Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bolero Fun

It was a hot and sunny day yesterday. We got to 37.8C or 100F. We sat outside for a bit last night and knew it had been hot. Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday for weather.

The dining room is cleaned. I washed the windows, the ceiling beam, and the floors. One window was washed inside and out and the windows in the gable end got washed on the inside only. The outside of those windows will get done soon.

It has been a lot of work to date cleaning the house. I am purging as I go which takes time. But the end results are making me feel like I have accomplished something during the hot weather. My goal is to be done in two weeks and then spend a week outside cleaning up in preparation for our son and his family’s visit.

I got some extra sewing time in. Before breakfast I laid out the body pieces for two girls boleros. I used left over scraps of fabric for them. The bodies are lined with left over white broadcloth. By the time I started house cleaning both of the boleros looked like this.



The larger bolero is finished and it was fun to make. The smaller one is ready to have the lining put in and the sleeves inserted. I did not line the sleeves.


There is enough of the garment fabric left to make something else. I will look at patterns today as I want to use it all up and throw out the small amount of scraps.

I did clean up a bit of the sewing room yesterday morning. Part of the floor is swept and a few things put away. What is out needs to be cut and sewn which I am going to work my way through. Lining for a dress, the bottom half of a dress that needs fringe cut and sewn on, and a shirt that needs to be cut out and embroidered. I am waiting for two dresses to be blinged so I can sew them.

I ended up the day running 14 minutes and walking 11 minutes on the treadmill. Walk was at 4 and run at 6 on the treadmill. I was puffing and sweating at the end. Working on endurance at the moment so I can hit the pavement when it cools off. I have cleaned up my eating again as I want to loose the weight I gained this spring/early summer. I had a bit of a rough time with my eating. The dietician wanted me to eat 4 carb servings a meal on running days. It didn’t work out so I am back doing what I was doing before.

Today I am starting to clean the living room. If I hunker down, I can get half of it done. Then the second bolero will be completed and a new project to use up the remaining fabric will be started.

Until tomorrow………………………..

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Dress is Done

We are once again experiencing hot weather. It was a beautiful day again with temperatures going to 34C or 93F. We sat outside some and enjoyed the lovely weather.

The walls are all scrubbed in the dining room. There was a good layer of dust on them and one piece of furniture. Looking at that piece, you realize how much dust comes in our windows when the window blows. I also had to degrease parts that are open to the kitchen. The range and range hood are on that wall.

I went through every drawer of the antique server. There was a pile that went into the trash, items sorted and put into proper drawers, and a small pile put in the basement to be put away next week.

After lunch, I finished the little girl’s dress. It was such a delight to sew. The bias piping went on very easily.


I love the colourful print on this style of dress.


The dining room curtains are down, hems taken down, and washed. They are on the drying rack until tomorrow. After that job was done, I got on the treadmill. I walked for 2 x 5 minutes at 3.5 and ran 2 x 5 minutes at 6.0. It was a fast walk and run but I am working up to do 3 of each as I want to work up to walking 2 and running 5 x 8 intervals this fall and work towards running 8k.

Today, I will wash windows and the open beam in the dining room and start washing walls in the living room. I want to finish walls and windows by Tuesday and then wash the floor on my hand and knees. We will see as there is a lot of dusting to do. In the afternoon, I have to add a piece onto the dining room drapes and hem them up. If there is time, I want to trace boleros to match the little dresses I made. They will be lined with white broadcloth. I also want to hop on the treadmill to do a walk run of 4 minutes x 2 of running and walking. This is called my short run.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Interesting Find

Yesterday was a perfect day with blue skies, sunshine, and 31C or 88F temperatures. We spent a late afternoon and evening outside at a friend’s house celebrating his birthday. We were able to visit with his children and some friends. Perfect.

While cleaning up the small space in the basement, I cleaned out the drawers of my mother-in-law’s treadle machine. I found this item in one of the drawers. A 1940’s loom that is used for darning. It is missing a 7 cm piece of wood.


I did a bit of research yesterday and found this post on all the parts and how to use it. I am thinking looking for the complete kit and adding my piece to it for display.

I sewed the lining/slip together and hemmed it. It is pinned into the dress at this point.


All that is left to do is the bias bindings around the neck and armholes.

The hall in the basement got the walls and floor scrubbed. When the bathroom is finished, the walls will be painted. To date, it was the dirtiest space as it hold the electrical panel and gets the most reno traffic in the house.

Today, the plan is to start cleaning the dining room and finish the dress. Once the dress is done, I will be looking at making bolero jackets for the girls to wear with these dresses. I also have to walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dress Sewn; Onto the Slip/Lining

Yesterday I cleaned up the small space that goes into the storage and cold rooms. It has 48” of upper and lower cabinets in it for extra storage. I cleaned everything out of those cabinets, scrubbed them and then put items back in in a more organized way. The lower cabinet in the storage room was emptied and cleaned also. Exterior paint is in that cabinet and interior paint in the other cabinet.

The space under the stairs was emptied and all the items wiped clean of dust. It is all in the storage room as that space will be primed, painted and flooring put down. Once the walls were washed, the treadle sewing machine cleaned up and the floors scrubbed, I was done. I was a pool of sweat. Yuck!!

The afternoon was spent sewing and on the treadmill. Sewing first. I worked on the little girl’s dress and the first step was the zipper. I cut the 1” seam allowance down to 5/8”, put fusible interfacing twice the width of the seam allowance on that seam and basted in the zipper. It went in beautifully.


I cut the ties for the back 2 1/4” wide by 26” long. I sewed them up so they were 1” wide with a pointed end. Shoulder seams and one side seam was sewn and the hem serged. Second side seam sewn up and the skirt was hemmed.


