Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A Small Start to the Sewing Room

Yesterday was marginally warmer with the smoky haze hiding the sun. There are several fires in the area causing the haze but we can’t smell any smoke. This morning the smoky haze is worse as there are lots of fires around the province.



In the morning the Spousal Unit and I tackled the laundry room. Daughter had taken the washing machine on Saturday. I swept the floor in that area and then washed it. We moved the dryer as it’s going to the scrap metal pile due to the amount of rust on the inside of the drum. That area got swept and scrubbed. In the end, we removed some very old cupboards that were falling apart and put the upright freezer in that spot. The laundry room looks quite nice now and there is room to put something in that room. That was the good part of the day.

The next job was to start in the sewing room. It is a case of moving items around and around and around. I have too much in that room plus it houses the internet and TV boxes. They have been sitting on the floor since July 2.


I had thought putting them on a table but………..


the table takes up too much room. I was gnashing my teeth over this while I ate lunch. Then I grabbed my grandmother’s end table and we got perfect. 


So, the bigger table was taken apart and taken down to the suite.

By this time we were hot and irritable. In fact, everyone including the crew working on the furnace and gas lines were hot and irritable. The a/c wasn’t on and no one knew why and then the furnace got turned on for its test run and we were so hot it was sickening. We joked if we passed out to just roll us into a corner.

The next item on my list was to get the paper work done for our furnace rebate. That meant finding the information, making a phone call, setting up the printer and getting it done. I now have a printer sitting on the living room floor but it is working wirelessly. Yes!


The poor sewing room really got ignored but we have gas to two fire places, to the kitchen stove area, the dryer in the laundry room, and to the carport for the BBQ, plus the furnace is working. On the down side, we have no one here today to hook up the new stove and dryer. Also the connector to the BBQ needs a part. So, we wait but we can use a few days of quiet.

The animals are settling in now. Jill enjoys the yard and how few stairs she has to climb to get in and out of the house. She is barking at us and prancing around. Elliott is his usual snoopy self and got shut in a cupboard for the night. We now have to watch him for that as he use to do it in the other house when we first put in the new kitchen. The a/c is working once again and we are all comfortable as it is hot outside.


Today, the plan is to work in the sewing room and clean up the kitchen in preparation for the new appliances. I also have to measure the sewing room closet for a shelving unit to be put in over the weekend. I do hope I get more done today than yesterday.

Until tomorrow………………………….

Monday, July 06, 2015

More UnPacking

We continue to have hot weather though it is in the low 30C or about 88F. There are several fires around and the sky is hazy with smoke. The mornings are cool which is a relief. It seems as if it is going to get hotter for the next several days.


We are still unpacking. A couple of weeks and I hope the house will be unpacked though I would love it to be done sooner rather than later.

Yesterday I washed the guest room floor and then tackled the master bedroom. I wiped down baseboards, washed the blinds and window and unpacked what is to go in that room.


The room has no colour as of now. Everything blends into each other other than the furniture. All the pieces belonged to my maternal grandmother.


I will add colour once I get back to sewing.


I had a bit of fun folding the plastic grocery bags we get when shopping. We use these bags for a lot of things and they take up a lot of space. Someone posted the folds are Samosa Folding.


They will take very little room and I will keep them in a container in the laundry room. They are so cool looking. Not perfect but cool.

I had a 90 minute nap this afternoon. I covered myself up with a blanket on the bed, Elliott snuggled up with me under the blanket, whapped me with his tail and we both fell asleep. I really did need that nap as I was nearing exhaustion. The Spousal Unit dozed at the kitchen table.

Today I have to clean up where the washer was and then start unpacking the sewing room. There will be more purging as I have more than I can put in that room. Now it will be “Will it bring me joy?” as I unpack. Wish me luck.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Saturday, July 04, 2015

We Moved In!!

We have been in our house for 4.5 days now and it has been one roller coaster of a ride.

We arrived at our new house on the afternoon of June 30 and it was warm. One of the movers turned on the air conditioner for the Spousal Unit as I wasn’t at the house at that time. I had to finish cleaning the other house and have lunch as my blood sugar dropped and I had a headache and was sleepy.

The a/c was running but it was pathetic. It did help cool the house off a bit. The fellows unpacked and we laughed about where to put everything. It ended up in the living room.


And there were more boxes in the room than this. I had started to unpack when I remembered to take a picture.

