Tuesday, February 09, 2016

A Zen Place

It was cool yesterday. The low was freezing but the high only got to 3.6C or 38.5F. Not as warm as expected. This morning our low is -2.4C or 28F. Who knows what the weather will be like today. Right now, cloudy with some wind.


I was relaxing yesterday morning when I got a call to go to work. I hustled around and got to the store at 11:30 a.m. I did 30 minutes of clean up prior to the store opening and then did cash during store hours. It was a quieter day so I also put out notions overstock. I am working my way through a cupboard that is a total disaster. The only time the door has been open was to stuff more notions and buttons into it.
I was quite upset to have to give up my day off as one employee decided to take the day off at the last minute. It really ate at me for a while but then I put myself into a Zen place. I have decided that I am not worrying about others at work unless we team work. I will do my job and stop worrying about things that I have no control over. I have realized that I can only do so much and when the day is done, I know I have done my best. I needed to take myself to that place in my life.
The Spousal Unit was feeling horrid yesterday. He had the stomach flu and spent the day on the couch sleeping. He ate a bit of food and by last night he looked much better. He has been fighting it for a couple of days.


One of the assistant managers and I looked at a couple of neat patterns yesterday. The one I liked was McCalls 7331.
I will not be buying this pattern as I have enough patterns in my sewing room to make this outfit. It is the idea that I really liked.


I am home until 5:30 and then off to a staff meeting until 7:30 p.m. My plan is to clean house, do laundry, and squeeze in a bit of time in the sewing room even if it is only to change the thread on my serger.
Until tomorrow...........................

Monday, February 08, 2016

Working An Early Shift

Yesterday was mostly cloudy with a high temperature of 3.4C or 38F. It didn't snow as forecasted which was a bonus. Today the clouds are to disappear and the sun is suppose to shine. We are moving towards seeing double digit temperatures in Celsius this week.


I was up and at it early yesterday morning and to work just before 8 a.m. We got ourselves organized and went to work prior to the store opening. Discontinued draperies were pulled and discontinued prices put on them. The remaining draperies were moved down and the lost ones found and put in the right places. We ended up with two empty bunks for the discontinued drapes. One bunk is 3/4 filled and labelled. The other one is ready to be filled. We then did a bunch of clean up. We got more done than we had expected. We celebrated by going out for lunch.
After lunch, I headed out to get prescriptions filled and filters for the fridge picked up. Were we get our prescriptions filled was super busy when I went in. When I left, it was quiet so I picked up something for dinner and paid for it in less than 5 minutes.
At home, I rested as the Spousal Unit was not feeling the best and I wondered if I had to take him to ER. His temperature was up and his joints were sore so he went to bed for a nap. He felt somewhat better when he got up for dinner. He is feeling much better this morning but I think we are both fighting the cold that is going around.
We talked to our grandson last night. He is getting his insulin pump and they are at the clinic 3 half days this week. They are working their way through a huge workbook at the moment. We will be calling them Wednesday night to see how it went.


I am home and want to do some housework and sewing. I want to work on the navy top for the store.
Until tomorrow..........................

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Two Susie Pouches Completed

Yesterday was a lovely warm day. I shut off the furnace, opened the windows and aired out the house. With a high of 9C or 48F, I just could not resist doing that. I love the smell of the fresh air at this time of year.


I was so tired when I got up yesterday morning that I could not function. I had breakfast, went back to bed and slept until 11:00 a.m. I felt so much better when I rolled out of bed the second time. I was exhausted from working three 8 hour + shifts in a row. Though cash is easy and I enjoyed cleaning, getting home at nearly 10 p.m. the last two nights was difficult. I've been worrying about the Spousal Unit as he is having his usual side effects from chemo (sore joints), he also has been running a bit of a fever. Up to almost 38C (near we are going to the hospital temperature) and dropping back to near normal (37C) an hour later. The combination made toast out of me.


