Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Day, Another Job or Two Done

It was another lovely spring day which got to 18.5C or 65.5F. We sit outside for a bit every day soaking up the sunshine. It feels so good to have the opportunity to do that.


It was another busy day in our household. I got all the baseboards and mouldings in the hall painted. That took quite a while as I was trying to do a good job and my hip decided to give me a run for my money in the pain department.

Next, we put the tubs, boxes, etc. back into the cold room. We also did a bit of a purging and some organizing. Much nicer with less stuff on the floor. We also flattened cardboard, loaded it and 2 boxes of books into the car and headed out to recycle and fill the red bookshelf.

Once home, I finished cleaning the storage room. It has a few things to go but overall, it is almost done. (It was good to get so much done).

davann 005

The table will be cleared off once we finish up the painting and renovations. The ironing board and treadle sewing machine will go also. I know that this room will be the last room to be finished but it will get done.


I had to sit with heat on my aching hip for quite a length of time late yesterday afternoon and all evening so I knit on the baby surprise jacket. Sixteen rows left until it is ready to sew together.

davann 006

It really looks like nothing at this stage of the game but a sweater does emerges when you fold it and sew the shoulder seams. The last row I knit last night is actually 10 rows knit on the 90 stitches that make the back (you knit a flap). I have picked up 10 stitches on the flap on one side. When the next row is knit, the other 10 stitches on the other side of the flap will be picked up. After that you knit down the front band, around the back and up the other front band. There will be enough yarn left over to make a preemie hat. I’ll make it right away so I can send the bundle of knitting to the hospital with a friend.

Today, the walls in the hall will be painted and some paperwork done. I am sure that I will find more to do as I prep to paint the family room. As I am getting near the end of the inside work, I am now looking at what I have to do outside. Other than painting, it is mostly routine things we do on a regular basis.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pushing Ahead

It was a glorious day yesterday. Sunshine galore and wind later in the afternoon. The birds sang and the leaves must have grown a lot as the trees are looking greener and some of the fruit trees are in full bloom. It got to 23.3C or 74F. The Spousal Unit and I sat outside soaking up the sunshine during our lunch break and we enjoyed it.


I have been working on fixing a document for a local group. I work on it until my eyes hurt and then I stop. It has been and will be a big job but we can’t move forward until it is done.

The Spousal Unit and I put a silicone bead on the top of baseboards and around the door mouldings in the downstairs hall. It alternated between laughter and harsh words when the caulking gun wouldn’t work right. He caulked and I smoothed and wiped up. Now the trim can be painted and then the walls.

After lunch, I emptied all the boxes out of the cold room and the Spousal Unit laid the flooring. All the flooring is now completed in this house. I will reload the cold room today. While that job was being done, I put away some literacy papers in the spare bedroom. We are keeping it tidy on a regular basis.

I am still monitoring my eating and feel better overall. My hip still hurts, worse some days over others. I push ahead as we need to get the inside of this house done.


Two more swatches were blocked and there are two left to go. I have been working on casting off and the ugly last stitch being large. I have knit little swatches to try techniques and some are good, others are bad.


I have found two things work best; purl the first stitch of the row before casting off putting the yarn over the needle from below to top. When I cast off the last stitch, I slip that stitch, pick up the left leg of the previous row’s stitch, knit those last two stitches together and slip the third stitch over. It seems to work the best for me.


I knit on the beanie and ran out of yarn. I have to buy another ball and see if I can use up the remaining yarn in a headband.


I will have to knit on the baby jacket until I get the next ball of yarn.

Today, I will paint the trim in the downstairs hall, put all the boxes back in the cold room, and do a bit more cleaning up in the storage room. I put the three tubs of fabric in the storage area under the stairs for the time being. I am not sure what else will get done but there is caulking, patching, and wiping still on the to-do list.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Fast Trip

Yesterday was within the normal range but we both felt cool. Just one of those days with a higher humidity.


Our trip to the city was a short one. We did what was necessary and headed home to let dogs out. I mopped the kitchen, dining, and living room floors before dinner.

The Spousal Unit worked in an area by the shop cleaning it up ready for a new fence. He hauled dirt down to put along a trench by another fence, moved junk that had been tossed into that area years ago and removed a large cedar fence post. Amazing how nice it looks now and there is still more to be done.

I am still adjusting my eating habits and am feeling much better. I am eating less wheat and simple sugar and have slipped in portion control. My body is burning up what I am eating plus more as I feel hungry most of the time. The knee and hip still hurt but not as much. I won’t be doing run club but will start to walk three times a week a bit later on.


