Friday, May 06, 2016

Discharged and At Home

Yesterday was a lovely day and today is another gorgeous day. We are expecting warmer than normal temperatures today and tomorrow. Thank goodness we had a good rain on Wednesday afternoon.


I started a post yesterday and then left for work before it was finished. I was thinking of when the Spousal Unit would be discharged from the hospital and was worried if he was well enough or not.
At work we were short staffed and really busy. Dusting, tidying, and serving customers was the order of the day. It was nice to keep busy mentally and physically.
I got word just before I was finished work that the Spousal Unit was being discharged from the hospital. Perfect as I didn't work today. We had to go and get his prescription filled, have some supper and relax a bit before we went to bed. He was one super excited person to be coming home.
Today, he has puttered a bit in the yard, rested, and got some tomato cages. He will rest this afternoon. I will sew and do laundry.
Our small Weigela bush is in full bloom and beautiful to look at.
The weigela we planted last fall is loaded with buds and should be in bloom next week.


I did some shopping on Wednesday between my shifts (I worked a split shift so I could go and see the Spousal Unit twice). I did up the Bargain Center as a bunch of fabric was discounted from $5.00 to $3.00/meter and some that was 60% went to $4.00/meter.

The first piece is satin, the next four are cottons and the last two are broadcloth. All were either $3-4.00/meter.
Two pieces of tulle and light blue elastic. I will use the elastic on something else as I found a narrower fold over elastic in the store. I plan on making tutus out of this.
Tulle at $3.00/meter. I am going to have some fun with this. I am looking at party dresses for the 18" dolls.
I did buy a doll for a model though I will buy an American Doll for myself.
Last week, I bought this lovely piece of fabric to make a table topper and 4 napkins for friends who bought a new house.
Now to get started.


I bought a ball of ivory sock yarn to make socks and mitts for the doll's clothes. I bought the patterns and a sweater pattern also. More on that later when I evaluate the projects.

This Afternoon

I am going to do laundry and sew. The Spousal Unit will have a nap and I may join him also. I didn't sleep as well as I had hoped last night. I will survive and be fine tomorrow.
Until tomorrow......................

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Another Update

Yesterday was a tad cooler at 27.6F or 81.7F. It was humid making the store's a/c seem non existent. This morning is cloudy and 16C or 61F. A bit cooler again today.


I did my 8 hour shift yesterday and we cleaned the store. At the end of the day, I inventoried the surplus of scissors and taped the boxes shut. It was a great stress release day for me.
I went to visit the Spousal Unit last night. He was calmly waiting for me. His temperature has been just below 37C (normal). He had a busy day with a second CT scan and a spinal tap. He ate well and gobbled down the cookies I brought up to him. I need to go cookie shopping again. He knows he will be in the hospital until tomorrow but I suspect it will be Friday.
I stayed for an hour and he announced at 7:15 pm he was tired and going to sleep. I helped him settle in and he slept all night according to the nurse I talked to this morning. That is great as he will heal and get better.
We talked about the fire at Fort McMurray Alberta. We have friends who work up there. Every one has been evacuated (about 80 000 people). The fire was up to the only road in and out of the community. They don't expect much of the town will survive this fire. We looked at a few videos on my phone.


I work another 8 hour shift today and will head out to get a few items and visit with the Spousal Unit. Then home and do a few things in the house. I am not doing everything as I need to keep my strength up.
Until tomorrow......................

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

An Update

Yesterday was warm; really I think it was hot. Our high got to 30.9C or 87.5F at the airport so warmer in town. People were out enjoying it.


First and foremost, thank you for the kind words. They mean so much to me when my world is turned upside down.
When I left Dave at 8 p.m. last night he was feeling much better. He had a rough day which made it a rough day for me.
I saw him in the morning and he was upset when I arrived. He had spent the night in emergency on a narrow cot and his temperature was still elevated. He was confused and all he wanted was a cup of coffee. I quickly complied and he calmed down. Our family doctor had been in to see him and spent a few extra minutes with him talking about us being in the city.
I left him to head home to clean house and do some laundry. It was going to be a day of back and forth to the hospital. While I was gone, he was to be moved to a ward. He got agitated and pulled out his IV as the beeper was annoying him and he couldn't turn it off with his cell phone. On the way up to the ward he started cussing another person (who wasn't there) about being selfish about wanting all the care. When I arrived after lunch, he was agitated. I asked for his temperature to be taken as he was shaking and his cheeks were bright red. His temp had gone up .5C in less than an hour. Tylenol was given and I took him via wheel chair to buy a coffee and take him out into the sunshine and fresh air. He loved it. On the way back up, his fever broke and he was sweating like crazy.
I left him as he went to shower and get his next IV of anti viral medication for the fluid on his brain. I came home for dinner and the first specialist phoned me. Though they will continue to treat him for encephalitis, they will be treating him for pneumonia. He is very ill with that. He still had some delirium from the infection and high temperature.
When I arrived for the evening visit, he was calm and relaxed. His temperature was 36.9C (normal) and was for two readings. Though a bit confused he was more rational than before and we had a good visit. He even joked with the nurses. When I told him he had pneumonia, he was happy to have a diagnosis. After a short visit, I settled him down for the night and came home.
I slept all night for the second night in a row. That in itself will keep me going. My only worry now is keeping him in the hospital until he is well enough to come home. Hence, I have his clothes, money, etc. I can handle the house on my own but would worry if he was home alone trying to take care of himself. When ill he just can't do it any more.


