Wednesday, February 03, 2016

McCalls 7286 Cut Out

Though lovely and sunny yesterday, the high got to 1.2C or 34F. This morning, it is cool at -5C or 23F. Snow is in the forecast for this afternoon.
I dropped the Spousal Unit off at the hospital and went grocery shopping. I also got some mail posted and the vehicle gassed up.
After eating lunch, I fell asleep watching TV. I also had a nap in the evening. I know I am coming down from the stress of all winter plus knowing we don't have to do chemo for about 5 years.
The Spousal Unit slept during his chemo due to the bag of Benadryl they gave him. He woke up groggy, unable to walk, and a bit confused. The nurses helped him get going. He read and played games on his iPad to pass the time away. Last evening, he started to ache which is normal for him. He will feel miserable with his aches and pains for another week to 10 days. Then he will start to gain his strength back.
Elliott has been doing his thing again. He spends time hollering to be let into the basement suite and when no one responds, he throws a fit. He has also been taunting the Spousal Unit by sitting on his side of the loveseat. Last night, he was totally relaxed on his blanket.



The Advent calendar is folded and ready to be quilted on the machine.
The binding is ready also.


I am trying to take part in the Spring 6 PAC by doing a navy column with light blue and turquoise accents. It is a part of my wardrobe plan. If I plan on making 6 items, I have to sew two items each month. It may not happen as I have to do other sewing also.
I finished tracing the top pattern, laid it out on the fabric and got it cut out. I was really surprised at how much I got done yesterday.
I do like the lace inserts.
You cut out four inserts and sew one to each side of the front and back. When you sew up the side seam, you sew down the inserts to finish it. This top is also a raglan sleeve with a neck band. The sleeves are hemmed. My goal is to finish it on my days off. Next on the list is a shirt for the Spousal Unit and leggings for me. Oh, I have to finish the Advent calendar also.


I work a full 8 hour shift so I won't be doing much at home. As I have to cash out, I get home later so it will be TV and bed.
Until tomorrow.......................

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  1. T-shirt looks good with the lace inserts. Poor Elliott.....a change in his routine......can't roam around like he used Hope Dave feels better fun not feeling well.