Friday, March 31, 2017

Butterick 6468 - Retro Doll Dress and Apron

Is spring going to come this year? We keep wondering as there have been few warm days this month. Frost again this morning. The Val D' Or lilies are stating to show green but the tips of the leaves have frost bite.


Work has been busy and then at home I have been thinking for down the road. My reading of novels stopped as I started to read Craft Business Power to see where I want to take my doll clothes. Even if I only do 50% of what they suggest, this is kicking my brain into active mode rather than passive mode. I have noticed that my mind is not being active at all; I have been just rolling along.


I did some sewing yesterday and worked on Butterick 6468.
I made the dress and I think it is ugly. I needed it to showcase the apron.
The dress is made out of cotton sateen and sewed up very nicely. There is a front piece, front facing and two back pieces. I did no altering at all as this dress as it isn't even a style ladies wore in that era. Most dresses were fitted with the dress opening in the front. I don't think this dress will ever be made again.
The apron is much cuter and is ready to put the second pocket on.
The goal was to complete this today. I do love the pattern on this fabric. And, the style is more correct to the era.

I have been making some loose decisions on making doll clothes. I want to have my decisions firmed up and some of my ideas done by the time I decide to retire from the store.
  • To take the doll clothing course from Craftsy. Joan Hinds is a well respected person and I can learn the basics from her.
  • Complete the Couture Sewing Academy by Pixie Faire. This course will help me do a neater job of the doll clothes I plan on making.
  • Sign up and take more courses through Pixie Faire. These will help me immensely when making doll clothes.
  • Decide on a brand -- it is floating around in my head. Make business cards to attach to the doll clothes I plan on selling.
  • Decide on what type of doll clothes I want to focus on during my time. Right now, I sew what ever to promote the patterns and fabric we sell at the store.
  • Have clothing that sells with and without accessories. I will buy the shoes but will make the socks, mitts, hats, underwear, and jewellery for specific outfits I have up my sleeve. That way, I will have a range of prices to sell to people.
 I guess you can say I want to sell unique and well made doll clothes that can have accessories included.


I am back at work for 3 days and then have a day off, work 2 and have a day off. I now have to work one late night for two weeks and then the third week I have no late nights. Not looking forward that but it has to happen.
Until the next time........................

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beginner's Beading

I am starting to think that March came in like a lion and is going out like a lion also. It has been cool here for most of the month. People are saying they were out golfing this time last year. This year there is still snow on the hills and the grass is just thinking about growing.


I was to the doctors on Thursday and my A1C is still sitting at 5.5 which is perfect. Blood pressure is right where they want it to be. Thyroid is on the high end of average so I got a medication change. I started it this morning. I have two different doses to take alternating days. Here is hoping that it works.
Yesterday I pushed myself and slept for 2 hours in the afternoon. I used up my sewing time and didn't feel a whole lot better when I woke up. Hopefully, I will feel better this week and look at the patterns and prep for sewing on my next days off.
I did beading both mornings I was off. My goal was to make a flower out of nylon mesh tubing.
I had spent an evening doing internet searches on it and finally found a YouTube video showing how to do it. It is actually very easy once you start the flower on a cardboard circle the size of a quarter. The tubing goes into place easily and I glued it down with the glue gun. I added some beads to the headband and called it a day. It is for a girl who loves this kind of stuff.
I also made the necklace. All the materials came from the discount section and I had quite a bit of fun doing it. The cording and closure is from a necklace that had 4 stands of cording and one of organza ribbon. I glued them into a proper end, add the closure, strung the beads and then repeated the end and closure. Very easy to do.
Lastly, I made a necklace for the doll's Easter outfit. It was easy to make also.
I learned via reading how to do crimp beads to hold the closure in place and then alternated pearl and mauve beads on the wire. I know I will be making a lot of these necklaces using discounted materials from the store.
I still have lots to learn but I feel I have a good beginners base of which to build upon. One step at a time with this craft.


I am at work early and I hear I have another planogram to set up. I am looking forward to doing that. The last one I got is done and it looks great. Once that is done, I have to do monthly orders. A busy week coming up for me.
Until the next time............................

