Sunday, February 21, 2016

Navy Top Completed

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun shone until mid afternoon and the high got to 11C or 52F. There was plenty of movement outside; people walking, running, and biking. The Spousal Unit stood outside by the house and enjoyed the warmth radiating off the stucco. This morning it is just below freezing but the sun is shining and it looks beautiful out there.


I headed out to work and came home. I asked to have my days at work for the week checked and I had worked 5 days and couldn't do any more. I was happy for the day off. It was great to cook us dinner last night, not worry about things, and enjoy life.


I took the garment fabrics I had sorted out and gave them to the young lady who attends university. She hugged me and was so excited to receive them. I am happy she likes them and they are gone.
I got the navy top done. It wasn't hard to do though I thought the hem would be a pain. Once the long stitching thread was removed, all went well.
I will never sew the lace again. What remains is going into the trash can. It just wasn't my fabric. The knit fabric is nice and light and I may pick up one more piece for another top. I am also looking for a cotton knit in navy.
I want to make this version of the pattern. It is more me.
I did get the lining sewn for the wine bottle bag. The outer fabric has the cuff sewn on both pieces and the button hole put in. It had to dry after I gobbed Fray Block on it. An hour should finish it up.


I am so enjoying the square knitting needles. The scarf was ripped out as I was short a stitch. I am almost back to where I was. The pressure of trying to do that left me tense and I had a hard time relaxing to sleep. Drat on that. Pictures of it later when I have another pattern set done.


I work from noon to 5 p.m. I would like to do a bit of sewing before I go and do more on the wine bottle bag. We talk with our grandson tonight and afterwards I would like to knit and watch Downton Abbey.
Until tomorrow.................................

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