Thursday, September 12, 2019

Test Pattern Progressing

Yesterday was cloudy but warm. The high got to 18C. This morning it is 13C and we have had a shower early this morning. It looks it could be wet during the day. 


I thought I was over being sensitive to onions but two days of spaghetti sauce with onions in it gave me a mild IBS attack. Lesson learned. One day is fine but none for at least 3-5 days. 
I did a bit of housework in the morning. I'm trying to get the house tidied up. Once this next week is over with, I am going to do a deep cleaning. It is time to move the furniture and get all the baseboards and corners cleaned up. 
The Spousal Unit is busy getting his three entries ready for the fair. We take them in tonight. He has plenty of tomatoes to choose from plus quite a few beets. 


Yesterday, I trimmed the seams in the collars and pressed them well. They lay incredibly flat now. Just too much bulk for tiny pieces when the seams and lace edging is not removed.
I sewed in the lining and got it looking great. In went the sleeves and then I sewed the side seams and finished them. Not my favorite way of finishing a bodice. I love hidden seams. I'm thinking of a way to hide the seams and may have an idea brewing in my head. 
The pattern fits to perfection. 
The collar needs a bit of adjusting as I feel it is too short. I like collars to go to further along the back neck. An easy fix. 


I did 4 rows last night but am knitting slowly for the time being. I am needing to get the UFO's done but I also need the break. 


I want to finish the dress and get pictures taken. I have a project to do for son's pool and want to get it done. Then it will be time to clean up the sewing room and get started on new projects. 
Until the next time.............................

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