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Puckered Sleeve

It is clear and -2C this morning. Yesterday it got to 15C or 55F. Too nice to be inside but inside I was.


With the nice weather, I got the desire to be outside. It would be so nice to sit in the sunshine and absorb the minute amount of Vitamin D it would give you. There is nothing to do outside for another couple of weeks and then it will hit us and yard work will need to be done.
I have two shamrock plants in the house to put out into pots. Elliott has trimmed them both. One I thought was dead but it is growing leaves again. The other one will have no leaves in a couple of days. He loves to eat live green things and will be sneaking outside soon to eat green grass.
I am starting to move our things upstairs. Every time I go into the basement, I have to bring up something. Yesterday it was 2 suitcases and the Spousal Unit's cowboy hats. I am trying to empty one room at a time so I can clean it up and close the door. I am thinking we may rent it out once it is cleaned up.


The jacket was finished until I noticed one sleeve looked funny. The lining was too short and was pulling the outer fabric up to the inside of the sleeve.
The sleeve lining is hand sewn into the sleeve cap and the first side fit perfectly. This side gave me grief and I had to undo the sleeve cap and repin it back in.
There is a good 30 minutes of hand sewing to finish the jacket. I am planning on adding a hook and eye to the front to keep it closed.
Next up is to sew the doll's Easter dress and then aprons for the doll and an adult. After that some sewing for Christmas gifts.


I work and have the weekly books to do. Though I am still tired, I am pacing myself so I don't come home exhausted. I am not doing much at night; reading and watching TV.
Until the next time....................

Friday, March 17, 2017

McCalls 7332 - Jacket Begun

With the weather running the spectrum of snow, rain, sunshine and wind, the past week has been a transition from winter to spring (sort of).


Though I have been living in a fog, I have been busy trying to get things done and resting between jobs. I did get a wash stand up into the sewing room and the baskets holding notions put on top. Next will be the cutting table. Last is the ironing board.
The Spousal Unit has been enjoying the warm weather and has been working outside getting his shed cleaned up and left over renovation materials put away. We have to sell a bunch of canning jars and equipment in May. He has also cleaned up the backyard some but it is still too cold to do anything else.


I worked most of yesterday on the jacket for the store. I chose McCalls 7332 in a lightweight cotton.
This jacket is already in the store using 2 different drapery fabrics so my version was to use one fabric with no seam details on the body or sleeves.
The fabric is 100% cotton with a embroidered edge along one selvedge edge. I lined it with bemburg lining to give it more body. It is a jacket to be worn during summer evenings.
When I washed the fabric prior to cutting it out, I added a colour catcher to the wash. So glad I did as it came out blue which would have run into the lovely embroidery.
When I traced the pattern, I taped all the cut pieces together so it would be seamless. As I was cutting out along the selvedge edge, I cut out two of each pattern piece. Laying out the pattern took a while as I wanted to make sure the pattern was the same all the way around.
The collar was a bit of a pain as the under collar is cut on the bias and the upper collar is on the straight of the grain. The under collar has interfacing added to it of which I used a fusible knit interfacing. Next time I would interface the upper collar when using a light weight fabric.

I have never added a lining like I did to this jacket. You sew in the lining and turn it through the arm holes. I edge stitched the lining as best I could so the lining would not roll to the right side. A lot of work.
The back has a center back seam and I wish now I had sewn it as one piece. I am not pleased with how the embroidery looks at the top. Grrrr.
The sleeves are ready to insert. The lining is attached at the hem and are pushed down so the garment fabric sleeve is attached to the coat and lining. Then the lining is pulled up, gathered and slip stitched into place. Another first for me. That is today's job. The jacket will get a good pressing and be taken in tomorrow.
I could make this jacket again in two solid colours for fall. It fits in with my lifestyle.
Next on the list is one doll's Easter dress. I will start it next week.
I have to grocery shop and finish the jacket. Laundry also needs to be done so it will be a busy day with resting when I get tired.
Until the next time..................