I worked on the Susie pouch after I got up. The zipper got put in before lunch. I have done this method before where you do the lining at the same time.  
Once the zipper was completed, I really had to follow the video carefully. After a couple of fumbles I got the side seams done for both the outer and lining fabrics. The video shows machine sewing the lining open shut. I hand sewed mine.
I filled it with items I can use at work. I just need a nail file and clippers.
I do like this little bag but I don't like the fabric I chose for the pleats and the top for the zipper. It is very stiff and had a coating on it. I would use the craft weight pellon the next time as it certainly adds body to pouch. I am going to try using some batting to see how it works. 
I finished up the second pouch in about an hour. I love doing two items as it seals the process in my head.
Three fat quarters, some craft weight pellon, 2 zippers and 1 meter of lace makes two pouches.


I am working from 8 a.m. to noon. Then I am heading up to get prescriptions filled and home to do a few things. I do have to change the thread in my serger so I can start store project #2.
Until tomorrow....................

Saturday, February 06, 2016

A Day to Sew!

Yesterday saw sunshine and clouds. The temperature got to a high of 7.8C or 46F. This morning it is sunny and 4C or 39F at 7 a.m. and it dropped to 1.4C or 34.5F at 8 a.m. We are suppose to see lots of sunshine with a high close to yesterday's high.


I worked another 8 hour afternoon/evening shift. I found that I was really tired by the end of the shift and that cashing out was hard. The other lady cashing out has a terrible cold and couldn't think either. We got it done in the end.
The store was very quiet from 6 p.m. on so we focussed on filling up displays. When that was done, two co-workers set up fabric tables and I started to sweep the floors. The area around the till was super clean when we left and two tables were done. We were happy with our progress.  
I checked the schedule and I don't have the late shift again this month. Yes!!!


I quickly sewed up the two side pieces for the second Susie pouch. Once I had done the first one, the second one was easy to make. What I don't like about the fabric ~ the light colour has a rubberized coating on it to make it a shiny silvery colour. When I went through 2 layers of it, my machine stalls. I have to wait until it allows me to sew again.
Other than shorten the second zipper, the two pouches are ready to be completed.

I am still thinking about our bedroom and how I want it to look. When I was cleaning up, I found a pair of grey/soft white plaid drapes that had been returned. I spent a lot of time drooling over them thinking how I can fit them into the room. Will the teal stripe fabric go by the wayside and I use plain teal and some lovely plaid cotton in our room? I am really thinking on this and will put a hold on the drapes. We are putting up room darkening blinds and I think the drapes will be a great addition to keeping our room cool in our hot summers.


I finished steaming the scarf and it is now ready to be sewn together.
I love how the pattern laid nicely and the ends were shaped to match. I have to say the yarn was a gorgeous wool to work with. This scarf is really long and will be worn doubled.
Once done, I will finish up the afghan I was working on. I need to get it done so I can work on something new.


I am moving slow as I don't have to work. I hope to work on the Susie pouches, have a nap and maybe do some housework. I am not pushing myself today as I am tired.
Until tomorrow......................

Friday, February 05, 2016

Susie Pouch

Yesterday was cool with the temperature hovering at 0C or 32F. The low was -2.8C or 27F. It is 3C or 37F at 8 a.m. this morning.


We shopped, I sewed, and I worked from 1:00 to 9:30 p.m. I had an 8.5 hour shift in front of the cash register. When it wasn't busy, I put away returns and then cleaned the space behind the register. Shelves, window ledges, and counter tops all got done. My hands were black!! When it was quiet in the evening, I cleaned up the thread and dusted the case and then dusted counter tops where the notions are. It was really dusty and needed to be done.


I started the Susie Pouch yesterday. I got the pattern here. When you add it to the shopping cart you get a pattern with a link to her video instructions.
After cutting out all the pieces using just quilter's rulers and rotary cutter, I snipped the center of the 2.5" side at the top and bottom as she states in video. Then the 6" x 2.75" pieces were sewn together having 7 pieces per side.
Next the seams were pressed open.
At this point, I had to watch the video to see how to make the pleats. So easy when you know. I folded the seam allowance

and put that seam at the notch of the light piece and pinned it at the top and bottom.
The other side was done the same way.
The lining pieces are cut out and interfaced. I am ready to start the box pleats for the second pouch. I am making two at the same time so I can send one as a gift to Daughter-in-law.
I found this picture of a bedroom that I love.

I bought a piece of striped fleece (very thin) to make two pillows for our bed. I would love to find/make plain pillow covers for the bed and then get a duvet cover in white for our bed. A headboard in a darker grey would be perfect. I am thinking this one through as I want some shots of colour in our bedroom without making a quilt.