I squeezed in enough time to block two more swatches. The last two will be done today and they will be photographed and sent out next week.

I did knit some tiny samples to practice casting off without a large last stitch. The best sample had me bind off the stitches very tight. I was trying my hardest to get a nice sample and became tense while binding off. I will try again today so I can ship it in to be reviewed.

Today I want to prep the downstairs hall for painting. That means sanding, sealing mouldings, and making sure all is clean and ready to go. I also have some research to do and a 117 page document to fix. I will be several days doing that.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Learning Something New

Though the temperature got up to almost 12C or 53F it felt cold outside. I wore a coat at one point when I ventured out the door. This morning it is warmer outside and it is cloudy but no rain is in the forecast.


I hustled around yesterday morning and got our bedroom dusted and mopped. I even ventured into the hall and got it done also. Laundry was dealt with and the kitchen tidied up. All before I headed out to tutor.

My student didn’t show so I did literacy work and played with Survey Monkey. A new learning curve that interested me. That was 2 full hours of intensive research.

While I was busy inside and with literacy, the Spousal Unit has the fence ready to stain. He had to fix the bottom of the fences where some dogs have squeezed out to freedom. He also worked up by the shop and put a big dent in that area. A ugly fence post and some weeds were removed. We will be putting a new fence in that area.

I have had my weight loss journey on hold most of the winter. Lately I have felt I have been eating too much wheat and simple sugars. I started to monitor that yesterday. The only simple wheat product I ate was pasta made out of white flour. I would eat the whole wheat but there would be mutiny in our house if that happened. Simple sugar wasn’t eaten (which I don’t do much of) and I felt much better. I also monitored portion control which is good.


I have decided to make the t-shirt pattern that has laid on the cutting table all winter over Easter weekend and cut a shirt out for the Spousal Unit. I am looking forward to threading up the machine and having a two hours of fun each day.


I got the first two swatches blocked, labelled, and photographed.


The next two are blocked and drying. I am sure that I will have to work on blocking samples as I can see room for improvement. I can see where the pins indented the stitches so I squeezed them back into shape. I have an issue with a large last stitch when I cast off so am going to do 10 small samplers and work on that technique. I can use up a small ball of acrylic yarn for practice.

I knit on the second slouchy beanie at knitting last night. I got about 6 rounds done while visiting with friends. At home, I knit a couple of rows on the baby surprise jacket. Moving along quite nicely in both projects.

Today we are heading into the city with the 4 boxes of purging for the thrift shop. A bit of shopping and home to do some more tidying up. I need to mop the dining and living room floors.

Until tomorrow……………………..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Bit of Down Time

It was a very grey morning yesterday and as time ticked on, it rained harder and harder. Before noon, the clouds lifted, the sun shone and the temperatures soared and snow could be seen on the hills. They are predicting a repeat later this morning.


I was somewhat tired yesterday and feel it is the low after the purge high. I spent a lot of time getting all our stuff sorted, packed, and ready to leave the house over the next few days. Add all the cleaning and prep for painting, I think I hit the land of wanting a day off.

But it didn’t happen. I got part of a day off. Two jobs had to be done. The downstairs hall got scrubbed from top to bottom and is ready for sanding and painting. It was too dirty to put any kind of patching material on it. The second was to strip our bed, vacuum the mattress, and launder the bedding as it is spring. Once that was done, I got to rest a bit.

I did sit outside in the sunshine and the rays were so warm I had to sit in filtered sunshine. I did relax and think. About the future, what we need to do, where we want to go and what is next on the list of items to finish up our place. I let my thoughts roam all over the place and enjoyed the quiet time doing nothing.

I am happy that I had that time as the next month will be just as busy as the past two months have been. Painting, literacy, and yard work is going to be the order of the next month.


I wander in and out of the sewing room and have decided to spend a couple of hours a day over Easter weekend in there sewing. We have decided not to go away as we have too much to do around here. My Easter will have sewing in it.

The pants drafting course at Craftsy showed up at $19.99 in an email this morning so I ordered it. I will order the skirt drafting course when it comes up at that price.


I decided to block two of the samples yesterday morning. I spent a bit of time working on them.


Not certain if I had done it correctly, I asked for help and got a link to a video on blocking. I took my blocks off the board and redid them.