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ideas In My Head

It snowed again yesterday for 4 to 5 hours. Not a lot of snow but it snowed. The temperature this morning is almost the same as the high was yesterday. Hopefully we will see warmer temperatures this week. People are ready for a change, me included.


I was tired yesterday. Very tired. I pushed myself at work all day. I am about 75% done in redoing the signs in the store. It isn't a hard job but it does take a lot of time. It is also a dirty job and my hands are black at the end of the day from the pen I use.
At home I am keeping the house looking tidy and then am collapsing on the couch for the evening. It sucks to be exhausted all the time. I fall asleep reading and watching TV.


Yesterday I bought a meter of fabric to make Daughter a square scarf (called a cowboy rag). I have two to make for her now; same fabric/pattern but different colours. I cut them into a square and do a rolled hem on the serger and they are done. Easy Christmas gifts. I found the fabric in the clearance section. They will be done when I finish the jacket.
Once done the jacket, I plan on doing some easy sewing. The two scarves, a couple of reusable grocery bags, the lobster bibs, and then onto the doll's Easter dress.
My plan is to do a project and then do a couple of easy projects. I want to sew up some of the fabric I bought and get them ready to gift or to use in the house. Most are easy items and will be fun to make.
I want to do a fun session with another friend on jewelry making. One idea is to make a bracelet using larger beads, a bit of chain and a different clasp.


I am at work and will probably crash tonight when I get home. That is how life is right now.
Until the next time......................

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tired With A Dose of Exhaustion

Once again we have had a couple of inches of snow. On Wednesday it snowed 2-3" in less than 2 hours and then the sun shone. Yesterday it started to snow in the late afternoon and quit sometime during the night. There is about 2" on the ground from that snowfall. By Monday it is suppose to be near 16C or 61F. I guess it could be March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.


I have been very tired so am getting blood work done today to see if I need a stronger medication for my thyroid. The six week wait period is now 12+ weeks. It is annoying that 8 months ago the dosage was decreased and it will probably go up again. On the up side, I will feel better and start to function like a normal human being. I am tired of pushing myself to do things every day.
Yesterday I cleaned the house up and got half of the floors washed. The guest bed is set up ready to make and to bring up the items that belong in that room. I found the knick knacks that go on the fireplace mantle and it is all set up. A couple of items went on end tables. Though still minimal looking, it looks more homey as said by the Spousal Unit. After that was done, I slept for over an hour but know the laundry is done and the house is clean for this week.
Elliott has been enjoying the fireplace and his new rug. He spends most evenings sleeping before the fire.


I haven't sewn a stitch and am going to try and work on a jacket today. It is a store project and needs to be done in the next week. With no energy, I haven't tackled it even though it is an easier pattern. Once it is done, I will start sewing some Christmas presents and outfits for the dolls.
I did buy some fabric and a pattern for the dolls. The first outfit to be done is an Easter dress using the pattern I bought. It will be a retro dress with a swing jacket. I will also make a necklace for the outfit.


The Spousal Unit has to go for IV immune therapy, I go for blood work. Then I will shop, come home and start on the jacket. I want to trace the pattern and get it cut out. Then I can sew it up as I am off earlier this week.
Until the next time................................

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Staging The House

It was warmer yesterday with a high of 13C or 56F. It was really nice when I had to go out and do a few things. It did rain last evening which was called for. The hills got snow which happens at this time of the year.


Yesterday was set up the living room and it got done except for the knick knacks. I swept and washed every inch of the floor with the mop. It still had dust showing on it from the renovations. I also cleaned out a heat vent as it had a pile of drywall dust in it. Once that was done, I cleaned furniture and set up the living room. Though sparse compared to some homes, we love it.
The mat is for Elliott and he loves it. I also cover the coffee table under the window as Elliott sits on it to look out the window. He has always looked out a window since he was a year old. 
The couch and loveseat are too heavy for the room and are being replaced with these chairs.
Two chairs in grey fabric

Two recliners in a lighter grey fabric
We have done chairs before and love to sit in recliners.
I need to find the knick knacks and put them out. Most go on the mantle and a couple will go on the end tables. What I can't use, will go to the thrift shop. 
After the living room was done, I cleaned the kitchen and dining area. This area of the house is now clean and tidy. Onto the bedrooms which includes my sewing room. Next days off I will be tackling them.
I had heard that houses in our community have been selling fast and the house three doors down from us sold in 3 days. That was a surprise as we knew a house was going on the market but no sign appeared until it had sold on it.