As the movers were finishing up, we watched a thunderstorm develop. It seemed to be stuck just north of our house. It actually caused a flash flood in that area of town. We did get rain.


The next morning, the Spousal Unit and I had our coffee on the front porch. Elliott was happy to join us as we enjoyed the cool morning that was full of sunshine and blue skies.


He wasn’t the happiest cat in the world as he spent 8 hours in his carrier on moving day. His idea of Canada celebrations on July 1 was to be under our feet and stressed. When not under our feet he was sleeping with Jill.


Or on the bed with me.


His favourite retaliation activity is to meow from 2:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. keeping us from sleeping in. Who really cared as the air conditioner died during the night and we were hot.

July 2, we had to lock Elliott in the bathroom as we had the guys in to install the new furnance and a/c, the guys in to clean the ducts, and the lady in to install our internet and TV. The house got hotter and hotter and we had two fans running to keep us “cool”. We certainly didn’t get cool until morning.


Elliott decided to sleep with me and that was fun. I was hot and tired as I had cleaned the kitchen and started to unpack the kitchen items. The house was 29C or 84F by the end of the day.

Yesterday, we got the new air conditioner running. The house was, once again, at 29C or 84F. It took all night to cool the house down. I continued to unpack and the kitchen has all the cupboards packed and the guest room is done.


The room is small but it looks cozy.


Today was another cleaning day. I spent three hours cleaning the blinds on the kitchen window. It was dirty and greasy and yucky job. They look gorgeous and white now. At noon Daughter and Son-in-Law came for the fridge, stove and washing machine. I spent part of the afternoon cleaning up those spaces in preparation for the new appliances that arrive on Tuesday. 


We do like our new house very much and I am trying to unpack quickly. We have some renovations to do in the rental suite prior to scrubbing and painting. If we are unpacked up here, I can focus on getting downstairs ready to rent. Life will be busy for us but we are looking forward to it.

Until Monday as I am unpacking tomorrow all day long. I will start unpacking our bedroom.

Monday, June 29, 2015

One More Sleep

It was another hot day yesterday. It got to 40.6C or 105F. Too hot in our books. Though this morning was 23C or 73F it is suppose to be cooler by many degrees today. Or we hope it will be.


We had a busy day yesterday. In the morning, laundry was done, bathrooms cleaned and closed up, and the living room furniture went to their new homes.


It was looking empty in the living room. We had company for part of the morning and in the afternoon, more boxes had to be packed up. Also most of the living room floor got mopped.


We are closing in to be finished but we didn’t get it all done by bedtime last night. The heat was the killer. Even the house was warm as the a/c had a hard time keeping up with us going in and out.

But, we plugged along. The Spousal Unit mowed the lawns and I purged the last items out of the house so he could go to the dump. We officially are eating off paper plates.


Elliott has taken up residence in his pet carrier. It is familiar in all the packing chaos.


It was a tough day for all of us. On the up side, we seem to be able to move into our new house a day early.

Today, we have to finish packing, get items out of the house to their new homes, and huck a sigh of relief it will be ready for the packers. The truck and Explorer have to be packed this afternoon. All that will be left is the cleaning. We are nearing the end.

We will officially only have our cell phones after this morning. So I say……………..

Over and Out until July 2……………...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Were We The Hot Spot?

Oh, it was hot yesterday. It got to 40C or 104F. It was this kind of day


Today it is a repeat of yesterday though the temperature may get higher.


Yesterday morning I tackled the upstairs kitchen. It looked like this prior to packing.


The stove top was scrubbed and the oven was put onto self cleaning (was I crazy or what?). Everything was being hauled out of the cupboards and they were wiped clean. I sorted, purged, and packed and by the end of the day it looked like this.


After putting the stove top back onto the stove and purging, I got all of the stuff packed into a medium sized packing box. Another box gets set up to finish up the kitchen as we need the toaster on Tuesday morning. Next the last large sized box was set up and the two lamp shades from the living room lights were put in there along with a bunch of miscellaneous items.

In the afternoon, we suffered the heat and bathed the dog. Basically we were finished for the day. Daughter and Son-in-Law arrived in the evening with Dilly Bars from the DQ and took home the two living room end tables they bought.

Today, the goal is to set up the last of the boxes and fill them. It is the day to sweep through the house packing all the miscellaneous items that need to go but haven’t been packed. I will also start some cleaning as I want to do some prior to the movers coming. Mostly clean bathrooms and sweep and wash floors. We are so close to being done that we can taste it. We have people coming today to take away the recliners.

