Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Projects Done, Projects Started

 Yesterday was cool with a high of -3C. The wind blew, the sun shone, and, when there were clouds in the morning, there were flurries blowing around. This morning is -9C and it is to be another sunny/cloudy day. 


I did the run yesterday. It was the first time for me along in a long, long time. Prior to Nov. 13, when grandson and I went in. I did Dartmouth Dec. 20 as a fast trip with daughter-in-law. Yesterday, I got groceries, bathroom stuff, and yarn. I was home just after 12 noon. 

My weight has stayed the same for 5 days now. I feel my clothes getting a bit looser and I'm feeling much better on the whole. I'm tracking, measuring my food and there the weight sits. It will come off. 

There were 4 cases of the virus reported yesterday. Travel or close contact of another case. All in isolation as required. 


When shopping for yarn, I got a new rotary cutter blade. It is nice to have a sharp blade again. 

My goal yesterday was to make daughter more piping and I did. Just over 3 meters of it in a pink fairy frost. 

It was cut out and ready to press and make. I did half of the pile and will do the rest a bit later on. On a slow day, I will cut another piece of fabric in readiness to make more.

I got the pattern out for the bag I want to make. There are a lot of pattern pieces that I need to trace onto pellon. That is the next job. Fabric was brought laundered. I'm ready to start. This bag may take me a few more days than expected as I want to do a good job on it. 

There will be a pause on the bag as on Jan. 24 I will be making a Christmas basket (trial run). I'm looking forward to that break as these baskets are new to me.


I bought yarn yesterday. The first time in over 6 months (that was a ball of pink yarn). I needed something for the Daisy Stitch sweater, yarn for a sweater for a test pattern that is coming out and cream yarn to do another Hudson Bay blanket doll sweater that I would like to buy the pattern. 

I did sneak a peak at the yarn in Walmart and the stock is low. The same at Michaels. The yarns I usually buy have not been restocked for a while. Are there more people knitting or is yarn hard to come by?

I finished the hat and need buttons for it. I do not have enough buttons for it. 

It is a nice hat but I will not make it again for quite a while.

I started the Daisy Stitch sweater and need to restart it. I need to go down a needle size. This is a slow knit and will be interrupted several times with other projects. 

I also knit a swatch for a sweater for daughter's cat. I need to go down a needle size for it. Elliott was a real help and let me measure him last night so I can built the pattern for the sweater. 

Today we have hair cuts, then out to the quilt shop to look for fabric for daughter and home for the rest of the day. Not sure what will get done in the afternoon. Tracing the purse pattern? Who knows. 

Until the next time.................................................

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wall Hanging Completed

 After having 6.2C as a high for Sunday, we are now -6C this morning. We did have a mix of sun and clouds yesterday which was nice. The weather is to be cooler for the next few days but it brings more sunshine. 


I spent Sunday morning with my head in the oven getting it clean enough that I can run the self cleaning part on Thursday. Yesterday the pot of pea soup boiled over so I spent quite a bit of time recleaning the top of the stove. Once that was done, I folded laundry and called it a cleaning day. 

The Spousal Unit has had a good run on the puzzle over the past couple of days. I admire and put in a few pieces also. He may get it done before winter is over. 

The number of cases of the virus are remaining low. Four reported on Sunday, none yesterday. Mostly travel outside the area or close contact. 


On Sunday, I decided to do the embroidery on a small wall hanging (UFO). While it was stitching out, I finished the binding on a Halloween project I started early last year. 

It was a panel I picked up prior to moving here that was on sale for a good price. 

The stitching of the wall hanging went well until I got to the purple tulip. I picked up the wrong thread and stitched one tulip out using sewing thread rather than embroidery thread. I had to pick out the one flower (a good 2 hours) and redo it. I finished the wall hanging yesterday afternoon. 

The goal is to do one with the tulips in pastel colors. A gift for someone. 

Next up, a bag for me. I've got the fabric out ready to launder. If I have to wait to get something for it, I will do another batch of piping for daughter.


I am ready to cast off the hat. I do not know what I had done wrong three times in a row. The fourth time worked like a charm. 


