Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Transformation

Day three of the same type of weather. Cool, windy, cloudy and some sunshine. Today is suppose to be the same type of weather. Then it starts to improve.


The dratted cold is in my chest. It made me feel awful yesterday – hot, cold, cranky, and tired. I do feel somewhat better this morning but am coughing like crazy.

We both worked on preparing the place for the showing today. Got everything done that was on the list and was ready to push through the last of it this morning. At 4:30 p.m., our showing got cancelled which was fine by us.  The buyers come Monday to do their own inspection. Daughter got our time slot as they put their house up for sale. It is a win-win situation as the real estate agent thinks we have a done deal.


I had to take a picture of the front of the house yesterday afternoon. What a transformation. We have gone from this in June 2009:


to this in July 2012 after I had taken a course in doing hanging baskets and pots and we had ripped off some of the old siding:

004 (23)

to this in April 2015:


The hanging baskets still need to go up and will look very similar to those I did in 2012. I do them like this every year as they are our mark in the neighbourhood.


I did the kick pleat in the dress for Daughter. It was actually very straight forward and turned out good. I started doing this as an alternative to a godet as the girls don’t like their legs to show when they walk and do their modeling.

I don’t have pictures of what I did but it is a 6” wide piece of dress fabric longer than the kick pleat. I sew the strip of fabric to both sides of the kick pleat, press the seams towards the dress and then play with it until I like how it looks at the top. You might have to put a couple of tiny pleats near the seam allowance at the top. I will stitch across the top of the kick pleat and fuse everything in place. I don’t press fold marks in the dress but let it flow. If it sticks out, I would press it a bit to help hold it in place.


I haven’t done any knitting for two nights. With this cold, I have fought to stay awake until bedtime and only watched TV. I am sure I would have made a ton of mistakes if I had picked up the needles.

Today, the goal is to finish cleaning the house and then choose whether to paint or pack antiques for the young couple. I may end up packing antiques to get it done with. I can have it all ready to go when our friends arrive tomorrow to help put up the fence. If there is time and I have the energy, I will try to plant the flower tubs that go around the pond. If not, I will rest.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Friday, April 24, 2015

Further Ahead Than We Realized

It was virtually the same temperature yesterday as it was on Wednesday. You could see the storms all around us and the wind blew some chasing the storms out of our area. Today is suppose to be another repeat of yesterday.


I spent the day in the city rushing from one spot to another getting what we needed. That included new every day runners for both of us. I got home exhausted as I was tired and fighting a cold. Not sure who is winning, me or the cold.

I picked up 4 medium sized packing boxes to put some items in that will go north to the young couple we give antiques to. That will get done on Sunday while the fence is being done. His parents will be here helping. The left over boxes will be stored until we start packing.

The Spousal Unit fixed the ditch beside one of the fences yesterday and it is ready to put into grass. It does look really finished. We have a fence to put in and then I will help do the touch up painting on the fences.

Yesterday was the first day we both realized we are farther ahead than we thought. It helped us both relax a bit before we start house hunting. And it will push us through to finish up what we want to get done here.


I have to help finish up a rodeo queen dress ~ putting in a kick pleat. That will help me with my sewing urges. I have also been reading blogs of others that been sewing and have thoroughly enjoyed their projects.

I have also been thinking what I want to do in the next sewing room. I would love vinyl plank flooring put down for easy clean up. I also want light coloured walls and good lighting. After that, I have to see the space to make the final decisions.

Today, I have to do laundry and clean house. We have a showing tomorrow morning so I need to be ready for the last minute touch ups before we walk out the door with the dog and cat. There is a mountain of laundry residing in our bedroom. This week was far too busy for us and things did slip a bit in the tidy house department. I do hope to take some pictures as there will be a bit of staging outside this afternoon.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Front Door We Can Lock

It was a cool day yesterday – 15.2C or 59F. We wore coats all day and endured the rain in the morning. Looking up at the hills, there was snow. Some communities got up to 2” of snow which was a shock after a hot day. It has cleared off but there is still a chance of showers today.


