Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meeting Goals?

We had 2" or more of snow fall last night. The temperature is remaining steady at -5C or 23F. It is forecasted that 2" more snow will fall on Wednesday, then warm up to above freezing temperatures. 


We are slowly getting well. I am almost back to normal though I do cough periodically. I still get tired easily but am getting stronger as time goes on. 
The Spousal Unit is farther behind me. He is coughing but it is a drier cough. He is also very tired especially if he puts in a rough night. I notice he gets agitated if he gets too tired. But he is on the road to recovery. 
Yesterday was basically an inside day. The Spousal Unit did wander outside twice and said it was cold out there. I am sure it was him as he hasn't been outside much since Dec. 27. I did go into the garage a couple of times and it was cool. I enjoyed that as I find the house too warm. 

Meeting Goals

  • Loosing Weight

Having made the commitment to loose weight, I am doing well. I have gotten out the measuring utensils and am trying to follow the plan as carefully as possible. This is a lifestyle change and I need to remember that. Being sick helped me think about portions as I could not eat a lot when I started to feel better. Daughter-in-law and I are supporting each other which is helpful. 
Have not started walking but I did shovel the driveway twice and will be doing it again today. Hope that counts as activity. 

  • Budgeting

As I was sick, I did not start a budget but will try to do it in the next couple of weeks. I need to get Son to help me find the program and start. We have lived well within our means here but it is nice to see it on screen. It keeps us accountable. 

  • Sewing

I am foraging back into sewing and am working on a couple of UFO's before I start a new project. I had to cut out a doll's dress lining on the ironing board yesterday and realized how much I miss a cutting table. The new one will be here on Thursday or Friday.  I will be watching Craftsy courses while I am sewing craft items and I plan on taking a course on designing doll clothes. It is one of two courses I want to take. 
Garment sewing is going to be harder for me as I am moving towards denim colored items. I have lots of red, purple, black, and some grey in the stash. In the interim, the goal is to sew up these colors and let them go while I loose weight. Then I will bring in the colors I want for a new wardrobe one project at a time. I want my wardrobe to be simple; t-shirts, a few woven tops, jeans, and a few knit items. I would love to sew myself a winter coat but that remains to be seen. The look is what I call Country Casual. 
I am looking forward to starting on making slopers for Daughter-in-law and myself. As I feel better, the urge is there to do this. I need to buy some paper and do a bit of preliminary work prior to measuring us up. 
I joined a group to sew up 50 meters/yards of fabric this year. I am on the first meter which is great. I am hoping this group keeps me accountable to sew what I own and not buy more. To date, I have not bought any fabric. Three notions I needed did come home with me and I am fine with that. 

  • Knitting

I am back to knitting again and will be working through the wool stash the best I can. If I have to buy yarn for a project, it must be the next item going onto my needles. Otherwise it can stay in the store. I have enough yarn for both the dolls and family. 
My big purchase for knitting will be a yarn swift. The swift holds the skein while you wind it into a ball. I can get one at a local yarn shop. I seem to buy more skeins of yarn as I am gravitating towards more expensive yarns. I will be sorting my knitting needles and writing up a list of the ones I still need for my collection. 
I am still planning my goals as I do not want them to become wishes. 


I have to get outside and shovel the snow. We have grandson coming at noon for a few hours as Son and Daughter-in-law have to got for son's eye appointment. He is having issues with one eye and they want to find out why. 
Until the next time.......................

Monday, January 15, 2018

Do What You Want To Do

Yesterday we saw the trend towards cooler weather. The temperature dropped all day and this morning it was -7C or 19F. There is very little wind but what little there is, is coming from the North. 


Yesterday, I cut up cardboard and bundled it for recycling pick up this week. It was great to get it off the floor and ready to be put out Wednesday night. Recycling in Nova Scotia is so different where you must put your recycling into specific clear bags and bundle cardboard. And they pick them up which is really nice. 
I have been on Weight Watchers for almost two weeks. I am enjoying the food I am making for us to eat. I do snitch a bit of treats once in a while but only one or two pieces. I have not gained back the 6.5 pounds I lost while sick and I am still loosing. Can't wait to see what the scales say on Wednesday. 
We slept well last night. The first part of the night was spent coughing but I woke up to the alarm ringing at 2 am to give the Spousal Unit his inhaler. He woke briefly to take it and we both fell asleep for another 4 hours. I am hoping this is the road to recovery. We both need to be well and enjoy ourselves once again 


