Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Bit of Knitting

The sun shone some yesterday and it was delightful. I so enjoy the sunshine which we probably won’t see now for several days because it snowed last night. Not much but the world looks white and clean again in our neck of the woods.


First of all, thank you to all who wrote me on my day of illness. I truly appreciated it. I forgot to thank you yesterday.

Yesterday, I was out some in the morning, home to rest, had a couple of short naps, ate some bland food, and did the family skating event. I wasn’t sick, I was recuperating. I moved slowly and didn’t want to do much. I was okay with that; I had to be as I only had one speed – slow.

I found out someone else had the flu when I did so I now know where it was picked up. Unfortunately, this horrid flu is going around and hits you when you least expect it.


I am wondering if I will get the room painted today. With so much catch-up to do, I will probably just get the sanding done.


I did knit on the socks yesterday and before I got sick the dishcloth. I have been working on Continental knitting and it is coming along. I think I might have it learned soon and will probably move between the two methods.

Both the sock’s feet are done and I’m ready to start the toes. I have maybe 2” left on the dishcloth. Doing the seed stitch makes me work on continental knit and purl stitches. The purl stitch is coming along nicely though I am slow. The knit is a bit harder to do with the cotton but I am working on it. Slow but sure.

Today my goal is to do a bunch of clean up and get ready to start next week’s plans. I do have several rest periods planned also.

Until tomorrow………………….

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Land of the Living

I am back to the land of the living. This was a nasty flu bug to say the least. I didn’t feel okay until I woke up at 9:30 p.m. from my last nap.

What I realized when I was sick

  • The sun shines for the first day in a week or so. It was nice to see when I was awake.
  • Best friends always come to you help in a time of need. I was so grateful she did Lego night for me.
  • Elliott (our cat) snuggled me when I was freezing cold. He didn’t bother me at all with any of his antics. Thank goodness.
  • The Spousal Unit did a great job of looking after me when I passed out in the bathroom. All I remember him saying was to drink more fluids. I drank a bit of water to make him happy and all was fine. I slept for 3 hours after that.
  • You can text when you are sick. You can make people happy just swiping the iPhone and it tells them you read the message whether you did or not.

Today I am moving slow, drinking lots to rehydrate, and going to the skating arena for our last literacy event. I am not pushing myself at all. Somewhere along the day, I may even take a nap. Life will be boring but good.

Until tomorrow………………………………….

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Flu

I got the worst case of flu to date. I am in and out of bed and really couldn’t care less about life. I am freezing cold, my stomach hurts and I wish I was over this.

Until tomorrow……………………

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rambling Thoughts

Yesterday the fog hung low until mid afternoon and it lifted. No fog for driving last night. Yes!


Yesterday was the whirlwind day of this week. So much happening that I didn’t have a lot of time for us at home. I did get the patched spots on the walls of the sewing room sanded and more patching compound put on where needed or missed. My plan is to paint on Sunday.

After that the day became busy. Lesson plan for a low level student which took forever to do, tutoring which ran late, and family literacy events in the next community south of us in the evening. By the time I got home, I relaxed a bit and went to bed.


I watched the review show of the Great British Sewing Bee while I made and ate dinner. I had a full 60 minutes to enjoy this show. It was exciting to see the sewers from Season 2, the highlights of the show, and what the top 5 are doing now in their lives (all sewing). I look forward to Season 3.

Watching the show had me thinking about getting back into sewing, doing pattern drafting, and enjoying what I make. If what I make turns out wrong, it will be okay to toss it and move forward to getting it right. A good feeling.


No, I haven’t made it into the room to start in that closet. But, a plan is forming in my head. Last night at our family literacy activity, one lady mentioned they are going to make quilts with children from the ages of 10 to 17. I am going to donate a bunch of my quilting fabric to her so they can use it for this or the next class. If they want it, I will be so happy to let it go to a great and worthy cause.