First mistake was I put my pins in wrong. Second mistake was not doing a bunch of measuring. All is well now and I hope they pass muster. When I pull the pins and cut the tails to the correct length, I will add the tags and take pictures of both sides of each sample. When all the samples are done, they will be mailed off to be reviewed.

The baby surprise jacket has half of the rows knit but the next half is increasing stitches instead of decreasing. The next slouchy beanie is set up for knitting group.

Today is tutoring day. My plan is to finish cleaning up our bedroom (dusting and wash floor), block two more samples, and prep for the student I am helping. Tonight is knitting group which will be fun. I am hoping to work on a bit of what I need to do for the next month in literacy. We are having our prepare for next year meeting in four weeks and I have lots to do.

Until tomorrow……………………

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Great Purge Is Done!

Yesterday was a nice day until mid afternoon. Then the clouds rolled in bringing with it wind and storms being blown by. This is truly typical of our spring weather and usually happens in April. March means an early spring, May means a late one. This morning, we were greeted with rain.


We worked on the house until mid afternoon. It was a crazy time for us. As the Spousal Unit did small jobs in the bathroom and on the basement door and power washed the outside of a fence panel, I worked in the storage and family rooms.

First, I finished purging the closet. What is left has parts to go when the time is right, and the rest is for us to keep.


I was able to put an air bed and a canopy in there that we really want to have.


All literacy items on that  bottom shelf.


Some items to keep, others to go. It feels great to have the closet done. The rest of the room ranges from being clean…………….


to a tub that needs to go to its new owner……………..


to what I have to take to Daughter………………….


Except the ironing board that needs to go to the thrift shop.

Once that was done, I finished up the family room. It is ready to paint. So happy that we are going to be out of the end of the tunnel before we know it.


I knit a bit at breakfast and at lunch yesterday and finished the beanie. It is kind of cute.


The brim has a neat pattern on it also.


There is enough yarn to make the beanie in reverse colours. I will do it last as I want to knit all ten patterns before doing a repeat. This is the only pattern that uses two colours.

I have the yarn out for the next beanie but I worked on the sweater last night. It is a count every second row project and I got 5 or 6 rows done. Under 70 rows to completion. 

Today, I am not sure what I will get done. There are marks to patch, the hall to scrub, and knitted samplers to wash and block. I need to wipe floors upstairs and finish up some laundry. The rain is not letting me haul items outside. A busy and a dull day all rolled into one. Is it because the “great purge” is done?

Until tomorrow……………………………….

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Last Room

Yesterday was cooler but still in the low teens (C that is). Running in and out in a sweater was fine but you needed a coat if you had to be out for a while unless the sun was shining and then it was lovely outside in a sweater. We sat outside after lunch to soak up some sunshine.


Our apricot tree has more than 4 blossoms on it. I had to show it to our son who woke up to 6” of snow on top of the last 6” of snow that fell the night before.


We started out the morning decluttering a bit before the Spousal Unit went to the dump with a load. I continued on in the storage room. I moved items around in the thrift shop boxes and we taped them shut. Three of the four boxes are in the car until I get them to the thrift shop this week.

I moved a few items around and then started in the closet. The books for the red bookshelf got sorted and two boxes of books were dumped.


I then did a bit of sorting in the literacy tubs and quit for lunch. My knee and hip were really hurting at this point.


In the afternoon, we headed out to clean up in the yard for a while. The hostas were cleaned up and the two in the backyard have good growth on them.


The ones in the front are facing north and are farther behind though they can be seen. We also cleaned up a few other plants, dug a few weeds, did a small clean up in the vegetable garden. I left to go in as I needed to get back at purging. The Spousal Unit dug out some rhubarb plants as there are too many for us.

Mid afternoon we had company and had a wonderful visit.


The slouchy beanie is now in decrease mode. Seven more rows and it will be done. I will then set up the next beanie and work on the surprise jacket in the evenings when it is quieter. I need the time to count.

I bought a book for my next course. The Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook is a highly recommended book that was hard to get at one point. When I looked, the prices ranged from 6.19 and upwards to beyond my budget. By the time I put the $6.19 book into my cart to buy, it was gone so I had to buy the next one on the list at 25.00.

Knitters handbook

I have three more books to buy to use in the courses I plan on taking. Research is a huge part of the courses.

Today I have to prep for a meeting in the late afternoon. I want to work in the storage room closet some more and, hopefully get it wiped down ready to paint where there are some marks. Any extra time will be spent wiping floors upstairs.

Until tomorrow……………………..