I didn't have a chance to sew on these days off. But, I can think about what to do with my possessions in the basement that could, should, and won't go back into that room. I have to clear out the items in the closet that needs to reside elsewhere in the house (or leave the house) and then tackle what needs to go in the closet. A big job but it needs to be done.
I saw/found a new pattern for place mats in a flyer and need to see if I can get the pattern locally. If not, I will order it from the store I got the flyer from.
As soon as I saw it I knew I would use this pattern to make Christmas place mats and they would be great for the lobster fabric I have for Son and family. Other ideas are floating in my head for gifts for family and ourselves.


I am back to work today and will be on the floor for the next 5 days. I have to finish the notions order and then do signs until they are all updated.
Until the next time..........................

Friday, March 03, 2017

A Good Check-up

Is spring coming? Yesterday was warmer and sunny though we saw very little of it. Today is suppose to be just as nice. Let's hope as we are craving the warmer weather.


Yesterday was check up day for the Spousal Unit. We left early in the morning and drove carefully down to the cancer clinic in Kelowna. There were wet roads, snow, and fog. The day was cool and cloudy.
We had a couple of hours to shop and we headed into a furniture store we like. After a good look, we bought 4 new chairs; 2 chairs and 2 recliners. We are happy with our choice and all are Canadian made.
The appointment with the oncologist was late and there was a 3rd year student doing the exam. Then the oncologist came in and after doing his exam, there was a hands on lesson to find the Spousal Unit's spleen. Not found as it is tiny but it made for a good lesson on examination techniques.
We got home to Elliott sitting in the window waiting for us. He was happy to have us home and after eating he cuddled with both of us before he decided to attack when his blanket was adjusted. Back to his normal self.


The tower of drawers is back in the sewing room and it looks great in its old spot. We have to take out some living/dining room items before any more can be put into the sewing room. That could happen today.
While shopping, we headed to the bookstore and I got two books on beading. One is a workbook and the other is for the absolute beginner. I will be learning from a co-worker a few more techniques and then will be using these books to help me out. I am looking forward learning something new. And the dolls will like jewelry for their outfits.


Housework and grocery shopping today with no sewing. I am okay with that as we will be moving furniture into the living room to make it more comfortable for us. We are both happy to be doing this job.
Until the next time.......................

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Tiny Necklaces

The weather in our area has been colder than normal. We are looking forward to spring and warmer days.


The house renovations are complete and the tools are gone. We are now ready to clean the house and put our furniture and other items away in their proper places. I would like to have it done in a month which should be doable.
We both love the look of our house and it should feel comfortable once we get it set up and decorated. The goal is to keep it simple and tidy.


I haven't looked at my sewing this week but I did do some jewelry making one night after work. It was our team building night for the three of us. We had a lot of fun doing simple items.
My first item was a very simple and quick necklace using a piece of rhinestone beading. I used a special cup holder for the end rhinestones to set in so I could add a magnetic clasp.
It is the longer necklace on the doll. This quick and simple necklace took me about 10 minutes to make.
The second necklace took a lot longer. I used a lot more supplies; pins, beads, magnetic closure, rings and chain. This necklace is based on one the manager learned to make at the manager's meeting last September.
 It took a while to make the bead part of the necklace. I didn't have a round nose plier so was fighting to make nice closed loops and the necklace kept falling apart. But, I succeeded in making a tiny necklace.
I have since found more information on beginner's beading and will be doing those lessons on my time off. Next on the list is to make a doll's pearl necklace.


This is day 5 of working and I have the early shift. Tomorrow we head out as the Spousal Unit has to be at the cancer clinic for his check up. One year ago he finished chemo and is now starting to feel stronger. It hasn't been a good year for him.
Until the next time...........................