I finally got the video component of an eBook on continental knitting working. I was able to watch 2 short videos and have been practicing on the dish cloth I am knitting on. Though slow and painful to watch me, I am making progress. It has taken three different classes to get me to do this. It was on my list for Explore 2015 and I am working on it.

Today we are heading into the city to get the vanity for the bathroom we are renovating. We hope to get home early. If that happens, I am not sure what I will do. I have to be out for 2 literacy activities tonight. Not a late night, but a busy night.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Double Trouble

The weather story is the same old, same old. Enough said when the east coast is under snow and more is on the way.


I did a bunch of running around in the morning. One stop was where a friend works and we had a lovely visit. I found out she has a female cat named Ellie May (almost the same age as our cat, Elliott). That was Elliott’s name when we thought he was a female. Ellie May and Elliott have the same disposition and we were in tears laughing how much these two are alike. Both are called evil but we concur that they are “Double Trouble”.

005 (5)

I cleaned out the spare room closet and mopped the floor. I had a small load of stuff to throw in the garbage can. It looks neat and tidy in there now. When that job was finished, I was exhausted and rested until dinner and then I was out the door for our first family literacy event. It was fun.

The Spousal Unit has pruned over half of the fruit trees in our yard. He is doing a harder prune this year and there should be only enough fruit for us. Next is planting seeds for the garden and some of the flower beds.


Donna W. I am so jealous but am excited you are doing a shirt course with Ron Collins. He was so helpful when I decided to make a shirt when I went to him the second time. He helped me with bias, pockets, and collar/neckband.

Though I didn’t get the sanding done in the sewing room, I did look in there and thought about that room. I looked in at the boxes I had packed as I wanted my camera and, really, I will be purging more as I reload that room. I did find the camera though on the unit that holds my yarn. I have realized that I do not need to keep items that I may need some day. That some day hasn’t arrived yet and I bet it won’t.


I started to knit the foot on one sock. It is around and around and around until the foot measures 8”. Boring to say the least. There is really no learning curve in this part. The next learning part is when I do the toes.

Today I need to do the sanding and prep for tutoring in the afternoon. This evening I head out to the next community to the south of us for the family literacy events they are hosting. It will be a later night as we finish up about 8 p.m. and then drive home. I guarantee there will be very little done around here today but I knew that was on the agenda.

Until tomorrow……………………..

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Hard Think

Yesterday was another gray day with temperatures above freezing. The Spousal Unit and I were talking about how the weather has been gray, cool, and calm and it is probably the reason so much flu and colds are present. We really need a change of weather to blow the staleness out of here. We were thinking of those on the other side of the continent who are under the siege of blizzard conditions even if they fall short of what was predicted.


The master bedroom is cleaned up. I decided to see if anything needed to be gotten rid of and there is nothing left to declutter or purge. The room is free of clutter. The dust bunnies had done a good job of multiplying under the bed. They have been removed and all surfaces were dusted, including the baseboards. Doors were wiped with disinfectant and the floor washed.

I prepped for a meeting which went well. This week is busy with literacy activities. I have a few things to do daily for each evening of activity.


I peeked into the sewing room yesterday and looked at the boxes of what needs to go back into the room. I almost threw my hands in the air and announced – toss it all. But I refrained from that. I will purge some more when I load the room. I know I do not need to move forward in life with all that stuff.

I looked back and haven’t sewn seams since November 23rd. I have stitched out 4 coasters since that date. That is a long time for me not to sew. I needed this lengthy break to reorganize my thoughts on sewing, the room to sew in, and to take a look at techniques and skill building. During this time, I have realized that:

  1. I want to learn more about pattern making, slopers, and how to fit clothing to myself when I am sewing. I am looking at basic items that fit well. If that means muslins so be it. It also means that I need an area for my supplies so they are together and organized.
  2. Sew the Spousal Unit more shirts. I will be cutting out a shirt and sew on it while pattern making.
  3. For fun, I want to draft a couple of patterns and sew them up for the little girls who love girly clothes.