And the back.


To end the sewing session, I cut the bias strips for the neckline and armholes. They go on last to hold the dress and lining/slip together.


Midway though the afternoon, I hopped onto the treadmill. I walked for 20 minutes at 3.5 to 3.7 and ran 5 minutes at 5.2. Though my knees are still sore, it isn’t unbearable on the treadmill. One knee is stiff and aches a bit when I first get up, it is doing better than the other knee. It hurts most of the time. I have a special brace on it to help it heal.

Today my goal is to wash the wall in the basement hallway and scrub the floors. I have a large batch of bruschetta and I would like to sew the lining/slip for the dress. We are going out at 4 p.m. to help a friend celebrate his birthday. We won’t be out for long; dinner and a short visit.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Dress is Emerging

Yesterday was a cool day until late afternoon when the sun finally shone. It was nice to have the rain and cooler weather as we are suppose to get it hot again.

I finished scrubbing the front entrance in the morning; I was done at noon. That included scrubbing the inside front door (we want to paint it this summer), walls, floor and basement stairwell. The wall between the kitchen and the stairwell is virtually impossible to wash by hand so I used a clean mop and washed it with that. My only accident was knocking the doorbell cover off. The Spousal Unit had to build this box to set the ladder on so he can put the cover back on.


After lunch, I worked on the little girl’s dress after I got paperwork done and in the mail. The dress is coming together beautifully. The back of the dress is ready for the zipper.


The front of the dress awaits the hour when I can start sewing all the pieces together.


I also walked 20 minutes on the treadmill and watched more of Downton Abby. I was busy but I am the happiest when I am busy. I am finding that if I do housework in the a.m. and sewing/treadmill in the afternoon, I have a great balance of work and fun.

Linda T., the fabric is a cotton/poly blend. When I iron it, it has a rubbery finish to it. It is a cute piece of fabric and I have enough left to make something else for a child. Summery of course. It was on sale for 70% off and is 60” wide.

Today I am going to clean the smallest area in the basement. I have ideas of what I want to do in the cabinets. I have to take everything out from under the stairs and sort and purge what is there. If it is at all possible, I might just paint the walls in that space to brighten and freshen it up. I would love to get more done on the dress; zipper and sewn together ready to add the bias pieces to the neck and armholes. If I can have it done sometime tomorrow, I will be happy. If not, then Sunday at the latest.

Until tomorrow………………….

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rain, Rain

Friday’s weather was something to behold. Until mid morning, it was a partly cloudy day. Then there was a light shower. On my way home from the city, it started to rain and by the time I got home, it was pouring. Our community had nearly an inch and the city had a bit more. Where we had no flooding, the city did due to the storm coming in fast and furious.

The water was running down our street quite well though.


As I arrived home to the heaviest rain falling, I had to park the Explorer in the carport for the first time. A tight fit but the only way we could unload the groceries. After we unloaded we stood outside for a half an hour watching the rain and the thunderstorm.


On Tuesday I got the storage room completely cleaned shortly after lunch. The walls and floor are clean and I am happy. I did open a box of fabric and look through it. A few pieces came out but a bunch more went into it. It went to one of the thrift shops in the city yesterday.

On Tuesday afternoon, I drew and cut out the little girl’s dress. The bodice has the darts sewn in both the garment and lining fabrics and the seams were serged.


I was able to start on the skirt. I drew it on the front section and then prepped the back pieces and pinned them to the front piece. I will do the same with the lining pieces and cut them all out together.


Once the skirt pieces are cut out, they will be serged and the dress can be assembled. I am looking forward to see this dress done and seeing it on the little girl.

My spare time yesterday was spent doing federal paperwork for a society. I am down to getting two birth dates and mailing it out. Maybe today, if not tomorrow. It was a lot of work doing the paperwork but I got it done.

Today I plan on working on the dress and washing more walls. I hope to finish the front entrance way. There isn’t much left to do and finishing it up will have just over half of the upstairs scrubbed. If all goes well, I hope to get the skirt pieces on to the bodice and the ties cut out and sewn. Maybe the zipper will get sewn in.

Until tomorrow…………………….

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Child’s Dress is Done

Yesterday turned out warmer than expected. There were clouds but no rain as forecasted. The temperatures have dropped by 11C which is nice. It will get hot again so people are enjoying this break.

Yesterday started with the Spousal Unit finishing up weeding the large flower bed and me canning applesauce.


While the apples cooked down and while they canned, I started cleaning the storage room. It was easy to run back and forth between the two rooms in the basement. I did get the easiest half of the room scrubbed down.

By the way, Elliott stayed out of our hair most of the time.


He summoned enough energy to sit on the storage room window ledge and bat at the cloth while I washed the outside of the window.

After lunch, I sewed the rest of the rick rack onto the dress. I am sure one little girl will be happy to get it when I have the next dress cut out and partly sewn.


I did walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and watched Downton Abbey while I was doing that. My knee didn’t hurt until I was done. It was a tired soreness which is fine. And then I took a break and sat outside for a bit.

In the evening while wandering the yard with a friend, I discovered a hornet’s nest above the door we use to go outside. The Spousal Unit found another one and he had a great time getting rid of them. There are so many wasps around this year that a few MIA won’t be a problem.

In response to your comments, I love being busy and if I am not busy, I will spend all day sewing. That is not healthy for my body. Some days I feel like a butterfly as I flit from one thing to the next. But I am moving around and feeling good both physically and mentally. In the evenings, I do very little in the summer and will knit or crochet in the winter.

Today I want to do more cleaning but have to be ready for tutoring at 11 a.m. I do want to start the next little girl’s dress and will start to design a top for someone. I have to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes also.

Until tomorrow……………………….