Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September!

Though it was to rain yesterday, we had wind, clouds, and gorgeous sunshine. It was a beautiful fall day. Warm except when the sun went behind the clouds but who is complaining. It is the end of September above the 49th. October begins tomorrow.

Juliane, you asked if I use interfacing or horsehair braid on the hems of the dresses I make. The answer is no. Some of the creations have tiny hems on them according to the patterns I use/abuse. The ones that call for 1 1/4” hems are usually underlined and that gives the hems enough weight to hold them out. I will be using it on one dress I plan on finishing next year. It will need either horsehair braid or interfacing to give it a nice look. I did do horsehair braid on the red bridesmaid’s dress that I hemmed. It was a fuller skirt than what I make and gave the skirt a nice appearance.

Gertie has a wonderful tutorial on her blog that is worth reading up on and following for a full skirt. I am thinking of using this method some day.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Elliott Day

There are days when we think we have three Elliotts in the house. Really we only have one. These three cats look a lot like him; they could be siblings but they aren’t.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Our Son and Grandson

I put the following picture on the patio table this morning and the Spousal Unit looked at it and said “The Dude”. It is actually our son just before his 8th birthday.


And the Dude. He is a year younger than our son in this pictures.


A strong family resemblance I would say.

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