Yesterday I stood for several long minutes looking at the closed doors on the quilting/craft fabrics and patterns closet. I shuddered at the thought of what to do with that 6 to 7 foot long, 3 shelves high closet filled to the hilt. I took a deep breath and forced myself to think about it, not walk away and avoid it. Though I didn’t open the doors, I know that 75-85% has to go. That means boxes need to be set up and the purging needs to begin. It means to let go of it mentally as I am not going to get it all sewn up. It means keeping those special pieces I know I will sew up for us. I have to do it as it does not fit in with our plan. I know that several pieces will go to a friend so she can make quilts for her grandchildren. I know that I will make a quilt for our grandson and a couple of lap quilts for us. I know that letting go of the Christmas fabric will be hard. But I know the timing is right and I can do it. At that point, I let myself walk away. This will be done as soon as the sewing room is finished up.


I worked on the socks and have the insteps done. I am happy that I am knitting both of these socks together. I learn on the first sock and reinforce the technique when knitting the second sock.


I found a mistake when I reorganized the stitches on the needles, unknit several rows on the one sock and reknit it up. I am ready to do the foot and toes. Daughter saw the picture of the socks and knows they are for her. She wears this weight of sock in her boots during the winter.

Today I have to be out to do some literacy things. After that, I will be sanding the fixed spots in the sewing room. I have to tape the baseboards and lay out the drop sheet. If there is enough time, I will start to clean out the closet in the spare room (guest room). I need to get rid of some things out of there. I hope to knit some on the foot of the sock tonight after I get home from our first activity of the week.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Monday, January 26, 2015

Progress was Made

Yesterday was foggy, gray, and somewhat warmer. The sun came out in the afternoon and the snow started to melt. Water showed up in the form of puddles. It seems as if the Pineapple Express missed us and hit Calgary. It was a full 10C warmer there than we were. (4C vs. 14C).


I tackled the bathrooms yesterday and scrubbed them from top to bottom. A lot of hard work but they are now shining clean. I had to stop for a couple of hours as my back ached and needed to rest. But done they are.

The Spousal Unit finished putting the insulation into the downstairs bathroom and got the plastic stapled over it. He has a drafty corner to reinsulate and it is ready for the plumbers. We had wanted the warm weather so the window could go in to that room. The last window to replace.


The Spousal Unit filled the little holes in the sewing room. It is ready for me to sand tomorrow. Then I can start painting it on Sunday. I want to do it in one day. So, this week is sanding and getting the drop cloth down and doing what ever taping that needs to be done. I have decided to purge more as I set up the room and reload the stuff into the room.

Sewing room: My sewing room is quite large ~ about 11 x 14’ or larger. Putting the table against the wall should work and I am looking seriously at that. I did enjoy it in the middle of the room when cutting out gowns but I am not doing that now.

Pattern Paper: Years ago, I was given a roll of paper they used in the doctor’s office when teaching some girls how to draw a slim skirt for themselves to sew. It was soft and horrid. It tore when we drew on it and we ended up using a high quality paper that the school had. This past fall I finally gave the rest of the roll away to a preschool group. I am sure there is a better quality paper out there in doctor’s offices. When I trace patterns, I put them on a pellon like fabric which I love. For drawing patterns, I wanted a good quality paper that I can draw on, erase and not have it rip. I am anal about that.


I got the first gusset knit yesterday. I picked up the stitches on both the socks at the same time as I watched the video. I was thrilled with the results.


I have to say that I am learning so much from the course. I understand why certain things are done in a certain way. I also like to use the scrap yarns as markers. Such a great idea. I plan on doing one more pair in this weight of yarn and then start again on the smaller sized sock yarn.

Today I have to finish planning for a meeting and clean our bedroom. The dust bunnies have exploded and need capturing and sent on their way. It won’t take too long to do as I need to dust, sweep, and mop. If I have time, I might clean out some cupboard and reorganize

Until tomorrow…………………………