I work from 1:15 to 9:15 p.m. I am sure there will be a lot of cash and doing notions again. I do hope to sew on the second Susie pouch before I leave for work so I can finish them on my days off.
Until tomorrow....................

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fabric From The Stash For the Susie Pouch

Yesterday was cool with quite a bit of sunshine. The low temperature got to -6.6C or 20F. The high got to 1.5C or 35F. Around 3 p.m. it started to snow lightly and by the time I headed home, the world was white. Everyone was driving slowly as one didn't know if the roads were wet or icy.


I worked an 8 hour day. I went in a bit early and swept the floors. We are getting a lot of sand tracked in and I find it a way of mentally preparing for the day. I cut fabric for 3.5 hours and then did cash until closing. I had to stay and cash out. I enjoy this combination as I can help customers on the floor and then work notions when cash is slow. I got a lot of bias and hemming tape and piping put out.
We got to use the new cash registers yesterday and they are so much easier to use. No validating, no punching in numbers for cards. No pulling your hair out to do a void. I do like these tills.
The Spousal Unit has had a pain in the right side of his torso after this last batch of chemo. He wonders if it is from the medication or from sitting on our couch. He slept on our bed yesterday morning and when he woke up, Elliott was head butting him off the bed. He did have a second bout of pain and slept the afternoon away on the couch. He now waits to see if his joints will start to ache. The upside ~ no more side effects for quite a while.



Though I didn't do any sewing, I did think about the Susie pouch. I have looked at fabric at the store and finally remembered I had some left over from making Daughter-in-law's knitting bags. I think there is enough to make a couple of bags.
Outer bag fabric
I have enough fabric to make the lining so all is well. I just need to buy lace and zipper for a second one and all that fabric will be used up.


I found the plaid I like for the camp shirt for my navy column. It is pale blue with a navy stripe in it. And it is cotton. The first plaid I found had a lot of wool in it which would be itchy against my skin. I will buy it today if it isn't busy.


I am home until noon and work from 1 to 9:15 p.m. I am hoping it is half time cutting fabric and half time doing cash. It is the last day of this sale so it will either be crazy busy or dead quiet. I am thinking of working on the Susie Pouch this morning. It keeps talking to me loudly after I pulled out the fabric.  
Until tomorrow............................

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

McCalls 7286 Cut Out

Though lovely and sunny yesterday, the high got to 1.2C or 34F. This morning, it is cool at -5C or 23F. Snow is in the forecast for this afternoon.
I dropped the Spousal Unit off at the hospital and went grocery shopping. I also got some mail posted and the vehicle gassed up.
After eating lunch, I fell asleep watching TV. I also had a nap in the evening. I know I am coming down from the stress of all winter plus knowing we don't have to do chemo for about 5 years.
The Spousal Unit slept during his chemo due to the bag of Benadryl they gave him. He woke up groggy, unable to walk, and a bit confused. The nurses helped him get going. He read and played games on his iPad to pass the time away. Last evening, he started to ache which is normal for him. He will feel miserable with his aches and pains for another week to 10 days. Then he will start to gain his strength back.
Elliott has been doing his thing again. He spends time hollering to be let into the basement suite and when no one responds, he throws a fit. He has also been taunting the Spousal Unit by sitting on his side of the loveseat. Last night, he was totally relaxed on his blanket.



The Advent calendar is folded and ready to be quilted on the machine.
The binding is ready also.


I am trying to take part in the Spring 6 PAC by doing a navy column with light blue and turquoise accents. It is a part of my wardrobe plan. If I plan on making 6 items, I have to sew two items each month. It may not happen as I have to do other sewing also.
I finished tracing the top pattern, laid it out on the fabric and got it cut out. I was really surprised at how much I got done yesterday.
I do like the lace inserts.
You cut out four inserts and sew one to each side of the front and back. When you sew up the side seam, you sew down the inserts to finish it. This top is also a raglan sleeve with a neck band. The sleeves are hemmed. My goal is to finish it on my days off. Next on the list is a shirt for the Spousal Unit and leggings for me. Oh, I have to finish the Advent calendar also.


I work a full 8 hour shift so I won't be doing much at home. As I have to cash out, I get home later so it will be TV and bed.
Until tomorrow.......................