Thursday, January 07, 2016

Preparing to Sew Gift Bags

Yesterday warmed up to 1C or 30F. Where the parking lots and roads have had salt put on them, they are wet, wet, wet. A lot of windshield washer is used so one can see the road.


We headed out in the morning to get more pictures and the Spousal Unit's prescription. I thought I had picked the pictures on the phone to be printed and when it opened up in the kiosk, all of them were there. What a pain I eliminated all of the pictures but a few.
We did a bit of meat shopping when getting the prescription. Though mid morning, the line ups were long and many people had large orders. We got home just before lunch; about an hour later than anticipated.
The Spousal Unit has joint pain which is caused by the chemo drugs. It will work its way through his body over the next several days. He  hates it but there is nothing he can do about it. His energy level is remaining at a good level though he does nap in the afternoon.


I spent quite a bit of time making a second apron and writing up the tutorial. I will post the tutorial next week.
I also started on the gift and wine bags. I had some fabric and decided to carefully cut it out to see how much fabric was needed for 1 of each. For the body, you need 13" x the width of fabric and the cuff is 4" x the width of fabric. The lining is 16.5" x width of fabric. I had more than that and would buy more than that to get everything nice and even.

The above is the wine bottle bag and below the gift bag. 

Rather than embroider the cuff, I use a print fabric. On these bags, I am going to add a couple of pieces of trim to the cuff. The lining is white cotton.


I did get 12 rows knit on the scarf last night. The ball of yarn is getting smaller and I am hoping it will be finished by the end of the month if not sooner.


I work 8 hours so will have only the time and energy to knit on the scarf. I hope to buy the trim for the bags today so I can work on them on my next day off.
Until tomorrow..................