Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Famous Sayings

When Halliburton wrote his stories about Sam Slick and the Clockmaker, he came up with many sayings we still use today. 

Famous sayings popularized by Sam Slick, from Windsor’s own Thomas Chandler Haliburton (1796-1865):
…quick as a wink
Facts are stranger than fiction.
It’s raining cats and dogs.
…six of one, half a dozen of the other
…barking up the wrong tree
…won’t take no for an answer
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
You can’t get blood out of a stone.
This country is going to the dogs.
The early bird gets the worm.
It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
…a miss is as good as a mile
…mad as a hatter
How many of these sayings do you use? We grew up saying many of these as my parents were born in the Maritimes. 

Halliburton House

Though warm and sunny, Grandson and I went to Halliburton House on Monday to look at the third historic landmark open to the public in Windsor. 
Thomas Chandler Halliburton was born in Windsor in 1796. He attended Kings College in Windsor and became a lawyer, judge and politician before the Confederation of Canada. 
Kings College in the early 1800's
He spent a bit of time in England and married his first wife while there. They returned to Nova Scotia where he resided and worked in Annapolis Royal. He was also a writer the Nova Scotian paper published his articles weekly under the name of Sam Slick. 
From there, his stories made there way to England where they were published by another person. 
The house was originally called Clifton after the town where his wife was born. 
Painting of Halliburton House when first built
Halliburton purchased the land in 1832 and had the house built between 1835 and 1837. At first it was only the depth of the front rooms and a wide hall. The width was as wide as seen in the photo as it housed two wings for bedroom (adult and children wings) and the kitchen in the basement. 
As you enter the house, there is a lady's parlor to the right. This gorgeous chandelier was hanging in there and makes one wonder if it had candles or gas bulbs in it when it was first installed in the house. And when was it installed?
A beautiful gramophone that had tin records. It still plays and is lovely. Also in the room was a small piano, a regular and fainting couch, a china cabinet and a table with 2 chairs. Most of the furniture is not original to the house as Judge Halliburton sold it off in 1856. 
To the right of the entry way was the main parlor. It is somewhat larger than the lady's parlor and was sparsely furnished. I took no pictures of it. 
Next to the main parlor was the library. It was beautiful. The desk was Judge Halliburtons and had a secret compartment. 
And the light on the desk was unique. 
The china cabinets were filled with old pottery some of which belonged to the Acadian. 

And there was a book case filled with antique books. 
Beside the book case was a prayer chair that was used by Mrs. Halliburton. No photo of it unfortunately. 
Across the hall was more room that were built on starting the year after the Halliburtons moved in. One room was a gorgeous dining room. The dining room and one other room had sky lights making those room bright and airy feeling. 
Beside the dining room was the judge's office. Down the hall from the office and library was the children's wing. It housed their bedrooms. On the landing these items were displayed. 
It would be interesting if Mrs. Halliburton used items similar to these or not. 
The bedrooms were small and 4 children slept in the bedrooms in this wing. 
This larger room probably housed several of the children. There was also a long room that housed some toys but I suspect it was another bedroom. 
One climbed stairs to another area that probably was for storage and then up to a look out that was added in later years. Downstairs is the kitchen. 
This kitchen was not what I expected but it was extremely interesting. I did not see any place for a wood cook stove so wondered if everything was cooked on the fire and in the bread oven. Who really knows. 
 The many items found in the basement were to the period and quite interesting. 
 Spinning, weaving items interested me. 
 Wooden bowls .......
 Glass and crockery..............
 Butter churn and crock which held milk..........
 Cast iron dishes and flat irons........
 Dishes galore with all of them from one set. 
The basement is one large room but research states it was several room due to construction. 
In 1856, after his children were grown and on their own, Judge Halliburton sold his home and furniture and moved to England. There he married and lived in Gordon House until his death. 
In 1939, the province of Nova Scotia bought Halliburton's house in Windsor as it is an important piece of Nova Scotia's history. There are discrepancies to the history of the house; what you are told and what has been found out is part of the charm of this place. 

Hockey's Birthplace

Windsor's claims the fame to being Hockey's birthplace. 
It was first called hurley and was mentioned in Judge Halliburton's book. 
In the house, the other end of the long hall was the adult sleeping area. The four rooms in that wing have been converted to the Hockey museum. 
One of the first hockey sticks used to play hurley. The Mi'kmaq people designed hockey sticks as they look today. 

And, believe it or not, the first pucks were made from wood. 
The predecessor to the Stanley cup lives here. It was won three times by Moncton and that team got to keep it. The shield in the front replaced the trophy. 

Hockey was played in Windsor in this rink. 
The Stannus Street Rink, also known as the Windsor Rink, in Windsor, Nova Scotia is a former ice hockey arena. It is considered the oldest ice hockey arena in Canada, having been built in 1897.
And it still stands today next to the swimming pool. I had wondered about the history of that "barn".
The first Maple Leaf team was in Windsor. 

Some hockey players from Nova Scotia who played NHL hockey. 

 One of the older hockey teams from Windsor
And a lady's team. Ladies could not play hockey for many years after hockey was founded. 
We went outside so Grandson could play frisbee and we got to see a sundial which told us it was near noon. 
We had a fabulous time and have two more museums to visit in the next two weeks. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Primer to the Rescue

Yesterday was a lovely cool morning with low humidity. There was very little dew; much like living in Kamloops and Ashcroft. Unfortunately, the humidity rose during the day and I suffered for it. This morning is 13C and the humidity is where it is suppose to be -- 90%. Maybe I will do better today. 