I'm off to shop in the city today. Once home, I want to launder the fabric for the bag. I will cast off the hat tonight and think about what I will knit next. There are no new test patterns out at the moment so I'm thinking hard about what to cast on my needles. It may be a cat sweater of which Elliott will be measured.


Untill the next time...................................................................

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Doll's Dress Completed

 Yesterday was grey and cool. In the evening, the wind came up and it started to rain. Just over 1/2" rain fell by midnight. The temperature went up to 6C (from 2C) overnight and we could see rain/snow today as it cools off. The snow is almost gone.


Son showed up to take the Spousal Unit for a drive to Home Depot in New Minas. He really enjoyed the time out even if he bought nothing. 

While he was gone, I tidied up the kitchen, cleaned the microwave, and shone up the dishwasher. I then turned my attention to the inside of the stove. I got the oven door scrubbed clean. Next up is the bottom of the oven. Once done, I can run the self-cleaning cycle. The racks will be cleaned by hand. 

After I got the stove done, we went out and ended our morning by looking at the tile work done at family's house. The whole place is looking amazing.

I lost 1.3 lbs this week for a total of 9.5 lbs. I am happy with my progress and am determined to keep at it. I will be happy with an average of a 1 lb loss a week.

There were 4 cases of the virus reported yesterday. Three are travel related and 1 is a close contact. 


I spent a couple of hours in the sewing room and got the buttons sewn onto the dress and gave it a good press. I'm pleased with the results. 

And the buttons look good on the back though I wish I had matching ones. Using up what I have is my mantra. 

And Jennie showing off. 

I would make this pattern again as it is a nice pattern. 

After I was done with the doll, I cleaned up the sewing room. The sewing table got tidied up but the closet is still a mess. I will deal with it today. The next project is ready to start. 


I knit on the hat last night only to find I have a mistake. I am unknitting now to correct it. I'm gnashing my teeth over this and will be happy when it is done. I will be knitting in silence until this is done. 


It's a stay at home day. I will clean the bottom of the oven, fold laundry, work in the sewing room and knit in silence. Keeping busy while we stay at home. 

Until the next time.............................................................

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Frogging Part Of A Project

Yesterday the high got to 2C but the sun shone. It was so nice to have it that the Spousal Unit stood outside on the deck absorbing it. This morning it is -6C and we are to have rain later today. A grey day for us, once again.


I started to clean up the kitchen, once again. It was scrubbing counter tops, wiping down small appliances, and wiping out a few cupboards. I also washed down some of the cupboard doors. I will continue in there until it is done. 

As we were both tired, the Spousal Unit had an hours sleep late in the afternoon. I rested during that time and did nothing. 

There were 2 cases of the virus reported yesterday. Though the vaccine roll out is going well, we will be a while before we get the vaccine. We continue to follow the rules and are staying home as much as possible. 


Though tired, I did go downstairs and sew. I have finished the dress to sewing the buttons on the back and giving it a good press. 

I quite like it and am pleased with the results. I spent a lot of time figuring out when to serge the seams and when not to. It paid off as all the seams are done correctly. 

As this is done, I have to think about next month's doll project and write them down. It is now on to the last three projects on my list -- wall hanging, basket, and purse. 


When I read the pattern last night to see which row I ended on, I had done a double seed stitch rather than a single. I had to frog the rows I had done. 

And start again. 

By bed time I had over half of the yarn I frogged knit again. 

I do like it better done this way. 


I will be doing more cleaning in the kitchen, out about 11 a.m. for the Spousal Unit, sew this afternoon, and knit tonight. 

Until the next time...................................

Friday, January 15, 2021

Two Projects Nearing Completion

 Yesterday was another grey day that had an afternoon snow/rain shower. The high got to 2C. This morning it is 0C, cloudy, and grey. 


After a slow start and one cranky cat, I got the bathroom cleaned. I did a pretty good job with very little pain in my joints. For that I am grateful. 

Elliott was very cranky yesterday. He could not settle down for his sleep. He wandered, cried, swatted at me, and was truly miserable. He settled down in the Spousal Unit's chair and fell asleep. I covered him with a blanket and he had a good sleep. He woke up, popped his head out and snoozed after that. 

I truthfully hates these days as he becomes very time consuming. 

There were 6 more cases of the virus reported yesterday. All related to travel outside the Atlantic provinces or close contacts with another case. 


