scotia. 

We have since seen higher tides as they were becoming lower. 
Our possessions arrived yesterday and unloaded into our house. It was nice to see them come off the truck 2 weeks after they were put on the truck. What looked like a lot when we loaded looked like very little when unloaded. We seem to have done a good job purging. 
The sewing room is full of boxes and I am excited to have a lovely room to sew in. 
I will be sewing at this end of the room. There is another window where I might put the sewing machine. It is going to take a while to place the furniture. 
The nook beside the closet will be for jewelry making. I may just put an old corner desk in that area to work on. 
The closet is a good size but it needs to have some sort of organization unit put in for my stash. 
In other words, I need to sew up the stash and keep a minimal amount on hand. I need to buy a cutting table, a cube to hold my yarn stash, and a chair to sit on. I also need pot lights put in for better lighting. 
I will try to do another post soon but it depends on time. We are hoping to move into our house sometime late next week. 
Until then.........................

Monday, November 06, 2017

Mood Board Ideas

I have been looking at Mood Boards on the internet to get inspired for sewing. I find myself in a rut with color choosing either:

  • Black, white, red, grey
  • Navy, white, and red
Though I love both of these color combinations, it is time to branch out and try some other colors that are more casual. 

Idea #1
This mood board is lovely as I can incorporate blue jeans, white tops, and taupe/browns for sweaters. A perfect combination for a winter wardrobe. 
I love the idea of chambray blues, grey and a hint of soft white. I see this as another winter wardrobe that is a bit dressier though it would still have a casual vibe to it.  
Another lovely blue wardrobe finding. Dark and light denim, light grey brown, white and soft white and a hint of copper. Gorgeous. 
I'm looking as these mood boards seriously for both the dolls and myself. Some of the next ones will be for the dolls only as I can not wear those colors. 

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Feeling Better

It is -13C or 8F and the coldest day this fall. We had at least 2" of snow fall on Thursday which does hit close to the most snow fall on that day in 1984. The positive: it is going to get warmer with no snow prior to us leaving. 


I was to the doctor and the last increase of synthroid did nothing to my reading. I got another increase and am starting to feel better. I can feel my energy increasing and I am much more alert. Let's hope that it will stay that way for a while. Though the Spousal Unit still blames my tiredness from working, I know it was due to the blasted thyroid acting up. 
We are on the last legs of packing. I feel there is 2-3 boxes and 2 tubs left to pack and a bunch of boxes to go to the thrift shop and we will be done. We are living in a mess but will survive it. I did fill one box of china, topped up several boxes ready to tape shut, packed more pictures, and am ready to see the end of this. Unpacking will be the reverse mess but I can handle that. I will set up one box that all the papers go into and when the boxes are collapsed, they will go into the garage. When all is done, I will sell the boxes on Kijiji. 
We got Elliott his soft sided carrier and he goes in and out of it on his own. He hates the puppy training pad I put into it so it came out until we travel. I will put it in the back part of his carrier for him. He will get water and a bit of food while we are in the airports. On the plane, he will travel under the seat. 


I will be excited to get back to sewing. I have lots of ideas in my head and want to be able to sit down and plan and sew. 
The past couple of days, I have been thinking of mood boards. I am wanting to play with color combinations when sewing and knitting for the dolls. I am wanting to be more creative with what I am making rather than choose my favorite colors. It will be stretching me creatively. I have saved a lot of mood boards on Pinterest. I feel this is an area of growth I need to work on. And, it keeps me busy when I need a break. 
With knitting, I will have to push myself not to buy more blue yarn. I am looking forward to that also. As I move forward, I am thinking of the color combinations I want to work with. 


We continue to pack and I hope to clean the bathroom and sweep some floors. Feeling better makes doing all the chores I need to do much easier to tackle. 
Until the next time................

Monday, October 30, 2017

Retired and Packing


Saturday was my last day of work. I did get the job done that I had wanted to get done. It was nice to have that out of the way.
Am I happy to retire? Yes and no. 
Yes, because I don't have to be on the cement floor 40 hours a week. My legs get tired of it.
Yes, because I don't have to put undue stress on myself to get a lot of things done in a day or a week. 
Yes, because I don't have to work until 9 p.m. three times a month.
No, because I will miss the staff and the customers. I truly enjoyed working with and for them.
No, because I won't see what is delivered to the store before it goes out on the floor. 
No, because I may miss the stimulation of doing things to keep my brain active. 
Overall though, I am happy to retire (for the third time) and do the things I want to do. 


The house is a mess and I am fighting it all the way. I sort and toss into the garbage or thrift shop boxes what we don't want to take with us. We have friends coming to get items we don't want to move from us. I could scream but I am holding it together. I will finish packing boxes from around the house and then do the kitchen. The mess will get worse before it gets better. I do realize how much I hate mess when we move. 


We have to get Elliott a soft sided carrier for the plane ride. I have to put dog pee pads into it and figure out how to transport a bit of water and food for him to eat at the airports between flights. He has been throwing up hair balls during the night which is not usual for him. I'm hoping it is a season change thing. He is eating as usual and is fine during the day. 
We have 9 days until we leave and there is plenty to do. I will post if there is time. If not, I will start up again when we are settled in Nova Scotia.