I texted Daughter and read Facebook yesterday. They had a heavy rainstorm on Saturday afternoon and there are mudslides everywhere. Most of the roads were closed due to the mudslides. The mudslides are due to no vegetation growth as it was burnt off last summer in the big fires. It is not unusual for the area to get this type of rain storm in August with very little damage being done. But, without the vegetation, it was almost a state of emergency. 
The Spousal Unit found me some clear wood in his pile, sanded it and let me stain a piece. The wood will frame the cardinal picture I am making. Once I am happy, he can stain the pieces and the crate for me. The crate will need to be lined with some plastic so I can stack 3 or 4 pumpkins in it when I place it outside. I would love to put wheels on the crate to keep it off the deck. 


I put one coat of primer on the wall in the sewing room. A lot of the dark paint showed through. (So did the color samples.) 
This is not unusual as the paint is dark. After lunch I did a second coat of primer and so much better. 
I can try out 3 different colors now. But the most amazing part is how bright that area of the room looks. Both of us commented on the brightness. The room is on the east side of the house. 
Between the coats of primer, I sewed the hems on one pair of slacks for Grandson. The second pair has the hem on one leg basted in place. My hand started to cramp up so I quit. 


Grandson and I are going to Haliburton House to see the hockey display. It is said that hockey was started in Windsor, NS. We will look at the rest of the house as Judge Haliburton was a author of the Clockmaker series and a great political figure in pre-Confederation Nova Scotia. The house was built circa 1836. 
I am hoping to hem the 2nd pair of slacks and get 1 coat of paint on the wall. We continue testing for a color we like. 
Until the next time......................

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Primer and Hand Sewing

Thursday was a bit cooler and the skies opened up and dropped 3/4" of rain on us. It did help us feel cooler but not as much as we wanted. Friday and Saturday were warm and sunny. The mornings were delightful as the temperature dropped to 11C Saturday morning and 16C this morning. Lower humidity makes the days easier to deal with. 


I finally had to give myself a lecture on being so down in the dumps with heat exhaustion. I am allowing myself to go out but also making myself drink more. The house is dark with the curtains closed (a bit depressing) and the a/c is running during the day. I am feeling better and back on track with my eating and drinking. A big YES!! And the fluid I retained is coming off. 
We headed out to New Minas yesterday to do our shopping. It was a busy trip but we got it done. I am trying to get a few items ready for fall and this is one I bought yesterday. 
The jar was 50% off and the filler was 25% off. There were enough pinecones left to fill the flower jar. 
They will be put away until mid September. 
I also bought primer to paint the test wall in the sewing room. I have become frustrated with the brown color interfering with the new color. I should have that done today. 
We had dinner with Son and family. It was suppose to be his famous burgers (yummy good) turned out to be pot roast I had in the oven. Daughter-in-law, grandson and I got potatoes, cucumbers, beans, leek, and tomatoes from the garden. We had one delicious dinner at their place with our food. It was a lot of fun doing this. I wish I had taken a picture of the produce but we were so excited I forgot to. 


The sewing room got tidied up and the fabric is put away. I feel better about the room but it still needs more done to it. 
The test paint colors are on the wall and I am not fussy about any of them. 
I have to sand the area, prime it and try again. The closest one is near the light switch. Or maybe the middle one. And, I still have the grays to try out. And then, it may be back to the drawing board. I really want to paint this room soon. 
I have to hem grandson's dress pants and the sleeves on his blazer. Today is start day and I'd like them done by Tuesday. 
My t-shirt seems to be too big. I plan on finishing it and go from there. I am working on getting a TNT pattern so the first one is to work out the bugs and get to know the pattern. I am also learning new techniques which pleases me. 
The doll clothes will be lined up again. I have several items to sew and one is needed to do a test pattern. 


Priming and hemming. I will be most of the day doing this. 
Until the next time......................

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Exploring for Blueberries

It was a hot one yesterday. With the humidex, it got to 41C. We had a thunder storm around 4 p.m. and got a bit of rain. The temperature dropped some but it was very muggy. It is 29C this morning and it will be hot again today unless we get a good rain storm. 


We decided to get blueberries yesterday and went out in the morning to Blueberry Acres. At first we thought about buying but everyone said you could pick 10 pounds in a half an hour so we went picking. You get a small bucket and board a bus and go to the field to pick. When you get off the bus, you are greeted, given a box and shown where you can pick. 
The blueberries were huge and fell into your bucket when you touched them. 
You don't move much while picking and the Spousal Unit and I picked 11.68 lbs off 4 bushes and one side only. 
Two bucket full in the box, 2 to go
When done, you get back on the bus, go back to the starting point and pay. This blueberry farm has a good 250 acres of high bush blueberries. All berries sold for eating are picked by hand and those used in juice are mechanically picked. 
We went into town to get a couple of items, have lunch and head home. The berries are frozen to eat later on. 


The last pattern I tested is published. It is another nice pattern. 
The designer published it before everyone was done sewing. She wanted it ready in a week but it ended up being 2 weeks before she published it. 
The dress has a zipper in it which is nice. The only thing I would adjust is the width of the cuffs on the sleeve. I'd make them a bit wider so I could have a nice 1.4" to fold under. 
The other pattern I tested is still not published. I am looking forward to showing you that pattern as it is extremely well designed. 
I am going back to sewing my t-shirt and then will do a couple of items for the dolls. 


I have laundry, some housework and sewing to do. I really don't want to be out with the heat wave we are still having. I need a day or two inside to cool off. 
Until the next time...................