Friday, February 12, 2016

A Day Off

Yesterday the weather remained at 1C or 34F until noon and then it crept slowly up to 3C or 37F of which it remained all night. We are that temperature this morning. It is also grey and dismal out there again today.


I survived day 5 of work. It was hard in many ways as my back and legs were sore. I started out at cash and finished as much of the planogram as possible. I wiped down the counters as they were dirty around the till area. Many hands, including ours, touch that surface so it is now clean and has less bugs on it.
After that I headed to cut fabric and it was fun to do that. I cleaned up the table I was working at and wiped it down. My fun job was putting out the new quilting cottons between customers. There is one I need to get to line my next purse with. A paisley in navy and deep yellow. My dreaded job was cushion covers. I got that job done by the end of shift.
I avoided the negativity of one person by being at a table by myself. She was upset as a person she bought items from didn't get her money. I didn't know where envelope of money was (I was on cash that day) and said so. Not. My. Fault. I also found a few little jobs to do that kept me hidden at times. I also had a customer who is redoing their bedroom. I helped them out when I could which was great fun. They are going for a "French" look which is so different from my style. That kept me busy looking for items they might need. In actual fact, they came in twice to get things.  
The Spousal Unit is feeling a bit better. He is eating bland food as it all tastes the same. We had soup for dinner and then went out for ice cream. He did enjoy that.


I am off work and won't be called in. YES!!!!! I have already emptied the fridge and will clean it. There is laundry and grocery shopping to do, and some me time in the sewing room. If I can serge some seams I will be happy. It is time to work on the navy knit top.

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