Monday, February 15, 2016

There Is A Theme Here

Yesterday was another warm day though not as warm as the previous day. Having 5.8C or 42F in mid February is wonderful. It did rain at noon as I had to run out and get my water bottle in it. This morning, the temperature is just above freezing and we are to see a repeat of yesterday for temperature and showers.


Yesterday I headed out to work early as I was on cleaning duty. I cleaned and scrubbed for 45 minutes. The only thing I won't do is other people's dirty dishes. I didn't get the store swept so will do that on Tuesday.
When I went to cash, I found out we only could take cash. Our debit/credit portion of the tills was down and no matter what, the assistant manager could not get it up. All of the customers were fabulous about our problem. They would go get cash before or after they picked up their items. They waited patiently in line as we helped customers if they had to put items back. All I can say is Kudos to the people who shop in our store. You all rock.
The highlight of the day was when a lady came up and said she new me. I didn't know her at all. After a bit of chatting, I found out she is the sister of a teacher who taught in Pouce Coupe when I was the principal. She had visited the school once during my year in that school. We had a great chat and she went home to call her sister to let her know we had talked. A small world.
The Spousal Unit is feeling better but his stomach is still upset. He has less metal taste in his mouth but has a lot of gas that is bothering him. He is tired and sleeps a lot which is good. He is sleeping much better at night now. We both are hoping he is on the road to getting back to normal and gaining his strength.


I started going through the Christmas fabric in the sewing room. I still have some sentimental attachment to it. Kick me in the butt as I shouldn't have that attachment to it. A small game plan is forming.
There is a fair amount of the cardinal fabric. Like a couple of meters of it. I plan on making one each gift and wine bottle bags out of it. If there is enough of the tree boughs I will make a 15 minute table runner out of that and then give the rest away.
These two pieces will be the gift/wine bottle bags. I may make a simple place mats out of the rest of it though I will have to look at other fabrics for the borders. It may or may not exist in the stash.
Another set of gift/wine bottle bags and the remaining has me stumped. It may become backing for the place mats. If not it will have to go to the thrift shop or to a friend who quilts.
You will notice a theme here. If it has cardinals in it, I bought it. I am a sucker for fabric with cardinals. Big time sucker.
The last pieces are 2 fat quarters and 1/4 meter strip. I plan on making a wine bottle bag out of it. It is quite elegant fabric which I picked up so long ago that I don't remember what I was going to make out of it. It probably was for a gift bag due to the small amount I purchased.
That is as far as I got before going to work. That is about 1/8 of the Christmas stash. And, it doesn't include what is bagged up as kits or what I bought for our house.

Wardrobe Planning

I have to quickly pick up the fabric for two scarves. One in the red/black/white plaid and the other in a navy/purple/white plaid. Both will have white lace on them. Both are for me and I hope to knit mitts and hats to go with them.
I haven't looked at the fabric or patterns very much. I really am trying to stay away from it at the moment. I need to sew up what I have purchased and then look again.


I am not suppose to work. I want to do laundry, some housework and sew on the top. I need to finish the top so it can get hung in the store. For a break, I will cut out the wine bottle so I can sew it later on this week. If I get called to work, I will not get any of the above done.
Until tomorrow.........................

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