Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sewing A Lining

Yesterday was another warm day. The high was 30.5 or 87F. Today there is a chance of showers and cooler temperatures.

Our neighbourhood had a visitor for the better part of the day. He hung out in a tree across the fence from a young couple’s house and we assume he was eyeing up the winter pears. This picture was shared so we knew this was really happening.


This is the first bear to wander in to this particular neighbourhood in the past 5 years.

Canning didn’t happen due to the fact the Spousal Unit had to give blood and was gone for over an hour and then I had to leave 30 minutes later. I did sew on a lining for a dress throughout the day.


The skirt is now attached and the back skirt pieces have to be removed for a minor adjustment I forgot to do. Once that is done, it can be completed.

I got out another dress and sewed the bottom skirt with fringe attached to it to the top part. It looks great.


I had a fabulous visit with my friend when I gave her the quilt batting. We talked about the north country, what communities they have been in, fabric stores, and more. It was wonderful to talk to someone who knew the area that we lived in for so many years.

I found the buttons for the last two tea towels and once they are sewn on, I will take a picture of all the items made from the cotton/hemp yarn. I started the Baby Surprise Jacket last night and have 11 rows knit on it. Baby yarn and 3mm needles = slow knitting. I have to remember this is for a new born baby. I did have to go back one row last night as there was a mistake. I didn’t count properly. All odd number rows have have increases or decrease or both and I count carefully.

Today we are canning pears and peaches and I have adult tutoring in the afternoon. If there is time, I will sew on the lining but I am not certain that will happen.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sewing With A Bit of Purging

It was hot yesterday. It got to 30C or 86F in the late afternoon. The morning was cool at 9C or 47F which isn’t cold. All I can say is I am thankful it didn’t happen Sunday at the Fair. 

Yesterday morning I had to find a tub as one of the Kid’s Corner tubs is missing its lid. I dug out a tub from the closet that was full of quilting batting. I laid it out on the treadmill and tossed the useless pieces.


What was left I am giving away to a friend along with enough flannel to make a winter quilt. She has moved to the north eastern part of our province and it gets cold there in the winter.

I kept what I wanted and it fits in a corner of a shelf. The floor space underneath is empty which leaves me happy.


I kept some small packages for lap quilts, some special thin batting for wall hangings and table runners, and a bunch of batting for quilted bags. There is enough there to keep me busy for quite a while.  I will end up quilting with silk batting that has 10% polyester in it. I love the feel of it over 100% cotton.

After returning everything from Kid’s Corner for storage, I sewed. It turned out to be lining a dress for Daughter. It is a cute dress that needed a bit of work done to it and I spent quite a bit of time working on it. After inserting the lining, I had to draw neck facings, attach them and make a belt. I was able to return it to her house before dinner.


I spent a quiet evening knitting and watching TV. I needed that down time. I almost finished the tea towel which I completed this morning. Friends are having a baby in October so I think I will knit them a sweater from the white baby yarn that next on the list. The pattern will be Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket. I will follow two tutorials when I make it. Looking forward to knitting it.

Today, I plan on sewing up the leather vest ready for crystals and beads. I have to meet my friend at 11 a.m. to give her the quilt batting and wish her a great trip up north. If possible, I may can 7 pints of either peaches or pears in the afternoon. Need to get the fruit done.

Until tomorrow…………………………………

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Fair Is Over For Another Year

We were busy yesterday from the moment we got up until dinner time. It was our local Fall Fair and 50 children went through Kid’s Corner. The weather was beautiful with a high of 28C or 83F. The young lady who helped me and I were thankful of the two fans we had brought as it kept the room cooler until it was almost time to clean up.

The zucchini races were a hoot. The Spousal Unit helped run them and talked about decorations and the way they went down the track. A senior from a community 4 hours drive from us examined the track carefully as a group of seniors wants one to do races with.

I am excited to say that I am knitting the last item out of the cotton/hemp blend. I got it started last night. I am happy to be done with both the pattern and the yarn but that came only as I cast on the last item.

Today I have some baking dishes to wash up and return to the fall fair and pick up the items I lent for two displays. Then I have laundry to tackle and I am finally going to sew. It is putting a lining into a dress and I am excited to do that after being out of the sewing room for nearly a week. I have sewing planned for every afternoon for a few days.

Until tomorrow…………………………………….

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nearing D Day

This morning feels cool though the temperature is normal for us. There is a north wind blowing that adds that fall nip to the air. The last tree of peaches will be picked today and we have to start looking at prepping our yard for winter.

