Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Starting A New Test Pattern

Yesterday was another lovely day. Sunshine and a breeze in the afternoon. The high got to 20C. This morning it was 10C, the skies were clear and the sun is shining. Another lovely day for us.


I did some housework yesterday morning. The bathroom and kitchen got a good cleaning. I also dusted the bedroom as it had a layer of white fluffy dust on it. It gathers quickly in this house. 
The Spousal Unit worked in the vegetable boxes yesterday. He also got the flowers out of the shed and between the house and the deck. The only plants left to go out are the ones in the garage. They will get a haircut and out today. 


I had a great run in the sewing room yesterday. I printed and cut out the next test pattern. 
I used fabric from the stash that I had bought in the spring and early summer. 
The pattern has been easy to sew. The contrasting piece has the lace sewn onto it and then is top stitched to the bodice. 
Anna is modeling the bodice for me. So far the fit looks to be good. The next step is the ties in the back and the collar. I'm going to use a trick or two to do the collar pieces as they are small. 
Design Academy (put on by Pixie Faire) has started up again so I plan on spending a bit of time each day reviewing my materials and adding to my binder. Though fast paced, it will be fun to be back doing a bit each day. 


I'm taking a bit of a break from knitting this week. I need to get my mind back into place to finish up projects before I start new ones. I'll begin next week. 


We have to go out and get our passes for the fair which starts on Friday. I also have to get everything ready to submit tomorrow. A busy day in our house. 
Until the next time..................................

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