I sewed yesterday and it felt so good. I had taken out the Oscar dress to finish and I decided to put the zipper in the back. I carefully basted it in and stitched it down. It was a job well done. 
The skirt is a tulip skirt and is really cute but I do know I probably won't make this pattern again unless under duress. It is a lot of work and would be a one of a kind that would be expensive to sell. 
I am now ready to sew up the side seams and cut out the lining. There is a lot of hand stitching to be done on this dress but I know I can get it done if I sew for a couple of hours each day. 
When the dress is done, I have a Halloween wall hanging to finish and then I can start on projects. But......
I keep thinking "Am I being creative enough?" "Should I do something else?" I have what it takes to teach courses but I'm not wanting to go there. Do I want to quilt like others in our new community? No. That I am adamant about. So, I turned back to my goals for sewing. I feel comfortable with them and will continue on with sewing up the stash, doing coursework to improve my sewing for adults, dolls, and crafts. 
I am going to put a tub in the sewing room and as I finish a project, I will bag it up and put it in the tub. I will keep track of the meters I sew and who I sew them for. I will not beat myself up for doing or being who am instead of being someone I am not. I am not eclectic nor am I dramatic. I am down to earth and am looking to dress that way. I like to quietly do my thing in the sewing room. So I end today's drama in my head with Do What You Want To Do. Keep with the plan you mapped out rather than follow what others think you should do.


 I knit quite a bit yesterday while I was resting. The pattern is easy to follow and, though I did make a couple of mistakes, I got about half of the hat done by bedtime. Daughter loves the color way as she has several jackets in the grey and lilac tones. 
I may make this as a hat for myself if the colors go well with the coat I made last year. I am still thinking of making the dolls hats using this pattern. So simple but elegant. 


I need to do laundry and I want to sew. I have a few days to decide if I want to take a course on designing doll clothes. With recovery comes the desire to do things once again. 
Until the next time........................

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Knitting Success

Friday we had a high of 17C which is about 64F. It cooled off to 15C for Saturday which is about 59F. We were in the midst of a rain and wind warning with our temperatures cooling off to -3C overnight. Not far below freezing which is okay. We did have snow overnight but the most precipitation was 5 mm of rain yesterday. 


We were to the doctor's on Friday and the Spousal Unit's lungs are in much better condition. He got his flu and pneumonia shots. He is still on the 2 inhalers for at least 2 more weeks. He is improving which is nice but he has the lovely dry cough we all had. 
I am improving though I am still coughing. I am also not sleeping as well as I would like to. Still weak when I have to go out and shop. It takes it right out of me. But, I am much better than a week ago. It will just take time to get over it. 


I am tracking the cutting table and it should be here Jan. 19. Once it is here, I will have to assemble it. That could be fun. But, it allows me to start sewing projects. 


Anna's short cape is done and ready to be blocked. It fits her very well but I am still a bit confused about the tension. 

Once blocked, I will put ribbon in the holes at the neck. I am hoping I have white organza ribbon for it. 
I set up another Messy Bun Hat for Daughter. This time the color is Pearly which is grays and off white. I did 2" of ribbing prior to starting the pattern. I am pleased with the results so far. 
The pattern is very easy to follow and I enjoy knitting it in the evenings or when I am tired. 
Next on the needles will be socks for Grandson. The child has one pair of hand knit socks that fit him. I will be making him one pair for sure. 


I need to fold laundry, wash some fabric, and cut up cardboard to bundle. Cutting cardboard could be the most interesting project of the day as I am not good at this. But it is recycling on Thursday and the job has to be done. 
Until the next time....................

Friday, January 12, 2018

Stash On Shelves

We are in the midst of the warm spell. It got up to 11C yesterday and it is already 9C this morning. We had rain overnight but not a huge amount. 


We are recovering slowly. The Spousal Unit wanted A&W yesterday and we went out after lunch to get it for his snack. I had nothing as I am watching my points. 
No napping happened during the day but the Spousal Unit was very tired last night. Tired to the point of being very cranky. It also affected his coughing and he put in a restless hour or so after we went to bed. 
The car is washed and the underside rinsed to get all the salt off it. It took me about 30 minutes to do it but I am happy to have that off the list until the next time. After that was done, we visited for a half hour with our Son. Trying to get out of the house so we don't get cabin fever too bad. 
Elliott had a rough day also. He couldn't settle for sleep and ended up being very whiny. He fell asleep on my lap last night for a good hour prior to going to bed. 

He can be such a baby when he is tired. 


Yesterday morning, I put away all the fabrics but one tub. Said tub is full of fabric for doll clothes. It was hard work as I am weak. I sweat and had to sit down several times to get my energy back. 
It isn't perfect but I can see it all and start on projects. I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. The closet is full but mostly of batting, pillow forms, and doll's fabric. As I sew, I will keep track of how much fabric I am using up and see if I can get lots off those shelves and out of the closet. 
As a reward and that I could still think, I ordered the new cutting table. It will arrive about Jan. 23. By then I should be ready to put it together and start cutting out projects. You can see it here.


I am almost ready to pick up the needles again. I looked at the bag but it just didn't happen yesterday. Maybe today. 


The Spousal Unit has to see the doctor after lunch. Unless he needs a prescription, it will be home for a nap. If a prescription is needed, I will drop it off, take him home and go back to get it. I will buy some groceries at that time. We are expecting heavy rainfall tonight and tomorrow and it could be interesting. The ground is frozen and can't absorb all the moisture. The temperature is dropping so we can expect ice on the roads. 
Until the next time........................

