Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Shirt In the Making

It was cooler yesterday but still warmer than the normal temperature for this time of year. The sun shone, the wind blew, and you had to wear a light coat outdoors. It rained quite hard last evening which was great. We need every drop we can get before winter sets in.

I started out yesterday with a piece of fabric on the cutting table. I pinned on the shirt pattern and lengthened the sleeves as I went along. I cut out the pieces as I needed them and finally finished cutting them out mid morning. I then attacked the interfacing and got that part done. By lunch time, I was ready to sew on the collar.

After fueling up, I went down and got the collar and collar band onto the shirt. I tried it differently this time as I had read about this method maybe 4 years ago. Rather than finish off the collar band on the inside of the neckline, you do it on the outside. The finished collar band looks perfect this way. I am converted.


The shirt in a full length shot. I have serged the seams prior to sewing them together and have added vertical darts to the front and back for a slim fit.


After I got home in the late afternoon and while dinner cooked, I hand sewed the collar band in place and topped stitched it down. I was where I wanted to be for the day. It needs the collar and band pressed good.


Last evening was our knitting night out. There were 6 of us and we laughed and carried on teasing each other. I actually ripped out one row 3 times, got it completed, did the next row and have to ripped it out as I found a mistake. These slippers are going to be done one day.

Today I have to be in the city to shop and have my hair cut. Then I want to get home in time to put the plackets in the sleeves. I won’t get much more than that done as I tutor a student tonight.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Project Finished

Another lovely day where it got to 19C and a warm south wind blew. It is hard to believe we are three weeks into October and still having lovely weather. No frost to date.

I did a bit of housework yesterday morning and managed to get 4 loads of laundry done. I am looking forward to having my schedule back and the house clean and tidy.

I spent a lot of hours sewing hems yesterday. There were 4 layers to be hemmed and each one seemed to be a mile in diameter. I measured, pinned, ironed, stitched and when all was said and done, I did the hem on the satin twice. Once with a straight stitch and once with a tiny zig zag stitch.


I ended up with a cramp in my thigh muscle and my ankles were tingling from sitting so much. This dress leaves today and I move on to the next project.

I did knit last night. I did several rows and have 1.5” knit from the new ball of yarn. Moving along nicely with this project and I do enjoy knitting in the evenings.

I have to say that I am looking forward to being done this sewing jag. I really want to have a routine back where I can cook, clean, run, and enjoy myself puttering around in the sewing room. As a result of all the sewing I am doing, I am not sleeping well and can be up for a couple of hours several nights a week. This is not healthy.

Today, I am going to lay and cut out a shirt in a pretty blue fabric. Once cut out, it shouldn’t take long to sew. There are no yokes to put on. The time consuming part will be the collar. I have to be out this afternoon for a couple of hours and then can work on it for another hour when I get home. The count down begins.

Until tomorrow………………………………

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Lovely Neckline

It is hard to believe that this morning is 10C cooler than yesterday morning. Fall has to come and the weatherman is forecasting it to arrive by the end of this week. No snow, but back into the normal range.

I had two meetings and spent some time organizing the material for them. They were both excellent meetings. I will make a list of things to do over the next week.

I also logged in some time sewing between meetings and then into the evening. I got the lilac dress ready to hem. I was handling a lot of fabric, especially at the hem of the dress. But it was ready for the neck facing which I did after supper.

After I stitched on the neck facing and pressed it, I paused to admire how nice it looked. It turned out better than I had anticipated. I love how the flowers come over the neck edge at each corner.


With so many beads next to the neckline, I had to sew the seam  using this narrow zipper foot put on so the bulk of it sat on the seam allowance. I am getting pretty good at using it this way.


The dress is on the dress form and on a tub ready to pin up the hem. There are four layers to hem up so I will be busy sewing miles of hem.


I do like this dress as it was cooperative from start to finish.

After that, I sat and knit an inch on the baby shawl. I had to unknit a few rows the previous night as the Russian method of joining yarn did not work. I used too big a needle. I found another method that I will try at the end of this ball. I have pinned it on Pintrest (annmade is my name on Pintrest)

Today I have laundry to do, housework to start, and the hem to sew on this dress. I am forecasting a long day of sewing and may end up back in the sewing room after dinner. If it means the dress is done and ready to ship, I can move on to other projects that need finishing. I am ready to be done next week.

Until tomorrow………………………………….

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Busy Day In Many Ways

I am late!! Time got away from me this morning as I started to do things at 5:30 a.m. in hopes I could run 2 to 3 km. A look at the temperature stopped that in its tracks. 17C or 63F is way to warm for me to run. Top it off with a warm air current, and I would be sick. Yesterday our high got to a remarkable 24.8 or 76.6F. And the south wind was very warm.

I spent quite a bit of time sewing as this clothing is nearing the end of living at my house. I am counting the days until it is gone. The lining of the lilac dress is ready to have the skirt sewn on it. Neck facings, hem and belt and it exits the house.


Next…… You’ll have to wait.

Late in the afternoon we had a couple of young boys over to help dig the carrots. The youngest raked leaves and played in his pile.


And the carrots they dug were fabulous. And washing them with the hose was too much fun.


