Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bolero Fun

It was a hot and sunny day yesterday. We got to 37.8C or 100F. We sat outside for a bit last night and knew it had been hot. Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday for weather.

The dining room is cleaned. I washed the windows, the ceiling beam, and the floors. One window was washed inside and out and the windows in the gable end got washed on the inside only. The outside of those windows will get done soon.

It has been a lot of work to date cleaning the house. I am purging as I go which takes time. But the end results are making me feel like I have accomplished something during the hot weather. My goal is to be done in two weeks and then spend a week outside cleaning up in preparation for our son and his family’s visit.

I got some extra sewing time in. Before breakfast I laid out the body pieces for two girls boleros. I used left over scraps of fabric for them. The bodies are lined with left over white broadcloth. By the time I started house cleaning both of the boleros looked like this.



The larger bolero is finished and it was fun to make. The smaller one is ready to have the lining put in and the sleeves inserted. I did not line the sleeves.


There is enough of the garment fabric left to make something else. I will look at patterns today as I want to use it all up and throw out the small amount of scraps.

I did clean up a bit of the sewing room yesterday morning. Part of the floor is swept and a few things put away. What is out needs to be cut and sewn which I am going to work my way through. Lining for a dress, the bottom half of a dress that needs fringe cut and sewn on, and a shirt that needs to be cut out and embroidered. I am waiting for two dresses to be blinged so I can sew them.

I ended up the day running 14 minutes and walking 11 minutes on the treadmill. Walk was at 4 and run at 6 on the treadmill. I was puffing and sweating at the end. Working on endurance at the moment so I can hit the pavement when it cools off. I have cleaned up my eating again as I want to loose the weight I gained this spring/early summer. I had a bit of a rough time with my eating. The dietician wanted me to eat 4 carb servings a meal on running days. It didn’t work out so I am back doing what I was doing before.

Today I am starting to clean the living room. If I hunker down, I can get half of it done. Then the second bolero will be completed and a new project to use up the remaining fabric will be started.

Until tomorrow………………………..

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Interesting Find

Yesterday was a perfect day with blue skies, sunshine, and 31C or 88F temperatures. We spent a late afternoon and evening outside at a friend’s house celebrating his birthday. We were able to visit with his children and some friends. Perfect.

While cleaning up the small space in the basement, I cleaned out the drawers of my mother-in-law’s treadle machine. I found this item in one of the drawers. A 1940’s loom that is used for darning. It is missing a 7 cm piece of wood.


I did a bit of research yesterday and found this post on all the parts and how to use it. I am thinking looking for the complete kit and adding my piece to it for display.

I sewed the lining/slip together and hemmed it. It is pinned into the dress at this point.


All that is left to do is the bias bindings around the neck and armholes.

The hall in the basement got the walls and floor scrubbed. When the bathroom is finished, the walls will be painted. To date, it was the dirtiest space as it hold the electrical panel and gets the most reno traffic in the house.

Today, the plan is to start cleaning the dining room and finish the dress. Once the dress is done, I will be looking at making bolero jackets for the girls to wear with these dresses. I also have to walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Until tomorrow……………………….

Friday, July 04, 2014

A Little Dress Evolves

Yesterday was cooler than the day before. It got to 30.6C or 87F. The wind kept it cooler than we thought it would. It seems as if it will be a tad cooler for a few days and then heat up again.

The Spousal Unit picked raspberries first thing in the morning and I was able to can 6 pints of them. They come out of the canner this morning due to the process I use so they won’t cook down to mush. I bring the water to a boil, take off the heat and wrap the hot canner in towels and blankets. They seal during the cooling down period.

I warmed up the sewing machine sewing a scarf. It was an easy sew for someone who was tired from traveling. The fabric was left over from the red faux leather vest I made.


I puttered in and out of the house pulling weeds in the garden and setting up the next little girl’s muslin. It was called read twice, measure three times, draw, and cut. It seems to have worked out as it isn’t too small according to the tape measure.

The skirt turned out amazing at the waist. It fit to perfection.


And the back.


I started putting the bias binding onto the neckline. This time I cut them 2” wide which gave me a bit of extra fabric on the underside. Perfect.


I got the first armhole done and ran out of steam.


I had to have a 90 minute rest as I was falling apart with exhaustion. When I recouped I finished up the dress ready to serge the hem and finish it off.


Today we have to can 14 pints of cherries. I then have to finish the little dress ready to try it on my little model. Then I have to sew a queen dress muslin that I have cut out and have hanging in the closet. I may do some more weeding just to go outside for a while.

Until tomorrow……………………………..