Monday, September 16, 2019

A Busy Day

Yesterday was warm and muggy. The high got to 22C with a humidex of 25C. It didn't rain all day which was nice. Today is to be cooler but the humidity is going to be higher. We need a good wind to dry us out. 


The heat pump has a dehumidifier setting that keeps the house cooler with less humidity. We ran it on that setting all day. It was nice in the house with the basement being a bit cool. 
We were both tired but we pushed through the day. The Spousal Unit worked in the garden and is cleaning it up. It is starting to look like fall out there with the plants maturing off. 
I spent the morning making tomato sauce. I boiled down the tomatoes, sieved them, cooked down the watery mass to the right thickness, and froze it. We got 4 bags with 2 cups in each bag. There is more to go but not for a few days as they need to ripen.


I spent the afternoon in the sewing room working on fitting a bodice pattern to the dolls. The bodice is big on the doll when sewn as is. 
I took the back in 1/2" and the front showed up really baggy. 
I folded the front in half and sewed a 1/8" seam and it fits well. 
I now have a bodice pattern for a sleeveless dress and will be sewing up a final muslin tomorrow. 
I have been spending a bit of spare time (while the tomato sauce cooks down) looking for ideas for a child's dress. I would like to do something cute but different. One idea did come up that will meet the criteria of having sleeves. 
I love the little bit of contrasting fabric on the sleeves. The polka dot fabric is refreshing. I do have a pattern that I can use and this idea requires I buy the fabric for it. I'm okay with that though I do need to do a bit of snoop shopping before all the summer fabric disappears. 


Still no knitting as I'm burnt out. I will try to knit a few rows each night to finish the UFO's though they may get set aside to do a project for a birthday present. 


I am heading into the city to shop. We need quite a few things and I want to do a bit of snoop shopping. I'd like to be home in the early afternoon to cut out the bodice in preparation to sew it tomorrow. 
Until the next time................................

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