Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Busy Day in the Kitchen

Yesterday was a cool day with a high of 14C. The sun did shine some, it rained some, and the wind blew and was cold. The cloud coverage overnight was good as the temperature dropped to 8C. Today is to be warmer but there is a frost warning for tonight. 


Yesterday was spent making and freezing tomato sauce. There was 2 bins of grape and 1/2 bin of Early Girl tomatoes ripe and needed to be dealt with. It ended up being an all day job. 
I ended up with 23 cups of sauce which was 11 bags for the freezer. I was done the job (and tired) by 4:30 p.m.
The Spousal Unit has pulled all the grape tomato plants from the garden. It is time to just protect the Early Girl and Roma plants so they can be harvested and made into sauce.
Elliott had a hard time settling down for his long daily sleep. He was all over the house trying to get settled. Even the chair was not really comfortable. 
By 7 pm. he was tired and cranky. Hopefully he will have a better day today. 


As it was an upstairs day, I brought up the doll's bodice pattern, traced off new copies and cut out the next muslin. 
It is ready to sew today and I'm hoping the last one. 
I also made another design board. 
This may be sewn in October as I have everything on hand plus the undergarments I'm making will go perfectly with this dress as it is historically correct. 


I did another 5 rows last night on the doll's sweater. I have to start doing more rows to get it done as I want to knit Daughter a scarf for her birthday. 


We are out to get our hair cut and then back home where I will sew up the doll's muslin and get it off September's accountability list. It will be nice to have a bodice pattern to fit the My Life As A......doll. I can move forward from there if I choose to make clothes for these dolls. I am thinking of it to donate to a group as a fund raiser. 
Until the next time............................

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