A heads up - tomorrow is my last day to post until we get internet on July 2.

Until tomorrow……………………………

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seeing the End of the Tunnel

Yesterday was a warm day. It got up to 36.9C or 98F. We will continue to have it hot this weekend and then will see the temperatures drop for a couple of days before it heats up again. Cooler weather for moving ~ delightful.


We hit the floor running yesterday. It was time to clean up the covered patio. We hauled the smoker and its stand up to the shop for easy packing onto the truck. Then we loaded the truck with excess furniture to go to the thrift shop. That was done in a short period of time.

While the Spousal Unit delivered the excess furniture, I started to clean up the covered patio. I swept up the mess, took down some unfinished bird nests (robins) and cleaned the BBQ. I even hit the cement hard and hurt both knees. I regrouped and kept on working. The end result was wonderful.


All the movers have to pack is the table. I have a bag set up to put garbage into at the greenhouse and will be putting it into the area to go to the dump.


I finished up with low blood sugar and pushed through to get the job done. I had to eat and have a break.

Right after the break, I started in the downstairs kitchen. The self cleaning oven was turned on and the racks sprayed with oven cleaner. A great task to heat up the house on a hot day.

Next on the list was to set up tubs in the family room to put the small appliances into. That was done and the Spousal Unit helped me carry them downstairs. I will put some filler in and close the up shortly. Then it was onto the kitchen to start the clean up in there.


It looks better than this now but still needs about 20 minutes of work to be done. I will be using the washer and dryer only and have to pack the cleaners into a tub.

The new owner showed up for 2.5 hours in the afternoon to talk about how certain things work in the house. He also talked about the renos he is going to do. I had to leave to the neighbours for a short period of time.

We were sitting outside in the carport when Daughter and Son-In-Law showed up for help moving their bed. We went over and helped with that plus the dressers. We got home at 9:30 p.m.

Today, we will slug through the house. The downstairs kitchen will be finished up, the upstairs kitchen will be started. That oven will be cleaned. Today is the last day we cook meals. Onto take out for the last two days. I hope to pack up the bathrooms and get two of them cleaned. We really are seeing the end of the tunnel and it isn’t the light on the train.

Until tomorrow…………………………. 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Nearing the End

It was warmer yesterday and the heat seemed to be trapped under the clouds. Even the breeze was hot. Though we were uncomfortable with the heat, we sat outside as we are trying to get use to it after we move. We won’t have air conditioning for a couple of days after we move in. The high got to 34.7C or 95F. It is suppose to be warmer today ~ 37 or 98.6F (body temperature).


I headed out early to paint the wood walls in the covered patio. Not a hard job though it was up and down the ladder a lot. It is done and looks great. Elliott spent the whole time glaring at me as I locked him in the house. He even watched me through the patio door scrub his carrier clean.

Next I packed a box of items that seemed to have gotten missed. Not unloved but missed. It all started when we hauled 4 tubs out from under the stairs. Three are fabric and one had three Christmas items in it. I needed the tub for the mixer and griller. It was then that I picked up the items that didn’t fit in other boxes. The box needs filler and and taped shut.

We then got ready to go to the lawyers to sign papers. The room we were in was hot and stuffy. I felt horrid from that and after we got home and had lunch, I decided to have a nap. It really helped.

After that we packed more kitchen items in boxes. We have pots, flatware, and tea towels left to go and the kitchen is done. I even did the fridge freezer. Three bags to the garbage.

We had supper out ~~~~ outside that is.


We finished up as the family came in for tutoring. After the lesson, they gave me a present and I loved the card.

004  005

I have worked with this girl for 3 years now. This spring she had the biggest AH-HA moment in reading and math. Since then she is always ready to work when she comes; no arguing or fighting with me about the work she has to do.

After we finished her reading, we sat outside and talked. Jill came around wanting us to know she wanted in the house to cool off. She was a prisoner to the heat.


When we got inside, Elliott was in his carrier. He had spent the whole evening in it and was happy as can be.


He will be able to go in it when he wants to until we move. Then he will be happy in it while travelling. We even think he slept in it part of the night.

Today is the day a load of furniture goes to the thrift shop, tubs go to the new tutor, and more packing is done. We are sliding down to the end. Once the furniture is gone, I will clean up the family room and put items in there for the movers. I am trying to get the items into a couple of areas. It will also let me clean up rooms prior to us moving. Let’s hope this plan works.

Until tomorrow………………………