Sunday, September 22, 2019

Take One - Doll Drawers circa 1850

Yesterday was a warm day here with a high of 21C. There was a wind that helped to make it feel nice when outside. The low got to 7C. Though there was a risk of frost we didn't see it. Today is to be hot at 27C.


Yesterday morning the bathroom was fall cleaned. It got a really good cleaning and the floor was scrubbed on my hands and knees. Even the bath tub that is never used got a good cleaning. There is a lot of white dust here. That room is ticked off the list and the kitchen is next. 
We were happy that we didn't go to the fair yesterday. At 5 p.m. we drove by on our way home and the place was full and people were lined up at the admissions gate. A good place to stay away from. We are happy that the fair is busy and doing well. We do like this fair and will continue to go on a yearly basis. 
The temperature dropped quite quickly last evening so we covered the tomatoes just in case we were an area to get frost. It didn't happen which was good. 


I worked on the doll's drawers yesterday. 
I added 1/4" to the seam allowances on the pattern and the front turned out perfect. Doing the french seam in the center front was very easy.
When it came to the center back, I had an issue. I am not sure what was wrong but I ended up with an overlap that wasn't to be there. I'm not happy with that seam. 
The legs were easy to do but I need to tweak the order I do things in a bit. The waist band was to be sewn on with a raw seam showing. I did it so the seam was enclosed. 
I did not add the lace to the bottom of the legs as this is a muslin. 
The length of the drawers is long indicating they are early 1850's. To be historically correct, the drawers would be two pieces held together by a draw string at the waist. 
I will be cutting out the pattern again to work on the center back seam. My thought process is to do the opening first and then sew the crotch seam afterwards. I am also going to shorten the legs by 1/2". Otherwise the drawers fit the doll well. 
I have to say it is easier not to do the french seams due to the extra steps taken to enclose the raw edges. But, the end result is fabulous.  


Nothing done as I was too tired to think about knitting. 


We are back at the fair today to watch the oxen pulls and to pick up our entries. I am not sure what time we will go but we don't want to be too late as the parking lot could be full. We have to haul a tub with us of which I hope to store in the hall until it is time to pick up our entries. 
Until the next time............................

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