Monday, October 20, 2014

A Busy Day In Many Ways

I am late!! Time got away from me this morning as I started to do things at 5:30 a.m. in hopes I could run 2 to 3 km. A look at the temperature stopped that in its tracks. 17C or 63F is way to warm for me to run. Top it off with a warm air current, and I would be sick. Yesterday our high got to a remarkable 24.8 or 76.6F. And the south wind was very warm.

I spent quite a bit of time sewing as this clothing is nearing the end of living at my house. I am counting the days until it is gone. The lining of the lilac dress is ready to have the skirt sewn on it. Neck facings, hem and belt and it exits the house.


Next…… You’ll have to wait.

Late in the afternoon we had a couple of young boys over to help dig the carrots. The youngest raked leaves and played in his pile.


And the carrots they dug were fabulous. And washing them with the hose was too much fun.


I have packed up the rodeo queen clothes and patterns and they are ready to leave the house at the end of the month. I still have items to add to one tub. I


I am ready to start living my dreams.

a life without dreams

Today I have two meetings and will try to work on the lining for a couple of hours this afternoon. If necessary, I may work on it after supper to get the dress ready to hem.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Lot of Sewing

As we look about at all the fall colours showing in our area, the cooler temperatures, and those scents only smelled in the fall, we got another shot of warm summery weather. The temperatures rose to 22.8C or 73F. In actual fact it was the perfect day for the annual pumpkin cannon day. No, we did not go as we were informed there were about 250 cars parked down there and people were everywhere. But the pictures show it was a success once again.

The Spousal Unit dug the potatoes yesterday morning. He told me to look at our crop and I was amazed at what we grew this summer.


They are huge and smooth. It is the best crop of potatoes we have ever grown. I laid a plant identification tag on top of the longest potato for a comparison.


Yes, I was squealing with delight.

The rest of the day, for me, was spent on a sewing marathon. I lived in the sewing room unless it was for food or to answer the phone or to use the bathroom. The first item to be worked on was the lilac dress. It went together like a dream. I sewed and pressed, and basted, and by mid afternoon it was ready for the lining. I spent a lot of time at the serger as I had to serge the hem on the underlining, the satin, and the lace overlay. There is a lot of miles around the bottom of that skirt. It is on the dress form having a rest waiting for the lining.


The sleeves went in perfectly and I have become addicted to hand basting them in place before sewing. That extra 10 minutes is well worth it.

As the lilac dress relaxes a bit, I went back to the grey dress. I have some hand sewing to fix up on it. I used black thread and have some stitches showing on the grey garment fabric. I pinned some more pieces onto the godets that will be machine sewn on.


I shut the door to the sewing room at 4 p.m. and relaxed my sore shoulders and back. It was good to move about and see the outside.

I knit in the evening and finished up the first ball of yarn. It gave me about 17” of the 40” I need for this baby shawl.


I attached the new ball of yarn using the Russian Join Yarn method. It works quite well. I purled one row and am ready to knit the next ball on this project. Now that I have the pattern memorized and watch the repeats closely, I can quickly fix my mistakes. Amazing enough, I can knit several rows without making a mistake.

We have a tub that was returned to us on the ledge at the kitchen window and Elliott has decided to sleep in it. We call it minimal living and getting ready to downsize. He loves this tub even though he fills it.


This is his ledge. He eats up there as the dog can’t have his medicated food. The tub, well, it has to go as it takes up too much room. It has been fun watching him in it.

Today is another sewing marathon day. The lilac dress will get its lining. There is some fringe to sew onto a vest, and I am hoping the grey dress will be done ready for its belt. Another day of busyness in the sewing room. I will stop again at 4 p.m. as we have a couple of boys coming over to dig carrots with the Spousal Unit. That will be a lot of fun. It will end up being yours, mine, and the horse’s.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sewing Fun

It was a cool day yesterday but a lovely fall day. We seem to be getting warmer temperatures for the next few days before we have another system come in.

I had a busy day sewing in the sewing room. I started the day out removing the godets from the lining of the grey dress. There was too much at the back of the dress to make the garment fabric godets move nicely. Each piece of lining left was pinned down to the seams on the dress and sewn in place to hide the raw edges. As of this mornings effort, there is only one seam plus the slim part of the skirt lining left to sew down.


Here is a close up of one seam sewn in place.


I had to work on a lilac dress and sew down the overlay. It is two different overlays where the lilac is sewn down first and the flowers and leaves sewn down afterwards. This adds depth.


My day ended with the lilac going for crystals and pearls. I spent some time knitting and looking at knitting patterns online. I found this one to make out of some yarn I have in the stash.

broiche scarf

Broiche Knit scarf at Hands Occupied

Today is a sewing marathon day. I will probably be at it for a good 10 hours. I will try to remember to take pictures during the day. I am setting up to sew lilac first.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Friday, October 17, 2014

Looked, Touched, Didn’t Buy

Yesterday was warmer than the average and for that I am happy. The sunrise in the morning was gorgeous; bright pinks on dark clouds.

My trip to the city was short and sweet. The kind of trip that you race around and return home weary from doing so much in such little time. I also topped it off having a good blood sugar low. I had to eat candy to get it to come back up.

I do have to admit, I did look at yarn in two stores. My goal was to find a specific yarn and read the information on it and feel it. In the first store, I saw the baby yarn I am knitting into a shawl in a rich eggplant colour. My heart fluttered at the colour but I reminded myself I did not need it. In the second store, I found the yarn I was looking for, felt the yarn, looked at the colours/information and left without buying any. I wasn’t keen on the colours and I didn’t need it. I did buy 2 packages of buttons to finish up a neck warmer which will finish one of two that need buttons.

