Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Thoughtful Purchases

Yesterday was a lovely fall day. The high was 18.5C and the low was 11. This morning, the temperature was 12C and we had had a shower. There is a risk of frost tonight so we must get prepared. 


I headed into Bedford in the morning to get groceries and to look at a few other things. I was home by 1 p.m. which was fine with me. 
The Spousal Unit weed eated the yard and mowed the lawn. We still look at the dreaded hedge knowing we need to finish it up. 


I know it is to be No Buy September. I was into Fabricville looking for specific fabric for the doll's underclothing that I want to make. All the spring and summer fabric is gone -- in storage or shipped out. The linen I found was too heavy, the batiste too light. I bought a piece of muslin (less than a meter) that I am hoping will launder to the right weight for the dolls undergarments. It felt okay on the bolt. I also bought some interfacing that is hard to find plus some hard to find trim. I also got the third piece of fabric for daughter's lunch bag for her birthday. It has to be made and shipped during October. 
The dots will be the lining. I need one fat quarter for the piping. I am calling these thoughtful purchases. 
I also went to Michael's to look at ideas for more belts. I found two I liked and have shared them with others. 

The bottom one would have to be restrung as I hate the fish line. A bit of thought and all would be well. 
The bodice pattern for the non American Girl doll was cut out and sewn. It fits well around the torso but is too low under the arm. 
I fixed the pattern and am ready to try again. I'm hoping this is the last adjustment. It has been fun doing this though and has really had me thinking and using what I know. 


I made myself knit 5 rows on a doll's sweater last night. Tonight it will be more than 5 rows. I want to get this project done and off the list. It has been lingering way too long as have the other projects on the list. 


The goal is to make another batch of tomato sauce. Even if it is only 4 more bags, it is 4 less cans we have to buy and we haven't wasted the tomato crop. I will do the next muslin and hopefully trace the pantalettes today and do the adjustments on them for french seams. 
Until the next time..........................

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