Saturday, October 03, 2015


It is chilly here in Edmonton. The temperature is 2C or 36F and is expected to remain near that all day. It rained during the night and this morning we watched a few flakes of snow fall. Not ready for that. 

Yesterday I did the laundry and knit on the socks. The second sock is being a pain but I struggled through it. It took me until 3 p.m. to get it done. I will be playing with picking up stitches for the gusset so I have a tight join there. These seem a bit too loose for my liking. 

I spent some time writing a few notes about the gusset in my notebook. Though the legs look tiny in a knit 2 purl 2 ribbing, they stay up amazing on the grandson. I also do the ribbing on the top of the foot to help them cling better to his feet. 

I also started looking for a pattern to knit argyle socks to practice for when I do the Masters' Knitting classes. I feel like I have done well in finding a pattern knit in a sports weight yarn for the first pair. Colors will be determined by what I can find -- hopefully claret, aran, and black. The pattern is here.

Last evening I knit on the mitts and have to measure the cuff length and count the rows. I am focusing on it for the next few days so they will be done before I leave. 

This is what I saw in the bathtub today. 

He loves to drink from the tap. They have a very friendly cat who spends a lot of time with me when we are alone. 

Today is an at home day for all of us. I am going to put on a load of laundry while Grandson gets his hair cut, clean up the kitchen a bit, and hem some jeans for Son. I will knit on the mitts and tonight is pizza and movie night here at home. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Glorious Weather

It was another glorious day in Edmonton. The high got to 25C or 77F. I am sure that this is somewhat unusual the beginning of October. We are thoroughly enjoying it to the max as there is rain and snowing coming in today and tomorrow. 

I had a quiet day and knit some. The first sock has the gusset knit on it. The second sock got ripped back as I had an issue with it. I am, once again, ready to turn the heel. 

I have had quite a bit of time to think about painting our house this winter. Son's house is painted grey with white trim. They think it feels cool but I love it. It feels refreshing and clean. My goal is paint the upstairs of our house in the light grey and add a pop of colour to each room.  

Our grandson went to flag football last night. Not overly well organized as the instructor needs a second person to help her out. A few dads helped out during the last half and the children loved that part. 

The children learned a few new things but the delivery of the program needs to be improved. That is the teacher in me talking. 

Pearl, I bought the Algeria yarn as it is made in Uruguay. Our son is there at the moment presenting at an IT conference. When the family was there in August, they saw a lot of that brand of yarn in shops. The ladies are avid knitters and were sitting outside knitting during their visit. There is anticipation there might be a skien or two come home this trip. 

The other educational item I learned was when I discovered the brand Hereford in a Chinese grocery mart. 

This brand was made in Uruguay when we bought it. I don't remember having the hash but I remember the beef in a tin (I remember it being called Bully Beef) that we sliced, fried, and had as a treat. We didn't buy any of it but did buy 45 containers of a Chinese soup that our son loves. 

Today I am doing laundry so we can have a relaxing weekend. I will also knit on the socks and the mittens  plus do a bit of housework and make supper. 

Until the next time....................

Thursday, October 01, 2015

A Day On The Town

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Edmonton. The sun shone and it got to 23.5C or 74F. It is 6C or 42F this morning and we are in for another lovely day. 

Yesterday morning we headed out to the beautiful yarn shop called River City Yarns. It is yarn heaven. We wandered around and around and around the little shop looking at all kinds of yarn. 

We admired this lovely infinity scarf and the yarn it was made out of it. After much discussion, I bought the yarn and pattern to make it for Daughter-in-Law's Christmas present. 

The open part consists of 4 rows so it will be an easy knit. There is a lace edging that has more rows but it is not hard to do. 

In full view. 

I am looking forward to working on this for her and hinted that I liked the off white yarn a lot to make myself one.  

For looking after our grandson, I was gifted the following skeins of yarn. All are sock weight and for different projects. 

This yarn is Manos del Uruguay Alegria, a sock weight yarn made from alpaca and nylon. It is for socks for me.

Next up is a skein from Sweet Georgia yarns. 

This yarn is super wash merino wool and nylon and is their tough love sock yarn. The color is glacier. This is also for socks. 

The last skein is Simplinatural by Hikoo. This yarn is made up of baby alpaca, fine merino and mulberry silk.

The color is Bright Blue. I would have loved turquoise or a shade close to that, there was limited colors on hand. This will be an infinity scarf with black beads on it. 

We then headed out to West Edmonton Mall to get a few things that Daughter-in-Law needed. We got home just after 2 p.m. and it was a fabulous day. 

Daughter-in-law went to the Dean Brodie and Paul Brandt show and I got to look after Grandson. With instructions in hand, he was poked, fed, and poked some more. I am the first person to look after him and administer insulin twice. All went well. 

Today, I plan on doing a bit of housework and knit on socks and mitts. Tonight, Grandson plays Flag Football. 

Until the next time.................

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rested Up

Just a fast note to say that I am having a great time in Edmonton. 

The weather is truly fall here; cool mornings and lovely warm afternoons. The trees are changing color. 

I have rested up and done a lot of knitting. The first mitten of the pair is done. 

I do like the hand but the thumb looks a bit big for a child. Back to the design board when I get home. 