Once home, I did sew for a couple of hours. The second side seam was taken in, hems marked, cut, serged, and sewn up. I also made the belt for this dress and the open end needs hand sewn shut. There are a couple of pieces of the overlay that need to be dealt with also. Basically it is now ready for the fringe to be cut.


I sat and did some knitting and when I looked I had to un-knit two rows. I had a mistake at the end of the third row. Too many decreases.


Today, I plan on doing up a little bit more on the above dress and then removing the godets from the lining of the grey dress. I have the lilac dress coming today to assemble.

Until tomorrow………………………………………

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thought Paths

It was a cool damp day and everyone seemed to stay in and keep warm. I was out and about and had to wear a light jacket to keep warm and dry.

As it was a busy day doing other things, I only got to pet the dress I am finishing up. Actually, I have it prepped to take in the second side. It is ready to finish up later today.

As it was a day where I was outside the house, I had several opportunities to think and think I did. What I want to do, how I can do it with little stress, and how I can keep to my plan of purchasing only what I need to finish up a project. That keeps my mind active and leads me down some interesting thought paths. I do enjoy it doing this.

As a result of this thinking, I headed down the knitting thought path. At the moment I am knitting a baby shawl and still have 150 grams of yarn to knit on this project. And next project to finish up the baby yarn (60 grams) will be another Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman to fit a newborn baby. That will empty a tub of yarn that consisted of cotton and baby weight acrylic yarn.

After these projects are completed, I want to knit a scarf in a knitting worsted weight yarn. Yes, bigger yarn and bigger needles. I saw this pattern yesterday and love it.

directional colours scarf

The pattern is free at Lion Brand Yarns. Great instructions for another version can be found at Yarn Monkey Chronicles. My thoughts are to knit it in a tweed yarn that is in the next tub to knit. But, I might even buy a ball of yarn so I have three balls in a teal and purple variegated yarn for this pattern. Decisions that need to be made.

Late afternoon, I got an empty tub and put it into the storage room. I started to take out the rodeo queen fabrics from the storage room closet. I sorted them into piles of like fabrics and have the tub almost full. I still have another tub to sort through and pack. The tub of patterns are out and I have a few patterns to put in to it and a couple to take out of it. Then it will be ready to go.

At knitting last night, I had the honour of ripping out the top part of the slipper I am crocheting and start it over again. I had a mistake that couldn’t be ignored. It is now ready to start the first row of crocodile stitch. A couple of weeks and it will be finished.

Today, I have to head into the city for a short trip. Once home, I want to finish up as much as possible of the dress. Goal is to have it done on Friday.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trying to Finish A Project

I think fall has entered our area. This morning is cool (the second coolest one this fall). A full 4.3C or 39.7F. They are predicting warmer a.m. temperatures for the next week though, which will be nice. Our day time temperatures are still getting above the normal temperatures which is nice.

I started literacy work early yesterday morning and put in a good 5 hours on it. I just have some printing to do and some information to put up around town today. The rest has gone out to members for our next meeting.

I spent a couple of hours in the sewing room (without my camera) working on the light teal dress. Shoulder pads were added and some prick stitching done around the neckline. Then I started taking in the A-line part of the dress and got one side done on the garment fabric and the lining. Happy with the results.

On Monday, I pulled out a silver coloured hide to trace some maples leaves and a steer head for Daughter. I discovered I had two hides, not one, so I cut some fringe for her. She is designing a belt that has been floating in her head for a while. Just to see what it looks like. And it all comes from my stash. How exciting is that.


In my hunt, I found most a hide of red leather that she can use for her new adventure in belt making. And it decreases the amount I have in my stash. A win-win situation.

I did quite a bit of knitting last night; about 8 rows were done. While I knit, I think about the wardrobe I want to make for myself. I have been all over the board with it colour wise. The only thing that remained constant was the black, denim, and white as I am using The Vivienne Files start from scratch idea. The two accent colours have been all over the board; red and turquoise blue, red and purple, pink and ?, and now it is shades of pink. Where will it go next in the accent colour department?

SugarPlums blog has everything in one place for easy reference. It is helping keep me focused. With pants being the first item on the list, I will be digging out the fabric I bought to make pant muslins. I plan on using Sure-Fit pants kit and McCalls 6361.


It is going to be slow going as I measure myself, draw out the pattern, do alterations, and get a pattern I want. I do want to have a TNT pattern that I can alter/redraw as I loose weight. This isn’t going to happen until November or December. I need to have some time to de-stress. My over active brain is driving me nuts causing me to sleep poorly, eat incorrectly, have IBS, and aching joints. I need a time out to calm down.

Today I am out and about doing a few things and being at adult tutoring. I am not sure if I will make it to the sewing room or not. It all depends on how much spare time I have.

Until tomorrow……………….

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fittings Done

Though we thought we were going to have a cool day for Thanksgiving, it turned out to be quite a nice day. It is also warm this morning but is only to get a few more degrees warmer during the day. Have to wait and see what happens.

I got into the sewing room early and put the facings onto the dress so it could be ready for a fitting.


I have never done this neckline and it is a cute one. There needs to be more crystals around the neckline to finish it off. The dress fits the client well but I have to deal with the lining. That will be a job for this week. I will turn the dress inside out and study it for a day to see if I can do what I want to do.

The second dress was also a hit and fits well. I have to take in the skirt some and hem it. Then the fringe can be cut. The fringe is a show stopper.


Once that was done, I sat and knit for a bit and we went out for Thanksgiving dinner. I really needed a rest. I keep thinking of what I want to sew vs over what I have to sew.

Today I have literacy things to do and I will work a couple of hours on one of the dresses. This week, I have to do more literacy print outs as I have spent more time researching in the past couple of weeks. I am only sewing for two hours a day until the weekend and then I will do another sewing marathon for two days.

Until tomorrow………………………