After a hectic day of legal advice, we got the price we wanted for our house. We have sold a lot of property but this was different to the rest. Not listed and intensely stressful. As the only subject hasn’t been removed, we will have a house showing on Saturday. That means a clean house.

The Spousal Unit put the handle and deadbolt on the front door. The pictures aren’t the best as the sun was shining on the door.



I have to do some pictures with my big camera so will show what the front looks like when they are done. Painting the door certainly changed the look of the house.

We have been asked why we are selling this house after doing all the work to it. It was part of our plan when we bought it and most people refused to hear that comment. It has been a lot of fun doing the renovations as this house really talked to us about how it should look. And we learned a lot about house renovations and our style ~ minimalist. For that we are grateful.

I am so impressed with my adult learner as she is moving ahead in reading. She is using such good strategies when reading that she keeps moving forward every week.


It was knitting night and I worked on the lace beanie. I got 4 rows done as we visited. It was great to be out with friends. I will continue to knit the beanies and swatches.

Today I have to head into the city and get some more renovation supplies. We have a few things left to do on this house.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Hectic Day

It was a glorious warm day yesterday with a high of 26C or 79F. Late in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and the wind blew. Early this morning it rained and we are in for a few cooler days. Cooler means 12C or 20F cooler. We need the rain so complaints are few and far between.


It was a hectic day both physically and emotionally. The painter finished up painting and the front of the house is transformed. I took one picture of the door as it looked so rich with three coats of paint on it.


I planted two of the three flower tubs in the front yesterday morning and can do the third one when the railing is done at the end of the cement. I know I need to buy a total of 6 plants for those tubs. I also planted a hosta in the the hosta bed and transplanted a small one into the backyard flower bed.

The Spousal Unit painted the fence and has touch of painting to do when it is warm and sunny. The green leaves on the fruit trees pop against the brown fence. 

In the midst of all this we got the offer and it was a good cash offer. We plan on countering to try and get more for this house as it isn’t listed and we really don’t need to sell. Mid afternoon we got a call to show the house this Saturday. There seems to be more people coming to town to look at houses this weekend. I am sure the real estate agents are happy to be getting a few listings this week also.


I was so tired last night that I couldn’t focus on knitting. I left it be and went to bed early. I would have made several stupid mistakes if I had picked it up.

Today, we counter offer on the house, and do some house work. I am out for tutoring in the afternoon and knitting tonight. It is my usual busy day out of the house so I may spend an hour doing some cleaning. That seems to be all the time I have to work.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Interesting Day

Yesterday was full of sunshine and warmth. It got to 26.7C or 80F. It was such a beautiful day that we sat outside in the evening until it was dark.


The painter arrived and started the front of the house. When she left, we had a good laugh as the front door looked like a 3 year old had smeared lipstick on their face.


There is brown paint on the white and all will be fine today. Our next chuckle was how we shut the door for the night. No door knob due to painting so we used full paint cans to keep the door shut.


I cleaned house, the Spousal Unit painted fence. I also got the printing done for two groups and did a flurry of driving around to get material delivered and to a meeting. We both had a busy day.

The real estate agent came in near lunch for a bit and by dinner time phoned us to say he had an offer on our place. We find out this morning what it is. We are being firm as this place isn’t listed yet. Our stress levels are up as we wonder if our price is too low. We aren’t worried about where we will live as we have been there, done that before.

Today, I had thought I was going to the city but that has been cancelled with the offer coming in at 9 a.m. Instead, I will start planting flower pots and head out to a meeting at 3:30 p.m.

Until tomorrow………………………………………….

Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Gardening Fun

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Full of sunshine and warmth. The high temperature got to 23.7C or 74.6F. Today is suppose to be warmer and then it starts to cool off.