The socks are ready to have the heel turned. I had fun getting them this far. 

The cat and I have made friends and he loves to spend time with me during the day. He is very friendly and has actually climbed up on my lap while I knit. 

Today we are heading out to the yarn shop. I am hoping to get two skeins of yarn for me. Socks and an infinity scarf. Tonight I am looking after our grandson which means monitoring his glucose count, giving insulin and having fun together. He has been reading to me every night. 

I will post again when I have time and more knitting done. 

Until then....................

Monday, September 28, 2015

In Edmonton

I am in Edmonton getting use to the cooler temperatures here. It was gorgeous when I left Kamloops and the flight over was sunny. As we approached Edmonton, we flew into a storm cloud, had rain and even saw two rainbows. That was really cool. 

When I got to the baggage pick up area, Daughter was waiting for me. We talked a few minutes and, was I surprised when Grandson popped out from behind some pillars. 

 I certainly was surprised as I thought he was away for the weekend. They kept it a secret from me. 

We waited for the luggage to come and then headed out for supper. It was a lovely evening with family. 

Yesterday was a busy one for us. Laundry, grocery shopping, and the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 with our grandson and one of his friends. It was in 3-D and extremely funny. 

Last night we decided to head out to watch the lunar eclipse. We thought we would have to go out of town to see it. We drove 2 minutes to the park and stood in the near freezing temperatures to look at the spectacular sight. We came home when it had peaked. We stood out on the deck to watch it a bit more. In actuality, we didn't have to leave the property to get a spectacular view. We could have watched it on the deck. We tried to take pictures and only got a black sky. 

There is a cat in the household and he is quite affectionate. He gives rounds of kisses to everyone and talks to you. The first night I was here, he came into the bedroom, touched me and scared me out of a deep sleep. In the mornings, this is what I see at the bedroom door. 

Today I am alone at the house. I am going to do a bit of laundry, a bit of house work, and knitting on the mittens. I hope to show you a finished mitten tomorrow. It is going to be a quiet day for me. 

Until tomorrow...............

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flight Day

Yesterday was wet and cool. The high got to 18C or 64F. The light rain fell most of the day leaving it grey and dreary here. Today looks to be about the same without the rain.


We headed out first thing in the morning for the Spousal Unit to give blood and to have a chest X-ray. Two different locations about a mile apart. Two hidden gems where you don’t have to find parking when having the testing done at the hospital (near impossible to find parking there). We did some grocery shopping and got home just before noon. The Spousal Unit got a call from the lab and has to give blood again on Monday morning as they can’t hold the samples over the weekend. Fun and games.

After lunch we did a few things that needed to be done. I packed most everything for my trip. I did one load of laundry. We both found it hard to get focussed as the weather was depressing. One of those days. UGH!!!!!


I did knit about 5 rounds on the mittens. Everything is put away and I spent a frantic 30 minutes trying to find the needle gauge I use to size my unmarked needles. I did not find it and am really annoyed. I did find the bag of knitting needles I packed. I absolutely have no idea where I put it. In the end, I took two sets of points for the circular needles and will do a swatch to get the proper gauge. At least I have two tape measures in my kits.

Today is flight day. I have a load of laundry to do, finish packing, and be ready to leave by 11:15 a.m. I will be busy until then. I have a book to read on the flight which is about an hour long. Then it will be visiting time with Daughter-In-Law. Son will be boarding his flight soon and will land in Panama City tonight and catch his next flight in the morning. Grandson is away until tomorrow night so it will be a visiting night for us. I bet we knit while we talk.

I may not post tomorrow. That remains to be seen.

Until the next time……………………….

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Boring Day

Yesterday was another gorgeous day. There were both clouds and wind but we had our fair share of sunshine. The high got to 23.3C or 74F. This morning is cloudy and a warm 13C or 55F. We are suppose to have showers this morning and then it is to clear off and be nice. It did rain during the night much to our surprise. We normally hear it with the windows open.


Yesterday was boring. I folded laundry with the evil eye watching me.


According to his tail whapping like crazy, I was using up too much space. How could he wiggle around to get comfortable for his 4 hour nap.

After folding the laundry, I headed to the basement and did some clean up in the second bedroom. I folded all the foam sheets the cupboards were wrapped in and boxed them up for a friend to use when she moves. Two boxes of packing material are stored under the stairs.

Once done, I hunted around for another job and all I could do was sweep a bit of floor. Did that and put a coat of paint on the table. It and I are still fighting and it is winning. While I was doing that, the Spousal Unit had gone to buy more items for the apartment plus pick up the doors for the electrical panel.

In the afternoon, I had a hair appointment and while I was gone the Spousal Unit decided to deal with the bathroom fan. He has about half of the exhaust pipe in place. When I got home at 3:30, he called it a day and I started supper.


I worked on the second toque and am ready to start the earflaps. Grandson needs to try it on for fit. I also set up the first mitten for him. I will do the cuffs and then decide if I want to change the size of the needles for the hand part.

As I said, a boring day.

Today, the Spousal Unit needs to give blood and have a chest X-ray. Then we need to get a few groceries and home to work on the basement and pack.

Until tomorrow………………………..