Thursday, September 05, 2019

Starting The Mug Rug

Yesterday started out cloudy and damp. It cleared off and was a delightfully sunny day. During the night, we had a shower go through and the temperature went from 19 to 21C. It looks like it is going to be sunny today. The calm before the storm on Saturday. 


We headed out to Coldbrook yesterday morning to visit the used bookstore. The Spousal Unit loves that store as it is well organized and full to the brim of books. He is collecting a series called The Canadians. We got all but one of the books needed to finish. We stopped in Wolfville's used books store and slugged our way down to the back, moved some boxes and found the copy we needed. We were home for a late lunch and were happy campers. 
We invited our neighbors with 2 young children in to pick tomatoes last night. The children had a great time picking them. They went home with some carrots and potatoes also. Our thank you is the happiness on their faces. 
I had a nap after we ate as I was tired. I'm sure it is food related and not sleeping as well as I want. I eliminated everything but wheat/grains and cheese. We will see how this goes but I'm going to eliminate them this week. 


I am ready to start the mug rug. I went for lobster fabric and a stripe and did well. I may have enough for 2 mug rugs. 
I am also going to start testing a pattern which will fit both American Girl and Gotz dolls. I'm doing the Gotz doll size. I'll be prepping for it so I can start Sunday. 


I'm knitting happily on the hat and have a couple more inches to knit before I can decrease. 
The pattern hasn't caused too many issues lately though I did a silly mistake and caught it right away. 


I'm heading out early to grocery shop so we have some basics here when the storm hits. Then it's home to work on the mug rug and knit. 
Until the next time.................................

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