Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pen to Fabric and More Borders

Yesterday started out cool with the temperature at 4C. It did get to 19C before the clouds rolled in and cooled it off. By bedtime it had started to rain and we must have had several showers during the night. All is wet outside.

I started out the day with PlayWork. As I didn’t have the information, I walked 3 minutes and ran 4 minutes for 7 intervals plus walked another 15 minutes after that. That wasn’t what I was to do but it was okay as I won’t be out again until Friday. That day I will do a total of 30 minutes.

After the workout, I worked put the zipper into the top as promised. I had to add a piece to the bottom to lengthen it before I could start. All went well and it was out of the house before noon. Once that was done, I finished the second border (as everyone calls them). Two rows of 29 pieces in a checker board design.


They do look nice on the black lining. I am enjoying this simpler mystery quilt though I am rushed for time with so much going on this week. But, it has me craving to do another quilt later on.

Before I ended the day, I sewed the darts in the bodice of the girl’s dress and pressed them.


I am ready to draw and cut out the skirt. I have read the instructions on Chinelo's blog quite a few times and think I have it in my mind enough that when I put the pen to the fabric, I will be able to transfer numbers to marks and lines.

We have a lot of fun with Elliott, our cat. His new place to sleep is our bed as he loves our plush blanket. He also loves to snuggle under the light weight blanket at the foot of the bed.




Today, my plan is to start the two longer “borders” on the mystery quilt. I would like to work on the skirt of the dress if I have time. I have to be at the hospital this morning to have a blood pressure machine put on and then a photo session just before lunch.

Until tomorrow……………………

Monday, April 21, 2014

Drawing a Bodice on Fabric

We started out warm and saw the sunshine and then………….it got cloudy and it cooled off. It did get to the forecasted temperature though. Easter is like this even when it is late. This morning is cool at 2.9C.

A big part of yesterday morning was spent cleaning the house. The head fell off the steam mop again causing me to get upset. The Spousal Unit put it back on with a larger screw but I will have to get a new one. This one’s days are limited. While waiting for floors to dry, I did sew on the strips for the mystery quilt and got the first one done.


 After lunch, I started on the dress that Chinelo Bally blogged about. With all the measurements and the instructions on the iPad, I got started. The bodice length was cut (13” in this case). From the folded edge, I measured 15” and cut it off (30” was needed according to the instructions; chest measurement plus 6”)


 One inch was turned under on each end (center back edges) and pressed.


Those center back edges were then folded to the center front fold and pressed until the piece measured 7” x 13”.


With the folded edge facing to the right, I followed the instructions of measuring:

  • measuring 1/2 the back measurement from the center fold
  • measuring down from the above dot the shoulder to chest measurement plus 1/2” (6.75”)
  • measure the 1/4 of the chest measurement plus 1” (7”)
  • from center front measure 3.5” over and 3” down.

This is what it looked like after I drew in the neckline.


And then I acquired a mess trying to figure out the armhole. Out came the kids package from Sure-Fit Designs to help me along.


I did a mock up on a piece of tracing paper to get the idea and some numbers on a ruler you can’t see for the mess. I put the numbers on the mock up for future reference. The arm hole was drawn in and a thin line drawn down from under the arm to the waist. All the black lines were cut out and we had a bodice.


Following the directions, the bodice was folded 3.5” from the center front. The front darts are 3.5” long. The same was done for the back but the darts are 4.5” long.


Ready to sew the darts. It was exciting to see how you can make a bodice using the information Chinelo gave. Next is the skirt.

I cleaned up the cutting table and laid out part of the next squares so they can be sewn together today.


At this point I had to stop and start supper. It was a fun day in the sewing room. I am learning and exploring and enjoying myself.

Today I have to install a zipper and then sew the squares for the mystery quilt. I need to have it done for Thursday for the last clue. I also hope to go out and run this morning. I have to do two this week and then it is the big day next Sunday.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter


happy easter

It is a glorious sunny morning this Easter morning and the temperature is 9C or 48F. Not so yesterday. It was 4C and when we headed out at run club it was snowing. It was still cool when we arrived back but it wasn’t snowing. Quite typical at Easter in our neck of the woods.

After our 6.3k run, I headed home to sew with a few interruptions. From what others are saying, we are doing the borders for the mystery quilt. Are they borders? Who knows. It’s a mystery. What we are sewing now is 2.5” squares in rows. I am sewing them into 4 patches and my first four patch was sewn so often that I have stitch marks all the way around that block. I couldn’t get my head around it and it is so simple. Plus there were people in the house visiting with us and I got distracted.

Here it is with two rows of ten squares.


I kept at it until I had two rows of twenty squares done and called it a day.


The last nine are laid out ready to be sewn. Then I repeat the process once more with 29 blocks and then there are two with 35 blocks. I will get this done. Here is the pile of squares that are left to be sewn.


The first session of run club finished yesterday. We have two playworks to do this week and then it is Boogie the Bridge next Sunday. The following two weeks are playwork weeks and then we start on the next session – 10k. We talked about how far we have come in the past 6 weeks. If we can’t get a group here, I will be travelling to the city on Sundays to run and then shop. I am feeling so good mentally and physically.

