Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Work In Progress

Yesterday was a glorious day after the fog disappeared. It was sunny all day long with a high of 11C or 52.5F. It stayed clear all night and we have a low of -4C or 25F this morning at 6 a.m. We should see more sunshine and a bit cooler temperatures today.


Yesterday morning I spent some time dusting and cleaning our bedroom. It is much cleaner but still needs a bit more work done to be perfectly clean. And the window needs washing inside and out. A good project on a sunny day.
At work, I was at cash for my 4 hour shift plus I had to cash out last night. I put away zippers when I could but it was steady with customers. We had a rush of theater students in getting samples. They really don't know what they want! The last student left after the store was closed.
I have been monitoring myself the past week with eating and portion control. I do take cheese and Skittles to work for hunger and low blood sugar. I eat the cheese on the way home and haven't touched the Skittles when doing a 4 hour shift. Snack consists of some cheese, rice crackers, and a few grapes on a longer day. It is keeping the low blood sugar at bay. If I work hard, I do eat the Skittles but also try to eat the cheese to hold the blood sugar up longer. It is working out for me. At meal time, I am eating less and feeling better. I am happy with the results to date. I am not keeping track of what I eat or my glucose count until March 1. I have to see the diabetic dietician in April so need to be able to tell her how things are going.



The wine bottle bag is ready for ribbon. I had no time to buy the ribbon as I went right to cash and didn't leave the post until 5:50 p.m.
I took a bit more in on the bottom of the bag and won't be doing that again. It shortened the bag just a bit too much for my liking but it does work.
I have to look at the ribbon to see if I can get the cuff colour. If not black will have to do.
While working on the bag, I have decided to make some little triangle pouches for March's craft.


I started fixing my red work t-shirt. It has holes at my waist from rubbing against the cutting tables. This is a work in progress. I am adding the same colour in another knit to make a longer body and may or may not cut off the t-shirt. The added piece will wrap around the t-shirt and overlap on the front. I am thinking of adding a couple of buttons to hold it shut. I want to put lace around the bottom edge and up the opening. Around the neck and sleeves I will add more lace. From there it is questionable what I will do or if I will do any more.
The next big sewing item is a shirt for the Spousal Unit. The fabric is ready to go and I just need to thread up the sewing machine. I am looking forward to sewing something in plaid.


I decided to knit a toddler's toque and am almost ready to start decreasing for the crown. I will show it when I am done.
The wool for the scarf will be used to make samples for my knitting courses. I hope to start back on them again soon. Once the afghan is done, I will start back on my courses.  


I am not working today. The plan is to do some housework and laundry, sew, go to the library, and relax and knit.
Until tomorrow......................

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  1. I don't know how you find the time to do so many things in a day. Obviously you are very organized! I really like the colours of the black and gold wine bag, and I like how it shapes in more at the bottom, although with a ribbon it might not look as nice as the wider ones.