Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Trip To ER

Yesterday was a partly cloudy day, especially in the afternoon. The sun shone what I saw of it in the morning. The high got to 8.8C or 48F.


Yesterday morning, the Spousal Unit arrived out in the kitchen looking for white squares that were being used around his neck. They were suppose to be put into the garbage (it was garbage day) and he couldn't find them. He kept saying he had been looking for them for a week. I really thought he was loosing it with a high fever. When I took his temperature it was, basically, normal. I told him to put out the garbage and look for those white squares later on. (Those squares are non-existent)
When he looked and acted normal I told him we were going to the emergency ward. I was exhausted from lack of sleep. He was exhausted from the pain in his neck. The combination meant for us to see a doctor. We headed out to the hospital. The ER was busy, over full, and I internally thought I was going to be there until 9 p.m. We got a wonderful doctor who ordered blood tests and an X-ray. By 1:00, we were leaving the ER with a prescription as the Spousal Unit has an infection in his glands. I got the prescription filled and the Spousal Unit has relaxed. Thus, everything I had planned on doing was trashed. I had a late lunch, an early dinner, and went to work.
It was quiet at work as there is a big sale today. From about 5:40 p.m. on a co-worker and I started to clean the store in preparation for the sale. We cleaned up behind all the tables, got the paper work ready, organized a section of fabric, and put out signs. When done that, we washed cutting tables and rearranged some displays. When we left at 9 p.m. the store looked great and we were proud of what two of us can do when working as a team with a goal.


I am off work and have to get caught up on shopping and cleaning. I slept well but am tired so will have to pace myself and have a nap this afternoon. I would love to put pattern to fabric if there is enough time.
Until tomorrow...............................

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