On Friday, the plumber was in to hook up the water and drain lines in the basement kitchen sink. It is wonderful to have water in the basement. Yesterday the Spousal Unit did a bit of finishing work and the washer was put into place. That room is basically ready for canning season. We still want to put a tile backsplash up and do the touch up painting.


Today, I have some housework to do as we are hosting Easter dinner. Then I will sew until it is time to make the dinner. I plan on finishing up the 29 blocks that is laid out and then I want to start working on the bodice of the little girl’s dress. I will lay it out and start drawing on the broadcloth muslin. Then it will be back to those little blocks.

Until tomorrow…………………………

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Barrel Racing

It was a lovely day yesterday if you were outside. Great for a barrel racing.

Arrived early so set up could be done. That wasn’t a lot of fun.

Printer wouldn’t work as wireless. No way as the arena has just the basics; a phone. Put the printer cord on and then figured out we needed the other printer icon to use the printer. Problem solved until it jammed at the end of the day.

The jam took 20 minutes to unclog.

Wood stove was fired up and the arena was filled with smoke from a down draft. Cough, cough, splutter.

Whoever stoked the fire had the viewing room at sauna temperatures. The office was a perfect temperature, thank goodness.

The food was great – chili and hotdogs.

The company was great – saw people who I haven’t seen in years.

Everything ran smoothly. A great team effort. And the money raised for the family was more than expected.

A Great Day!!

Until tomorrow………………………

Friday, April 18, 2014

Out of the House Two Days

Nothing makes me feel lost than when I don't have my computer. It is out of the house until tonight as it will be used at a charity barrel racing today. I will be taking up the printer and a few other things and working in the office today.  I will try to have a few pictures of it for tomorrow.

I was out for PlayWork yesterday and was able to walk 3 min and jog 4 min for 35 minutes and then power walked for another 15 minutes. It is amazing how far we have come in 6 weeks. Tomorrow is our last run club before our run in the city the following Sunday. I will be joining again for an 8 week stint.

We had a busy trip to the city and got what we needed and headed home. It was a no frills trip -- no fabric store, no yarn shop, no book store. In and out. The city was busy due to the long Easter weekend. Next week I will have a more relaxed time in the city.

I measured my little model for the dress I want to make at Chinelo's website. This 8 year old is excited about the prospect of seeing a dress being made for her. I might change out the fabric as she found some she really liked in the tub on the cutting table. If all goes well, I will measure up her little sister and make a dress for her.

Today I am out all day at the barrel racing. There will be no time in the sewing room today. Tomorrow, I will be in there after run club. I have things to do in there. 

Until tomorrow...................

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pattern Purchases

It was a busy day in our household. Prior to lunch, I finished up the little fabric box and then laid out the pieces for the next clue on the quilt.

The clue had everyone confused and there were over 30 queries on it. It turns out that the original is in colour and our copy is in black and white. After a lot of waiting, it got sorted out. I am ready to start sewing one of four long pieces.

I wanted to trace the sleeve to make the next vest into a jacket. When I pulled it out of the envelope, the sleeve was in terrible shape. I searched and bought a brand new pattern. Now I don’t have to worry about getting the pieces correct.

make up bag

I am in the process of buying this pattern from Sweden. I love how it is designed and put together. I have to email them to get shipping charges.

I purchased two patterns during the last BMV sale. Shams, at Communing with Fabric, showed cased them and I had to have them. The first is a jacket and what drew me to it was the detail on the sleeves.


I will not be putting on the pockets or if I do, they will be down near the bottom.

The second pattern, I wouldn’t have looked at. The fabric didn’t appeal to me which turned me off of the pattern. But when Shams showcased it, I loved it.


I will find a piece of fabric to make it out of.

I am out for my run earlier this morning and then we are heading off to the city. One prescription needs to be refilled, groceries bought, iPad picked up (it is repaired), and some gardening items purchased. We need to be home early so I can install a program on my laptop as I am out all of Good Friday at a barrel racing.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fabric Boxes

It was a warm morning yesterday but the clouds kept the high temperature a bit lower than we expected but higher than forecasted. While outside for a bit, I noticed the hostas are poking through in one flower bed along with other plants.

I did my run yesterday morning with walk 3 minutes and run 3 minutes for 42 minutes. It was a good run (rock star). I ended up walking about 2k after I finished the run.

I spent quite a bit of time at the sewing machine yesterday. I finished up the first basket and am not sure if I like it. Letting it sit for today to see if it grows on me.


I am thinking it is too big though the size is great to put in some baby items (Q tips, etc.).


Once it was completed, I grabbed the left over piece and squared it up and made this cute fabric box. The longest time spent on it was quilting it.


It isn’t finished as you can see. I have to sew down the triangular pieces by hand and then sew on buttons.


This little box will be filled with baby items.

Today is my busy day with adult tutoring in the afternoon. My goal is to finish up the fabric box to the buttons (which I may have to buy) and start the next project even if only in my head. Tonight is knitting and I will be working on the Dude’s sweater. Starting to decrease the last sleeve.

Until tomorrow………………..