It was a busy day yesterday. The Spousal Unit and I got the zucchini race track into the truck and delivered.


It is set up and almost ready to use. We know it works as we rolled cans of beans down it in the garage.


After that was complete, we set up the kid’s corner ready for crafts on Sunday. At home, I got the majority of the crafts organized. My knees hurt when I was finished.

I sat with the heating pad on my knees and knit for an hour last night. I finished the dish towel in “sour cherry”.


I hope I can find a matching button for it. With that done, I am down to the last three balls of cotton/hemp. Colour is “blue icing”.


Enough for a dish cloth and a tea towel. The knitted pattern will be basket weave.

Today I have to finish up the organization of the crafts and set them out on the tables. Laundry needs to be done and a bit of housework if it can be squeezed in. Tomorrow is Fall Fair and we will be busy with it.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Lot of Thoughts

It is warmer this morning by almost 8C. It is also cloudy with a tiny chance of showers.

On my way to the city yesterday, I saw ice under the sprinklers in a hay field. Fall is coming when  you see that.

On the way home, I saw some popular trees full of yellow leaves. Another sign fall is coming and it is early.

A picture of the little lilac dress that I made during early summer. I am awaiting more pictures but these girls love their dresses.


I continue to think of wardrobe planning and am glad that I didn’t jump in and start sewing my first plans. I continue to gather ideas from The Vivienne Files. She has included colours I like (denim, grey, pink, rose, cranberry). I prefer black to grey and I can add the shade of red I love. I have to think of colours not as one shade only but look at it in lighter and darker shades or is that hues.

The nice thing about these colours is having the fabric in my stash to make the clothes. I can start this wardrobe easily following the Start from Scratch ideas. I can stay on my fabric diet easily.

The next three days are full of Fall Fair jobs. I will split my day between helping with the zucchini race track and kid’s corner activities.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Not Missing In Action

It is cool this morning – 2.6C or 37F. Our coolest morning to date. Fall is in the air as the air has a different smell to it and the breeze is cooler.

I didn’t blog for 2 days as I have been on the dead run starting when I got up in the morning.

The past two morning we have canned. Fourteen jars of tomatoes on Tuesday and 7 jars of pears yesterday. Tomatoes are done for the year. Just more pears, peaches, and plums and canning season will be over.

I have been doing a series of “Starting Up” for parents with school age children. I have got 5 grades done to date and posted for them to access. It is a lot of work as I have to do internet research. The children in BC haven’t started school yet due to the ongoing strike.

Adult tutoring started yesterday and I had to prep for that. I don’t expect people to come in yet due to the nice weather we are having. But, I have to start just in case.

I am still knitting. The yellow dishcloth is done and I have started on a tea towel in “Sour Cherry”. When it is completed, I will have a dishcloth and tea towel to knit in blue. Then that batch of yarn is done, gone, and out of the house. Evenings are when I do most of my knitting.

Today I have to head to the city for an appointment and do a bit of shopping. I have to work on crafts for Kid’s Corner at the fall fair. I have a little over two days to get this done. Crafts are chosen and I have some parts done.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fall Is Coming

It was cool yesterday and we had a bit of rain fall. The wind was out of the north and it kept the temperature fairly steady all day. It is suppose to warm up for the weekend.

I finished up the knitted pieces by darning in the loose ends and adding buttons to the tea towels. They are now put away. I also spent some time looking at scarf patterns and found one I want to make. It won’t happen until October though as I have enough of the cotton and hemp left to knit before I touch the baby yarn.

The lining is cut out. That is 4 meters of stash gone. Yes! Yes! Yes! There is still 3 meters left leaving me to question Why did I buy 7 meters of lining?


I need to mark it ready to sew. There is a lining that needs to be sewn as it is machine basted together. That is in the queue.

I looked out at the hydrangeas in the back yard. There is one I love the colour of it in the fall. It starts out cream and turns pink then a darker shade of pink before we cut it back for winter.


A closer look at the blossoms.


The second hydrangea is one that is suppose to start out green and turn cream in the fall. It didn’t do that this year. It started out green, then cream and …………


it is turning pink.


Today I have to can tomatoes and do some sewing on the lining. I also have to work on the kid’s corner activities for this Saturday. Right now, I am heading out to run to get my thoughts in order. My knees are virtually pain free today.

Until tomorrow………………….