I work a full shift but can leave at any time to see Dave if he is upset or agitated. If he is like he was last night, all should be okay.
Until tomorrow with another progress report...................

Monday, May 02, 2016

Another Trip To The ER

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day with a high of 26.7C or 80F. Today is going to be warmer so I will be shutting up the house and turning on the a/c.


We headed out yesterday to see Daughter in Ashcroft. We took her some plants for her garden. We had lunch outside in the sunshine, some good discussions and bunch of good laughs. The Spousal Unit got a bit tired and his hands started to shake. We headed home mid afternoon. In all we had a great visit.
When we got home, the Spousal Unit had a nap. When he woke up, he was totally confused and felt hot. I dealt with him for 20 minutes and sat him down to have fluids. He felt hot. I suggested going to the hospital and he refused. The confusion got worse, his balance went off, and he couldn't remember some things. He went outside to water the garden. Now, that was scary. I helped him as he was staggering around. He couldn't remember what he had or hadn't watered. He almost drowned the little plants.
I then decided we were going to the hospital and conned him into the vehicle. When we got there his temperature was 38.1C or 101F. It must have come down a bit as he was a bit more with it. He saw a doctor who did some simple tests and then more tests. The Spousal Unit has a bit of fluid on the brain. He was admitted at 11 pm last night. I came home and slept all night. He was in good hands. Our family doctor and 2 specialists will see him this morning and I am sure he has an IV in for fluids and antibiotics. They probably did that after I left.


I am doing housework, laundry, and grocery shopping. I have to see the Spousal Unit at 9 a.m. to find out what is going on with him. My guess is he will be in the hospital for a few more days.
Until tomorrow with better news I hope.........................

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Awake and Alert

Yesterday was another warm day with lots of sunshine. Today is to be sunny and warmer. It is a beautiful morning so far.


The Spousal Unit slept on and off during the morning and then sat out in the sunshine in the afternoon. He is feeling better but is not 100%. It will take a few days for him to get over this.
I worked a full 8 hour shift. The manager kept me busy doing things so I wouldn't feel tired but not so much I would feel miserable. It was a great day even if I was tired. The high school student is going through the notions book and checking all items prior to inventory. She found a spool of trim on the bottom shelf of the laces for 50 cents a meter. It was exactly what she wanted for on her graduation dress. I can't wait to see pictures of her dress.
Last evening I was exhausted after I sat for 20 minutes. I went to bed early and slept well. I feel so much better this morning.


We are heading out to Daughter's to deliver some plants, have lunch, and visit for a bit. I am sure we won't get much done at home today but that is fine.
Until tomorrow................................

Saturday, April 30, 2016

ER Excitment

Yesterday was a bit cooler than the previous days and this morning is sunny with a wind. We need this prior to the warmer weather that is coming.


I worked a 4 hour shift yesterday and happily came home. It was a good thing as the Spousal Unit wasn't feeling well. He had slept and was hot to the touch. He tried to eat but that didn't go well. We headed out to ER where we spent an exciting evening. One should go to the ER on a Friday night to get a dose of excitement.
We met a young man our kids grew up with. He was in pain and when we left at 1:30 a.m., he was still there waiting to see the doctor. The ER was full of people. Several were with police escorts and one of them escaped. The gamut of illnesses was great; broken hip, diabetes out of control, the flu (as the Spousal Unit had) and more.
The Spousal Unit was discharged with a temperature that was higher than I liked but he is sleeping quietly at the moment. I think he is over the worst. All the extra tests they do on him as he has had chemo showed he is doing well and improving.
I do have to say, I am tired but will survive.


I did do a couple of hours of sewing and am ready to put a zipper or closure on the Cabbage Patch Doll jacket.
Once that is done, the hood can be attached. Both grey outfits need red shirts to brighten them up.  
Thank you to the person who told me about Liberty Jane website. I have it marked. But you made me look into the Friday free pattern of which I downloaded the free one yesterday.


I work an 8 hour shift and I will be going to bed shortly after I get home. I will need a lot of sleep to get over this last lack of sleep.
Until Monday..................

Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Doll Pattern

Yesterday was warm and muggy. The high was 21.5C or 71F but everyone said it felt warmer than that. On the way home from work you could see the storms coming in. As we ate dinner it poured rained. No thunder or lightening though. Everything feels fresh again.


The Spousal Unit spent the day resting. He was cold, aching, and grumpy when I got home. He had a bout of the flu which was over with at 4:30 a.m. I am sure he will spend another day resting to fully recover.
I spent the day at cash and in the notions. I emptied one cupboard to put as much out on the floor as possible. That led to straightening up 6 notion racks. In the end, 70% or more of what was in the cupboard was put out. A big accomplishment.


I saw one beautiful piece of fabric a customer purchased. I am going to buy it for a friend and make it into a table cloth for her table ~ a house warming gift.
I also got another doll clothes pattern.  
I haven't opened the pattern, I am just looking at the pictures and thinking.


The afghan didn't worked on last night. The lady who it goes to and I talked about it yesterday. I will do 2 rows of dark blue, finish up the light blue and then do dark blue to frame it. She is so happy to be getting it finished. Then it is back to knitting. Socks and a doll sweater are next.


I work a full 8 hour shift and will be back in the notions. Velcro plus more cupboards. I am happy to be working my way through them and tidying up the areas they go into.
Until tomorrow......................