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Up And Almost At It

We are starting three days of warm weather. We get to see +8C/46F, +12C/54F, and +14C/57F for the end of this week. With it comes rain and the snow will disappear. They haven't said how much rain will fall on Saturday but it is suppose to rain. 


Yesterday was clean upstairs day. I got the Spousal Unit out of bed so I could do our bedroom. He had a good day sitting up and napping after lunch in his recliner. 
I always think that it is quite moist here in Nova Scotia but I realized our house is quite dry. The dehumidifier hasn't run for a while and Son said theirs hasn't also. So I started up the warm air humidifier in our bedroom and I feel it helped us sleep much better. We woke up about 6 hours after we went to bed to have our first coughing spell. Then it was a good 4 hours after that. I feel we are on the mend; me faster than him. But he is improving. 
The upstairs is basically cleaned up. I vacuumed and mopped floors, dusted and wiped down a lot of surfaces. When done, I was tired but not exhausted. I rested so I wouldn't get ill again. I do not want to relapse. 
Daughter and I went to Weight Watchers. I wasn't sure if I would loose weight but the scales went down 2.3 pounds. I'll take it and run. Portion control and not wanting to cook or eat helped out this week. For the next week, it will be more portion control and moving around. 


I spent a couple of minutes in the sewing room looking at what was in the tubs. I need to focus several hours on putting fabric away. Hopefully I can do it this morning. 
I am also in the process of ordering the cutting table so I can start sewing. I feel well enough to think about it and moving forward with my projects. 


Though I didn't get out my knitting, I did think about it and should start knitting while I am resting. The short cape needs to be completed and another hat started for Daughter. She loves the one I made her for Christmas. 


The goal is to unpack fabric and to get it organized on the shelves. I also would love to get the car washed. I need to get the salt off it. Let's hope I can get the jobs done.
Until the next time...................

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Was I Smart or Was I Crazy?

The weather is warming up and is above freezing this morning. It is suppose to be cool tonight and then warming up to rain and then freezing rain this weekend. The weather has been crazy and we keep wondering what will happen next. 


My goal yesterday was to clean off our driveway by hand. I spent about an hour taking off 1.5" of fluffy snow. I coughed and I hacked my way down the driveway and realized that I was the only person out shoveling. Was I smart or was I crazy? 
I know I was exhausted when I was finished and slept for a good hour. It certainly was more than I should have done. And there is more waiting for me today if I should desire to shovel more snow. 
I did get the guest room ready to vacuum. There wasn't a lot to be done in there. I did launder the sheets on our bed and by the time it was made, I was exhausted. I sat in the recliner and stayed up until 8 p.m. As long as I could last. 
The Spousal Unit was sick this morning and is resting quietly now. Part of the problem is lying too flat on his back and the fluids build up in his lungs and bronchial tubes. When he gets rid of all that fluid, he feels exhausted but better. He is dozing off and on this morning. 
My coughing is worse as I am bringing up the dregs in my bronchial tubes. I do have a bit more energy each day which is nice. I am hoping I will be over this in another week. 


I have to shop and pay a couple of bills. I plan on doing some, come home, check on the Spousal Unit and then do more. If I have to half today and the rest tomorrow, that is what will happen. It all depends on my energy level.
Until the next time.....................

Monday, January 08, 2018

A Fabulous Dinner

A cheer goes up for the warmer weather which is arriving. The temperature has risen 10C since yesterday morning. With the warmer temperatures comes snow and we have about an inch on the ground. 


We were out to our Son and Daughter-in-law's last night for dinner. They made Moroccan Slow Roasted Pork. It was certainly good though we all agreed that the pepper in the rub needs to be decreased as it was too much. For us, it was the first proper meal since Dec. 27. 
The meal also fit into our points for Weight Watchers. As we have eaten so little, our portions were small and I know I am under points every day since last Wednesday. Will the body show a weight loss? Or will it hold on as it feels it is in starvation mode? 
We are both on the road to recovery. The coughing is the worst and we need patience to preserver through this. The Spousal Unit will be longer in recovering as he was much sicker than me. I am thinking a good month until he is better. 
Daughter-in-law is coughing and is very tired. She was the glue that held everyone together over Christmas. She deserves to be in bed for a week but is spending time on the couch resting. Both of her parents have pneumonia and she cared for them around the clock until they went home. We tried not to disturb them and only asked for help when they were able to help us. 


The goal is to clean up the bedrooms and shovel the snow off the driveway. I will start with the driveway as I can rest when it is done. If I leave it, it won't get done as I will be too tired to do it. There is a goal and a plan and I can wish the fairies would come and do the driveway. It isn't going to happen so I had better put one foot in front of the other so the job is done. 
Until the next time......................