I have packed up the rodeo queen clothes and patterns and they are ready to leave the house at the end of the month. I still have items to add to one tub. I


I am ready to start living my dreams.

a life without dreams

Today I have two meetings and will try to work on the lining for a couple of hours this afternoon. If necessary, I may work on it after supper to get the dress ready to hem.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Lot of Sewing

As we look about at all the fall colours showing in our area, the cooler temperatures, and those scents only smelled in the fall, we got another shot of warm summery weather. The temperatures rose to 22.8C or 73F. In actual fact it was the perfect day for the annual pumpkin cannon day. No, we did not go as we were informed there were about 250 cars parked down there and people were everywhere. But the pictures show it was a success once again.

The Spousal Unit dug the potatoes yesterday morning. He told me to look at our crop and I was amazed at what we grew this summer.


They are huge and smooth. It is the best crop of potatoes we have ever grown. I laid a plant identification tag on top of the longest potato for a comparison.


Yes, I was squealing with delight.

The rest of the day, for me, was spent on a sewing marathon. I lived in the sewing room unless it was for food or to answer the phone or to use the bathroom. The first item to be worked on was the lilac dress. It went together like a dream. I sewed and pressed, and basted, and by mid afternoon it was ready for the lining. I spent a lot of time at the serger as I had to serge the hem on the underlining, the satin, and the lace overlay. There is a lot of miles around the bottom of that skirt. It is on the dress form having a rest waiting for the lining.


The sleeves went in perfectly and I have become addicted to hand basting them in place before sewing. That extra 10 minutes is well worth it.

As the lilac dress relaxes a bit, I went back to the grey dress. I have some hand sewing to fix up on it. I used black thread and have some stitches showing on the grey garment fabric. I pinned some more pieces onto the godets that will be machine sewn on.


I shut the door to the sewing room at 4 p.m. and relaxed my sore shoulders and back. It was good to move about and see the outside.

I knit in the evening and finished up the first ball of yarn. It gave me about 17” of the 40” I need for this baby shawl.


I attached the new ball of yarn using the Russian Join Yarn method. It works quite well. I purled one row and am ready to knit the next ball on this project. Now that I have the pattern memorized and watch the repeats closely, I can quickly fix my mistakes. Amazing enough, I can knit several rows without making a mistake.

We have a tub that was returned to us on the ledge at the kitchen window and Elliott has decided to sleep in it. We call it minimal living and getting ready to downsize. He loves this tub even though he fills it.


This is his ledge. He eats up there as the dog can’t have his medicated food. The tub, well, it has to go as it takes up too much room. It has been fun watching him in it.

Today is another sewing marathon day. The lilac dress will get its lining. There is some fringe to sew onto a vest, and I am hoping the grey dress will be done ready for its belt. Another day of busyness in the sewing room. I will stop again at 4 p.m. as we have a couple of boys coming over to dig carrots with the Spousal Unit. That will be a lot of fun. It will end up being yours, mine, and the horse’s.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sewing Fun

It was a cool day yesterday but a lovely fall day. We seem to be getting warmer temperatures for the next few days before we have another system come in.

I had a busy day sewing in the sewing room. I started the day out removing the godets from the lining of the grey dress. There was too much at the back of the dress to make the garment fabric godets move nicely. Each piece of lining left was pinned down to the seams on the dress and sewn in place to hide the raw edges. As of this mornings effort, there is only one seam plus the slim part of the skirt lining left to sew down.


Here is a close up of one seam sewn in place.


I had to work on a lilac dress and sew down the overlay. It is two different overlays where the lilac is sewn down first and the flowers and leaves sewn down afterwards. This adds depth.


My day ended with the lilac going for crystals and pearls. I spent some time knitting and looking at knitting patterns online. I found this one to make out of some yarn I have in the stash.

broiche scarf

Broiche Knit scarf at Hands Occupied

Today is a sewing marathon day. I will probably be at it for a good 10 hours. I will try to remember to take pictures during the day. I am setting up to sew lilac first.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Friday, October 17, 2014

Looked, Touched, Didn’t Buy

Yesterday was warmer than the average and for that I am happy. The sunrise in the morning was gorgeous; bright pinks on dark clouds.

My trip to the city was short and sweet. The kind of trip that you race around and return home weary from doing so much in such little time. I also topped it off having a good blood sugar low. I had to eat candy to get it to come back up.

I do have to admit, I did look at yarn in two stores. My goal was to find a specific yarn and read the information on it and feel it. In the first store, I saw the baby yarn I am knitting into a shawl in a rich eggplant colour. My heart fluttered at the colour but I reminded myself I did not need it. In the second store, I found the yarn I was looking for, felt the yarn, looked at the colours/information and left without buying any. I wasn’t keen on the colours and I didn’t need it. I did buy 2 packages of buttons to finish up a neck warmer which will finish one of two that need buttons.

Once home, I did sew for a couple of hours. The second side seam was taken in, hems marked, cut, serged, and sewn up. I also made the belt for this dress and the open end needs hand sewn shut. There are a couple of pieces of the overlay that need to be dealt with also. Basically it is now ready for the fringe to be cut.


I sat and did some knitting and when I looked I had to un-knit two rows. I had a mistake at the end of the third row. Too many decreases.


Today, I plan on doing up a little bit more on the above dress and then removing the godets from the lining of the grey dress. I have the lilac dress coming today to assemble.

Until tomorrow………………………………………