Thursday, February 18, 2016


Yesterday was a day of both sunshine, clouds, and some showers. The high got to 5.6C or 42F. Today is suppose to be somewhat warmer and wetter.


Yesterday morning I cleaned the kitchen. It is so easy to do as everything has been purged to just what we need and in its proper place. The only item that is out of place is the Spousal Unit's bag with the thermometer, wipes, and paper in it. We kept track of his temperature on a regular basis after chemo. Soon it will be put away.
I swept a lot of dust bunnies up as I also did the majority of the floors. There was a goodly amount of Elliott fur in it. He is constantly shedding being an indoor cat.
I forgot my name tag at home and had to wear this one.
Not a single person commented on it.
The Spousal Unit had a good day yesterday. He ate well and was thinking of things to do. This morning, he had a huge sweat when he went back to sleep after I got up and is feeling exhausted. I am sure he will feel better as the day progresses.


I serged the seams on the second sleeve of the top and got the side seams sewn together. It is ready to be put into the top. Getting that done was a bonus. I do hope to finish it by tomorrow afternoon.
I will then sew up the wine bottle bag and start on a shirt for the Spousal Unit. While cutting it out, I hope to fix the t-shirt I wear to the store. I am still figuring out what to do with it.


I have a day off but have to return the name tag and pick up some cotton for the t-shirt. I do want to sew on the navy t-shirt also. The Spousal Unit wants to take the china cabinet to the glass shop to get some of the glass replaced if he feels well enough. At this moment, it may not happen.
Until tomorrow...........................

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