Yesterday morning we were ready for 7 little ones, moms and a grandma who came to Family Gardening. Two of the families have come each year for the past three years and we commented on how warm it was yesterday compared to previous years when we started out with temperatures near freezing. Even last week, it was near freezing temperatures. Everyone worked in the sunshine and it was a whirlwind of activity, information, and laughter.


There was lots of dirt and plants to make two flower pots.


Family Gardening

We left the dirt to dry and swept it up in the afternoon. We then did a repeat last night with a couple of little boys who couldn’t come in the morning.

After that was over, we both painted. I did the moulding and a door in the basement and the Spousal Unit worked on the fence. When I finished my job, the Spousal Unit was almost done as it was getting too warm. The stain would dry before it soaked into the wood. He is almost half done one fence one coat. A huge job.


We were looking at where I can prime outside and noticed that the wasps are starting to build their nests around the covered patio and the greenhouse. Not good and we must deal with it.

I am prepped for a dinner meeting tonight. I had thought I was going to kill the computer and printer as they wouldn’t talk to each other to print the documents I need. This went on for 24 hours. I shut both down, started up again and all was printed before breakfast. Yes!! I have to print one more document for its final reading and then I will be clear of it. I finished it yesterday while fighting with the printer.  


I did get to knit a bit before dinner and then later in the evening. The next beanie has been started.


I use post it notes when I knit for two reasons. The first is to keep track of what row I am on. I put it under the row I am currently knitting. The second is I write on it when I have to do repeats of pattern and when I am doing the crown. I encourage new knitters to use this when they are learning to read a pattern and when they are doing repeats. 

Today, I have to wash windows, floors, and tidy up any messy areas. If there is time, I will paint walls. The painter is here to finish up railings, doors, and trim. In all, another busy day full of moments of stress.

Until tomorrow………………………

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Fence Gets Colour

We had another sunny day with a high of 20C or 68F. Today is suppose to be warmer and sunny. Great days to be outside doing things.


We started the morning working in the greenhouse and covered patio. We were getting ready for Family Gardening that we hold yearly. Plants were sorted, cement swept, and pots, fertilizer, etc. put out ready to go. It will be a fast paced 1 hour session.

The bathroom got the painting it required done and left to dry. In the late afternoon (and in considerable pain), I cleaned the room and staged it. It looks great; fresh and tidy. The upstairs is done except for a closet and that will be done soon.

I spent a couple of hours outside painting around the deck. I painted all that had been primed. I had to balance on rocks, climb ladders, and twist into some awkward spots. If it needs another coat, I will use a small roller rather than a paint brush.

While I was painting, the Spousal Unit started to stain the fence. He got the small roller for that job. It will need a second coat, which I will do when I get another small roller kit. It is easy to come along behind the Spousal Unit the next day and roll the second coat and touch up with a brush.


It was another busy day in our household but I can say we have made progress. Moving along nicely.


I have barely looked in the sewing room with all the work that needs to be done. I am sad that I haven’t been able to sew and have had times where it bothers me to no end. If the house sells, that room will be packed first to let the new owners use for storage after the subjects are removed. We will use the family room to store our packed items. This is a part of life right now.


I sat and knit a bit before lunch and then for a short while in the evening. The cable beanie is finished and I do like it.


The crown was done by decreasing the purl stitches first and then the cables. The cables stitches ended with a right twist to close the cables before tightening up the center.


The crowns on the three beanies I made have been well done to include the pattern being knit. The next beanie is a lace pattern and will be done in the same colour; oatmeal. That will be set up tonight.

I also have to start the next swatch. It will be the knit 2 purl 2 ribbing which is fun to do. I need to get these swatches done and sent off so I find out which course to take next. I don’t plan on rushing them, just to work on them steadily. That hasn’t happened lately.

Today is Family Gardening and then it will be painting the fence and touch up a ceiling plus paint some moulding in the basement. I may get outside to do some priming. The next area to prime is the greenhouse. 

Until tomorrow……………………………