I headed down to the sewing room after lunch and got the bodice of the dress done. I realized that the pattern hems are not 3/4" but less and it is throwing me off when I do the top stitching. Not sure why this is happening as most of this designer's hems are usually 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4". 

The other thing that got me was no front facing at the neck. Just serge it to finish. The sleeves were very easy to put in and I'm pleased with the results. 


I got up the longer cabled needles and started to knit on the hat. Ripped it out as I thought I had a mistake. When I reknit it, the same issue. It's called row change in the round. I have 3 rows left to knit before I measure and see if it is the right length. 

With under 20 rows to completion, I am hoping it will be done by the end of the weekend. My question is -- what do I cast on next?


I had a poor night sleep last night. My mind went to places it shouldn't have and I had a panic/anxiety attack. I am a bit tired today. I will start to tackle cleaning the kitchen this morning. I want to do a good job of cleaning it. This afternoon I hope to finish the doll's dress and knit this evening. We are staying home today. Again but we are okay with that. 

Until the next time............................................................

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Back To Normal

The weather has been cloudy one day and sunny the next. The temperatures have been just above 0C. This morning the temperature is -1C and there are a few snowflakes falling. The high is to get to 3C. 


I have been out of it with tiredness the past couple of days. Tuesday was near exhaustion with only 4-5 hours of sleep. Yesterday was recuperating from an IBS attack. I ate corn that wasn't cooked enough and it triggered the attack. This morning, I am fine. 

Sitting on the couch is actually no fun but when you have little to no energy, it is where I hunker down. I didn't sleep any, had a couple of tiny cat naps, and just kept to myself basically. 

Our cases are up and down. There were 8 reported yesterday with 3 of them being university students. The rest are related to travel outside the Atlantic provinces or close contact with a case. It seems that we are back to these types of cases again which makes tracing easier. 


I haven't had a chance to post the picture of the bodice of the dress I'm testing. 

I got this far on Monday. The trim on the blue is a bit wide and I will make it 3/4" the next time. I did a lot of hand basting on the trim to make sure it wasn't going to shift on me. 


I did knit some on the hat while I sat on the couch. The headband is done. I have picked up the stitches around the top, done the increase row and am ready to knit a couple of inches of seed stitch (Knit 2, Purl 2). 

This is not a hat I will make for sale and there is a chance I will never make it again. The band is way to hard to knit though the herringbone design is quite nice. Daughter will have a one-of-a-kind hat from me. 


I have to start on housework again, sew this afternoon, and knit tonight. It is a stay at home day once again. 

Until the next time..................................................

Monday, January 11, 2021

Out To The Library Twice

 The weather has been repeating itself daily. High's of almost 0C with clouds. Last night it was colder with the temperature this morning -8C. We may see it get to 2C. Not the 14C we saw last year but warmer than it has been. 


The Spousal Unit and I were out the door for the library by 10 a.m. only to find it was closed. We went for a short drive but there was nothing new to see. We drove by the library on our way home and it was still closed. 

After lunch I checked the website and the library opened at noon. We headed out around 2 pm to an open library that was very quiet. When we left there were 2 staff members and 1 person on a computer. The Spousal Unit got a couple of books to read. 

We had no cases of the virus reported yesterday. It was a good feeling and we do hope the numbers remain low. 


When I went down to the sewing room after lunch for an hour, I realized I hadn't cut out all the bodice pieces. I cut them all out plus the pieces from the contrasting fabric. 

I started to add the bias pieces to the outer bodice. The easiest one is done and in place. I can start the other one today and it will take longer. A lot of basting and machine sewing will be happening at the two corners that need to be clipped. All needs to be secure to hold it in place. Once that is done, it won't take long to finish the dress. 


I knit on the headband and got more done before my hands started to cramp up. Probably another two nights of knitting and I will be able to start the hat part. 

I am not sure what I will be knitting next. I am waiting for a test pattern so what I cast on will have to be one I can set aside when it becomes available. 


I have taken grandson to school already which is the plan for Mondays. I enjoy our short visits. We are going to Coldbrook to get apples and if all goes well, I hope to work on the doll's dress and get the trim on the 2nd front piece. Knitting tonight. 

Until the next time...............................................